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Hate Crimes, Hate Speech, Speech Codes, Bias Incidents...

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  1. Hate Crimes, Hate Speech, Speech Codes, Bias Incidents, Cyber Harrasment, = Sharia By Any Other Name
  3. >ITT
  4. >The issue of "Hate Crime" laid out.
  5. >State and Federal Legislation Regarding The Hate/Harrassment/Speech Codes
  6. >Hate Crime Stats and Numbers
  7. >Fake Hate Crime Resources
  8. >Methods & Avenues of Circumventing These Laws & Staying Safe
  10. In many "free" western societies, we find ourselves increasingly beset by the polite tyranny of evermore nebulous "Hate Crime" legislation, along with it's derivatives, "Hate Speech", "Bias Incidents" & "Incitement". In many jurisdictions, if a person purchases a koran and desecrates it, puts it in the mail and sends it to a mosque, this expression of protest against a religious and political ideology worthy of protest, is seen as a commission of a 'hate' crime.
  12. Across Europe, we are seeing the deleterious effects on the ability to speak truth to power of these well-intentioned & misguided laws. People being arrested for posting videos of koran burnings. Homes being raided over social media posts. A man sentenced to a year in prison for putting a ham sandwich on the stoop of a mosque. He died of unknown circumstances 6 months into his prison sentence over a ham sandwich and a perceived insult to Islam. Sharia, by any other name. Numerous cases of Americans going to prison for decades for nothing more than property crimes. And now, a man in California prosecuted for a few posts and phone calls to our gas-lighting, cry-bullying invaders, the Islamic Center of Southern California.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/ICSC434
  15. https://www.facebook.com/ICSC434/reviews/
  16. https://www.facebook.com/islamiccenterofCalifornia
  17. Google Ratings
  19. http://www.islamiccenter.com/
  21. 434 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, California 90020
  22. Get Directions
  23. 213.384.4572 (FAX)
  24. +1 213-382-9200
  26. Email Directory
  28. 21st Century         -   21stcentury@isl-amiccenter.com
  29. Administration       -   admin@isl-amiccenter.com
  30. Board Chairperson    -   chair@isl-amiccenter.com
  31. Bookstore        -   bookstore@isl-amiccenter.com
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  44. Zakat                -   zakat@isl-amiccenter.com
  46. By California AG and former Congressman, Xavier Becerra (@AGBecerra), who stated:
  48. "We will not turn a blind eye to violent threats targeted at individuals based on prejudice, whether because of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation," Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra said in a statement. "An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. The California Department of Justice will vigorously prosecute those who commit crimes motivated by hate. This plea reinforces our commitment."
  52. Ask yourself, if you came across a koran, partially destroyed, laying on the ground in a park, how would respond? Go about your day and ignore this obvious and blatant attempt to incite hatred? If a muslim were to come across it because you just left it there and went about your day, it could get people killed. Do you pick it up and put it in the garbage bin, like you would any other half destroyed book? As if it were just some piece of trash you can throw in the garbage? How can you simply toss into the trash a book revered by 1.7 billion muslims without insult? Do you give it to a local mosque? What if they think you're the one who did it? Some of these folks are Migrants with English being a second or third language. Factor in the high emotions of a destroyed koran and you could easily find yourself in a dangerous situation having only tried to do the right thing. Perhaps slipping it in the mail is the best option? With a note clearly stating you found said destroyed koran and were wanting to safely get it to those who will properly dispose of it with the respect it deserves?
  54. It should be noted, the 'code' for disposing of worn-out or destroyed korans is similar to that of disposing of a flag. One primary means being cremation. Ceremonial burning with a little mumbled mumbo-jumbo and it's like a little koran funeral. Which makes throwing them in the garbage a sacrilege, which can easily cause offense and be interpreted as inciting hatred, which would be a violation of many these statutes.
  56. Editing the koran for correct usage in Western Societies. Let's be honest, no one has ever really done this for them. We haven't gone through their holy books with a sharpie & razor blade and redacted the parts that stand antithetical to our values and social norms. Creative editing for the current year is one method of turning a Potential charge for incitement to hatred through desecration of a religious text into a generally protected right to political and religious discourse and demonstration. Be sure to do it under the guise of social justice. Because hey, even the most ardent right winger looks like a social justice warrior compared to the Islamists and Jihadists.
  60. Some folks like to send in korans soaked in urine, blood, bacon grease, bacon, pork chops, lard, scat, and so on. The issue with much of these is that of sending known bio-hazards through the postal system. Meat and blood rot, carry, generate and transmit diseases, urine and scat also transmit diseases. Bacon grease and lard are about the only ones that don't rot, and don't generally grow pathogens. Given the hyper-partisan social climate, seeing trumped up charges of bio-terrorism with a hate crime enhancement is only a question of when, no longer if. Damaging enough of the book with a razor, marker, torn pages, paint, anything to render it useless will be sufficient substitute for desecration via pork.
  62. Addressing the issue of mixing pork products with anti-Islam demos, why is it used? Because one of the most commonly known muslim tropes is their aversion to everything pig & pork. This is why mixing pork and Islam has become a recipe for hate charges. And these incidents run the gambit from benign bias incidents such as ham sandwiches left on the doorsteps of a mosque and pig greased korans being sent to mosques, to more serious issues of severed pigs heads and property crimes like B&E, vandalism, arson, etc. It's meant to cause offense and outrage, and express disapproval and opposition to the Isl amic ideology. It's a blunt political and religious statement. One that I think is protected, or should be. But it doesn't offer anything to the conversation, besides giving the Islamophiles an opportunity to grandstand and pontificate how horrible we are whilst the muslims get to cash in with freshly minted victim-hood currency. Now don't get me wrong, there is a place for these types of blatant and offensive forms of directed protest. If for no other reason than to preserve the right to do so and stop the encroachment of hate legislation against free expression.
  66. Trigger them with truth. Truth they can't refute. Write letters that inflame muslim emotions in such a way as to make them great for victim-hood currency, but so damaging to the facade of perfection bestowed upon Prophet Mo that they dare not cash in their hate mail for victim-hood currency. Put them in no-win situations.
  68. But instead of triggering their Isl-amic sensibilities with flagrant outrage, trigger them with facts, arguments, and evidence that they can not dismiss so easily. In letters that accompany pictures of Mohamed, or a destroyed koran. Letters that when read, will get out the arguments and reasoning behind our opposition to Islam to the Normies hearing it. Use the momentum of the predictable outrage to piggyback the message you really want to send.
  72. Don't let your digiprints betray you. Google has reverse search engine tools that can break down searches to specific geographic locations based on IP addresses and Meta-Data, not to mention whatever info they have on you. Your online history can be used against you in court, used to paint you in a certain light and get a conviction, guilty or not. It can also be the catalyst for an investigation instead of just a product of one. One method of defensive misinformation is to maintain social media accounts openly linked to you expressing PC opinions. Things that can't be used against you, but that you can use as reasonable doubt in case of a criminal case.
  74. And maintain anonymous accounts for Memetic Warfare. Paid VPNs and Tor would be your best bet to secure those features. Public WIFI is an option to increase anonymity, but safeguard your device with a firewall. Using a laptop or desktop with a better secured operating system would also drastically increase security. Privatize your settings on all social media accounts. Anti Islamic posts made by members of the community may be the target pool for an initial fishing expedition by lazy investigators looking for flashy evidence for a show trial to secure re-election.
  76. Be weary of cameras. Cover yourself. Scout the area, though be mindful that digitalization of cameras makes storage space cheap, don't expose yourself or identifying features like license plates while scouting, or at least don't do so in any conceivable way that stands out of normal everyday traffic as well as putting time in between scouting and action. Traffic cams. ATM cams. Private security cams. Phone cameras. Game cameras. Satellite cameras. High-Altitude Metropolitan Reverse Time-line Snapshot Cameras (They take high-altitude photos every 30 seconds - all day, every day - in order to backtrack the course of events after an 'Incident' and identify the the origins and networks of the targets.)
  78. Sending in Polaroids of the abuse of the koran is another method of safe disrespect. But be weary of leaving a paper trail buying Polaroids as it is now a specialty tech than can be used to cross reference and narrow you down.
  80. Do NOT carry any electronic devices on you, from phones to tablets to pagers. These devices are always pinging off celluar towers and wifi nodes, betraying your ID and location. In fact, leaving these at home can even offer the vague cover of an alibi, due to this.
  82. Be mindful that digitals printers secretly imprint codes on each page to better allow identification of anonymous flyer posters and mailers.
  84. Use cash for anything regarding your plans, and never get items of note shipped directly to your house.
  86. Cash, Monero (Crypto-Currency) Prepaid cards, gift cards, are solid options.
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