Snippets vol. 2

Mar 22nd, 2019
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  1. “I went hunting yesterday. I know I don’t need to any more. It’s not about the money. Ido once told me, that he used to hunt because he felt responsible for the monsters out there. I hunt because someone needs to stand up to the darkness around us. Someone needs to be a hero.
  3. I promise I’ll be careful. I won’t get hurt- I’m too fast. You don’t need to worry about me!
  5. If I ever need anything I’ll call you. I’ll try not to get back too late. Do you want anything while I’m out? Are you sure? I’ll do my best to keep the blood off it.
  7. Sleep well, love.”
  9. -///-
  11. “One of your friends came by yesterday to drop off a present for you. You didn’t tell me it was your birthday! I don’t care if it’s not important to you! I want to celebrate.
  13. I got you a present. Well, I actually got you three presents but two of them aren’t here so you’ll have to start with this. Open it up! I’m sorry the paper isn’t very exciting. Ido didn’t have much lying around…
  15. Do you like it? I got it specially made for you. It’s to remind you of me whenever you’re away. Now go get dressed! I have lots to show you. And don’t you even think about saying no. The celebration is happening- even if I have to tie you up and carry you there myself.”
  17. -///-
  19. “What to you mean to me? I have so many things in my head that I don’t understand. These memories, they call to me. I see flashes of them. It’s so hard to know who I am. Ido believes that I have a clean slate, but I need to know more. That’s why you’re so important. When I’m with you I don’t worry so much about the past. I feel like I’m the most… me when you’re around.
  21. One day I’m going to have to put all the pieces together. There are things I have to do. I don’t know where they’ll end. But I want you with me all the way. Together.”
  23. -///-
  25. “I’m looking for a cyborg- tall, violent. The type to murder people in back alleys. There’s a bounty on him. Last time he was seen was in this bar. Anyone?
  27. Don’t touch that. If anyone here so much as thinks about drawing their weapons I will cut you down. Someone here is protecting him. I’ve seen this before. You might succeed in keeping him alive. For a while. But make no mistake. That bounty is mine.
  29. As for the rest of you: what do you gain from helping these criminals? We could all clean up the city, together. If anyone has the courage to stand for what’s right, then join me. Bring these people to justice.”
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