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Mors Novum 1/12/18

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  1. Mors Novum is dead except for one member
  2. They are like the conglomerate, which is most likely why the symbols were so similar(edited)
  3. If I remember correctly, Yonti said in the Q&A that the lines radiating on the conglomerate symbol stood for the members
  4. So does that mean that the conglomerate and Novum have (or had) the same ammount of members?
  5. WAIT
  6. Both died... except for one....
  7. Is the Mors we've been talking to... our version of thelostone?
  8. "He's in control" what the heck does he mean by that?
  9. oh wait
  10. Yonti was playing "breaking the fourth wall"
  12. [Yonti's Discord profile said he was playing a game called "Breaking the Fourth Wall"
  14. OH CRAP
  15. Oh I get it now...
  16. "Don't listen to mors... he thinks it's all a game... just another one of his stories... "
  17. He was referring to the real operator of the account.(edited)
  18. Ohhh damn this just got meta, didn't it?
  20. YontiYontz - Today at 3:33 PM
  21. What do you mean it just got meta
  23. Cryptocipher - Today at 3:37 PM
  24. agh, I just realized that I was doing exactly what I got mad at Luke for.... short messages, but a lot of them. Anyways... it doesn't really matter.
  25. Well, it's a dumb idea, but here's my theory. This server was not just a place to hang out and talk, it's very, very much a part of the ARG itself. That would mean that you're progressing the story every single time you talk to us. The ARG didn't just stop when Mors, The Trio, Thelostone were offline. It always kept going because you are a part of it. Not just the creator, but an actual part. Of course there is no possible way (currently) to prove or disprove this theory, because if you deny it, that won't matter. When I said  I thought this got meta... that's what I meant.(edited)
  26. We never took this server too seriously because it was supposed to be just a fan server... but WELD was supposed to be just a news server and look how that turned out.
  28. Luke_The_PaintGod - Today at 4:08 PM
  29. Your welcome Jacob for the short messages XD
  31. YontiYontz - Today at 4:49 PM
  32. That's a pretty out there thing to say
  34. Cryptocipher - Today at 4:49 PM
  35. yup
  36. It's probably the least likely theory I've ever come up with.
  38. YontiYontz - Today at 4:50 PM
  39. Who said you were wrong...
  40. The context is ironically quite... mistooken though
  41. =w=
  43. Cryptocipher - Today at 4:56 PM
  44. always so cryptic....
  46. YontiYontz - Today at 4:58 PM
  47. Of course I am
  49. mouthmooth - Today at 5:02 PM
  50. He's not...very wrong. Just, like 2% wrong.
  52. Cryptocipher - Today at 5:05 PM
  53. which 2%
  55. mouthmooth - Today at 5:06 PM
  56. Who knows. ;)
  58. Cryptocipher - Today at 5:07 PM
  59. well it was worth a shot at least
  61. mouthmooth - Today at 5:12 PM
  62. Heheh
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