No More Heroes first thoughts on a route

PvtCinnamonbun Sep 12th, 2015 99 Never
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  1. The IGT seems to be accurate and tracks seconds and pauses so I'll log both real and in-game time for now. If there's a discrepancy I'll just use real time
  3. The run is going to live or die based on the money route. I'm predicting that all the cash is going to be funneled into paying for assassination jobs but there might be some non-cosmetic upgrades that could be worth it, though I doubt that'll be the case.
  5. Crashing your bike is faster than braking to a stop and getting off. Need to do more testing on this but this should be the case almost every time since your bike resets to a position at the start of a travel event or job.
  7. There are a few places where you can kill yourself with the bike. Doing so warps you to Travis' motel, but it could warp to other places outside of free roam, like to your next mission.
  9. Routing side jobs is either going to be incredible or suck so much that I drop No More Heroes as a project. You can somewhat cheese a few of them with clever Wiimote usage but most involve pressing A really fast and planning a movement route.
  11. I do not know what the fuck to do about slots. They seem to be a waste of time (faster to just instantly waggle each deathblow rather than read and react to the prompt) but there's one that gives you extra cash after a mission so you might have to do it anyways.
  13. I can tell right away that lining up deathblows is the fastest way to kill enemies. The question is how to manipulate enemy positions to clump them together. Some things to try are circling around a group to compact them, pushing them into a corner, waiting in a corner for them to come to Travis, and rapidly toggling stances to mess with their AI.
  15. The battery route looks pretty interesting right now. You can partially charge the beam katana and pick up batteries from chests, and outside of standard attacks you also have charge attacks that deal hella damage, have an area of affect, and break blocks.
  17. Mild NG is looking like the best option for runs right now. NG+ might be better but I personally dislike running that type of category. If the money grind turns out to be too much of a slog I'll switch over, but only as a last resort.
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