NERV Hawaii: Episode Three - Surf and Turf

Feb 21st, 2017
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  1. Darkling: Sunday morning. No alarm went off to wake you up at seven like the rest of the week. Instead the sun just crept into everyone's rooms though whatever cracks it could between curtains and blinds.
  2. Kaimana: Sleep? Ha! Kaimana could barely sleep throught the night she was so excited! She'd even tried on her surfing gear to make sure it still fit. Now that morning was officially here she was brining her surfboard downstairs.
  3. Stella Lacroix: Stella is already awake even without the alarm, glaring at the invading sunlight. Looks like she's already gone through the usual morning preparations. With a sense of resignation she heads downstairs.
  4. Leon: Well looks like the wakeup has become a habit now, as Leon awakes at the usual time without the alarm. He gets himself dressed and ready and heads downstairs for the start of their expected day at the beach.
  5. Darkling: There is a breakfast waiting for them of course, as PAM is busy in the kitchen making much more food than they could all eat, despite Kaimana's appetite.
  6. Darkling: Astrid is eating some cereal and staring out the window while Elle seems to be occupied by her phone yet again.
  7. Kaimana: Kaimana is dressed for the usual Hawaii weather though she also has a bag packed full to bursting and, of course, theres that surfboard she's so proud of. It even rests next to her as she stuffs her face.
  8. Stella Lacroix: "Hello everyone." Stella shows up wearing her usual makeup. Like going to the beach wouldn't ruin that at all.
  9. Kaimana: Kai says something that might be a greeting around a mouthful of bacon.
  10. Leon: "Morning all, looks like someone is prepared for our trip." Leon says as he arrives downstairs before going for a plate of breakfast.
  11. Stella Lacroix: "Are you coming along, Astrid?"
  12. Darkling: She's suddenly attentive and staring at you. "Mmhmm!"
  13. Stella Lacroix: "You're a brave girl."
  14. Darkling: "I've never been to the beach." She says.
  15. Kaimana: "It's going to be awesome!"
  16. Stella Lacroix: "Be careful that the dread glowball in the sky doesn't burn you. You look like someone it would oppress."
  17. Darkling: "I have an umbrealla to bring." A small smile. "It has cats on it."
  18. Leon: "Black cats?"
  19. Stella Lacroix: "I've got a black one with hearts on it."
  20. Kaimana: "You're going, right Stella?"
  21. Darkling: "They are black cats." She confirms.
  22. Stella Lacroix: "Of course I'm going."
  23. Kaimana: Kai nods, content, and returns to plowing through breakfast.
  24. Darkling: "We'll leave in half an hour." Elle announces. "And if you want to do anything other than the beach let me know. We can even go get that ice cream thing Kai mentioned if you want."
  25. Kaimana: "YES!" Both arms raise in the air in celebration.
  26. Stella Lacroix: "Can we sacrifice someone to a volcano?"
  27. Leon: "Out of curiousity, are we going to a public beach, or a private, NERV beach that will likely be emptied out just for us?"
  28. Darkling: "Well, there isn't an active volcano o nthis island. So that would make it difficult. Sorry hon."
  29. Darkling: "This will be a private beach."
  30. Stella Lacroix: Stella hangs her head and pouts in feigned dismay.
  31. Kaimana: "A private beach is nice but...also sucks." Kaimana hangs head head at the lost chance to oggle bikini-clad surf bunnies.
  32. Darkling: "I can see about arranging a trip to a local beach if you would prefer next time. NERV likes things secure though, so don't count on it too much."
  33. Stella Lacroix: "Private beaches seem alright to me."
  34. Leon: "I kind of figured that, we're high value for NERV after all."
  35. Darkling: "Alright, I'll leave you to get ready and meet you all in the car."
  36. Stella Lacroix: Stella heads off to grab a few things from her room. Notebook, umbrella, sunglasses, a black pillowcase, a lunchbox...
  37. Darkling: Astrid sets her empty bowl on the counter for PAM to clean and wanders off to her room.
  38. Kaimana: Kai runs off to start strapping her board to the top of the car, so excited she might pop.
  39. Leon: "Hmm..." Leon muses to himself as he heads upstairs to grab his backpack before heading towards the car.
  40. Darkling: Once everyone was ready and in the car they took off. For her part, Elle was actually dressed down now, wearing frayed jean shorts and a pastel coloured t-shirt. Astrid was wearing a very long white sundress that seemed to match her skin tone.
  41. Stella Lacroix: Stella is all in black, wearing a blouse and a long skirt. Once in the car she puts the sunglasses on to help cover up the black eye.
  42. Kaimana: Kaimana is humming something Hawaiian as she watches the scenery pass by, smiling the entire time.
  43. Darkling: On their drive they stop at another of the houses and Seo-yun climbs into the car wearing a completely differet looking catlike outfit than you've seen before.
  44. Darkling: She practically climbs overtop of Stella before plopping down beside the girl in black.
  45. Stella Lacroix: "Welcome. Glad to see you've decided to accompany me on the mission."
  46. Darkling: "And miss playing in a great big sandbox? Never."
  48. Darkling: They don't make anymore stops along the way, and the drive isn't too long, about a half an hour as they wind back and forth heading dow nthe mountainside towards the coast.
  49. Darkling: Soon enough the limo stops and Filipe is opening the door for them. "We here." He says smiling as Elle climbs out.
  50. Stella Lacroix: Stella walks out with her head tilted back, luggage in hand. "Well done, Jeeves." said to Filipe.
  51. Darkling: "Ah, thank you miss." He seems pleased yet confused by this.
  52. Darkling: Astrid climbs out next, opening her umbrella up. It indeed has cats on it, and is quite pink otherwise.
  53. Kaimana: Kai hops out and immediately works at freeing her surfboard. "Sun, sand, water~ Thank you great sun god~"
  54. Leon: "Well beach, looks like we've arrived." Leon says as he grabs his backpack and exits the limo.
  55. Stella Lacroix: Stella's umbrella opens next. Just like she said it's black and it has heart designs on it. Anatomically correct hearts. Except for the fact that they're pink.
  56. Darkling: The beach itself isn't huge, at least compared to public beaches. It is still a few hundred metres of oceanfront surrounded by lavarock and dense foilage. There's a little cabana huts lined up along one side of the beach by the water as well as what seems to be a bar and a set of changerooms and bathrooms.
  57. Stella Lacroix: "This is really more than I expected." Stella says after giving the place a looking over, eventually staring at the foliage. "Almost looks like a jungle over there."
  58. Darkling: "It's not too thick, but I wouldn't wander off. I would hate to have to send Filipe to fetch you." Flipe just smiles wide, probably not quite understanding what was said.
  59. Stella Lacroix: "I wouldn't dream of it. I read a story and it told me what the centipedes here are all about."
  60. Kaimana: "It's the BEEEACH!" Kaimana shoots past them all in a run, board carried over her head as she goes.
  61. Leon: "I think it's obvious who's the most excited over this trip."
  62. Darkling: "You don't say..."
  63. Darkling: Astrid has wandered off towards the water and Elle goes to play catchup with her.
  64. Darkling: Seo wraps herself around Stella's waist. "So what now girl?"
  65. Stella Lacroix: "Yes. At least for now." Stella says ominously in response to Leon. "As for you, your majesty... how long can you hold a pose out here?"
  66. Darkling: "Depends on the pose!"
  67. Kaimana: The swarthy native sticks her board in the sand before running over to the changing rooms, bag in hand.
  68. Stella Lacroix: "Your choice. But preferably something memorable."
  69. Darkling: "Should I change into my swimsuit first?" She asks.
  70. Darkling: Much slower, Astrid has reached teh changeroom and heads inside.
  71. Stella Lacroix: "Absolutely."
  72. Kaimana: It isn't long before Kaimana emerges in a wetsuit top and bikini bottoms. She looks in her element more than ever now, bag hanging off one shoulder.
  73. Darkling: "Not going?" Filipe says from behind Leon.
  74. Kaimana: Now dressed and ready Kaimana looks around for the others as she stretches, trying not to look too obvious about it. Had they all split up already?
  75. Darkling: Seo-yun passes by Kai on her way jogging to the changeroom. "Looking good." She winks and heads in. Astrid comes out f rom behind her in a pale pink bikini that matches her umbrella.
  76. Darkling: Elle has taken up residence in the closest hut lounged out on a chair, her shirt tied up to reveal a bit of skin.
  77. Leon: "Hmm? Oh, suppose so." He says before heading off towards one of the huts and taking a seat. Kai was likely to go off and surf, Stella and her cat friend would spend the day together, and Astrid and Elle would end up spending the day as a pair. Now to figure out how pass the time.
  78. Kaimana: "A bikini? Bold." Kaimana nods at Astrid, hands on her hips. A bit on the pale side but she wasn't about to complain.
  79. Darkling: Not that Astrid had much to show off. She was about as straight and stick thin as they came.
  80. Stella Lacroix: Stella whistles innocently as she wanders over toward the changing room. Halfway there she mutters something in French, along with an irritated mention of NERV.
  81. Darkling: Filipe made his way to the bar and seemed to be working on some refreshments for everyone.
  82. Darkling: A few minutes pass and Seo emerges from the changeroom, still in her cat outfit but with much more skin showing.
  83. Kaimana: Kai was fairly certain she would never understand the Korean girl. She jogged back down to where she left her board and sat in the sand, facing out toward the water. She looked like she was meditating as she sat there fairly still.
  84. Stella Lacroix: Stella gives Seo a quick smile in approval. "Are those legs or the pillars of heaven?" She asks quietly.
  85. Darkling: "Cat heaven, yes."
  86. Stella Lacroix: "I'll be back in a flash. Meeeeooow." And then Stella goes off to the changing room.
  87. Darkling: Astrid has sat down beside Kaimana keeping completely silent and not making peep, though her umbrella is twirling.
  88. Leon: Leon goes through his backpack for a bit before deciding to check on his assumptions. Stella and Seo together, check. Elle on her own... not check, and then Kai and Astrid together, not check. Well, one for three, is at least one.
  89. Kaimana: Kai sighs and looks around, first at Astrid, then over her shoulder at Leon. "Hey! Get over here! Trying to bond with you guys, sheesh." Except for Stella. She seems...uninterested. Too busy with the heavy petting of a cosplayer.
  90. Stella Lacroix: After a while Stella emerges from the changing room, wearing the exact same outfit she was before. "I'm ready." she says to Seo as she moves along to a spot near where the others have parked, setting up the umbrella and putting her things down on the sand next to it.
  91. Leon: "Bonding? Alright, alright. On my way." He says as he walks over to Kai and Astrid. "So, what's the first on the agenda then?"
  92. Kaimana: "Praying. I mean you don't have to of course." She shrugged. "The idea is to sit upright, head held high with eyes open. Its a relationship of respect and self-respect with the gods of Hawaii."
  93. Darkling: Seo follows along behind Stella and sets up a towel and drops her things down.
  94. Kaimana: "We thank Maui for the sun, the sand and the sky. We ask for some totally gnarly waves to shred, and that Kamohoali'li keeps us safe from his children."
  96. Leon: "I see... And what are his children?"
  97. Kaimana: "Kamohoali'li. He's a shark god and is guardian of the Hawaiian Islands. His children are, well, the sharks."
  98. Kaimana: "Its said he turns greedy men into were-sharks."
  99. Stella Lacroix: Stella opens up her notebook to a blank page and starts scribblng in it whilst looking at Seo-yun. "I've heard stranger things."
  100. Leon: "Huh, how interesting. So is it instant then, the minute they touch the water?"
  101. Darkling: Seo for her part is strentched out in a yoga-like cat position, not leaving too much to the imagination.
  102. Darkling: Astrid pipes up "I've seen weirder things than shark-men."
  103. Kaimana: "I think it's more uncontrolable, like werewolves on a full moon. Its a curse and-- like that, exactly?"
  104. Stella Lacroix: "Did you walk in on a couple, Astrid?"
  105. Leon: "Oh? Weirder than shark-men?"
  106. Darkling: She nods but offers no further context, though she is watching Seo-yun, so maybe that is what she meant.
  107. Kaimana: "Hm, looks like the waves need time to get their act together." She looked to Astrid, "Got your sunscreen on?"
  108. Darkling: She shook her head no. Doesn't look like she brought anything but that umbrella.
  109. Kaimana: "You plan on holding that out in the water?"
  110. Darkling: Her eyes go a little wide at the mention of wat er. "I plan on staying here if I can help it."
  111. Leon: "Do you know how to swim, Astrid?"
  112. Kaimana: "Whu-- its the beach, you have to get wet. You have to." She motions out to the water as if it were all the evidence she needed.
  113. Darkling: She shakes her head no.
  114. Stella Lacroix: Stella assumes she was right about Astrid walking in on a couple. "It's fine, Astrid. Don't feel any pressure."
  115. Darkling: She sets her mouth into a tight line looking at the water.
  116. Kaimana: "Its time you learn, Astrid. And with all of us here you couldn't be safer." She pulled her bag over and pulled out a bottle of sun screen, pouring some into her hands. "Now just be a good girl and hold still!" Kaimana strikes, tackling Astrid with lotion-covered hands.
  117. Darkling: The girls reddish eyes go wide again and she lets out a small squeal, but keeps her wriggling to a minimum.
  118. Kaimana: You can almost see Kaimana drool as she wipes down every bit of exposed skin with lotion, making sure the girl wouldn't be as red as a lobster when they got home. "Anyone else need an application?"
  119. Stella Lacroix: Stella briefly glances in that direction, her eyes going wide. Whatever is going on seems totally foreign to her. She moves away slightly and mutters to Seo. "Why is she gooing that girl up?"
  120. Darkling: "It protects you from the evil cancer ball!" Seo whispers secretly back. "I could cover you in protection, if you wish."
  121. Kaimana: Kai looks down at the poor pale girl she all but straddled. "We need to work on your calories and exercise."
  122. Stella Lacroix: "Protect me." Stella says faintly, barely even managing the whisper. She's looking the very picture of O_O now.
  123. Darkling: "Do you need some?" Astrid asks, turning her head around to look up at Kai.
  124. Kaimana: "And you." She sits up and looks over at Leon as Astrid recovers. "Did you put any on?"
  125. Darkling: Seo fishes through her bag pulling out a small container and motions for Stella to join her on the towel.
  126. Leon: "Not quite, no. I wasn't entirely sure I'd be out in the sun at first."
  127. Stella Lacroix: On the towel she goes, still looking dazed.
  128. Kaimana: She grins and looks down at Astrid. "Help me with him? I got the back." She gets some more lotions and passes the bottle to Astrid. "You hold still too, or its a headlock." Service for Leon! Though its far less suggestive than what Astrid got.
  129. Darkling: Astrid plants a massive amount of lotion in her hand and smacks it full force into Leon's chest splatering it everywhere and just holding her hand there. She must not do this sort of thing often.
  130. Leon: "Wait, what? I'm sure I can-" But before talking his way out of it could be done, it seems it began.
  131. Darkling: After a moment she starts moving it around and covering what she can, though she looks quite deadpan while doing it.
  132. Darkling: Seo climbs on top of Stella so she's straddling the girls waist and starts drawing a happy face on the goth girl's exposed belly.
  133. Darkling: "Not only is this sunscreen, but itdoubles as a vitamin rich moisturizer. You're skin will be as soft as rose petals."
  134. Stella Lacroix: Stella peers up at Seo, wide eyed. After a moment or two she smiles rather widely. "It's official. You're the best and I need to buy some of this. Rose petals!"
  135. Darkling: After the face is complete she starts to cover every inch of available skin, ignoring anything going on beside her with the others.
  136. Darkling: "Is this good?" Astrid asks Leon and Kai. She's roughly got most of your chest Leon.
  137. Leon: "Yeah... That's good Astrid. Thanks. So... Swimming lessons, right?"
  138. Kaimana: "Swimming lessons."
  139. Darkling: She looks like a deer in headlights again.
  140. Darkling: At this point, Filipe appears beside all of you setting down a small table holding a tray of drinks and snacks.
  141. Darkling: "Escuse." He says before leaving.
  142. Leon: "Though... is the ocean really the best place to teach someone how to swim?"
  143. Stella Lacroix: "Do you have any left over for yourself? I'd feel terrible if I took up all your sun protection." Stella asks, now looking rather off in her own world.
  144. Kaimana: "Where else is there?"
  145. Darkling: "I still have to get your back first." She lifts up off the girl to let her roll over. "Then you can do me."
  146. Leon: "Well I would imagine a pool might be easier, though then the lesson would have to wait of course."
  147. Stella Lacroix: Stella rolls over and closes her eyes.
  148. Darkling: Seo continues her methodical pace of covering up Stella in cream.
  149. Kaimana: "Well we're at least getting our feet wet." She got to her feet and stretched. "And I'm not leaving until I've done some surfing. Anyone brave enough for tandem?"
  150. Leon: "Tandem?"
  151. Stella Lacroix: Stella idly traces little hearts in the ground whilst getting creamed, making a mental note to get something nice for Kaimana later as thanks for starting something by gooing up Astrid.
  152. Darkling: Astrid hasn't budged.
  153. Darkling: "All done!" Seo announces and stands up, reaching over for a drink on the platter Filipe brought.
  154. Kaimana: "Its two people on a board, thats all. I mean you can do some advanced stuff with that but...yeah."
  155. Leon: "Ah, well that probably rules out Astrid since she can't swim. And that sounds like it might be difficult for someone who hasn't surfed before."
  156. Stella Lacroix: "This must be what cat heaven is like." Stella mumbles. Maybe beacbes aren't as evil as she thought. Either way she nabs a drink of her own and spares the others a glance.
  157. Kaimana: Kaimana holds out a hand, trying to coax Astrid.
  159. Darkling: Astrid doesn't even look at the hand, she's still just frozen.
  160. Stella Lacroix: Stella chugs down her own. Afterwards she grabs the lotion bottle, using her free hand to flip the bird at the sun. "Suck it, cancer ball. The cat nation is immune to your evil cancer rays." And with that she begins returning the favor to Seo.
  161. Kaimana: "Well...you keep the other two company Astrid." Kai sighed and jogged over to grab her board. Time to hit the waves.
  162. Darkling: She nods to that and starts spinning her umbrella again.
  163. Darkling: Seo lets out what could be called a purr as she lets Stella cover her up.
  164. Stella Lacroix: Stella leans forward a bit and lowers her voice. "Hey, Seo-yun... was your drink alright?"
  165. Leon: Personal safety, bonding, personal safety, bonding. Decisions,, but Kai seemed to genuinely want to do something as a group, for reasons. "Alright... If you can show me what to do then, I could try this Tandom."
  166. Darkling: "I could use another." She says.
  167. Kaimana: "Not much to it, just gotta listen. Try not to fall over, yeah?" She sits on her board and looks at him, waiting.
  168. Leon: "Right, listen and don't fall over. Sounds simple enough." He says as he heads over to her and the board.
  169. Stella Lacroix: Stella nabs another drink and takes a quick sip before she passes it along. "Right here, and almost done with this side."
  170. Darkling: Seo takes the drink and starts to sip at it.
  172. Darkling: Astrid leans over to get a drink of her own then goes to sipping at it while watching Kai and Leon.
  173. Kaimana: "Hop on then, and we'll give it a try."
  174. Kaimana: She pats the front of the board. Its a long one too, though most of them were these days. Bigger waves needed longer boards.
  175. Leon: "Right, let's try surfing then." He moves to the front of the board and gets on.
  176. Kaimana: Kai humms something as she paddles the board out. Over the Rainbow probably. "Now we wait for a good wave. Settle in and look at that beautiful horizon."
  177. Stella Lacroix: "Meow, meow, meeeeow, meeoooow...!" Stella meows out an upbeat, mildly catchy tune whilst lotioning up Seo. "And done. While I worked on the national anthem a little, too. It's a work on progress.
  178. Darkling: Seo rolls over setting the empty cup aside and faces up at Stella. "Only have done you are!"
  179. Darkling: Astrid makes a funny look at her drink and sets it down.
  180. Leon: "Alright, just let me know when the good wave shows."
  181. Stella Lacroix: "That, too, is a work in progress. Your Majesty." Stella says as she puts more lotion on her hands. Then she gets back on Seo to work on the other side, starting off by writing "meow" on the girl.
  182. Kaimana: Kai stares off into the distance as they wait, back to humming.
  183. Leon: Waiting for the inevitable wave. Almost like a trained skilled at this point, waiting. "Well, the horizon is nice I suppose, yeah."
  184. Darkling: ---------------------
  186. Darkling: You didn't have to wait long for a good looking wave to come. The northern side of Hawaii was world famous for its waves.
  187. Stella Lacroix: Stella watches with a mild curiosity. "Hm... so this is what she's always getting so hyped up about."
  188. Darkling: Seo tries to look up from underneath the other girl. "Is something happening?"
  189. Kaimana: Kai is up first on the board as they ride the wave, eventually coaxing Leon up as well and keeping him balanced by holding his shoulder. Sadly the girl isn't old enough to be an expert and as they approach shore Kai and Leon wipe out.
  190. Stella Lacroix: "One of those waves the locals tend to gush about. I think it's a national sport or something."
  191. Darkling: They both land in shoulder deep water, the wave crashing over them and tumbling them around.
  192. Stella Lacroix: "Not sure I see the appeal of it." Stella flinches slightly.
  193. Kaimana: Kai hits the shallow water, board trailing, with both fists raised in the air. "Wooooo!"
  194. Darkling: "Something to do with adrenaline and how it affects her brain." Astrid pipes up.
  195. Darkling: Suddenly Leon jumps up out of the water yelling. "Ow! Ack! What the?!" There is pain and confusion written on his face and in his voice.
  196. Kaimana: Kai looks back, arms lowering, "Hey, you got a cramp?" She pulls her board close and wades back out to the boy.
  197. Stella Lacroix: "Maybe Leon is overdosing on adrenaline?" Stella asks with her head tilted.
  198. Darkling: "I think something stung me." She says, kind of limping through the water towards Kai.
  199. Darkling: "Or they are copulating." Astrid interjects.
  200. Stella Lacroix: Stella giggles at Astrid's remark.
  201. Kaimana: "Stung?" It takes a moment for the dots to connect. "Ah shit. C'mon, grab the board. Jellyfish stings are no joke." She pats the board.
  202. Darkling: He climbs aboard and sure enough there is a red welt forming on his leg.
  203. Kaimana: She starts pulling him to shore, "Elle!"
  204. Darkling: Elle lowers her sunglasses from her eyes and stares at the incoming kids.
  205. Stella Lacroix: Stella sits next to Seo to let her move around more. She takes a long look at Leon.
  206. Darkling: "Did she get pregnant that quick?" Astrid asks.
  207. Kaimana: "He got stung!" She annoucned as she pulls the board as far as she can, pulling him from it and into the sand. "Careful not to get your leg wet again."
  208. Darkling: Elle gets up and heads over, Filipe trailing beind her. "How bad does it look?"
  209. Darkling: Leon for his part seems to be taking it pretty well, despite the red welt spreading to a softball sized mark.
  210. Stella Lacroix: "Looks more like Leon's leg got knocked up."
  211. Kaimana: "Well I mean he's not dead so it wasn't one of the more dangerous types, but he should see a doctor."
  212. Stella Lacroix: "And it's going to explode with alien parasites at any minute."
  213. Darkling: "Filipe, take him up to the Cabana and have a look will you?"
  214. Darkling: Filipe nods. "Ah, yes ma'am." He helps Leon up and takes his weight to help him walk.
  215. Darkling: "Filipe has decent medical t raining, we'll let him assess it before he do anything else."
  216. Darkling: "Boys can't get pregnant." Astrid says after quite a long moment, her face scrunched up.
  217. Kaimana: The swarthy surfer looks back out at the water and huffs. Well, a jellyfish wasn't about to stop her!
  218. Darkling: Filipe sits Leon down on a lounge chair and hands him a drink before taking a look at his leg.
  219. Stella Lacroix: Stella reaches for another one of those suspiciously flavored drinks and takes a sip, "Aliens don't follow the rules."
  220. Darkling: "I have learned that Aliens do not have rules." Astrid remarks, less squishy faced.
  221. Darkling: Another large wave crashed into the shore, the ocean beckoning to Kai.
  222. Stella Lacroix: "So you know the truth." Stella says approvingly.
  223. Darkling: She reaches for one of the sandwiches, picking up an egg salad one and munches on it.
  224. Kaimana: There she goes, back out into the water. After a shark bite a jellyfish would have to try harder to scare her off. Soon enough she's paddling out.
  225. Stella Lacroix: "Still not sure I get this adrenaline thing. There's other stuff I could do if I wanted a rush."
  226. Darkling: "Like what?" Seo says, rolling aroudn a bit.
  227. Stella Lacroix: "Music really does it for me. And sometimes so does pretending I'm an alien squid." She makes her best attempt at a scary face and wiggles her fingers at Seo.
  228. Darkling: "Squids are tasty and squishy." Seo bats a hand at Stella's squid face.
  229. Darkling: Out on the water, things seem quite calm, no huge waves rolling in just yet Kai.
  230. Kaimana: That seems cool with the native girl, going the zen thing as she sits on her board.
  232. Darkling: Wumpf. Sand flies up in the air. Seo bats another hand.
  233. Stella Lacroix: Stella flails on the sand a bit before she lies still with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.
  234. Darkling: The red water laps gently at your board as you rise and fall with the swell of the small waves. Soon a bigger one might hit.
  235. Darkling: Astrid finishes her sandwich and looks at Stella and Seo flopped over in the sand.
  236. Kaimana: She lets the motion of the ocean move her, humming a song as she watches the shore. Strange girls, but her girls now. And the boy. He was okay, even if he didn't punch her ticket.
  237. Stella Lacroix: "Don't mind me, I've been vanquished." Stella says to Astrid before she resumes playing dead.
  238. Darkling: Seo goes to get another drink but finds there are none. "I'll be back!" She gets up, wobbles a bit, before running off to the Cabana.
  239. Darkling: Kai, you can feel the water dipping down further than before, good sign there's some bigger waves coming.
  240. Stella Lacroix: "How about you, Astrid? Got any adrenaline-inducing hobbies?"
  241. Kaimana: She puts her game face on, repositioning herself to lay along the board, arms in the water. Gimme a good one Maui.
  242. Darkling: Astrid shakes her head. "No hobbies."
  243. Stella Lacroix: "You should get some."
  244. Darkling: Sure enough you hit a big swell, but you're not in a good position for this wave. Back down you go, even further than before, the next wave will be a good one.
  245. Darkling: "I don't know what to do. Usually I just sit."
  246. Kaimana: Patience. She settled in on her board to wait, wondering how Leon was doing. Must not be too bad, they weren't rushing off to a hospital.
  247. Stella Lacroix: "You could try drawing. Basic stuff is easy. See?" She lazily traces a stick figure into the sand with her finger. Then she adds a big swollen spot on one of the legs and writes "Preggo" over it. She finishes off by making a pair of X marks for eyes.
  248. Darkling: Astrid crawls over and starts adding to the drawing herself.
  249. Darkling: HEre comes that wave Kai, nice and big, the crest should just hit you if you time it right.
  250. Stella Lacroix: Stella takes a sip as she watches Astrid's additions to the drawing.
  251. Kaimana: Yes YES! She looks over her shoulder as she lays down and soon starts to paddle, doing her best to match her timing to the wave. She was going to catch this one!
  252. Darkling: Astrid seems to have drawn an intricate looking jellyfish monster attacking the stick figure.
  253. Kaimana: As the wave carriers the board Kaimana climbs to her feet. She takes on a stance to lower her center of gravity and begins to maneuver back and forth along the wall of red seawater. At one point she leans so hard to for a moment her hand actually brushed through the water. The girl hasn't looked happier.
  254. Stella Lacroix: "That's pretty good. Nice detail on the jellyfish."
  255. Darkling: Seo returns with another tray of drinks, sets them down, grabs one and plops back down beside Stella before sipping on the drink.
  256. Darkling: The wave carries you in almost all the way to shore before crashing itself apart.
  257. Darkling: "Filipe says Leon will be fiiine." Seo drawls out a bit. "It wasn't too venomous, he'll just have to put some cream on it." Siiiip. "Then he made us more drinks!" She says excitedly.
  258. Kaimana: Kai rides the board to shore before hopping off and picking it up. She had to make good use of her time, how long before they were allowed back out on the beach? Assuming of course that she didn't sneak out for some public beach action...
  259. Darkling: The sun was midway through the sky, telling you it was around noon.
  260. Stella Lacroix: "Truly you are the messenger who brings the nectar of the gods." Stella says before she takes a sip. She starts scribbling in the sand again.
  261. Kaimana: Board held high over her head Kaimana runs back out to catch another wave.
  262. Darkling: The ocean was more than happy to confront you with more suitable waves Kai.
  263. Darkling: Astrid continues to doodle in the sand as well.
  264. Stella Lacroix: Stella goes for a variety of sand scribbles. A stick figure with cat ears, a tail, and a :3 face. One of a circle with a vertical eye in the middle,and said eye has an iris that resembles a lamprey's mouth. A few stick kitties, one with a mouth full of sharp teeth.
  265. Kaimana: It takes Kaimana more than a few waves and a couple wipe-outs before she's ready for a break.
  266. Kaimana: She sticks her board in the sand and plops down, stretching out.
  267. Darkling: Droplets of red water drip down into the sand around her, Astrid looks up from her doodle to Kaimana. "We are drawing." She says proudly.
  268. Stella Lacroix: "And drinking. Drinking and drawing." Stella takes a long sip.
  269. Kaimana: "So I see." She props herself up on one elbow. "The water is fun too y'know."
  270. Darkling: Astrid shakes her head no.
  271. Stella Lacroix: "The water is home to evil creatures like jellyfish."
  272. Kaimana: "Just gotta be careful." She sighs and rests back again, humming and kicking her foot in sync.
  273. Stella Lacroix: "So just between us girls, were you two conjugating out there before he got stung?"
  274. Darkling: Astrid stares at Kaiamana waiting for an answer. She looks dead serious.
  275. Kaimana: "Sorry to disappoint, but he's not my type."
  276. Darkling: Astrid continues to stare intently.
  277. Stella Lacroix: "Evasive answer."
  278. Kaimana: "Uuugh. No, we weren't."
  279. Stella Lacroix: "I guess that means he got stung for nothing. Poor guy." Siiiiip.
  280. Darkling: Seo sets her empty drink down. "Was the water nice?" She asks Kai.
  281. Kaimana: "Fantastic, just the right temperature."
  282. Darkling: She gets up and starts pulling off the fur clad parts of her outfit, dropping them down into the sand. "My turn to go in then!"
  283. Kaimana: "Right on," she says and gives Seo the shaka.
  284. Stella Lacroix: "If her leg gets pregnant with alien jellyfish offspring..." Stella gives the area just off to the left of Kaimana an intense stare. It doesn't last long before her face hits the sand and she mutters something.
  285. Darkling: Seo stumbles off towards the water, giving a "Whoop!" as she falls in with a big splash.
  286. Kaimana: "Someone spike the punch or something?"
  287. Darkling: "The lemonade." Astrid corrects.
  288. Stella Lacroix: Stella mumbles into the sand again before lifting her head. "The lemonade is fine."
  289. Kaimana: "You sure about that?" Kai props herself up again, looking for anyones glass that still has lemonade.
  290. Stella Lacroix: Stella's is nearby. Maybe a sip or two left.
  291. Kaimana: Kaimana stretches out to grab it and, after sniffing it, finishes it off.
  292. Darkling: Sure enough it doesn't taste like normal lemonade.
  293. Kaimana: She makes a face and coughs. "Eugh."
  295. Kaimana: "You want it back? Might still be some taste." She puckers her lips at Stella.
  296. Stella Lacroix: "I'm not jumping down your esophagus."
  297. Darkling: Another whoop from the water followed by a big splash.
  298. Kaimana: "A girl can get turned down only so many times you know." She huffs.
  299. Darkling: Astrid hands her full drink to Kai. "Maybe this will help?"
  300. Kaimana: "I'll uh...pass. Hard to sing if I'm too busy giggling." She sets the drink aside, out of Stella's reach.
  301. Stella Lacroix: "I'm going to do something valiant and selfless now." Stella says as she stands, wobbling a bit. Looks like she's doing her best to appear dignified, too.
  302. Kaimana: "Whats that exactly?"
  303. Darkling: Astrid looks up at her as she stands.
  304. Stella Lacroix: "I am going to singlehandedly construct a castle in the face of dangerous alien jellyfish and whatever vampires are swimming in that ocean of blood out there." And so she stumbles her way over closer to the water and plops down to build a mud castle.
  305. Kaimana: "...huuuh." She watches Stella go before looking at Astrid and shrugging.
  306. Darkling: Astrid watches as well and doesn't comment.
  307. Darkling: They stayed at the beach most of the day, until the evening approached and then headed home. True to her word, Elle allowed them to stop for a frozen treat, then they were back at the mansion.
  308. Darkling: Filipe helped Leon up to his room who was a little loopy from a pain killer he was given and Elle went off to do paperwork as usual, leaving the girls alone in the livingroom.
  309. Darkling: Seo pipes up. "I think they forgot to drop me off at my house."
  310. Kaimana: "Pretty sure Stella ould just adopt you if she could anyway."
  311. Kaimana: Kai unzips her wetsuit top a little more than she needs to and rests her head back against the couch.
  312. Stella Lacroix: "Maybe they're keeping you for dinner? Like... you get our food tonight. Not like this is the crazy cannibal house."
  313. Darkling: "Diiner?" Seo says hungrily.
  314. Stella Lacroix: "PAM is usually pretty good at that."
  315. Darkling: "PAM?" She asks as the automaton floats by hummin what sounds liek a nursery rhyme.
  316. Darkling: Seo watches the thing wide eyed.
  317. Stella Lacroix: "That's PAM." Stella points at it.
  318. Darkling: Astrid flops down onto the couch upside down.
  319. Darkling: "Huh." She sits down on a chair. "How come you get a robot?"
  320. Kaimana: "Don't forget the light strips and alarms built right into out rooms."
  321. Stella Lacroix: "I'm not too sure about that. We don't really get a lot of info here."
  322. Darkling: "It's because we're -special-." Astrid says. "Duh."
  323. Darkling: Upsidedown on the couch as she is, her cheecks have the slightest rosy tinge to them.
  324. Stella Lacroix: Stella shrugs. "I haven't really heard anything on it. It's all just weirdness to me."
  325. Darkling: Elle trots by. "Dinner will be in half an hour." She stops, looks at Seo and blinks. "Shit."
  326. Stella Lacroix: "Looks like you were right. They forgot." Stella slumps slightly.
  327. Darkling: Elle face palms. "I'm sorry.. I should have thought about this more. You can stay the night, we'll put you up in the spare."
  328. Stella Lacroix: "Thanks." Stella flashes Elle a quick smile before looking to Seo. "You can get a look at my art gallery while you're here, too."
  329. Darkling: "I'm sure we can find you some clothes to change into too." Elle says, then starts tapping on her phone. "Now I have to make more calls." She sighs and walks away.
  330. Darkling: "Is this a sleepover now?" Astrid asks.
  331. Stella Lacroix: "It is. All we need is a movie to make it complete."
  332. Kaimana: "Should I get my guitar?"
  333. Darkling: Astrid make a wild grab for the remote and manages to turn the tv on before typing into a search. "Any suggestions?"
  334. Stella Lacroix: "Sure, guitar is fine. As far as movies go..." Stella pauses, realizing that she hasn't seen much in the way of movies. "Maybe something about aliens?"
  335. Kaimana: "Does Space Godzilla count?"
  336. Kaimana: With that Kaimana pops up, heading up the stairs to change her clothes and grab her guitar.
  337. Darkling: Astrid punches Aliens into the tv search and it pulls up a playlist she hits play on.
  338. Kaimana: Kai returns with her instrument and settles in on the couch feet up and crossed at the ankles. "If its a sleepover I guess I can splurg on carbs tonight."
  339. Stella Lacroix: "I'll take whatever PAM makes. She hasn't done me any wrong so far."
  340. Stella Lacroix: Except for maybe that smoothie.
  341. Darkling: Astrid watches Kai from her still upsidedown position.
  342. Kaimana: Looks like the guitar is going to wait. With hands behind her head Kai focuses her attention on the movie.
  343. Stella Lacroix: Stella takes notes. Probably on weird alien creatures to draw people being eaten by later.
  344. Darkling: After half an hour and a portion of a really cheesy alien movie dinner is served, and the girls are left back to their own devices.
  345. Darkling: Seo has managed to find some pajamas and a fluffy blanket and taken up residence on the floor.
  346. Stella Lacroix: "Excellent choice in strategic positions, your majesty." Stella says before nabbing a bite. By now her usual gloom seems to have settled over her again, or maybe it's just exhaustion.
  347. Kaimana: "Why does an advanced civilization capable of light speed travel need to come to Earth to kill livestock? I don't get it."
  348. Darkling: "Boredom?" Astrid suggests. She has managed to encapsule herself into a pillow fort on the couch.
  349. Darkling: A couple movies, snacks, drinks and hours later, most everyone had passed out in front of the television in the living room bundled up in blankets and pillows. The tv itself was still playing a random alien invasion movie that looked like it was from the 60s judging from the quality, but you'd have to be awake to notice that.
  350. Stella Lacroix: Stella is awake, eyes bloodshot and narrowed as she watches the strange movie. What the hell is this stuff? She makes a quick glance around the room, seeing if anyone else still seems awake.
  351. Darkling: Astrid is sound asleep as is Leon. Seo somehow seems to have managed to disappear during the movie.
  352. Stella Lacroix: Stella ponders that a while. What if she's been kidnapped? Best to check out a few likely suspect places before going further. First stop, the nearest bathroom. Because those places are always chick magnets.
  353. Kaimana: Kai is asleep, legs hanging over the arm of the couch and one hand shoved up her shirt to rest on her breasts. Theta a lot of exposed, swarthy skin, Stella. At least she’s lady-like enough not to snore.
  354. Stella Lacroix: Stella pauses in her journey. Maybe it would be good to have a little assistance? She starts tapping on Kaimana's forehead with her index finger. Taptaptaptaptaptap.
  355. Kaimana: She squirms and babbles a bunch of nonsense until finally her eyes open. "Nh, wha? Time to make out?" Her hands reach up for Stella's face, lips puckering.
  356. Stella Lacroix: Stella jumps back in surprise and ends up falling flat on her back. "Ow!" A moment later and she sits up, speaking in a softer tone. "Seo's gone off somewhere. I was going to look around and make sure she's alright. You in?"
  357. Kaimana: Her arms fall limp. Rejected again. "How many places can there be to hide?" She did something like a flip and was on her feet, yawning and stretching.
  358. Stella Lacroix: "The spirit of the cat is with her." Stella rises, a bit unsteady. "Cats can hide in the most unlikely places." And then she's off, occasionally bumping into things on the way.
  359. Darkling: There's some noise from the kitchen, the clattering of jars or plates, and a beam of light.
  360. Kaimana: "But she's not really a cat..." Kai follows after her.
  361. Stella Lacroix: Stella creeps along toward the kitchen, taking cover where possible. She's doing a lousy job at stealth with all the bumping.
  362. Darkling: The light beam appears to be coming from the open doors of the fridge. There are a few things from the fridge on the ground in the light. Another clatter from the kitchen.
  363. Kaimana: Kai hangs back just a bit and watches, not wanting to get in the way of Stella's game. Another yawn and she scratches at a sport near her bellybutton.
  364. Stella Lacroix: Stella moves in to the kitchen, going through the motions of holding a gun with her hands. The aim is a little off. "I have you now, secret agent SE-007!"
  365. Darkling: There's a whoop noise and you see a surprised Seo slip and fall sideways off the countertop where she was having a snack and bounce off the tiled floor.
  366. Kaimana: Kai winces for her, cringing.
  367. Stella Lacroix: Stella dashes in hastily to check on Seo... and then trips in her haste and falls over again. "... Sorry." She mutters at the floor.
  368. Darkling: Seo wails a bit on the floor not moving. "I just wanted a snaaaaack."
  369. Stella Lacroix: "I was worried you got abducted or something."
  370. Kaimana: Kai wanders over to pick them both up off the floor.
  371. Darkling: "Thanks." Seo leans heavily against Kai. She's made quite a mess on the counter and floor, having eaten her way through a bunch of different foods.
  372. Stella Lacroix: Stella's eyes widen a bit at the sight. She stands in awe of the girl's metabolism. "Huh... I wonder if PAM cleans, too."
  373. Kaimana: "Hardly seems fair, she didn't make the mess."
  374. Darkling: "I can clean it." Seo says, detaching herself from Kai and begins to pick up the mess. "Kitties can clean too!"
  375. Stella Lacroix: Stella starts assisting in the collecting. "They clean themselves all the time. Sometimes other kitties help."
  376. Darkling: It doesn't take her too long to quickly clean up. "I didn't wake you guys did I?" She sways a bit as she stands.
  377. Stella Lacroix: "No." Stella rises as well and leans against the counter. "I might have had a long blink or two, but nothing that qualifies as sleep."
  378. Darkling: "What should we do right now?" She stretches and yawns a bit, the shirts she's wearing lifting up to reveal almost enough to make this story unsuitable for children. "I'm done with movies and don't want to sleep."
  379. Kaimana: The native girl shrugs, leaning back against the fridge. "There’s supposed to be a lot to do here but there doesn't really seem to be that much."
  380. Stella Lacroix: "Pool, computer, I think there's a hot tub somewhere. And somehow I feel like there's probably... secrets." Stella says after a brief pause, distracted by said lifting.
  381. Kaimana: "Well yeah, all they've done is keep secrets. Nothing new there."
  382. Darkling: "We could go skinny dipping..." Seo half whispers as she limps over to Kai again for support.
  383. Kaimana: A head pat for Seo.
  384. Leon: "... Huh? “Leon says to himself as he wakes up on the couch, the first coherent sight being some kind of horror movie on the tv screen. What am I doing... right, something about movie night or whatnot... After the jellyfish sting the rest of the day was kind of a blur, probably in part to that medicine. But it seemed to be wearing off now, and the pain was mostly gone as well too.
  385. Stella Lacroix: "We could." Stella looks around all shifty. "And just maybe there's a hidden beverage stash somewhere..."
  386. Darkling: Leon, you appear to be alone save for Astrid who's balled up in blankets so you can only see her face as she sleeps. Everyone else has disappeared elsewhere.
  387. Darkling: "Oooh. Someone's feeling naughty." Seo says looking around the kitchen. "Here drinky drink."
  388. Kaimana: "Can't believe I'm saying this but the skinny dipping sounds safer than hunting down booze."
  389. Stella Lacroix: Stella joins in on the search as well. She opens a cabinet, gets down on all fours to peek inside, and then when she's done hits her head on the way up. "Ow!"
  390. Kaimana: "No getting in that pool or hot tub if you drink, are you listening?" Must sound odd listening to Kai play adult after days of pouting about the beach.
  391. Leon: A rare opportunity for them to not be under heavy supervision. Though considering the time of day, or night rather, the options were limited... but they were still there. So with a soft step he begins to make his way to the garage.
  392. Darkling: Seo pouts and pushes herself into Kai looking up at her with very large round eyes.
  393. Stella Lacroix: "I'm not seeing any around here." Stella says with a sigh. She's quick to put on a sad face of her own to add more peer pressure.
  394. Darkling: The house is quite a bit different at night Leon. No noise, or PAM hovering around, though it isn't dark at all with all the large wall-windows. You're easily enough able to make your way to the garage.
  395. Kaimana: "Wha-- that’s not gonna work. You know how many surfers get drunk and drown in the ocean?" It’s hard to resist Seo's big...eyes...but being dead was totally not cool.
  396. Leon: Alright, first unexplored room. Not the first choice, but it will do. Leon enters the garage and gauges how well he can see in there without turning on the lights. For all he knows that could set something off, so best to avoid it if possible.
  397. Darkling: The garage itself had no windows so you could only see as far as the light that filtered from the hallway in through the door illuminated, which wasn't very far. You could see some shapes in the dark, but not much.
  398. Darkling: Seo pouts again. "Okaaay. No drinks."
  399. Stella Lacroix: "Do we look like surfers to you?" Stella says with feigned indignance, putting her hands on her hips.
  400. Leon: Well, too risky to go back upstairs for a flashlight. Going to have to risk the lights. He quietly shuts the door behind him and searches for the light switch.
  401. Kaimana: "You look like a total bookworm. Maybe pull off the sexy librarian look."
  402. Kaimana: She winks at Stella.
  403. Darkling: The door clicks behind you Leon, and you fumble for a switch on the wall, a few objects rattle to the floor but eventually you find it and you're blinded momentarily before your eyes adjust to the light.
  404. Stella Lacroix: Stella mumbles something in French. "Oh well. Let's get moving now while we still can."
  405. Darkling: The garage is mostly empty. Obviously the limo didn't fit inside, but there was a large array of gardening and landscaping tools, a workbench and some power tools, as well as a chemical cabinet.
  406. Kaimana: "Gonna grab my guitar on the way out." She heads back the way they came to pick up her instrument, stopping to look down at Astrid.
  407. Darkling: Astrid was still sound asleep despite all the noise. You do notice the lack of Leon though.
  408. Stella Lacroix: She goes along as well, but alas, her powers of observation fail her.
  409. Darkling: Seo switches to leaning on Stella for support and starts to head towards the backyard and the pool area.
  410. Leon: Who doesn't keep a car in a garage? Guess they only have the limo on the property... good to know for reference. He begins to look through the workbench first for anything of obvious notice before inspecting the chemical cabinet.
  411. Stella Lacroix: She does not notice Leon's absence. Perhaps this is Seo's fault. Either way she's off to the pool, stumbling every now and then.
  412. Kaimana: With a mischievous grin Kaimana starts to lean in, lips puckered and making smooching noises as she gets closer to Astrid's face.
  413. Darkling: Nothing really to note of the tools, other than they are pretty common ones. A Chop saw, angle grinder, drills, etc. The chemical cabinet was full of cleaners, paints and different jugs for the pool and hot tub.
  414. Stella Lacroix: "Here it is. The promised land." Stella mutters.
  415. Leon: Tch, Nothing, but it's to be expected really. The only places that might have something are the Limo and Elle's Room. Getting outside to the front of the house and limo will definitely set something off the normal ways, and Elle is likely asleep in her room right now. So with reluctance Leon shuts off the light and quietly exits the garage.
  416. Darkling: "Hot tub or pool?" Seo asks as the approach the two. Both have underwater lighting that changes colour now and then, and the stone patio has solar powered lights lining it. At least you should be mostly safe from stumbling into unseen things out here.
  417. Darkling: Back inside the house it is Leon.
  418. Stella Lacroix: Stella looks back and forth between the two a few times, almost starry eyed. "Hot tub first. Then we can cool off in the pool."
  419. Darkling: Seo doesn't wait a moment more before hurrying over to the hot tub and flopping in butt first, water splashing everywhere.
  420. Kaimana: "Hey. Astrid." She reaches down to gently pick a cheek and give it a light tug.
  421. Stella Lacroix: Stella climbs in after, more leisurely. She sinks in up to her shoulders and closes her eyes. "This is the life."
  422. Darkling: The girl's reddish eye flick wide open in an instant. "I was dreaming of Godzilla."
  423. Kaimana: "That happen a lot?" She still holding the girl's cheek.
  424. Darkling: The water is warm in the Hawaiian night, Seo floats with her eyes and nose just above the water staring at Stella.
  425. Leon: If the key areas are out, then might as well explore the unimportant ones. So next target, the room past PAM and the kitchen... A splash? Who would go in the pool at this time of night?
  426. Darkling: Astrid shakes her head no, the whole blanket cocoon shifting with her. "These are new dreams."
  427. Stella Lacroix: Stella sinks down low as well and stares back. Then she puts both of her hands at around face level and wiggles her fingers, slowly moving in closer. "Revenge of the giant squid!"
  428. Darkling: Seo lets out a squeal. "No! I know where these things lead!" Not that she can escape far in the hot tub.
  429. Leon: Well, the choices were limited to either the roommates or Elle. If it's the latter, than it's a chance, but if so best to remain unnoticed. So he sneaks back into the lounge to get himself a look.
  430. Stella Lacroix: Stella keeps on closing in anyway, and once she's in range she reaches out to tickle Seo.
  431. Darkling: Seo dodges at the last moment going under the water and leaving Stella with just a damp shirt in her hands.
  432. Darkling: Leon, you just happen to witness the two girls in the hot tub, then Seo disappearing under the surface. Looks like it isn't Elle.
  433. Darkling: The cocoon opens and Astrid climbs out trailing behind Kai, her bare feet smacking against the floor.
  434. Stella Lacroix: Stella puts the shirt on top of her own head. She turns in a circle, reaching under the water, albeit blindly. "You can't hide!"
  435. Kaimana: "Are they behaving?" Kai stops next to Leon, looking toward the hot tub.
  436. Leon: "Hmm? Ah, guess about almost everyone is awake then. I suppose, they're just doing more of... whatever it is they tend to do." Leon says as he turns towards Kai>
  437. Kaimana: "The heavy flirting? Makes me jealous. I should write a song about it." She smirks and nudges Leon with her elbow.
  438. Darkling: Stella, your hand brushes against skin that squirms out of the way before Seo's hand grabs ahold of your ankle and pulls you under.
  439. Stella Lacroix: A squeal from Stella. She flails her arms and then disappears out of sight below the surface.
  440. Darkling: "Heaving flirting?" Astrid asks.
  441. Leon: "Is that what they're doing?"
  442. Kaimana: "Totally. Didn't you see all that skinship on the beach?" She chews on her thumbnail.
  443. Leon: "No, I believe the better part of today was a blur after the jellyfish."
  444. Kaimana: "Are you even allowed back in water yet?"
  445. Darkling: Seo pops back up above the surface gasping for air and giving Stella some reprieve.
  446. Leon: "I honestly have no idea. I just got back to feeling normalish a few moments ago. Besides, I wasn't planning on going into the pool tonight anyways."
  447. Kaimana: Kai stares at Leon for a long moment. "Say...are you...y'know?"
  448. Stella Lacroix: Stella doesn't come back up immediately. It takes several moments before she floats up to the surface on her back, lying still with the shirt covering her face.
  449. Leon: "…No, but this is a rare opportunity. We aren't being actively supervised, so it's a perfect chance to try and find something out."
  450. Darkling: Astrid also stares at Leon, but you get the feeling she isn't doing it for any reason other than she is Astrid.
  451. Kaimana: "Like what, exactly?" She moves to the nearest sun lounger and flops down, starting to tune her guitar.
  452. Leon: "I'm not exactly sure, but I figured Elle must have some kind of information on what they're planning for us. It's just a matter of getting to it. Problem is the most likely places are her room or maybe the Limo."
  453. Kaimana: "What about Astrid? She's been here longer than any of us." She looked to the albino girl.
  454. Darkling: Astrid pads her way over to the hot tub and dips her feet in. Seo sinks back down so just her eyes are above the water again and stares at her.
  455. Leon: "Well, yeah, but I kinda feel like she's the go with the flow type, and doesn't really question much of what they're doing to her."
  456. Kaimana: "Couldn't hurt to ask." She strums out a few notes before tuning it again.
  457. Darkling: A pale white hand gingerly picks the shirt off of Stella's head as Astrid leans down to her. "What's heavy flirting?"
  458. Stella Lacroix: Stella's eyes are both closed. She makes no response.
  459. Darkling: Astrid waits patiently.
  460. Darkling: Bubbles float up from Seo's mouth as she watches and refuses to answer as well.
  461. Stella Lacroix: "Yooouuuu daaaare aaassssk oooff the ooorrraaacle ooofff the deeeaaad?" Stella asks in her best raspy voice.
  462. Darkling: "Yes." Astrid says, unblinking.
  463. Stella Lacroix: "Heavy flirting is flirting with more volume than light or moderate flirting. One of our friendly agents will drop by to collect your firstborn at a later date."
  464. Darkling: "Alright." She seems satisfied and gets up to walk over to Kai and Leon, taking the wet shirt with her.
  465. Darkling: Seo whimpers as her shirt is stolen away.
  466. Kaimana: Kai has moved on to humming as she tunes the instrument, finally looking satisfied. "Perfect."
  467. Leon: "I suppose... So Astrid, do you think you know what they plan on doing to us next, as far as testing or /training/ goes? Or even what they actually want from us?"
  468. Stella Lacroix: Stella watches Astrid go off. Then she looks to Seo, back at Astrid. "I'll regain your honor, m'lady!" And then she's off after Astrid.
  469. Darkling: Astrid plops down on a lounge chair. "No. They don't tell me the plans."
  470. Kaimana: "Well, have you had to do anything we haven't yet?"
  471. Darkling: She nods, her mouth drawing into a thin line.
  472. Stella Lacroix: Stella wanders over to the group... actually smiling. "Hello, everyone. Hello, Astrid. Can I have that shirt back?"
  473. Kaimana: "Does a shirtless Seo make you that happy?" She strums out a few more notes as she asks.
  474. Darkling: Astrid looks at the ball of wet cloth in her hands, and then holds it up to Stella.
  475. Stella Lacroix: She takes the shirt. "Thanks! And I got Astrid's firstborn." The latter said in response to Kaimana.
  476. Kaimana: "Even I don't understand girls." She sighs heavily. "Astrid, can you tell us anything? What aren't they telling us? Tell me and I'll sing you a song."
  477. Stella Lacroix: Stella looks at Astrid as well.
  478. Darkling: "I'm not allowed to say." She clams up.
  479. Kaimana: "Help us out here, just a little."
  480. Leon: "Yeah, that's what I kinda figured."
  481. Stella Lacroix: "Time to practice our telepathic powers instead of making her uncomfortable." Stella says before heading off to the hot tub.
  482. Darkling: A tear runs down Astrid's cheek.
  483. Leon: "Ah, I didn't mean that in a bad way Astrid... If you can't say, you can't say. I can understand that the punishment you might get for telling us could be bad, so it's fine."
  484. Kaimana: Kai sighs again, "C'mon, don't cry. Look, sit down." She points to the end of her lounger.
  485. Stella Lacroix: Stella approaches Seo, stuffing the girl's shirt down her own. "I've retrieved the treasure."
  486. Darkling: Seo's head pops back up above the water and she claps happily.
  487. Darkling: Astrid just blinks, already sitting on another chair, and another tear rolls down her cheek.
  488. Kaimana: Kaimana clears her throat and sits up. "Let’s see if I can remember how this one goes. Fair warning, they're all sappy."
  489. Stella Lacroix: "I think they're picking on Astrid again over there." She says in mild annoyance, looking back to the others. The shirt comes floating out slowly.
  490. Darkling: Stella, a moment too late you fail to notice Seo has been slowly creeping up towards you through the water, inch by inch, and she lunges up out and on top of you, driving you both under.
  491. Darkling: Astrid pulls her knees up to her chest on the chair listening to Kaimana.
  492. Stella Lacroix: Down she goes with a splash, getting a mouthful of water. One of her hands briefly surfaces to wave before it goes back under.
  493. Kaimana: Once the song is over an awkward silence follows, quickly broken with "And that’s it."
  494. Darkling: Astrid isn't crying anymore at least.
  495. Leon: Leon gives a short clap. "Huh, so you can play and sing then? That's pretty hard, isn't it?"
  496. Darkling: There's an underwater struggle and Seo breaks free, the trophy shirt she won in her hands.
  497. Kaimana: "I guess, yeah. It’s something I picked up at the beach. If a surfer can sit around a bonfire at night and play the girls usually swoon." She grins at the idea.
  498. Darkling: "We don't have a bonfire." Astrid remarks.
  499. Stella Lacroix: Stella surfaces soon after. "For a while I held on to the prize. I have no regrets!"
  500. Kaimana: "Must be why you didn't swoon."
  501. Darkling: Astrid points to the empty fire pit. "We could have a fire."
  502. Kaimana: "Those two'll need a place to dry off." Kai hops up and wanders over to try and figure out the fire pit. Mostly how to light it.
  503. Darkling: Astrid gets up and walks over to a small shed and opens it up revealing nicely stacked firewood, some cast iron pokers, and everything else they might need. "It's never been used before."
  504. Darkling: Seo also snatches her shirt from the water and holds both of them up taunting Stella.
  505. Kaimana: "Really? That’s too bad. Time to break it in~ Leon, gimme a hand!"
  506. Leon: "Sure, let's start a fire or two then." He says as he gets up and heads for the shed.
  507. Stella Lacroix: Stella makes a sad face at Seo, creeping closer. Except in her case it probably looks pretty close to her default expression.
  508. Kaimana: "Whoa there pyro, just one fire tonight."
  509. Kaimana: Shouldn't be hard between the three of them to get a fire going, right?
  510. Darkling: It shouldn't be, and proves not to be. Before long you have a nice roaring fire going.
  511. Darkling: "Nuh uh, it won't be that easy to win it back." Seo says and moves away from Stella.
  512. Kaimana: "Oh yeah, that’s lookin' good."
  513. Darkling: Astrid watches for a moment then heads inside the house.
  514. Leon: "I guess she's done for the night then... speaking of though, what time is it?"
  515. Kaimana: Kaimana watches her go. "Huh...so maybe she doesn't like fire either?"
  516. Kaimana: "Time? C'mon bruh. Time is a concept, a suggestion like pants and stop signs."
  517. Stella Lacroix: "Do I have to teach you the dark secrets of the French to get it back?"
  518. Darkling: "That's a good start." Seo winks.
  519. Leon: He shrugs. "Alright then, what do you propose we do now? I assume those two will be off in their own world for the rest of the night."
  520. Kaimana: "Heavy flirting man. So jealous." She groans and sits on the ground. "Well I mean swimming is probably out. They say a jellyfish's venom can still activate on contact with water. It’s supposed to end after a day or something, maybe?"
  521. Leon: "I have absolutely no idea. Whatever medicine they gave me for it essentially made everything afterwards a blur, so I can't recall anything they told me about it. I'll take your word on it though."
  522. Kaimana: "Then it’s sitting here with me, or going to bed. I'm kinda boring without sports." She shrugs helplessly.
  523. Darkling: Astrid returns with a bag of marshmallows and sits back down.
  524. Leon: "Well I just woke up, so bed would be hard... The former then. Ah, and looks like she returned."
  525. Kaimana: "I knew she wasn't lame. We got sticks for those?" She's back to tuning the guitar as she talks.
  526. Stella Lacroix: Stella closes in on Seo, eyes narrowed. She murmurs something in French. Whatever it is it sounds intense.
  527. Darkling: "Oh la la." Stella mutter back and the shirts go flying out of the water before she's back on top of the other girl and pulling her back under the water.
  528. Darkling: Astrid opens up the bag and pops a whole marshmallow in her mouth before holding the bag out to Leon.
  529. Stella Lacroix: If there were subtitles Stella's would have said "Where do we sign the surrender agreement?” Either way she's back underwater soon, tackled yet again and doing who knows what.
  530. Leon: Leon accepts the bag and takes a marshmallow before offering it to Kai.
  531. Kaimana: "Gimme a sec." Kai hops up and goes to check the shed. Nothing to roast marshmallows on?
  532. Darkling: There does happen to be some roasting sticks.
  533. Kaimana: "Lucky~!" She grabs all of them and heads back over to the fire. "We're gonna do this right." She plops down and hands out sticks before loading hers with three marshmallows and sticking them near the flames.
  534. Darkling: Astrid looks perplexed by what is happening but just chews on the mush in her mouth.
  535. Leon: "Is a roasted marshmallow really that much better than a plain one?"
  536. Kaimana: "That question means you've never had one. Get to it."
  537. Leon: Leon proceeds to grab a stick and roast some marshmallows.
  538. Kaimana: Once Kai has a set that’s nice and burnt she blows on them, admiring the crispy outer shell. "Perfect. Even Maui would approve." She pulls the first one off and turns to Astrid. "Okay, say aaaaah~"
  539. Darkling: Her mouth opens obediently.
  540. Kaimana: She grins and pops the marshmallow in. "Enjoy."
  541. Darkling: Her mouth closes down and then opens in confusion before closing again.
  542. Kaimana: "Chew it, c'mon." She grins a bit more before popping two into her own mouth. "Gonna fatten you up."
  543. Darkling: She chews and looks bewildered about the experience. She looks to Leon questioningly.
  544. Kaimana: She loads more marshmallows onto her stick and starts roasting them.
  545. Leon: Leon shrugs and tries one of his roasted marshmallows.
  546. Darkling: That seems to at least convince her this is the way they should be and she starts to chew.
  547. Kaimana: Kai's grinning face slowly turns more serious as she watches the foodstuffs cook. "You mentioned Elle's room. She sleeps in there, so what’s your plan?"
  548. Darkling: Some splashing in the hot tub gets Astrid’s attention and she turns to see.
  549. Leon: "Well, she's not always in there. It's just a matter of sneaking in while she isn't there and we also aren't being closely supervised."
  550. Kaimana: "Are you sure there aren't cameras everywhere?"
  551. Leon: "I'm going with we are always under constant watch and listen. We seem to be important to them for something."
  552. Kaimana: "Why though? That’s the million dollar question."
  553. Leon: "Exactly. And the only place that /might/ have that answer is her room and her laptop."
  554. Darkling: Astrid turns back to the fire and moves off her chair to sit beside Kaimana.
  555. Kaimana: "They'll be pissed if we're caught."
  556. Kaimana: Another marshmallow is offered to Astrid.
  557. Leon: "Yeah, though I wager we're important enough to get away with it once. We just have to make that one time count."
  558. Kaimana: "Well...when you have it figures out I'll help."
  559. Darkling: Astrid pops it into her mouth.
  560. Leon: "Alright... though it's likely to just be the first good chance we get, rather than some fancy plan."
  561. Kaimana: "Fair enough."
  562. Darkling: "I know the code to her door." Astrid says between marshmallows.
  563. Leon: "That... would be useful to know, actually. We could potentially not get caught with that."
  564. Kaimana: "Want to share this inside information with us?"
  565. Darkling: "It's my birthday."
  566. Leon: "So when is your birthday, Astrid?"
  567. Darkling: "January twenty-third."
  568. Kaimana: "What year? Gotta be close to ours."
  569. Darkling: "Fifteen years ago."
  570. Darkling: She counts off fifteen on her fingers and then pops another raw marshmallow in her mouth.
  571. Leon: "Huh that sets us about a few weeks apart in age then."
  572. Kaimana: "Wait a minute."
  573. Kaimana: "The exact day of the disaster?"
  574. Darkling: chew chew nod
  575. Darkling: If there was some significance to you pointing that out it is lost on Astrid.
  576. Kaimana: "Talk about weird timing."
  577. Stella Lacroix: Stella sticks her head up out of the water. "There is a god!"
  578. Leon: "Is it? I was born about then as well. People are born every day after all."
  579. Kaimana: "I dunno, just seemed like a weird coincidence is all." She strums at her guitar, playing out a few bars of a song from the top of her head.
  580. Darkling: Astrid just watches, not quite understanding what Kai meant.
  581. Stella Lacroix: Stella comes out of the hot tub, slightly flushed and looking both tired and... chipper. She doesn't appear to have any idea what Kai meant, either.
  582. Darkling: Seo peeks out of the hot tub, pointing at her shirt on the ground.
  583. Stella Lacroix: She flings said shirt back to Seo along the way!
  584. Darkling: She pulls the wet shirt back on and climbs out of the hot tub to join the others around the fire.
  585. Darkling: Astrid holds the bag of marshmallows out to the two girls.
  586. Kaimana: Kai switches to another song, fingers easily gliding along the strings as she hums rather than sing the lyrics. Her right foot even kicked along with the tempo.
  587. Stella Lacroix: She takes the bag and then nabs a marshmallow from it. Said bag is then held out for Seo. "Want a witchmellow?"
  588. Kaimana: When she did start singing the lyrics it was soft and quiet to keep from disturbing the atmosphere too much.
  589. Darkling: Seo pops a couple marshmallows in her cheeks, chipmunking them.
  590. Leon: Leon just sits and enjoys the music, roasting a marshmallow on a stick as told to try. At this point there really wasn't anything else to do but enjoy the night and socialize, he supposed.
  591. Stella Lacroix: "Guilty." Stella says to a marshmallow as she impales it on a stick and then moves it into the fire.
  592. Kaimana: As he finished off her song she looked over to Astrid. "Ever play an instrument?"
  593. Darkling: She shakes her head no, marshmallow smeared across her lips and chin.
  594. Kaimana: "Pluck this string." She taps one with her finger.
  595. Darkling: Astrid leans over and does as instructed.
  596. Kaimana: "Now this one."
  597. Kaimana: "And then like this." She worked three strings with her finger, slowly demonstrating for Astrid.
  598. Darkling: If nothing else the girl could copy exactly what you showed her.
  599. Darkling: Suddenly all the outside porch lights flare on blinding everyone and a very disgruntled Elle is standing in a bathrobe at the patio doors.
  600. Darkling: "Do you kids even know what time it is?!" She exclaims. "Put out that fire and get to bed, all of you!"
  601. Stella Lacroix: Stella' squints and her marshmallow remains in the fire, going up in flames. Ah well. She was getting tired anyway.
  602. Kaimana: "It’s not even dawn yet."
  603. Leon: "Well, you don't have to go to sleep once you're in bed, anyways."
  604. Darkling: Elle rubs her eyes. "Come on, let's go."
  605. Darkling: Astrid gets up and wanders into the house like a good sheep.
  606. Kaimana: A big, dramatic sigh as Kai gets up, moving over to extinguish the fire.
  607. Stella Lacroix: Stella takes one last marshmallow, popping it into her mouth before she heads inside.
  608. Kaimana: Once the fire is our Kai heads inside too, eyes and head rolling as she heads up the stairs to her room.
  609. Leon: With the campfire done with, Leon heads inside to his room.
  610. Darkling: Seo also follows inside, leaving a trail of drips.
  611. Darkling: ==========END==========
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