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  1. METANG IS MLG: make molk stalk your games
  2. METANG IS MLG: then i will pretend to be cbt
  3. Majora_Wrath: k
  4. Majora_Wrath: got a game
  6. Majora_Wrath: this is amazing nigga
  7. METANG IS MLG: this is the best shit
  8. METANG IS MLG has logged out
  9. METANG IS MLG has logged in
  10. Majora_Wrath: this is really glorious
  11. METANG IS MLG: i am going to cry
  12. Majora_Wrath: lets set up a fake convo
  13. Majora_Wrath: for further trolling
  14. METANG IS MLG: ok
  15. METANG IS MLG: what say
  16. Majora_Wrath: idk
  17. METANG IS MLG: feranfell do you think trop is a faget
  18. Majora_Wrath: no
  19. Majora_Wrath: why would I think that
  20. METANG IS MLG: hes a faget
  21. METANG IS MLG: he wont unban me from taonu
  22. Majora_Wrath: lol
  23. Majora_Wrath: is that your only reason
  24. METANG IS MLG: and he hates me
  25. METANG IS MLG: can you get him to unban me please
  26. Majora_Wrath: doubt it will happen
  27. METANG IS MLG: why
  28. Majora_Wrath: he will reban after he sees I unbanned you
  29. METANG IS MLG: tell him not to
  30. Majora_Wrath: he won't listen
  31. METANG IS MLG: can you tell molk to
  32. METANG IS MLG: it will look like begging if i ask him
  33. METANG IS MLG: pleeeeease
  34. METANG IS MLG: also ban trop but i don't think he will
  35. Majora_Wrath: I forced trop to join my game
  36. Majora_Wrath: join
  37. Majora_Wrath: time to troll
  38. METANG IS MLG: ok
  39. METANG IS MLG: why do you even like trop feranfell
  40. Majora_Wrath: start trolling watcher's chat
  41. METANG IS MLG has logged out
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