Instagram Saves the Sole (Finale, Crossing of Sanri-toes, Puko, Tsunoda, Washimi, Haida footstuff)

Dec 8th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Retsuko's finale begins: Line 157
  2. Fenneko's finale begins: Line 477
  4. "Well...I suppose this is the last thing we do here," Retsuko said. She sat down in front of KK Slider, and Fenneko sat next to her. Whitney and Diana were there as well, and both of them noticed the tourists and winked.
  6. There was also a sky-blue wolf sitting near the two, the orange wolf they saw much earlier in their vacation, a brown fawn with seven spots on the back of her head, and the gray feline with mis-coloured eyes.
  8. "Yup...but hey, we'll at least be away from all the freaks here, right?" Fenneko responded, quite happily. But that happiness didn't last long, and her head hung down. Depression was slowly setting in, it would only be a matter of time before she fell to despair.
  10. "Sigh...despite all we went through with those two creeps, I gotta say, I had fun here. We gotta...come back sometime," the stalker continued.
  12. Soon afterwards, her scowling reddened face turned to stare her friend down, grabbing her by the collar. “If you tell ANYONE how I feel about this, then they’re not gonna find your cadaver for MONTHS.”
  14. “O-ok, ok, normally I’d tell you to actually do it…but r-right now, maybe we can just enjoy the concert? Retsuko stammered nervously, a bead of sweat trailing down her head. Fenneko let go of her and leaned back to her own chair, her left cheek puffed out and her arms folded.
  16. Retsuko crossed her legs and sat back, stretching, and then patting her friend on the shoulder. "Hey, at least we have a bit of savings now, right? We can at least take a day off or two."
  18. Fenneko couldn't help but feel slightly more comfortable at her friend's touch, sitting up straight once again. "We could probably just take pics for a living now...lemme know when you grow a hypothetical pair and we can quit. Oh! Here comes the first song..."
  20. And so began KK Slider's concert. All genres of music, many of his own works, were played for the villagers who chose to gather around. This lasted for several hours, and the two tourists had their eyes and ears on KK the entire time. Even Fenneko didn't look at her phone once.
  22. KK's concert finally ended, and he beckoned the two tourists over. "Really, I gotta thank you both for coming on over two are the first tourists to the island, and I'm honoured I got to play for you. So here, take these," he said. He took two golden note-shaped objects out, handing them to Retsuko and Fenneko.
  24. "It's a little library of my music I played tonight. Something to remember me by, y'know?" KK Slider finished, flashing a small grin at Fenneko.
  26. Her legs weakened slightly, and her tail began to wag uncontrollably. Retsuko quickly grabbed onto her friend's tail, smiling back at the canine musician. "Thank you, Mr. KK! We'll miss this place! But it's almost 10 PM, Fenneko and I are gonna miss our flight if we don't hurry..."
  28. KK gave a small wave to the two as Retsuko led her rather disappointed friend towards the south of the island.
  30. "What'd you do that for? I was getting ready to fall into his arms over-dramatically!" Fenneko hissed at the red panda, who giggled when she saw her pouting face.
  32. "Sorry, Fenneko, you being cute when you're angry isn't gonna make me let you get your precious naked guitar boyfriend!"
  34. Fenneko ashamedly hid her face and wagged her tail even harder the whole way down to the airport docks. Retsuko perked up upon noticing their precious tour-guide from day one waiting by the little building.
  36. "Isabelle? What are you up to out here?" Retsuko said, placing down her suitcase, now full of souvenirs. The adorable assistant to Tom Nook tilted her head and grinned politely, waving at them both.
  38. "Oh, I just came down here to see you two off! I couldn't be happier knowing how much you two love the island. I was deeply honoured to take you around here that day," she responded.
  40. Fenneko pointed at Isabelle's bare feet, giggling. "What, you came here for another pervy session? I can't blame you, I guess."
  42. She jolted and blushed. "No no no no! I sounds nice to do again, yes, but there's no time. I just thought your advice about being barefoot worked for me..."
  44. "Well, anyways Isabelle...thanks, really, for everything. We can't wait to come back one day," Retsuko sighed. Isabelle and the two accountants shook hands. Fenneko then placed her soft sole on top of Isabelle's right foot, her evil-looking visage right in front of the flustered secretary's blushing face.
  46. "C...can I help you, F-Fenneko...?" she stammered, as the soft foot gently ground into her own.
  48. Fenneko took the pen sticking out of Isabelle's breast pocket, writing down 'Retsuko1106' on a nearby scrap of paper, in the same style she did for Kicks. This time, however, someone more trustworthy would receive it.
  50. "You're gonna follow us. And you're gonna stay in touch by sending us a pic or two, privately. Sorry, rules are rules," the stalker demanded. She'd obviously never admit it, but Isabelle's feet were giving hers some real competition. She needed to STUDY them. Find out her ways, her poses, so that the stalker could outdo Isabelle at every turn.
  52. "U-um, ok, I guess..." Isabelle shakily replied, writing the name down on her NookPhone, her legs tensing at Fenneko's touch.
  54. "Alright, alright Fenneko, you don't need to get us in ANOTHER situation...our plane's about to leave..." Retsuko said, grabbing onto the hand of her friend and leading her into the airport. "Again, thanks for everything, Isabelle! Keep in touch!"
  56. "Sorry to see you two go!" Isabelle called after them, waving once again.
  58. The two accountants stepped up to the counter, where the same blue dodo from before awaited them. "Excuse me? Um, flight to Tokyo?" Retsuko said.
  60. "Ahh, there you two are! Yes, we're leaving pretty soon. We're all ready for you both!" the flightless bird said, opening up the nearby gate.
  62. "Have a good flight, friends! And just remember, when you need to fly, think 'What would dodos do?'"
  66. "Retsuko...WHY DID WE NOT ASK FOR A JOB? WE COULD HAVE STAYED THERE," Fenneko groaned loudly, grabbing onto Retsuko's bolero coat.
  68. "Calm down Fenneko!! Our stuff and our families are at home, we couldn't do that even if we wanted to!" Retsuko responded.
  70. "But...but...'Director' Ton is just gonna go back to making you his whipping girl!! Don't you see that even with...well, that little dirt-stain who I won't name, and that crappy kitsune, that living on the island would be far better?"
  72. Retsuko sighed heavily, shuddering at having to look at one of her rent bills again, and having to listen to the heavy hog's orders. Fenneko absolutely WAS right. She just couldn't work up the courage to leave her home just yet...
  74. "Look, I don't like where I work too. As soon as we get settled in back home, and make preparations, maybe we can look for a job on the island. Or maybe something even better would happen, like finding a boss that actually APPRECIATES and NEEDS what I can do."
  76. Fenneko sighed heavily and shook her head. "Let's face it Retsi. You're just gonna get way too comfy in your life at home, you're gonna hate yourself, and you're gonna cry yourself to sleep every night, wishing you found a magical unicorn as a boyfriend to take you away."
  78. "Well, the good news is, we got a lot of time before we get home! Wanna take some pics before we get some sleep?" Retsuko asked, dangling one of her shoes off a toe.
  80. Fenneko couldn't resist the temptation, and placed her foot next to her friend's. "Fiiiine, only a few, then I gotta get my beauty rest..."
  82. The two then took several photos. One of Retsuko's feet popping out of her flats, sandiwching Fenneko's. One of Fenneko's in her friend's lap. A video of Retsuko taking off both of the fennec's matching flats.
  84. 'Dying...need...hyeen...beeenz...'
  86. 'Are you two in a plane? I'd need those oxygen masks with how hard id suck on those toes...'
  88. 'I gotta ask, are those flats for sale anywhere? USED.'
  90. "Sheesh, how is that guy on every post?" Fenneko said, rolling her eyes.
  92. "Which one? I'm pretty sure we have a LOT of regulars," Retsuko replied.
  94. "Him," Fenneko pointed out, "the one who wants Haida's feet on his phone. Are you gonna ever give him that?"
  96. Retsuko blushed slightly, swallowing. "Um...I uhh, don't really know how I'd ask Haida for a pic like that, without giving him the wrong impression..."
  98. "You know, Retsuko," Fenneko began, her arms folding, "People like Mr. Yeen-Poster, they tend to have...deep pockets. A niche market is a rich market."
  100. The red panda thought for a moment Fenneko certainly wasn't wrong about that...all she needed to do was look at how much money her rather lonely fans had given her so far. "S-so are you saying I should ask him anyway...? I...don't think-"
  102. "No need. I think you could sneak a few pics when you get back to work...I mean, you did it with Isabelle, right?"
  104. Retsuko let out a sigh. "Yeahhh, alright, I guess just doesn't feel right getting 'em without his say-so."
  106. The stalker facepalmed, "Retsi, how is that any different from half of this trip? C'mon, you're not above creepshots, especially not by now."
  108. She couldn't retort that. She and Fenneko had been doing enough of those together to where it was completely normal for the two. So she stretched herself out in her seat, saying, "Ok, ok, Fenneko, you got, what are we gonna do when we land then? We got a day off..."
  110. She leaned back and closed her eyes, reclining her seat. "I dunno about you, Retsi...but I'm gonna go straight on home, bury myself in bed, and softly weep about the day afterwards. What about you?"
  112. "I WAS gonna just walk around downtown and maybe get some new shoes and socks for Instagram...but you know, I'm probably gonna need the mental strength to drag myself into work. I'll go home and do the same."
  114. Fenneko nodded, yawning. "Yeah, good on when we take off-"
  116. A voice rang out over the radio. "Ladies, this is your captain Wilbur speaking. We're experiencing a delay due to approaching storms, yes, terrible conditions for a small seaplane. We may be here for several hours, so please feel free to exit if needed."
  118. "A delay? So they're saying we're...stuck here for a few more hours at least? I mean, if they SAY SO..." the red panda said. Not that she could complain. Any amount of time spent away from work was precious, and fleeting.
  120. "WELP, now that we're MAROONED on this island for some time, I'm gonna get some beauty rest before I have to go back to hell. Wanna join me one last time?"
  122. Painfully aware of the troubles awaiting her at home, Retsuko realised she would need all the sleep she could get. So Retsuko also reclined her seat back and moved the arm rest out from between them. She scooted as close to Fenneko as her seat belt would allow, and the two wrapped their arms around one another.
  124. Soon enough, the two accountants were out like lights.
  126. -
  128. "Retsi..."
  130. Retsuko could swear she heard a familiar voice in her dream. She wasn't able to listen, however, and continued to hug the pile of gold like she was a dragon.
  132. "Retsuko!"
  134. The red panda looked around curiously. All she could see was a silent crowd of people taking pics of her feet from behind, a pile of gold coins, and blackness.
  136. She suddenly felt a sharp sensation on both sides of her ribcage, scribbling up and down wildly. This snapped her out of her dream, forcing her to giggle and writhe around in her airplane seat.
  138. "WH-WHAHAHAhehehehe...Fuh...Fenneko, I'm awake!!!" she squealed.
  140. Fenneko cracked her knuckles, laughing. "Hahahahahahaha. Now you see how I feel? Now c'mon, we just landed back in Japan. I wanna go back home and hide already, it's crowded and smelly and gross here in the city."
  142. Retsuko sighed, taking her suitcase off the plane and stepping out of the airport with her friend. "What, you're leaving now? Don't you wanna walk around the city a bit? We have the day off..."
  144. "The day off? Look around you, Retsi, the pilot told me we were delayed for FOUR HOURS. You and I slept in for so long, it's almost nine PM here!"
  146. She shook the sleep out of her system, peeking out a window towards her city. Fenneko was absolutely correct, it was already well past sunset.
  148. The stalker shook her head. "I know you're all sad you won't get into foot shenanigans with me today, I get it, but I'll talk to you via text, alright? I just wanna cry about work tomorrow, not having a day to myself, and all that."
  150. Retsuko's arms stretched outwards, and before Fenneko could protest, they pulled her into an unrelentingly tight hug. "I'll...see you in hell, Fenneko..."
  152. "Ok, ok, gettin' a little too close now..." Fenneko said, awkwardly. Her rather affectionate friend didn't care, though, if the last week was any indication. She quickly stole a kiss from the fennec, letting go and panting.
  154. Fenneko poked her friend in the chest, blushing, her tail wagging. "Don't even THINK about doing that again in public...I'm going home..." She then ordered a Zuber ride to her apartment.
  156. Retsuko giggled, "If you're gonna look THAT cute, maybe I should do it more!" as she requested her own ride to her place.
  158. -
  160. Retsuko
  162. Less than an hour later, our fine red panda friend was once again, at long last, sitting in her small apartment. This time, with a highly detailed painting of her and Fenneko's feet hanging on her wall.
  164. She plopped face down on her bed...and began to moan in utter defeat and depression, holding up her phone so it wouldn't be stained by her tears. "I have to go back, but my body's still on break..."
  166. She sighed in despair, sitting back up in her bed, and decided to check in with her friends. Her 'Big Sisters', Director Gori and Secretary Washimi, were to come first.
  168. "Hey! I finally got home from vacation! How did you two do without me, hahaha"
  170. Her phone vibrated soon afterwards, and she read the messages.
  172. Gori: 'Girl, how WAS it? Had a good time? Oooh, you try any good food? Meet any new guys?'
  174. Washimi: 'Yeeees, Retsuko, how was it...I trust Director Ton sent you two in short order?'
  176. "Yeah, I had a lot of fun! Say, do you two want to go to the karaoke club after work tomorrow? I could use it after going back to the office"
  178. Gori: 'Oh, I'd LOVE to go, sugar, but I got a hot date with one of the IT guys from work! Little cold to me, sure, but he got those NERDY goods everyones gotta have nowadays'
  180. And then her phone vibrated again. This time, Washimi texted her just between the two of them. She opened up the message, and was greeted by...a picture of Washimi's bare talons, claws as shiny as could be, in front of the mirror. They were crossed over one another, and the toes were curled.
  182. "W-Washimi...?"
  184. 'Now, Retsuko. What did you do on that island?'
  186. " did you know it was an island...?"
  188. 'What. Did. You. Do. On the island.'
  190. " saw all my posts...?"
  192. 'Correct. I did see all the posts of your feet, as I did before. Now, Retsuko, what did I tell you and your friend specifically NOT to do?'
  194. "Post my feet online...but...but it wasn't at the workplace! It's not going to harm anyone! You can't just tell me what to do when I'm not in the office!"
  196. 'You're right. I can't. But you know what I CAN do, Retsuko? One, if those pictures are leaked to the bosses, you'll get fired anyway. Two, clearly, posting things like that got you two in a lot of trouble over there. Need I remind you of this picture?'
  198. Washimi then sent the exact picture that Retsuko posted, after being tickled by Crazy Redd. Her face burned as she remembered the warm, sticky feeling of kitsune seed running down between her toes, and holding that highly-detailed painting for the picture.
  200. 'Now, Retsuko. The reason I posted my own feet in this conversation: To knock a little sense into you. Clearly, they make you pay attention better than my warnings ever could. Now read my beak: Your marriage prospects, the thing you've talked to Gori and myself about, they will be gone. They won't be there anymore, if your Mr. Right sees how you've used your body online. Of course, wanting to do what you're told NOT to do is natural, and I may be wasting my words of caution here. I may not be able to stop you when outside of work, but have I made myself clear? I have warned you.'
  202. Of course, Retsuko was paying more attention to the photo of her friend's talons more than the conversation. So she responded without too much thought.
  204. "Yes, you have, I won't"
  206. 'We will talk more at karaoke time. I will see you at work tomorrow.'
  208. Washimi's wisdom fell on more deaf ears than before. Retsuko's work life was about to return, and with it her misery. The thought of compliments from strangers was the only thing keeping her going. But...what was she going to do without Fenneko accompanying her outside of work now? Retsuko could work on convincing her to hang out more...but would that even work?
  210. "No," she said to herself, "I need to think of someone else with nice feet to post with...give the viewers a little, who has really nice feet?"
  212. After a moment of thought, she snapped her fingers. Her old best friend, one who now owned a successful small busienss. For REAL this time.
  214. "Puko!!"
  216. The accountant immediately sent her the first text she could think of. "Hey, Puko, what's up?"
  218. Her phone vibrated not thirty seconds later.
  220. 'Retsi! You good? I tried to visit you at work the other day, you know, give you a bit of moral support. So how's my bestie?'
  222. "Oh, fine, was just on an island getaway for a bit."
  224. 'Oh, seriously? You actually kicked back and took some time off for once? You gotta gimme all the details! Hey, you wanna meet up soon and tell me about it?'
  226. Retsuko grinned from ear to ear. "How's after work tomorrow sound? I'm there till six, wanna meet up at my place?"
  228. 'Yeah sure, man, sounds good. Don't work too hard, yeah?'
  230. "If ONLY, Puko, if only..."
  232. 'See you tomorrow then!'
  234. Retsuko sighed glumly once again, plugging in her phone. Despite sleeping for who-knows-how-long on the plane, having just woken up barely an hour ago, she was exhausted. The thought of returning to the office served to further weigh down her happiness, so the red panda decided to do what she knew best when she wasn't at the karaoke club.
  236. Fall asleep, and pray that she never woke up. Or that she woke up back on the island, the fennec's feet pressed up on her face.
  238. -
  240. Unfortunately for Retsuko, she had no such luck. Her eyes cracked open, and her ear twitched several times. She stretched herself out, brushing her teeth and eating a quick breakfast.
  242. It didn't take long before she was out the door, dressed in her normal work attire. The subway ride was, of course, bone-numbingly dull and crowded.
  244. Before Retsuko knew it, she was dragging herself off the elevator on her floor of the building. She jumped, shaking off her half-slumber, as she noticed her helpful colleague Haida standing in front of the doorway, like he was waiting for something.
  246. "Oh...hey Retsuko, how was...your trip?" he said, waving gently.
  248. "H-how long were you waiting there? I almost jumped out of my fur!!" she responded.
  250. He blushed and scratched his head shyly. "I, just wanted to make sure you got here alright...long trip, huh? Also, we got a Code T..."
  252. This startled her once again. "O-oh no, Haida, what does he WANT from me?!"
  254. "Errr, he says You-Know-Who can't open a jar today, and you were supposed to be here twenty minutes early to help..."
  256. Retsuko facepalmed, storming off without another word to Haida. She thought she could see a pair of long ears behind a potted plant from the corner of her eye, but she dismissed it and made her way to Director Ton's desk. "Not even thirty seconds on the clock..."
  258. "CALENDAR. Where were you twenty minutes ago?! Can you not see that we have an issue over here?" the sack of grease shouted, pointing at the chubby, evil snake that everyone hated. She was straining her absolute hardest to open a jar of coffee grounds.
  260. Retsuko's eye twitched, and she took the jar from Tsubone, popping it open without any issues. The tense accountant did strongly consider throwing the dust at her face, but restrained herself, handing the jar back to the serpentine sack of sadness.
  262. It was at that moment that Retsuko's friend, and 'older sister', Washimi, walked into the accounting department and towards Ton's desk.
  264. "Ahhh, if it isn't Shachou's personal bully. To what do we owe the pleasure?" Ton sneered, giving his biggest smile to the aggressive avian.
  266. "'Director' Ton. Shachou formally requests a word with Retsuko today, and I believe it is about how she has been treated in this department. I do not know how long she will be gone."
  268. If Ton's looks could kill, Retsuko's entire skeleton would be shattered.
  270. "Calendar. I sent you on that wondrous vacation of yours. What MORE could you do to-" Washimi quickly cut the swine off with a wave of her wing, and a glare that was stronger than his.
  272. "Retsuko is innocent, 'Director'. She had nothing to do with this, and you will be left alone...for now. I suggest improving yourself immediately. Now, Retsuko, come with me. We need to attend to the CEO," she explained, grabbing onto the red panda's hand.
  274. "Wh-wha...? What does the president even WANT with me...?" she stammered, as Washimi led her away, and out of the office.
  276. "He doesn't, Retsuko," Washimi began, stepping into the elevator with her, "I pulled you away simply because word reached me, that there was going to be quite a surge in numbers to crunch."
  278. "A-and you made me leave all that work to my coworkers...?"
  280. Washimi shook her head, stepping off the elevator and leading Retsuko out onto the streets. "Nonsense, Retsuko. With you out of the picture, you won't have it all piled on you. Such high amounts of work will be EVENLY distributed among the rest of the workers, as it should be."
  282. "Wait wait, where are we going...? Why are we leaving work?" she asked, curiously.
  284. A very small smirk made its way to the secretary's normally-expressionless face. "I'm off today. Shachou does not know I was even here. We are going to spend a little time away from all those numbers..."
  286. Retsuko tilted her head, confused. "But how did you hear about the extra work to do?"
  288. "I simply stayed hidden and listened to gossip. And I was right to pull you away," she said, pulling her little friend down a very FAMILIAR route. The karaoke club. And she checked them both in.
  290. The accountant smiled in gratefulness at the stern, but fair friend of hers, following her to her usual room. "Oh, THANK you Washimi, I don't know what I'd do without you!!"
  292. "No need to thank me. However, since we're here, we're going to discuss your social media habits..." she said, crossing one leg over the other.
  294. "A-aren't we going to sing and have a few drinks...?" the red panda inquired.
  296. "If, of course, you listen to me, and listen well..." she said in a low voice.
  298. Retsuko gulped, beginning to sweat. One of Washimi's heels dangled from her toe. Her expression did not even change slightly as it fell off, exposing her bare talon in the same position as the picture last night.
  300. "This is very important, Retsuko. I'm going to make sure you listen to me, face to face. The more attentive you are to my warnings, the easier you will find it to see touch them. Are we clear?" she asked. Washimi didn't like to take those drastic measures, but Retsuko would never even pay attention without a pair of feet, or talons in her case, as a reward.
  302. As one of her claws reflected some of the dim light in the room, Retsuko nodded. "C-crystal clear..."
  304. "Good. Now, let's start off with some marriage statistics..."
  306. -
  308. "Now, I do hope we're clear on the consequences, Retsuko," Washimi finished, crossing her bare talons on the coffee table and splaying her toes.
  310. It had been hours. Normally, Retsuko would become paranoid that someone was looking for her, and made that known to her 'older sister' early on. A few drinks and a fair amount of screaming quickly loosened up the red panda, enough for her to continue paying attention to the secretary bird.
  312. "Y-yeah, I know...I heard you..." Retsuko responded, her legs squeezing together every time Washimi's well-kept talons made a move.
  314. Of course, Washimi knew that had a very slim chance of being true, but she decided that that was her final warning. "Very well, Retsuko. I'm glad we had this little talk."
  316. "L-little talk? It's been-" she started.
  318. "That's right. We've passed...quite a bit of time. There is no need to worry yourself, Retsuko, I will accompany you back to the office. That way, no one will be suspicious," she said, standing back up and making her way out of the club. Retsuko leapt back onto her feet and followed her close behind.
  320. "I...kinda wish you did that for me a few OTHER times, heh..." the accountant said.
  322. "Taking you out of work? Allowing you to play hooky? I appreciate the need to take time away from...'Director' Ton, but such a lie is to be used sparingly, in dire situations."
  324. "Dire...?"
  326. "Are your marriage prospects on the line not dire?" Washimi inquired, leading Retsuko into their building and into the elevator.
  328. "Yeaaahhhh, I guess you're right...I do feel a bit better now, I definitely needed that escape..."
  330. The two got off the elevator, making their way to the time clock...and of course, ran into the wide-load that dragged the accounting department downwards into depression.
  332. "CALENDAR. You've been shirking work the ENTIRE DAY. Do you expect me to just let you off EASY?!" he barked, his eyes beginning to glow red as he glared at Retsuko, who had to step back once to avoid soiling herself. She could never get used to that glare of his.
  334. "If you wish to punish your employees like this in such a manner, for simply following orders, I must ask you…is this a common occurrence? if so, is this one I need to bring to the CEO's attention, Mr. Ton?” Washimi very calmly asked, her cold, calculated expression beginning to wear away at Ton's will.
  336. "Uhm...uh...what I MEANT to say was...good job helping Shachou, Cal-er, Retsuko. Next time, I just need you to tell me if you'll be gone for that long. We...appreciate...*bleh* your skills down here."
  338. Retsuko nodded slowly, as she punched out of work. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the threatening glint of one of Washimi's claws, and a hint of fear on Ton's face. Retsuko's saviour winked and waved goodbye to her, as she entered the elevator once again.
  340. It was time to wait for Puko, Washimi's warnings be damned. So she walked as fast as she could out of the elevator. She had to take the time to give a smile and politely wave to a passing Borzoi hound, because she was one of the few kind people in the entire building. She worked in administration, so Retsuko barely even knew her name, but she deserved that courtesy all the same.
  342. She hurried out of the building just in time, as her feline friend was sitting on a rail and browsing the internet. Puko's eyes turned upwards and she lit up, waving her paw.
  344. "Heyyy, Retsi! You look unusually chill today for someone just out of work, what's the occasion?"
  346. She responded, "Yeah, I guess work was a little easier than usual today...good thing too, you ready to go to my place?"
  348. "Let's do it!" Puko agreed.
  350. -
  352. "Man, this place hasn't changed a bit, huh?" the pink cougar giggled, making her way into Retsuko's humble abode. She kicked off her comfortable-looking gray boots and took a seat on Retsuko's couch, curling her toes in the normal maroon socks she wore.
  354. Retsuko definitely took notice of their movements. She'd seen Puko go barefoot a few times, so she had a hazy recollection of what they looked like years ago...but at the time, they didn't really mean anything to her. However, now that she had a little thing going on her social media...
  356. "Yeah yeahhh, laugh it up, Puko, I never have time to clean up," she playfully shot back, "Not like YOUR place is ready for Zoolow either."
  358. "Hah! My place is my business now, I'm not gonna chuck it away while it's still getting off the ground!" she laughed, placing her socked feet up on the coffee table. Retsuko went over and sat next to her, offering her a few chocolate-dipped cookie sticks and an aloe drink, which Puko gladly took.
  360. "So, this whole vacation thing, tell me about it! That's gotta be the first real getaway you've had in years!"
  362. "Well, where do I all started when Ton yelled at us to come over to his desk..." Retsuko began.
  364. She continued to explain where she and Fenneko flew off to, but in the middle of regaling her tour with Isabelle, she noticed Puko's glow-in-the-dark yellow eyes peering up at her wall from time to time.
  366. "And then...she told us to avoid a suspicious rickety ship, and...Puko? What's up, are you ok?"
  368. Her high school friend turned back to her, pointing out a very familiar painting of herself and Fenneko hung on the wall. "Hey, is that you? And your little accounting friend?"
  370. Her face began to turn red at the same time as Puko's. "Y-yeah, heh, that's me...some artist on that island decided to do a little portrait of us as a souvenir..."
  372. "I gotta ask then, Retsi, did you really need to pose like THAT? Like, are you two into each other or something?" the pink cougar asked.
  374. "W-well, sure, we did get a little closer over our trip, but-"
  376. "Also, what's with the whole focus of that painting? Whoever did that, they REALLY focused on the details of your feet..."
  378. Both of them stared at one another in awkward silence. Puko's normally comforting, relaxed face was now a slightly deeper red, and Retsuko's maw hung open, unable to come up with a response that saved her.
  380. "I never took you to be like one of those guys that eat Girl's Sole Karaage. Well, I guess you don't really need to go there, since you got yourself a friend that's also clearly into it. I mean, look at her beet-red face! You shoulda told me in high school!" Puko giggled, Retsuko covering her face in shame and embarrassment.
  382. "Aww, c'mon dude, why the long face? You know I'm totally cool with it...I never gave it a lot of thought myself, but hey, I don't knock it till I try it! You know me," she said, running her paw along Retsuko's back to comfort her.
  384. "Y-yeah...I kinda, well, developed that sort of stuff LONG after high school..." Retsuko mumbled out, sighing and curling her toes.
  386. "You did? Man, what coulda gotten you into that? You gotta gimme all the details!" Retsuko's friend urged, laying down on her belly with her head in her hands. Her eyes locked onto Retsuko's with great interest, and her legs kicked back and forth above her.
  388. "W-well, alright, if you promise not to-"
  390. "Sheesh Retsi, how many times do we gotta go through this? You know I'm not the type to spread stuff around," she assured the accountant.
  392. "It all started one day at work, and my coworker Tsunoda had just been appointed boss for the day..."
  394. -
  396. "Seriously? I never would've guessed, Retsi. People pay ALL THAT for a few foot pics? I'd try that myself, but you know, business rep and all. Looks like I got a celebrity friend now, though!" Puko said happily, patting her on the back.
  398. "You'd...try it yourself?" she responded, hopefully.
  400. Puko noticed the enthusiastic look on her longtime friend's face, and her beady eyes looking towards where her socked feet were resting. "Oh, I said, I can't show my face in pics like that. I'd be out of business in a day!"
  402. Retsuko thought for a moment, and then snapped. "Well, we don't HAVE to include your face in there...if you'd just...well..."
  404. "I suppose that coworker of yours DID get away with a cool nickname that way, the Faceless Fennec...ehh, what the heck, a couple pics or something won't hurt," the cougar shrugged. "Plus, with all the footy-poses I've seen on a bunch of websites, I could probably spice things up a little for you."
  406. "Y-you could? Seriously?"
  408. She waved her paw. "Oh, sure! Everyone's seen foot pics or drawings at some point, right? I thought to myself 'May as well remember this stuff, just in case a dude comes along'!"
  410. " I HAVE to know this stuff, for whatever boyfriend I get..." Retsuko said. She grabbed her camera excitedly, immediately turning it on to record.
  412. It was just in time for Puko to reach downwards to her feet, slowly pulling off both of her socks to expose the pink fuzzy soles within. Retsuko was careful to keep her face out of the shot, zooming in closely to Puko's curling and splaying toes, freshly exposed to the cool air of her apartment.
  414. "Hah, you got the hots for my feet now?" Puko giggled, as she saw her friend's burning face behind the camera, and felt her hand grasp onto the left foot. "Man, I bet your viewers would love THIS."
  416. As the red panda's fingers locked between the toes of her friend, Puko reached down to her feet with the flexibility of a yoga practicioner, and stole the camera right out of Retsuko's hands. In the middle of Retsuko's protests, Puko's bare feet pressed firmly into both of her cheeks, keeping the toes pointed outwards so the blushing red panda could watch her own cheeks get squished.
  418. "Ain't she just a precious little freak? I mean, don't you just wanna pinch her cheeks?" Puko teased. Her foot-loving friend gulped, tensing up when Puko's toes all wrapped themselves around her nose.
  420. The metal singer couldn't help herself, taking a deep breath through her nose. Her senses were promptly intoxicated with the scent of Puko's toe spaces, an aroma that could drive anyone of either gender absolutely wild. The cougar's toes tensed and curled, pinching her nose as it slipped between each space.
  422. "H-hehehehe, 'Retsuko1106', gimme a smile for the camera, huh? Your followers are gonna go completely nuts over this...and they're also gonna nut TO this," the peach feline giggled. Retsuko's hands grabbed onto her friend's feet once again, one of her eyes peeking through a toe space, and an excited smile etched its way across her face.
  424. Her gold and black eyes turned slightly seductive, and she noticed one of Retsuko's hands slipping further and further down her body. Knowing what her friend was getting into, and to avoid any suspensions or bans, she focused the camera solely on the red panda's sweating face.
  426. Retsuko let out a moan of lust and pleasure when Puko gently dragged her left sole down her forehead and over her nose, and she used this opportunity to slip all three of her toes into the accountant's maw.
  428. "Go wild, Retsi, I'm TOEtally chill with it," she said, giggling. Either at her awful pun, or the fact that her friend's tongue was forceful enough to make her teeth clench to hold back laughter.
  430. Each of the toes were hungrily nibbled on, and treated with force and greed by Retsuko's lips sucking on them. It was quite hard for Puko to both keep the camera steady, and keep her claws from popping out at the same time, so she hatched a plan to reduce ticklishness.
  432. Puko decided to pull Retsuko's mouth open with her left set of toes, taking the opportunity to place her right foot on top of the left, slipping all three of those toes in as well. Retsuko's jaw was expanded to almost painful levels, but she was too in love with her friend's silky feet to care. She decided to squeeze her tongue between both feet, indulging in the pleasurable soft sensations, as well as the more prominent taste beyond her toes.
  434. Thanks to stuffing both of her feet into her friend's mouth, Puko was able to concentrate long enough to lean down, stroking Retsuko's face affectionately while scrunching her toes against her tongue. She noticed Retsuko's fingers rubbing furiously between her legs, and felt the accountant's face burn against her hand as she was pushed over the edge.
  436. Puko removed both her feet from Retsuko's maw, finally allowing her jaw to relax, and for her to barely keep herself from collapsing onto the floor from her powerful climax.
  438. "Yeesh, Retsi, don't forget to breathe," Puko giggled as she turned off the camera. Her jaw was still dropped wide open, so Puko curled her saliva-covered toes, utilising the top of her right foot to close it again. She then glanced down at Retsuko's work uniform, between the legs.
  440. "You uhh, might wanna take care of that before you go back to work, dude," she said, pointing out the wet spot.
  442. The red panda, having recovered from her intense climax, looked down and grimaced at the mess she'd made on her clothing. "Y-yeah, uhh, I...don't know what to say except thanks, Puko..."
  444. "Hey, don't mention it. Gotta help the homies out, right? Well, at least that's what the guys say on the internet..." she replied, handing the phone back to Retsuko.
  446. She sat down next to the pink cougar, who was splaying her toes to let them air-dry from their earlier tongue bath, posting the video of herself on Puko's feet, to her social media page.
  448. 'Kitty feet?! DREAM COME TRUE'
  450. 'They look like they've never been landed on in their life, that soft'
  452. 'I would die to have a friend with purrfect feet like that'
  454. 'Plsssss DM me about the hyena, I'll pay extra'
  456. "Man, you really weren't kidding, and people just drop yen for stuff like this?" Puko asked, laying back on Retsuko's couch and sipping aloe juice.
  458. Retsuko nodded happily. "I've been doing it for a while...someone at my workplace said to cut it out, but it's just so...stress-relieving! Whenever I feel bad, my fans are always there for me! Well, my feet anyway...but it feels nice to have that sort of work appreciated, you know?"
  460. "What, is it cause you wanna get married still? I guess I can see where he or she is coming from, but in today's day and age, you gotta ask yourself...with how hard you gotta fight for a crumb of dopamine in today's day and age, do you think any young dude, or chick, is gonna care that you post foot pics? That's some pretty tame stuff compared to stuff like on OnlyFens."
  462. "You know...I just don't know, every guy is different, right? I don't even know if I actually want to be a wife, or just a girlfriend, or single for the rest of my life...maybe I'm being stupid by letting strangers fawn over my toes, I just dunno..."
  464. Puko giggled and popped her claws out, placing both her feet in Retsuko's lap. "Hey, don't sweat it! Just do what you gotta do right now, like giving your pal a foot rub! You've got no problem with that, right?"
  466. Of course Retsuko didn't. Her hands immediately grasped onto Puko's soft, now slightly matted feet, thanks to her tongue bath earlier. She began to rub them gently, with more care than before, and less greed. Her phone vibrated a few times, and she glanced over to see that Fenneko texted her a whole folder of something, but she was too distracted by Puko's soft feet curling to answer.
  468. "You gotta get that, dude?" Puko asked.
  470. "It's...alright, not more important than what I'm doing now, heh..."
  472. "Anyway, you said you basically have enough to last a long time, right? What're you gonna do first with the money?" Puko asked, laying back on the couch and turning on the TV. Her toes curled gently and she sighed, admittely enjoying Retsuko's foot-rubbing skills.
  474. "Well, um, let's see...I've always wanted to try VR..."
  476. -Retsuko's End
  478. --------------
  480. Fenneko
  482. Fenneko, of course, fared no better than her depressed foot model friend. The moment the stalker arrived to her home, she crawled into her own bed. She then grabbed the blanket and wrapped the entire thing around herself, her head and lengthy ears popping out as if she was a burrito.
  484. Of course, the work-home-phone-sleep routine was still well ingrained in the long-eared stalker. So she decided to do a little snooping to ease the pain of the idea that work was upon her the next day.
  486. "Alright, Thigh-Pic, what have you been up to while we were gone..." she mused, pulling up Tsunoda's Instagram page as a starter, and beginning to scroll.
  488. "Ohhhh my..." she said to herself. All throughout the week they'd been on the island, Tsunoda had been posting three times as much latte art, twice as many desserts, and five times as many...thigh pics.
  490. Fenneko even noticed that her usual posting schedule was changed. When she compared the timezones both of them were in, and the time of day Retsuko and her posted their fun with feet, she deduced that Tsunoda had posted all of her images mere minutes after theirs. An evil, malicious grin began to grow on her face.
  492. "Hahahahahahahahaha. Trying to piggyback off us, huh..."
  494. In the midst of her taking in the grim satisfaction that the two accountants had gottwn much more attention than Tsunoda, her phone began to buzz.
  496. It was...Haida?
  498. 'Landed safe?'
  500. Concerned, Fenneko responded. "How did you know we just landed? That's something I'd expect from ME."
  502. 'Uhh, I looked at flight schedules on Dodo Airlines...Ton told me you guys were on vacation. There was only one flight last week, and only one due to return today...'
  504. "Creeping on me instead of Retsuko today, huh? So what's up with you? You need something, blushy boi?"
  506. 'I'm NOT a 'blushy boi'...I just wanted to make sure you and her were alright, ok??'
  508. "Let me guess, you wanna know how to get Retsuko to talk to you at the office. Thats why you texted your wingman so late, right? Are you actually gonna grow a spine for once?"
  512. "Sick degenerate...anyway, yeah, just meet me at work tomorrow. Maybe we can catch her at the elevator..."
  514. 'Alright alright, thank you're the best of the best.'
  516. "I know, Haida, I know. I've gotta go now, beauty sleep is calling me."
  518. And with the last text, the adorable Instagram cop was out like a light, much like the first night on the island.
  520. -
  524. Fenneko, now sitting at her desk next to Haida, did her best at tuning her boss's incessant screaming out. Retsuko was apparently supposed to be there twenty minutes ago, but according to her schedule, it wasn't true. So she just put up with Ton's screeches, continuing to talk to Haida.
  526. "So, you said wait at the elevator? How's that gonna even help us now? We got a PIG problem to sort out right now..."
  528. "Har har. Real funny, Haida. Anyways, I think we can use this Code T to our advantage...Now you're not gonna be a wuss. You greet her as she gets off the elevator, you go with her to Fat-Sack over at his desk, and you keep that evil serpent and her JAR off her shoulders. You got it?" she explained as she got off her chair, looking at her watch. Retsuko was due to arrive any minute now.
  530. Haida followed close behind her. "I'm the man."
  532. She looked back at her hopeless friend. "What does a man do?"
  534. "Whatever the heck he WANTS."
  536. She attempted to get up in Haida's face, grabbing his shirt. "And WHY?"
  538. He got a determined look on his face. "Because I'm a beautiful, powerful ANIMAL!"
  542. The blushing hyena let out a roar that sounded more like a grunt and whine mixed together. But Fenneko ignored the awful attempt, jumping behind a nearby potted plant as Haida stepped in front of the elevator. "Now GO AND GET YOURSELF A GIRL FOR ONCE."
  544. The elevator dinged right as Haida stepped in front of it, and out stepped Retsuko. She jolted immediately when she noticed her coworker, and Haida put it as gently as possible that they were having a Code T on their hands. Retsuko's eye twitched, and she immediately stormed off to face the awful threat.
  546. "Well?!" Fenneko harshly whispered from behind the plant, ushering Haida in her direction. "Now! Now now now! What're you waiting for?!"
  548. "I...I...she seemed...too tense to really talk to right now..." Haida whimpered, watching Retsuko pop open a jar from a distance.
  550. "Oh, you pathetic, hopeless-wait, what...? What's the CEO's secretary doing down here?" Fenneko cut herself off, when Washimi walked off the elevator. She made a beeline straight for Retsuko, and the two of them strained to hear what was going on. Haida and Fenneko could make out a few subtle threats to the swine's career, and a bit of yelling at the drained red panda. A minute later, both of them strode past Haida and the badly-concealed stalker, stepping onto the elevator once again.
  552. "And once again, good ol' Yeen Beans misses his shot. Will he ever work up the nerve to ask for Retsuko's hand again? Find out on the next episode of-"
  554. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT..." Haida cried out, facepalming sorrowfully. "I get it. I'm a miserable lost cause...When will I learn..."
  556. Fenneko placed her hand on his shoulder. "Sorry dude, liking Retsuko from a distance ain't gonna get her to notice you."
  558. "Uggghhh, I need to go drown myself in every type of alcohol that exists..." he whined, walking over to his desk and putting his head down in shame.
  560. Fenneko's eyes suddenly went wide, a lightbulb going off in her head. She made her way to the sulking hyena and said, "Hey. You and I are gonna go do just that after work today. I have some ideas that might actually help Retsuko see you as anything more than 'that guy at work'. Got it?" and poking the poor man's chest.
  562. His head rose up out of his arms, staring at her creepy adorable face curiously. "Huh...?"
  564. "You. Me. Drinks. After work. Ok? Ok. Good, we understand each other. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha." Fenneko chuckled as she sat back down at her desk.
  566. Whatever it was that she had planned...Haida couldn't deny her. Especially with her proposed plans in the past. So he sighed deeply and returned to his work, slightly more hopeful than earlier.
  568. The hopes were completely shattered for both of them when a certain suck-up gazelle spun Fenneko's chair around to face per, planting her hands on her shoulders.
  570. "WHAT THE HECK, FENNEKO?!?" she shouted, shoving her phone in the stalker's face.
  572. "Gah!! What is going ON, Thigh-Pic?!" she shouted back, shoving her phone off her own nose.
  574. Tsunoda growled and pointed to her phone. It was opened to Instagram, Retsuko1106's follower count on display. She then scrolled to her own account, which had not even a fifth of the followers Retsuko and Fenneko did.
  576. "Why do Retsuko and y-" Tsunoda began, but Fenneko grabbed her head at the speed of sound, forcing her palm over the lips of the social media addict.
  578. "Now you listen, and you listen WELL, Thigh-Pic..." Fenneko muttered harshly in Tsunoda's ear, "If you finish that sentence, and let anyone know that that's me in there...especially in this office...I will find out where you live, and I will make sure you are blacklisted from ALL social media sites it?"
  580. Tsunoda pushed Fenneko's hand off her lips and lowered her voice to a whisper, beckoning her to follow to the tea room. "Why do you two have so many followers, WAY more than me?!"
  582. "Uhhhhh...I dunno, cause thighs are overplayed? Have you SEEN how big 'show feet' memes have become?"
  584. "But...but I don't even HAVE feet! Even if I did, that's gross!"
  586. Fenneko folded her arms. "And tell me, Thigh-Pic, how is that more so than you posting your bare legs? Gimme a break. You of all people got no moral high ground. doesn't even matter anyway, they'll take hooves too."
  588. "What? C'mon, you said it yourself! 'Show feet' doesn't mean show hooves!" Tsunoda whined. "Now tell me, how do I get all those likes without feet?!"
  590. Fenneko sighed. "Do you promise to leave me alone for the rest of my career?"
  592. "No!" she simply responded.
  594. "Yeah, whatever, wasn't expecting that anyway. So here, have a look at this picture we posted...see that white doe next to the wolf? Look at those polished hooves. Those real seductive eyes. You already do a ton of makeup, so don't worry about that. Here, I'll give you the first ones free, and then you go back to...whatever YOU do around the office. Got it?" Fenneko explained, as Tsunoda took the phone.
  596. Tsunoda felt an unbelievable excitement build up in her body. Every other comment, out of the hundreds, were about how much their followers loved the hooves. And she could see why, with how polished and smooth the white doe's hooves were.
  598. "Yeah. Now you see it. Now gimme the camera, I don't want my face showing...and I'm going to take these exchange, you are going to keep your enormous mouth shut for this ONE THING. Understand?"
  600. Tsunoda relented in the face of Fenneko's glare, nodding without hesitation.
  602. "Good, now watch and learn..." Fenneko began, slowly pulling off one of Tsunoda's boots. She took the first picture when her little hoof was barely an inch out of her boot.
  604. "Now you should know that teasing stuff is good to lead into it, look..." Fenneko said, posting the picture. Tsunoda took her phone in her hands, waited two minutes...and in came some comments from pleasantly surprised followers.
  608. 'OMG UwU I wanna smell her boots, they gotta be so sweet'
  610. 'Tsunodaaaa, queen, pls I'll pay you to be my gf just for the hooves'
  614. 'Doe toes doe toes doe toes'
  616. "See? It's that easy. Look what happens when I do THIS," Fenneko said, taking the camera back. She pulled up a stool and crossed Tsunoda's legs, pulling off her other boot so both of her cloven hooves were bare.
  618. The fennec then knelt down, grasping her smooth left hoof in her hand, steadfastly refusing to acknowledge that Tsunoda's hooves WERE kind of appealing. She took a deep breath and said, "Now gimme your social media 'innocence' face, the one that somehow gets you out of work here.
  620. "ExCUSE me?" Tsunoda asked, folding her arms and staring in disapproval at her rival coworker.
  622. "Wait, hold that face too, your little audience would probably get off to that too...after that, a seductive grin," Fenneko said, quickly taking photos of her bare hooves from various angles. Upskirt, from above, one leg raised. She then instructed the gazelle to roll over and raise a leg again, so she could photograph the 'soles' of the hooves.
  624. "Yeah, there it is, you're getting more they're saying you should become a hoof account. Thirsty idiots..." Fenneko said, "Here, one last pic...make a face like you're giggling. They want tickling on there too."
  626. Tsunoda blushed, curling her hooves when Fenneko's forefinger rested behind one. A tense grin formed on her face, and she held onto her reddened cheeks, closing her eyes. "Like this?"
  628. "A bit too tryhard, but these thirsty guys will take any bit of foot or hoof," Fenneko replied, snapping a few more pics from various angles.
  630. The stalker then stood back up, handing the suck-up her phone back. "There you go, Thigh-Pic. Remember..." she said as she grabbed the gazelle's shirt, "This. Stays. In this room."
  632. "Yeah yeah, Fenneko, we all know you're all worried that you're ugly...don't worry, your secret's safe with me," Tsunoda said, pushing the adorable stalker away and sitting down to take more pictures alone.
  634. Fenneko's eye twitched as she went to sit back down next to Haida, trying to forget the...admittedly pleasant warmth that she felt in the hooves of her awful coworker. There was absolutely no way she would admit anything about Tsunoda was redeemable, or even beautiful, even to herself.
  636. "You uhh, ok there Fenneko? You were gone with Tsunoda for a while, whay happened...?" Haida asked, concerned.
  638. "Something that made me feel violated, maaan...something that makes me wanna get knee deep in the sauce...that's all you gotta know, let's just keep on going..." Fenneko replied, sighing heavily and returning to her work. Haida knew not to push her, and so kept his mouth shut for the rest of the day.
  640. -
  642. "Two shots. Daiginjo sake, thank you," Fenneko demanded from the bartender. He nodded in understanding, as the two were regulars, immediately picking them up for her and her hyena friend.
  644. As the alcohol plopped in front of them, Haida began to whine. "Ugh...where do you think Retsuko was all day? Do you think she was ditching work to avoid me...?"
  646. Fenneko took a generous slug of the sleepy sauce put out for her. "C'mon man, you sound like Kabae when Anai goes to the file archive for his lunch break. 'Oh where is that sweet little child? Why is he not sharing his recipes with me? Must I have done something wrong?'"
  648. Haida's face turned red and his head hung down, as it often did around anyone of the opposite sex. "Well, it's not like she hasn't shot me down before...I just want her to like me, ok?"
  650. The stalker leaned over the small table. "Do you even remember why we're here, Haida? Think back a bit in that noggin of yours. I know blowing off steam is fine at a bar, but you gotta get the mud out of your ears and listen."
  652. "Wha...Ok, so you said you had some sort of plan. How's it even gonna work THIS time? I'm too spineless to even ask her out for drinks anymore..."
  654. Fenneko pulled out her phone, and opened up Retsuko1106 on Instagram. "Oh, I got a plan alright...take a look at this stuff..." she said, handing the phone to her struck-out friend.
  656. The hyena looked at the recent pictures they both posted. "Uhm...what am I looking at here...? Is that you two flying home from your trip...?"
  658. Fenneko shook her head quickly. "Not important, just keep on scrolling...tell me what you see in those photos..."
  660. Haida's face began to redden more and more, as he gulped, seeing Fenneko's body and legs, as well as Retsuko's face...and all of them seemed to have something in common...
  662. "So...uhh...wh-why are you showing me her Instagram account?" he asked, sweating.
  664. "Can't you see what's being focused on in all those pics, Haida?" the stalker said.
  666. " two had a good time together?"
  668. Fenneko slapped her forehead. "NO YOU MORON. How is it possible you could be THAT dense?!"
  670. "Uhm...what is it then? That you two are great fr-"
  672. "IT'S CLEARLY THE FEET, HAIDA. they have anything stronger here? I think I'm gonna need it soon to deal with this..."
  674. "The...feet...?" he inquired.
  676. "Yes...feet, Haida, the soft things you walk on that have toes. Do you know what this means? Well, you live under a...really big rock, so I'm gonna explain it to you."
  678. Haida took a sip of his shot, handing back her phone. "Ok ok ok, I get it, go ahead..."
  680. "Listen carefully. Over the past two, or three years, feet have become...really popular over the internet. Showing feet gets you clout like you'd never imagine. And Retsuko's participating in that market. Not even just for the popularity, either, you can probably see how hard she goes on any pair of them she can get her hands on."
  682. Haida began to blush heavily, growling in frustration and lowering his voice. "What is your POINT, Fenneko?! What's up with you and your foot obsession?"
  684. Fenneko blushed and scowled at her hyena drinking buddy. "You will NOT say that again about me...Understand? Anyways, my POINT is that if she were to see the feet of a certain SOMEONE," she began, poking his chest, "she might be more willing to give you a try."
  686. His jaw slowly hung open. "S-so you're saying she'd want to see my bare feet...that'll actually get her to think about me...?"
  688. "Yup. And I'm gonna get some more...discreet pics to send to her instead of you showing 'em off at work. It's so she doesn't think you're creeping on her, and so she never finds out that I gave you the idea in the first place. You'll be stuck on her mind for a while," she finished, with a rather smug grin.
  690. "M-man, you are one sick, twisted individual..." Haida said.
  692. "Yeah. One sick, twisted individual who has a spine. If I didn't pity you so much, I'd just take Retsi for myself. Now tell me something I don't know," Fenneko replied nonchalantly, taking out her camera.
  694. "Wait, are we...doing this now? Like, in a bar?" Haida said.
  696. "Well, yeah, do you want her to like you or not?"
  698. "I...want her to like me..."
  700. "Are you gonna make another excuse to be as hopeless as you are? Would you want me to follow you home or something? Make it seem like I'm some sort of stalker, sneaking pics through the window?"
  702. Haida laughed for the first time that night. "Oh, no, I could NEVER want that. You never stick your nose into other people's business like that."
  704. "Hahahahahahaha. Funny. Now take off your shoes, Blushy Boi. Socks too," Fenneko demanded.
  706. "Seriously though, in a bar? With my work uniform still on? I'm pretty sure that's more than a little suspicious," the hyena said.
  708. "Then let's go to a dining table. Being in socks or barefoot is fine there," the stalker replied, getting up from her seat and sitting cross legged at a nearby low table.
  710. "Well, I suppose it can't hurt..." Haida said to himself, sitting across from the adorable Instagram cop. Fenneko removed her flats and placed them to the side, and Haida followed suit with his dress shoes, and his socks, as per Fenneko's instruction.
  712. She lowered the camera down beneath the table, staring into Haida's timid eyes. "There ya go...stretch those legs out, lemme see those beans..."
  714. Haida gulped, but obeyed Fenneko's demand, his heart pounding. Would Retsuko finally consider this enough to say yes to him? He had hoped that carrying her and Fenneko home last week might win her over...but it didn't work. He had to try it out.
  716. His bare feet were the same colour as his hands, a light silvery gray. Each of his toes had a tiny claw popping out, and one single dark gray pad under them. The central area of each foot had a single rounded pawpad, the same colour as the ones on his toes. They were lengthy and slim, unlike Retsuko's stubby and curvy ones, and they looked quite flexible.
  718. Fenneko immediately began taking pictures of them, mostly for the one man who had been pestering them since the beginning just for a peek of the toes. But she also had to get them in appealing angles to please her red panda friend, so she kept Retsuko and the hopeless hyena's potential romance in mind.
  720. Some pics were closeups of each foot. Others had them rest over one another, the sole of one rubbing the top of the other. Even more were simply of Haida's legs crossed, both stretched outwards and closer to him.
  722. "Yeah, you got this, man...they're coming out great, curl those toes..." Fenneko giggled.
  724. Haida continued to obey every pose that Fenneko demanded of him, blushing furiously at the possibility of Retsuko loving his feet. "I...gotta say, I wouldn't mind her doing this sort i guess, for me..."
  726. "Well, if you just move your feet around, like you're constantly adjusting them or something, she'll probably do that for you...I'm gonna do a video like that and we're gonna have a normal conversation to avoid suspicion. Got it?"
  728. Haida nodded vigorously as the camera was turned on. Fenneko and him started talking about normal, work-related things, while the stalker made sure to capture both hers, and Haida's, feet on video. She managed to record every splay, every curl of her coworker's toes, every time they rubbed together or moved from side to side.
  730. She also made sure to brush her tiny soft toes up against his, by 'accident', every now and then, simply to tease the viewers. Her feet would also occasionally be buried beneath or rubbed against by Haida's, a situation she made sure to record closely.
  732. The foot loving fennec turned off her camera, having recorded quite a few minutes of quality content for the viewers. She returned to Instagram, and immediately began uploading the entire file of 'discreet' pictures and video. She also made sure to send all the pictures to Retsuko via text, to ensure she saw them immediately.
  734. "I-is it all over? You got enough...?" Haida stammered, wiping his forehead of sweat. He couldn't lie to himself. His 'wingman' gave him the idea of what a date with Retsuko would feel like, with her little kink...and it was clouding his mind like nothing else.
  736. "There. Posted on our-I mean, HER account...just wait until she sees all that, Haida..." Fenneko assured him.
  738. "If it's only her account, why are you able to pos-"
  740. "Not another word there, Blushy Boi. Work tomorrow for you...well, assuming you finally manage to grow a pair, is gonna be the best day of your miserable life," Fenneko giggled, as she scrolled through the comments. She also noticed a surge in yen being transferred to their Thank You box, but kept it quiet in front of her coworker.
  744. 'I wish my gf would do that to me under the table...if I had a gf...'
  746. 'He sounds like he needs a hug and a foot rub'
  748. 'Odamn yeenposter got his request, can we request other stuff too?'
  750. Fenneko stood up, placing her flats back on and stretched, walking over to leave some yen on their drinking table. "Welp, Haida, I'm gonna say this...if I don't see you with Retsuko tomorrow at work, then I'm gonna assume nothing is gonna help your little cause."
  752. "Hey, whoa, where're you going, Fenneko? C'mon, stick around for a bit!" Haida said, putting his footwear back on as well.
  754. Fenneko shrugged. "Well, I had to deal with a certain Thigh-Pic today at work, pick up Retsuko's slack, and I also had to listen to a sad-sack whine about losing his soulmate again. I'd say that's about all I deal with today."
  756. "...Please stay? I don't wanna guzzle drinks without anyone I know for the rest of the night...we've only been here for a little bit..."
  758. Fenneko stared into his desperate eyes, shaking her head in disappointment. She may have been creepy, but she wasn't a monster. The poor sap clearly needed his wingman around for a while longer.
  760. She sighed and sat back down with him. "Fiiine, I guess I got nothing to do tonight but make sure Tsunoda's in check on Instagram...but for the love of God, stop staring at me with those big ol' eyes!"
  762. The shy hyena sighed in relief, wrapping his arm around her waist in a friendly side-hug. "What could I ever do without you, Fenneko..."
  764. "Ooookay, this is the second time in two days some weirdo has hugged me too long..." Fenneko said, pulling herself away from the embrace of her coworker.
  766. "Heh, uhh, sorry..."
  768. "You can show how sorry you are by getting me another drink. And in the meantime, so I can forget about you trying to squeeze my bones, let's talk a little bit about what went on during our trip that lead up to that stuff you saw on Instagram..."
  770. -Fenneko's End
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