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  1. I am a US player and I have a plan that I am looking into and would like to know if anyone else has looked into it. I just emailed FTP [Full Tilt Poker] support to ask if it would be alright to change my address to a non-US address, use a VPN to change my IP to outside the US, and change my bank account to a non-US account. I asked them if they would consider it to be a violation of their Terms of Service. Also, I asked if they would consider me a non-US player… If they say OK, then I am going to get it set up but to be safe, I am not going to play until I hear about many successful cashouts to non-US players over the course of the next week or two.
  3.  Also, I have heard that a couple of Latvian bank accounts are good, safe, and easy to open same with HSBC, RBS, etc. Until I get a foreign bank account set up, I will use friends and GB (please PM me for more info) to cashout. GB said he is stopping wires to the US for now but he can still mail checks.
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