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  1. Gulnyr has always been one obsessed with knowledge of the natural world; magic included. Unfortunately, he was never gifted with the ability of magic, but he followed his pursuit of knowledge by becoming a scholar...a great one at that.
  3. As years went on, Gulynr and his fellow scholars found answers to countless questions and mysteries until only the truly complicated questions remained. The questions themselves weren't as complicated as the ethics that surrounded them. Questions that could only be answered through the sacrifice of natural life.
  5. Although Gulnyr was hungry for knowledge, he was not starved. He placed his beliefs before his desires and refused to contribute to his scholars' studies. No knowledge could be so great as to justify the death and suffering of thousands of creatures, so he left. But he didn't leave empty-handed. Traveling with Gulnyr was an ancient text that he had swiped from the college. The ancient text that was responsible for the unjust suffering of innocent creatures. The text contained a plethora of unspeakable spells and it emanated an evil aura that words cannot describe.  He couldn't let this get into the wrong hands which further motivated his departure from society.
  7. There wasn't a more appropriate place for Gulnyr to reside than in nature. He felt as though he was personally responsible for the acts that were committed during his time as a scholar. He wished he had done something sooner, but now it was time to pay reparations. Gulnyr declared a time of mending and vowed never to hurt another creature unless absolutely necessary. He respected nature above all else.
  9. It was during this time of solitude that a higher-being reached out to him. The dwarven deity of Travel and Protection, Marthammor Duin. The deity reached out to assure Gulnyr that his quest was true. Marthammor promised to share his powers with Gulnyr if he were to stay on his current path. He agreed and so it was.
  11. Time passed, and Gulnyr became wiser and stronger. He had accomplished things he could only dream of, but he knew that it was becoming too much responsibility for one man to bare. So off he ventured in search of others who shared his vision. One thing should not be forgotten...the ancient text must remain hidden at all costs.
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