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Dadonequus Discord Part 266

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  1. "Welp...that was...that was a thing"
  2. >You chuckle at the awkwardness and hilarity of it. You then look around, you were a trot away from the house. Applebloom was still waiting outside. Seems Twilight hadn't dissuaded Applejack yet.
  3. >"It was." Starlight's smile began to fade, as she began to worry about what she's learned once again "Kinda wish the moment lasted a little longer."
  4. "What's wrong? Are you worried about Chrysalis? She'll be ok"
  5. >Starlight shook her head "No, it's not her...definitely not her. It's this whole thing. You, and the apologies..everything. I thought I had a handle on it. But, it was just me finding the last few moments funny." Starlight looks down at you with pure seriousness in her eyes, she wanted to unlock some secrets she felt were away from her grasp. "How do you not fall apart knowing that your lying to everypony everyday? I know you said you act like the real you. But everything else....That's total annihilation if it ever spread of who you really are. And, who are you really? You say you're human, but it seems like you always had a handle on our world."
  6. >...DON'T MENTION THE SHOW! No, you can explain this away easily. You take a breath, calm down, and look into her eyes to show you weren't lying. To show respect instead of looking away.
  7. "Our worlds have a lot of similarities. Language, games, grass, blue sky, sun, moon....Roller derby...Bowling...I still don't understand how Ponies can bowl as good as humans but hey. I've learned a lot of crazy stuff while living here. As for the life I'm living? Yeah, I went through a lot of internal struggling with that one. But, the princesses know more than just my past life. They helped me handle this one too. It's just a matter of eventually forgetting my old life ever existed. even if it is the reason Discord feels I'm his perfect candidate for chaos, among other things."
  8. >you then start to smile
  10. "As for the apologies, well. Forget what you did in the past, like I did. And just move forward. If you show Applejack that you really want to change. Then she'll forgive you, especially if you have friends like me and Twilight at your side."
  11. >Starlight looked down in shame, remembering what she had done "It's hard. I nearly ruined the lives of everypony over a silly ambition, just because I got upset at a former friend. How do you forgive something like that?"
  12. >You give a quick smug chuckle
  13. "three words. They forgave Discord"
  14. >"...yeah, heh." Starlight was still nervous "I guess if you can forgive somepony who nearly made the world his plaything twice. Then I guess...mmm" Starlight lost her foothold again as she looked down "..I don't know what I'm guessing at. Nopony seems to like Discord too much, and everypony HATES the changeling queen, I guess thinking about being part of that "crew" is making me feel like I'm just no good. I think the only reason the townsponies like me is because they don't know any better"
  15. "Ignore Discord's whole "crew" thing. I'm part of it too and I'd like to think I'm pretty well liked. You're not a villain Starlight. You just made a mistake"
  16. >"I'm trying to just think of it as one."
  17. >Hmmmm.....
  18. "Remember how I said humans were like dragons?"
  19. >"Yeah. Why?" Starlight was curious as to why you brought that up
  20. "To be specific, many humans are vile creatures who will take everything away from everypony else until they are homeless and then they die. Entire countries sometimes suffer through a huge genocide. Millions dead Starlight, millions. Only to die for their superiors to line their pockets with money. There's some good humans in the world and all. But not many, death and hatred and murder is commonplace. Equestria? It's a paradise where ponies can forgive eachother even if they tried taking over the world. Case in point..egh..Scrappy"
  21. >"Scrappy? Oh, you mean the changeling that's a dog. Why bring him up?"
  23. "Because, despite being a changeling. Three little fillies, who even witnessed the attack on Canterlot. Forgave him, and are his friend. If they can forgive a spawn bred to conquer. Then Twilight and her friends will forgive you for sure. Trust me."
  24. >"Trust you..." Starlight was beginning to. And what you said about humans... "Are humans really like that? That sounds worse than any monster or evil entity in Equestria. I don't even think windigos are as evil as that. And considering they can end the world. That's pretty evil. So, what we're you then? We're you that kind of human?"
  25. >....oh no. She wanted to know the kind of human you were. Considering you were a pathetic wageslave who fucked up his life. It was too embarrassing to say.
  26. "..oh..erm. You..."
  27. >But you also tried to lie, and yet. you couldn't. After what happened with her when she reacted to you about going to Applejack's. The guilt hit you hard enough to just keep you silent or fumbling with words.
  28. >"Anon, please...I need to know this. I want to know who you were. I feel, if I do. Then I can understand a little better why and how you manage to handle the situations you find yourself in. I don't want to lie. But I want to know where all that courage comes from."
  29. "Starlight...seriously. If I told you, you'd probably just laugh"
  30. >...You really didn't want her to know.
  31. >"Anon, I see you as an equal. You know my past. Now, I want to know yours. I want to get closer to you. I want to know that if I do screw up. That the pony I trust is a pony I know inside and out. So I know our friendship isn't an illusion. Please.."
  32. >But you stay silent, you sit down. It's been awhile, but you could feel your past creeping up on you. Something that if anyone else knew, they would second guess your intentions.
  34. >Starlight sits in front of you.and holds you close to her chest. Hugging you gently. "Anon, you're the only one I've ever been able to trust after Sunburst. Please don't do this. You can trust me, please put your trust in me."
  35. >What Starlight wanted was the ability to trust in one another. She felt it'd give her the strength to move on. If she knew that someone out there really did see her as an equal. Someone who understood her at nearly every level. And you were the only one to come close.
  36. >Her touch was as warming as Fluttershy's. Perhaps, at this moment. Moreso. Unlike Chrysalis or Discord. Starlight knew who you are and treated it in the most friendly manner thus far. She didn't question your methods like the princesses, she didn't expect you to be evil like Chrysalis, and Discord...he's just a wildcard. You started to cry, you felt...it was safe to cry.
  37. "S-starlight, I..I was just pathetic ok? Please, please stop asking."
  38. >Starlight was surprised. She didn't expect you to burst into tears. But she felt she had to know. And now, with your tears. She felt, like you with her. That she wanted to let you know it was ok to let her know. She wanted to help. She also realized, that aside from Discord. Nobody else knows this information. You've kept it to yourself all this time. "And so was I. Anon, you can tell me what made you pathetic. Because you know what? You're not pathetic anymore, if you were, you wouldn't be able to do the amazing things you've been able to do today. Trying to tame the changeling queen? Not even the princesses can handle something like that. And saving an entire world?" Starlight tries to give a confident and cheerful chuckle "That makes you a hero colt to me. The way you helped me, that makes you THE hero colt. My hero colt. And nothing you can tell me will change that. So come on, how bad can it be?"
  40. >"How bad can it be" she says. lord, if she knew...
  41. >But this feeling...would it be so bad...if she knew?
  42. >You pull back a little to look up at her with tear soaked eyes "If I tell you, will you do something for m-me?"
  43. >"Sure, it can be anything" Starlight gives you a warm smile "You can trust me on that"
  44. "If I tell you..then..you can't think any less of me...and also..."
  45. >That hug, was very warming.
  46. "If I ever come to sleep over at your place. You gotta cuddle with me"
  47. >Wait..WAIT!
  48. >"Uhm..ok? Sure" Starlight found that a little odd as you just realized what you said
  49. "Ahrm.."
  50. >You blush in embarrassment
  51. "Forget that last one...It's just this thing I have an-"
  52. >"Relax Anon, isn't that what you told me? I don't see what's wrong if we cuddle in bed."
  53. >....
  54. "I was an adult before...remember?"
  55. >Starlight cringed..she forgot that. Especially when you started crying "Oh...right..well..." She shrugged, smiling a sheepish smile "Erm..so? It's not like we're romantically involved. It's a friend...oh" She then realized something else "isn't your marefriend a filly?...h-how does that work/"
  56. >You sigh...you didn't really want to get into that either
  57. "I just...roll with it. My body chemistry and stuff has changed, as had my mind I think. I guess I just roll with it until we both grow up...T-that isn't too weird..r-r-right?"
  58. >"Erm..sorta" Starlight told truthfully "But uhh...I guess. Erm, as long as you don't do anything wrong. woo, ok. That's weird, but you've gotten this far. And you do seem to mentally fit the roll you've taken.I can look past it. You're my friend, we all have weird quarks, I-I guess it's not as bad as trying to force everypony to stand under my old ideology. Right?"
  59. "Right..."
  61. >That was super awkward. Super damn awkward. But, it looked like she really could look past that as long as you didn't actually try anything..or she never found out if you ever do. Dammit Chrysalis...you now had to REALLY pay attention to thing.
  62. >But also...if Starlight could look past that..
  63. >You looked to the sky, and began to speak.
  64. "As a human, I was a shut in who only cared about watching cartoons and playing video games. My mother didn't support it, but she also never did anything. My Dad divorced, he didn't stick around, and didn't want a son who didn't strive for anything. I sort of got it in my head that there was no point since so many things seemed so...stupid. Compared to what I see in games,stories, and shows. I always got beat up in school and I never made any friends. I always got into nerdy arguments and I got good enough to win most gaming tournaments in my area...but...egh...it never made me feel better. Then when my mom kicked me out, I had to get a job. A soul sucking, low wage job where everyone just hated eachother but acted like a good person for the customer. I ate pizza almost every other night, pizza and ramen. Sometimes I'd get invited to a party, but I always said no. I didn't see a point..or really, I was afraid of being around other people who'd judge me..or just...people I hated. I guess I was also a little anarchist in a sense. Wanted the system to burn, my enemies to suffer, my job to blow up with everypony in it...stuff like that. I spent my nights on a image message board to get a sense of companionship. Before you ask, we had a thing called the internet that let us send messages and view things over long distances. I did that, anonymously. But nobody really cared. Nobody does.And neither did I. I hated people, they never saw the logic to anything and....no"
  65. >You sigh
  67. "That's not it. I just always got salty whenever anypony didn't see my way. I just thought everypony else was wrong. I was selfish, angry, and secluded myself like an idiot. I enjoyed arguing because it stimulated my mind, but it also made me bitter and angry and made me think everypony else was just dumb. I was just...a waste of space really. I never accomplished anything and never had any kids. No girl was interested. That's why I took Discord's offer. Anyplace was better than there, and given where I was going. I felt it would give me a second chance to have what I always dreamed of. Of course, it didn't turn out that way...Pretty pathetic, huh? I'm just a huge failure who couldn't get this life to work the way I want it to, despite having the advantages I have this time"
  69. >"Anon..." Starlight sighs and boops your nose "The only thing I can agree with is you being dumb. You didn't fail, I'm proof that you didn't fail. The fact that you can acknowledge these things means you didn't fail. The fact you care,love, and want to protect your friends means you didn't want to fail and...woah" Starlight put her hoof to her cheek as she comes to a realization "I think I get how Twilight feels whenever she solved one of those friendship problems she always seems to get into. But Anon, really. I don't think you're pathetic. Definitely weird, very much weird with some things I'm going to have to get over. But hey, if you're pathetic. Then I'm pathetic too. I can't even talk to a couple of ponies despite having the Princess of Friendship's help. So if you want to be pathetic, then we can go back to the train station. And ride the train back to town to have a big old pathetic pony party. But Anon..." She started to feel determined, she wanted to protect your smile and oddly fun personality. "I'd rather I get through this, and I can't get through this without you. If my words didn't change your mind. Then prove to yourself you're not pathetic by being the hero colt we've all heard about. And help this dopy pony do some apologies that should be easy. I can count on you, right?"
  70. >Count on you?...she couldn't do it without you? Fuck...she was willing to take you home just to lament on how you both suck?
  71. >...fuck Starlight...
  72. >Fuck...
  73. >you started to tear up worse...but, you were crying in comfort. She knew who you are, and was willing to stick by you. Whether you gave up or not.
  75. "Seriously? You'd stick by me, even if I give up?"
  76. >Starlight nodded, keeping a smile "I'd have to. I'm gonna admit this Anon, just like you admitted about your life. I can't do this without you. Twilight isn't enough. I need you by my side if I want to get through this. And I'll put my trust in you. All I ask is you tell me if you have some ulterior motive if we end up going off track again. Can you do that for me?"
  77. >...your heart...dammit Starlight...dammit
  78. "...I can. And.."
  79. >You stand up, and wipe your eyes.
  80. "I think I can do this. I mean, what do I have to lose right? If I screw up we can just cry together, huh?"
  81. >"Yeah...but hey, I have a feeling that won't be happening any time soon" Starlight looked over to Applejack's house, and looked at Applebloom, who seemed nervous about something "Besides, if you're hiding out with me. Then you're friends would start to miss you. Especially your "Aunt". You don't want that to happen right?"
  82. >....oohhh..no. You didn't want to worry Fluttershy. She loved you so damn much. If anything, at this point, she made your new life worth living despite being a lie. If only, as Luna and Celestia had made clear, your old life didn't exist anymore anyway. It...didn't make you who you are now.
  83. >....Yeah, you WERE Anon the colt. Anon, the son of chaos. Anon...Starlight's friend.
  84. "..Yeah, and hey. I kind of want to see her after Applejack. Sorta of a picker upper for the mood"
  85. >"For those cuddles, right?" Starlight tries teasing you a little. to lighten the mood.
  86. >You wince at that
  87. "...Y-yeah...she cuddles pretty good you know."
  88. >She still found it weird. But she went with it. And lifted you with her magic and rubbed her cheek along yours "You mean like this? Because, I do admit, you are cute"
  89. >Oook, as much as this was warming to your heart. It was getting weird.
  90. "Alright, alright! I get it...you can put me down. Let's get you through this. Do you know how weird that was? A adult doing that to me like that?
  92. >Starlight snickered "Like what? Seemed like normal affection to me. I think you're just being uptight"
  93. >..Were you?...god you were, considering Chrysalis exists... and the shit she did tops what just happened now.
  94. "..you're just teasing me."
  95. >"Mhmmm, but you feel better now. Don't you?" Starlight asks, she felt you were of happier moods just because, as it seemed, you like cuddling. And teasing you never actually seems to bring you down if it's lighthearted.
  96. "Pfft, whatever. Still surprised you're fine with my life."
  97. >"Only because you are fine with mine. Remember? Equals? I've said it like fifty times already." Starlight ruffled your mane as she giggled.
  98. >You whip your hoof at hers and growl, and yet. You weren't truly angry.
  99. "Fiiiine...fine. You made your point. Thanks Starlight, I feel better now..."
  100. >"So do I. I think if this never happened. I would have never really been able to handle things anyway. Thanks for telling me the truth. Really..thanks" Starlight gave you another hug, a friendly hug.
  101. "You're welcome..and thanks too. Now, you wanna go try this apology thing?"
  102. >"Yep, I feel a little nervous. But I know with you at my side. I can do this." She stood tall, ready to well...apologize.
  103. "Alright then..let's do this."
  105. >"Wait.." Starlight pulls you back for one more thing. Something that she wanted to know in more detail.
  106. "what?"
  107. >"You mentioned that other version of you. I admit, I didn't think that was real either until Discord proved what you said was true. So, I was wondering." Starlight didn't know on what level of strange this actually was considering the rest of your story. You didn't know who this Anon was, and you didn't actually go into detail about what happened with that batfilly. Especially not the kiss. You just mentioned you fought an aggravated violent batpony that may have or may have not been this other anon's marefriend. "You said he left behind some device? A taser? I'm pretty interested on what it looks like and how it works. Do you think you could get it from your friends for me?"
  108. "Huh?ohh..erm.. I thought you we're gonna ask for more information about him. Like I said, I never met him and I am only going by what the captain said"
  109. >"I know, which still doesn't make sense to me. Are you sure you're not leaving anything out? I don't get how he could befriend a changeling and then zap him at the same time." Starlight wasn't able to put that together, and neither could you. Despite the CMC seemingly being fucking ok with it.
  110. "I'm telling you, it's weird to me too. But the taser? I guess I can grab it after we're done. You think you can figure out mighty human tech?"
  111. >You smirk at her, you found it cute she wanted to look into the taser itself.
  112. >But then she smirks back. As if she knew something you didn't. "Do you know how it works? Tell me og wise one, give me all the details of it to help me out"
  113. >....
  114. "Ehhhrmm..I actually..have no idea how to make a taser"
  115. >"Thought so" She giggles "But if I can figure out how it works. I can maybe make a few for the earth ponies of our town. The outskirts are kind of dangerous and if I could make a taser suited for ponies. It might be able to help us out in the long run"
  117. >but..your horn..
  118. "Or I could just make as many as you need with my horn. To your specifications"
  119. >"But then I wouldn't learn anything. I'd like to think of it as learning a new magic spell. You said human technology was the equivalent of pony magic right?"
  120. >You did, that's true
  121. "Yeah, I did. Alright. I don't see a problem with giving it to you. Heh, just make me one alright?"
  122. >Starlight shakes her head, smirking as she does "Nope, you said you could make one for yourself, right?"
  123. >..oh come on. She was overdoing it again. in your opinion.
  124. "C'mon Starlight, don't do that. What if I need that charge for something else? Besides, it'd be nice to have a taser made by you. It could be my keepsake from my good friend Starlight."
  125. >You give her a nudge on her leg to further persuade her into making you one. While making an adorable eager face
  126. >Starlight gives a lighthearted sigh as she pats your head "Fine, I'll make you one you little enigma. hrmm" Starlight laughs as she looks up to the sky "You know, I feel pretty great right now. I feel confident. and it's all thanks to you and....uh oh" She noticed Applejack and Twilght finally stepping out and looking around. they then began to talk to Applebloom. who was telling them you both went to talk in private..or it seemed that way. She then walked into the house while Twilight and Applejack began to survey the area
  127. "...crap, uhh. I didn't think they'd just come out like that. Starlight, you sure you're ready?"
  128. >Starlight gulps, and slowly starts stepping forward. "I hope so...You think we'll be ok?"
  129. "Yeah, we'll just pretend nothing happened and see what Twilight told Applejack. Hate to act like we're lying, but for the sake of my past, we just gotta act like I was helping out out."
  130. >"Well, that's mostly true. I do feel like you helped me so.." Starlight takes a breath and puts on a near awkward but gentle looking smile "Let's just get it over with"
  131. "Don't worry Starlight, we got this."
  133. >Before Twilight and Applejack spot the both of you, you call out to the both of them to get their attention. That way it lessens any suspicion they might have.
  134. "Hey girls! Over here!"
  135. >However, it did have the adverse effect of making Starlight more nervous as Twilight and Applejack turned to face the both of you.
  136. >Twilight, being friendly as ever, waves back "Hey you two! Did you both manage to clear up that anxiety problem?"
  137. >Is that what Applebloom told them? And hell, why did it sound so autistic hearing it coming from Twilight?
  138. "Yeah! we're good. We're ready.."
  139. >Both you and Starlight finally step in front of the pair as you look towards the ever nervous starlight.
  140. "Right Starlight?"
  141. >"Yep! Super ready! I'm as ready as I ever been in my whole life!" Starlight said as she swung her hoof around to emphasize how "ready"s he was. Smiling with a big wide grin.
  142. >"Good! Because we're ready, and by that I mean Applejack, for that apology! Which, by the way, I think is great and helps not only bridge that terrible incident BUT ALSO helps bridge the last gap between all of us. Considering you're running the town again, we'd love to be able to set up some sort of line to make ponies from here and ponies from there be friends. Isn't that a great idea?" Twilight smiled about the whole thing. Of course, she felt it was a good oppurtunity for everyone to be friends at once.
  143. >"Now hold yer horses there Twi. Ah didn't say I'd just outright accept an apology. Ah want to ask a few questions first. Ah just wanna make sure her apology is as solid as a barn"
  144. >Starlight gulps at that, that was even more worrying "Questions? Uhmm..yeah..Questions!..no problem. You can ask me anything"
  145. >Applejack nods, then points to you "Ok, first question. What's yer whole thing with Anon again? Seems fishier than a poker game on a fishing boat"
  147. >"We're just friends. That's it..umm.." Starlight did her best not to break into a sweat. How does she even explain that one exactly "He showed me the error of my ways and. Well, how could I not be friends with him? He's smart, he's adorable and uhhmm..." She sighed "He showed me that my entire reasoning was flawed without making me feel like I should just completely isolate myself from other ponies...which I kinda did anyway..BUT, only slightly. And, we have a lot of things in common. If I had to have a best friend, it'd be Anon...is that good enough?"
  148. >Applejack doesn't necessarily answer. But she was looking into Starlight's eyes the whole time as she nods and then looks to you "And Anon, now, ah can't say ah actually know ya too much. Just mostly what ah heard and what Applebloom has said." Applejack was deeply suspicious, she had to try to help her sister out the entire time she was infatuated with you. And now suddenly Applebloom, as far as she knew, is over you yet still your friend. "But, ya feel the same way right? Yer her friend? Through and through?"
  149. >You smile and give her a countryism to represent how close the two of you are
  150. "Closer than the dirt beneath our hooves and the fresh air in our noses!"
  151. >"Hrm, so yer both that close?" Applejack couldn't really detect any foul play. But she noticed Starlight did seem nervous about the whole thing. She then considered what Twilight had told her, that everything, in her eyes. Was indeed ok and Starlight was worth giving another shot. "And Twi, yer really ok with this right?"
  152. >Twilight nods "Yes, I think she deserves another chance. Everypony deserves another chance if they really want to change. Don't you think?"
  154. >"Well. Ah can't say no. Been many a unsavory types who changed for the better when given a chance and a good talkin' to. It'd be awfully two faced if ah suddenly just said nope." Applejack's face went from suspicion to accepting "So Starlight, ah accept yer apology."
  155. >"Y-you do? Just like that? I didn't even apologize yet..shouldn't I do that first?" Starlight didn't feel it was right til she actually apologized.
  156. >"Don't need to hear it Starlight. Because ah forgive you for anything ya might have to say. Just got to take a leap of faith sometimes, that's what mah granny says. But, it is gonna take a little while til we can call ourselves friends. If ya want to be friends that is. course..." Applejack gives her a serious stare "Ya do know what happens if ya do something like taken others cutie marks again, right?"
  157. >"You'll never forgive me or be my friend again?" Starlight nervously answered
  158. >"Bullseye. But don't ya worry none, no sense in being all angry at you if you really have changed as much as Twi said yah have. And, Anon has a pretty good heart ah think. Has issues with the fillies no doubt, but ah'm sure he'll get used to it with age"
  159. >oh come on.
  160. >You get both nervous and embarrassed from that
  161. "You're not mad about applebloom, right? I mean, we are over...I hope I didn't worry you...sorry if I did."
  162. >"Ah shoot Anon, ya don't need to apologize. It's all kid stuff. Ahm just glad it's all over. Only thing ah was worried about is the trouble you get yerself in. Wooo nelly, ah don't need my little sister getting mixed up in all that dangerous adventurin'"
  163. >Wow...that was easy...but then Applejack began to wobble and turn green.
  164. "Applejack? Whats wrong?"
  166. >"Ohhh, ah think ah had...a little too much rope. Ah realleh don't know how Applebloom managed to break in a puppy so well, but ahm both proud and...ogh" Applejack held her hoof to her mouth to keep from puking "sick of her for it, literally of course. Ahh, maybe ah should have cleaned that rope better before eating it."
  167. >"Are you ok Applejack? Do you need any help?" Twilight asked as Applejack began to pat her stomach
  168. >"No, I-I'm good. Ah...may have to ask Big Mac to take care of a few extra chores while I use one of Granny's old remedies for this. I-it's nothin' too big. Just a stomache ache. But ah do feel the need to lie down"
  169. >Applejack then looked to Starlight with a weary smile "And don't ya worry none Starlight. Like ah said, ah accept yer apology. Just don't go doin' anything ya might regret, ya hear?"
  170. >"I hear...Thank you Applejack. I was really worried you wouldn't accept my apology" Starlight began to feel less tense. She got through Applejack, how bad could the rest be?
  171. >"Oh, that ain't nothin' to worry about. Now Rainbow Dash, that might be some trouble. She's still a tad shaken up about the whole thing, especially since she got it in her head that ya could have ruined her chances of gettin' into the Wonderbolts. Now don't worry though, all ya got to do is be nice and friendly and not get all scared like if Rainbow Dash gets on to ya. She's a good pony at heart, just got a head as hard as a rock sometimes."
  172. >That didn't make her feel any better about meeting Rainbow Dash, but at least it confirmed in her mind that the others will be easy to get through. "Thanks Applejack, I'll keep that in mind"
  173. >"Ah hope so, And Anon. Don't go lettin' her down. She seems to be puttin' a lot of trust in ya."
  174. >You give a cute salute "Don't worry miss Applejack, I got this"
  176. >Applejack giggled a little before nearly choking. But her pride wouldn't let her show too much weakness. "Good, ahm..now that ya got this all settled. Ahm gonna go back inside. But Starlight, if ya feel like talkin' again. Come see me later, ya don't have too if yer still worried. But I ain't gonna turn ya away either, mah door will always be open to ya if you want to have a talk..ahrm.." Applejack takes a step back " but Ya'll take care now, ya hear?"
  177. >It was pretty funny to see Applejack wobble on inside. You all said goodbye to her. But you all couldn't help but have an innocent giggle at her perdicament. Though, you did want to talk to Applebloom about "Scrappy"...but, then you'd be taking up starlight's time. No, you'd stick through this. And worry about this later.
  178. "..So, My aunt next?"
  179. >Twilight nods "Mhmm! That sounds like a great idea. But, how are you feeling Starlight. Are you alright?"
  180. >Starlight reluctantly nodded "Yeah, just surprised at how well that went. But, is Rainbow Dash really going to be that tough?"
  181. >"I'm afraid so, Rainbow Dash always finds it hard to forgive somepony at first. But I'm sure if you just continue to act kind and good natured, that everything will go fine. Just don't get nervous when she gets all uppity...she's always like that" Twilight explains as you all begin the trek to the cottage.
  182. "Twilight is right, Rainbow Dash is probably not going to be all nice about this. But don't let that get you down. She'll come around eventually. She forgave Gilda, right?"
  183. >Twilight found that just a bit odd that you knew that, but considering everything she knows about you. She chalked it up to probably someone informing you "That's correct Anon, I wasn't there. But the story Pinkie and Rainbow Dash told me. Well, it tells me that Starlight definitely has a chance. Especially when she has us to explain to Rainbow that the situation is just fine."
  184. >"...Thanks you two...And Fluttershy, she isn't going to be bothered by me at all?"
  186. "What, my aunt?"
  187. >You throw your hoof out to visibly show how non issue it was.
  188. "Eh,she'll be fine, especially when she sees me and Twilight with you. We'll probably all sit down and have some tea or something"
  189. >"Oh..ok then. I am a bit thirsty anyway. Wouldn't actually mind having some tea"
  190. >"Neither would I, on a unrelated note. Anon, when are you going to ask your father about that arcade machine?"
  191. >....fuck
  192. "Um, I'll...mnn..I actually forgot this time. But don't worry Twilight. I'll definitely remember this time!"
  193. >You really need to stop forgetting...
  194. >"Ok, but if you don't Anon. Then I'm sorry, but I'll just have to put it somewhere where Spike can't get to it. And that would mean outside the castle. Ever since Big Mac came by, it just got worse."
  195. "...I know..I'm sorry."
  196. >Your ears perk down.
  197. "I promise to remember this time."
  198. >Though, the mention of Big Mac again. Gets you curious about something..
  199. >"I trust you Anon, considering everything that's probably been going on with you. I could see how you forget. I bet your aunt is proud of you though, anypony would think you would have become addicted to it like Spike. But it almost seems like you don't really care for it at all. It's amazing really, considering what you must have done to win it"
  200. >....yeaaah. You did want to beat Big Mac's score. You just didn't have the time..speaking of.
  201. "Yeah, well, ya know. Self restraint. But uhhh..Twilight. What exactly does Spike and Big Mac do when they meet up? I only met Big Mac like..twice. He doesn't seem the hangy outy type"
  203. >"You'd think that. But him and Spike get along pretty well and actually have very similar interests. I don't think I should really say, but next time me and the girls are out. You should stop by the castle and find out for yourself. You'll be pleseantly surprised. and I know they'll definitely let you in on their guys night. And I can bet you'll have a loooot of fun" Twilight just had to emphasize that "lot" part. She seemed pretty confident you'd have fun with whatever they are doing...you hoped it wasn't some creepy shit like bukkakke.
  204. >the trek to Fluttershy's didn't last much longer after that. You and Twilight just gave Starlight a quick overview of Fluttershy's personality and to not be worried at all.
  205. >Though, as the cottage came into view. You then learned. That it wasn't her that should be worried....
  206. >....oh....NOOOOOOOO
  207. >You saw Silver Spoon..and oddly enough...just Silver Spoon waving goodbye to Fluttershy from just outside her doorway. You could also see that Discord went and finally did the statue of Nymous. Though, she had the goofiest smile on her face sitting right next to the statue of you. You'd never think that was supposed to be Chrysalis....HA...actually. you can't find it too funny...because when the door closed and Silver Spoon saw your trio crossing the little bridge to the cottage. She started to march right towards you down the curve...OH...GOD...
  208. >"Hey, who's that filly?" Starlight asks,as she comes down your way.
  209. "....."
  210. >You gulp
  211. >"I think she's one of Anon's friends" Twilight had to narrow her eyes. It wasn't the CMC. And she couldn't quite place her.within any other circle.
  212. "..That's..."
  213. >Silver Spoon yells to you as she approaches "Anon! So that's...oh!"
  214. >Silver Spoon immediately bows before Twilight upon noticing her "Like, it's an honor to meet you here Princess Twilight. How are you today?"
  216. >"Oh! Erm..you don't need to do that. Just call me Twilight..and uhh..don't..you don't need to bow..really. I'm just like everypony else" Twilight chuckles nervously.
  217. >"Are you kidding? You are totally one of the most respected princesses ever! Of course I'm going to show my respect for you for what you do." Silver Spoon insists. internally, hoping for some praise for being a good little filly.
  218. >"O-oh...erm. That's nice to know. Umm..Saaay!" Twilight tries to change the subject. "You said Anon's name. did you need him for something?"
  219. >"Oh! Yeah, right." Silver Spoon stands and looks at you like a commander to her troop. She had to adjust her glasses first from the bowing she did. "Anon, I know you're hanging out with Princess Twilight. But I've been looking for you for like, ever. Your sister just upped and disappeared on me after checking up on Diamond Tiara's special order. So I had to look for you by myself to make sure you know to go to the Carousel Boutique BEFORE the sleepover. Diamond Tiara ordered something very very very special for you, and you're expected to be wearing it when you arrive. You got it?"
  220. >"A sleepover?" Starlight was surprised. You didn't tell her about THAT. "Anon, you're sleeping over at your marefriend's?" Starlight would have found it adorable had she not heard "sister". It just made her worry.
  221. >But in turn, it made you blush in embarrassment.
  222. "...y-yeah..that's a thing...B-but, a special order? E-ermm..mind telling me what it is?"
  223. >"Nope! It's a super awesome super special surprise. But don't forget it.." Silver Spoon pokes at your chest, she wanted to express how important this was "Diamond will be VERY VERY upset if you're not wearing it when you arrive. Alright? Got it?"
  225. >God, whatever she wanted you to wear mixed with the fact Twilight and Starlight were here to see this made you turn red. This was so embarrassing. You felt like you were being treated as a trophy more than a person. And this wasn't even DT herself talking to you.
  226. "Yeah..I got it"
  227. >"Great! See you there! I'm going back to the mansion to tell Diamond tiara the good news! Goodbye Anon." Silver then bowed to Twilight "Totally awesome seeing you Princess Twilight. And erm..Princess Twilight's friend"
  228. >"..Really..just Twilight will do..eheh..but umm..goodbye. Have a good day" Twilight said, still not really enjoying being called "princess" Twilight.
  229. >Starlight just waves as Silver Spoon walks off. Silver Spoon had a skip in her trot at this moment. She wanted to tell her friend who you were hanging out with and then make the conjecture that if you're hanging with Princess Twilight even after your Twilight week then that will make you even BETTER coltfriend material for her. She also hoped to see Nymous at some point. Wondering where she had just vanished off to.
  230. >But for you....you dreaded whatever that "special order" was.
  231. >"Sleepover huh Anon? That's uhhh..neat. and...cool" Starlight didn't know how to convey her feelings with Twilight standing right there. She couldn't just blurt out her actual thoughts on the matter.
  232. >"Oh I agree. I think it's absolutely adorable! And, since it seems to be a special sleepover. Maybe you can take some books to read and maybe even have a study group! Ohh! I know if it was me and I was at a sleepover and was a young filly ready to learn that I'd make time for a study group session to help with my ability to do classwork!" Twilight found the whole thing adorable and as an opportunity to learn...ughhhhhh
  233. >"Yeah...right. Umm, Twilight. Can you go ask for Fluttershy to come out? I just want to go over a few things with Anon" She just had to know.
  235. >"Oh, Of course. I'll even delay myself in case you need extra time. No need to rush it, right?" Twilight was eager as well, to help.
  236. >"Yup, that sounds exactly right. In fact, give us some double extra time. Can you do that?" Starlight asks
  237. >"No problem. That's what I'm here. To help my friends. No matter how new a friend they may be. But Starlight, as we said. No need to be nervous, alright?" Twilight put a hoof on her shoulder and showed her concern
  238. >Starlight nodded, feeling anxious about what had just transpired "yep, thanks. got it."
  239. >And with that. Starlight asked you to step aside with her as Twilight went to knock on Fluttershy's door.
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