Amano Suzune Magical Girl Story TL

Jul 4th, 2018
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  1. Chapter 1: Unending Change
  2. [chime]
  3. Suzune: ...
  4. Suzune: (No progress made today...)
  5. (No use staying...)
  6. (Entrance to a barrier...!)
  7. (I sense two magical sources in there)
  8. "A familliar... and a magical girl.)
  10. Magical Girl: You're a magical girl too? This is great; please help me!
  11. Attack now!
  12. S: ... 'Enmai' [Infernal Dance]
  13. 'Ouka'! [Blossoming cherry]
  14. There... It's over.
  15. MG: Amazing!
  16. "You've saved me, thank you! You're so strong!"
  17. "Oh, sorry, I don't think I've gotten your name yet."
  18. S: "My name is Suzune."
  19. "Can you tell me... yours?"
  20. MG: "My name is..."
  21. S: "... Alright. Good name you've got there."
  22. S: "I won't forget it... ever."
  23. MG: "What?"
  24. [slash]
  25. S: "... Goodbye."
  27. [chime]
  28. S: ...
  29. Kyubei: "Looks like you've made some progress today, Suzune."
  30. S: "... Incubator."
  31. Ky: "I can tell when you come home by the sound of your chimes."
  32. "... Of course, not even I can track you if you try and hide your presence."
  33. "Do you plan to continue 'magical girl hunting' in this city?"
  34. S: "... You should already know"
  35. "There's no more magical girls in this city."
  36. Ky: "You're right."
  37. "We only have the occasional outsiders wandering in."
  38. "... Like the one you've killed today."
  39. S: ......
  40. Ky: "What's wrong?"
  41. "... Could it be that you have regrets?"
  42. S: "Of course not."
  43. "I'm only doing the right thing."
  44. Ky: "If you say so."
  45. "Does that mean you're going to continue this in the next city?"
  46. "As the magical girl hunting 'assassin'..."
  48. Ky: "Does that mean you're going to continue this in the next city?"
  49. "As the magical girl hunting 'assassin'..."
  50. S: "... Yes."
  51. "I already know I'm transferring schools to Akanekezaki Middle School in Hoozuki-shi."
  52. "In fact, this is that school's uniform."
  53. "... What are you going to do? Will you stop me by force?"
  54. Ky: "Of course not."
  55. "I'm just here to bring you some intel."
  56. S: "Intel..."
  57. Ky: "Yes. Just recently"
  58. "a city became impossible for us to monitor."
  59. S: "What do you mean...?"
  60. Ky: "Starting at some time, it became completely impossible"
  61. "to look into or know about the inside of the city."
  62. S: "Why...?"
  63. Ky: "I don't know what caused that."
  64. "Humans like you have no problem getting in and out."
  65. "However, there is another interesting phenomenon happening."
  66. S: "...?"
  67. Ky: "Little by little, magical girls are starting to gather to the city."
  68. "There, you won't have trouble finding magical girls there."
  69. S: "... Alright."
  70. "Thank you. This is some useful information."
  71. "Can you tell me its name?"
  72. Ky: "Do you plan to make that your new hunting grounds?"
  73. S: "Correct."
  74. Ky: "... So be it."
  75. "The name of the city is 'Kamihama'."
  77. S: 'Kamihama', a city outside of the Incubators' sights
  78. Where magical girls are gathering...
  79. "..."
  80. (It's a trap.)
  81. (There's no way the Incubator would randomly give out such information.)
  82. (I hunt maigcal girls... 'Eggs' that eventually hatch into witches.)
  83. (If I were to wander into Kamihama and be defeated)
  84. (there would no longer be a pest that break the 'eggs' before they hatch...)
  85. (That's the Incubator's plan."
  86. But then...
  87. (If there are magical girls there, I can get as much as I can...)
  88. "I just have to kill them, with my own hands."
  89. "With the powers she gave me... With fire magic."
  90. And then...)
  91. I will take the names of girls I killed,(carve them into my soul, and carry them with me.
  92. (There's no hesitation.)
  93. (That's what I have vowed to do...)
  94. ......
  95. "I am doing nothing wrong."
  96. Isn't that right?
  97. Tsubaki?
  98. "I'm not wrong, right, Tsubaki?"
  101. Chapter 2: Remembering the Past
  103. S: Kamihama-shi... Where the Incubators have no eyes
  104. A mysterious place where magical girls gather
  105. To certainly find a magical girl...
  106. you must first find a witch's barrier.
  107. (... That means what I'll do is the same as in other cities.)
  108. (First find a barrier,)
  109. (then quickly kill any magical girls I find... That's it.)
  110. (However...)
  111. (It looks like the city has nothing out of the ordinary.)
  112. ...?
  113. Kaede: "... Okay."
  114. "There we go... Done with the flowers for the day!"
  115. "I'm glad they blossomed so pretty."
  116. "...♪"
  117. [chime]
  118. "Hmm...?"
  119. S: "Ah..."
  120. (She's looking at...)
  121. (a tsubaki[camellia] flower.)
  122. (Gentle, beautifle, and strong.)
  123. (Flower with the same name as Tsubaki...)
  124. Ka: "Um... Uh..."
  125. S: ......
  126. Ka: "Hauu..."
  128. S: (Tsubaki...)
  129. ...
  130. [flashback starts]
  131. S: Tsuba... ki... Why...?
  132. Kyubei: "Tsubaki became a witch."
  133. S: Turn her... Turn her back...!
  134. Ky: "That's not possible."
  135. "The transformation from magical girl to witch is irreversible."
  136. "In any case, there's two things you could do."
  137. "Defeat her, or run"
  138. "You're free to choose, but"
  139. "if you leave her, she will spread her curse forever."
  140. S: ...
  141. Uaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
  142. [flashback ends]
  143. S: ......
  144. [chime]
  145. S: (This chime and charm... and fire magic)
  146. (That's all... Tsubaki left for me)
  147. Ka: "Umm..."
  148. S: "Tsubaki..."
  149. Ka: "Uu..."
  150. S: ......
  151. [flashback starts]
  152. S: Forever...
  153. You told me... we'll be together forever...!!
  154. Ky: "Sorry of what happened to her, but..."
  155. "in the end, it is the magical girl's fate to give birth to a witch and disappear."
  156. S: ...
  157. ... Then... I'll stop it... with my power...
  158. with fire magic that Tsubaki gave me...!
  159. I'll kill 'magical girls'
  160. before they become 'witches'...!
  161. [chime]
  162. [flashback ends]
  163. Ka: "Erm... Hey!"
  164. S: "... Eh?"
  165. Ka: "Do you like tsubakis...?"
  166. S: "... Yes,"
  167. "I love them."
  169. Ka: "Uh, my name... is Kaede. Nice to meet you."
  170. S: "I'm Suzune."
  171. Ka: "Suzune-chan... You're a middle schooler, right?"
  172. "I haven't met many girls who like tsubaki flowers,"
  173. "so I'm happy...!"
  174. S: "... Really?"
  175. Ka: "Yes."
  176. "I love them, so I come by often to take care of them, but"
  177. "others in my grade call them too quiet[? 渋い is a hard word to translte]."
  178. S: "'Ochitsubaki' (fallen camellia)..."
  179. Ka: "Huh?"
  180. S: "When tsubaki flowers die, they don't fall petal by petal,"
  181. "but as a whole flower, right?"
  182. Ka: "Ah... you're right."
  183. S: "People allude it to fallen human heads and call it unlucky"
  184. "so they avoid bringing tsubakis as a get-well gift."
  185. Ka: "I see..."
  186. "I guess that's why some people have a bad image of them."
  187. "Tsubakis didn't do anything wrong though..."
  188. S: (... Yes, Tsubaki didn't do anything wrong, but...)
  189. "Even without sin..."
  190. Ka: "What...?"
  191. S: (Even without sin, some people have to be killed... In that case)
  192. (I will bear all the sins... of killing the sinless.)
  193. Ka: "Wha... What's wrong, Suzune-chan?"
  194. S: ...
  195. Rena: "I told you she would be here!"
  196. Momoko: "You're right. Oy, Kaede!"
  197. Ka: "Rena-chan! Momoko-chan!"
  198. S: ...
  199. M: "Hey, who's this?"
  200. Ka: "Um... It's Suzune-chan. Just met her a few minutes ago..."
  201. M: "Huh... That uniform tells me you're not from Kamihama, right?"
  203. Ka: "OK... I'll get going."
  204. "See you again, Suzune-chan."
  205. S: "Yes"
  206. S: "Later..."
  207. R: "Oh yeah. Kaede! Are you open tomorrow afternoon?"
  208. M: "There's Sayusayu's free live event hosted by the shopping center."
  209. R: "You're coming of course, right?"
  210. Ka: "Yeah, I'll go..."
  211. S: ...
  213. [chime]
  214. S: (Where...)
  215. (is the witch barrier?)
  216. "!?"
  217. (I found it...!)
  218. (A barrier... Most likely belongs to a witch.)
  219. Black Feathers: ...
  220. S: (Those are...)
  221. (magical girls...)
  222. BF: "Who are you...?"
  223. S: "It's Suzune. I came from another city."
  224. "And you are?"
  225. BF1: "We have no intention of revealing our names..."
  226. S: "Are you telling me rival magical girls can't help each other in battle?"
  227. BF2: "Our goal is to defeat the witch..."
  228. BF3: "So we don't want any trouble... until we exit the barrier."
  229. S: "Can I tag along if I don't interfere?"
  230. BF1: "Uh..."
  231. BF2: "Well... Fine..."
  232. S: (Magical girls that conseal their identities and fight in matching clothing)
  233. (I've never seen a group like this.)
  234. ...
  235. (I have to find out where they wear their soul gems)
  236. (... to kill them without suffering.)
  237. !?
  238. Witch: [Witch noises]!!
  239. BF: "The witch...!"
  240. S: "Leave it to me."
  241. BF: "Wait...!"
  242. [chime]
  243. S: "I have no use for you. Don't get in my way."
  245. Chapter 3: Contact
  246. Witch: [Witch noises]...!!
  247. BF: "Woah...!?"
  248. S: "Stay back."
  249. "... Hah!"
  250. "This..."
  251. BF: "She's fast...!"
  252. S: "is the end...!"
  253. Witch: [Dying witch noises]...!?
  254. BF1: "It was a very powerful witch. But she killed it so effortlessly..."
  255. "This Suzune girl..."
  256. BF2: "Might... be dangerous."
  257. S: "Hey."
  258. BF2: !?
  259. "Wha, what is it?"
  260. S: "I'll ask one more time."
  261. "Can you tell me your names?"
  262. BF2: "The answer... is the same..."
  263. S: "... Well, that's a shame..."
  264. "Enmai..."
  265. BF2: "What...! What are you..."
  266. S: ... Farewell.
  267. BF2: "Yah, uaaahh!"
  268. ???: "I won't let you do that!"
  269. "Ugh!"
  270. S: "An interception...? Who... are you?"
  271. Mifuyu: "My name is Azusa Mifuyu."
  272. "Attacking these girls without warning"
  273. "isn't very nice, is it?"
  274. S: "... Azusa... Mifuyu?"
  275. "I am Suzune."
  276. Mi: "Suzune-san..."
  277. "Can you tell me why you attacked these girls"
  278. "after you sheathe your weapon?"
  279. S: "The reason..."
  280. "You're better off not knowing."
  281. Mi: ...!
  282. S: (She countered my attack... with magic...!?)
  283. Mi: "This is your last warning."
  284. "Next time, I will be forced to retaliate."
  285. S: "Are you telling me that attack wasn't your best...?"
  286. Mi: "Yes. Someone as powerful as you should be able to tell"
  287. "that I am not lying."
  288. S: "... Yes."
  289. Mi: "May I ask for you to retreat?"
  290. S: "I don't intend on doing that."
  291. Mi: "Neither do I. I need to protect them."
  292. S: ...
  293. Mi: (The way she's looking at me... Is she... looking for something...?)
  294. S: "... Fine."
  295. "If you wish to interfere"
  296. "I will kill you too..."
  298. S: "Yah!"
  299. Mi: "Ugh...!"
  300. S: (... Tsubaki, lend me your strength.)
  301. Mi: !?
  302. "Is this... fire magic?"
  303. S: "... Ouka!"
  304. Mi: "Uh... Uaah...!"
  305. BF: "Mifuyu-sama...!"
  306. S: "Youen [Fire of light]"
  307. Mi: ...?
  308. (Suzune-san's presence... disappeared?)
  309. [chime]
  310. S: "... This is the end."
  311. Mi: !?
  312. "... Not yet!"
  313. S: !?
  314. (Not only did she dodge an attack from her blind spot)
  315. (but also did a counterattack...?)
  316. BF: "Mi, Mifuyu-sama... Are you alright!?"
  317. Mi: "Yes... It was close, though."
  318. (She's strong... Also, this Suzune girl)
  319. (is clearly aiming directly for the soul gem.)
  320. (That look she was doing was to look for the soul gem...)
  321. (There's no mistake... She knows)
  322. (that the soul gem is the magical girl's life itself...!)
  323. (That means that her reason to prey on magical girls is...)
  324. S: "... Next time, I won't miss."
  325. Mi: "Why do you target us?"
  326. S: "You'd be happier not knowing."
  327. Mi: "You wish to kill us?"
  328. "Before we turn into witches!?"
  329. S: !?
  330. "You... Do you..."
  331. Mi: "Yes, we know."
  332. "... The truth of magical girls."
  334. Mi: "Yes, we know."
  335. "... The truth of magical girls."
  336. S: "... Very well."
  337. Mi: "Yes."
  338. "We wish to liberate these magical girls."
  339. "That is us... 'Wings of the Magius'."
  340. S: "Is that why you work in a group...?"
  341. "That... is useless."
  342. Mi: !?
  343. S: "No matter what magical girls think of or do"
  344. "we are merely dancing in the palm of the Incubator."
  345. Mi: "Do you... not wish to be saved?"
  346. S: "I do not."
  347. Mi: "... Maybe not yourself, but for others, not one?"
  348. "Someone important you want to save from the cruel destiny of magical girls?"
  349. S: (Tsubaki...)
  350. "There was someone I would have given my life to save..."
  351. [chime]
  352. "I killed her myself."
  353. Mi: !?
  354. S: "... This useless conversation ends now."
  355. "I won't let anyone escape... not even one."
  356. BF: "Mifuyu-sama...!"
  357. Mi: "Stay back. I will protect you."
  358. (... Even if I die doing it.)
  359. S: "... Enmai."
  360. Mi: (... Here she comes...!)
  361. "... Go..."
  362. "Haaaahhh!"
  364. Alina: "What do you think you're doing to Mifuyu's perfect body?"
  365. S: "... Another?"
  366. "Where is... Azusa Mifuyu...?"
  367. A: "I'm having Mifuyu rest in the barrier."
  368. "You won't lay a finger on her unless you defeat Alina...!"
  369. S: "I see..."
  370. [telepathy]
  371. Mi: "Alina, I will fight with you! Let me out of the barrier!"
  372. A: "Permission denied. Stay there until I'm done."
  373. Mi: "Why...?"
  374. A: "Your body..."
  375. "If it gets injured any further, Alina's art will have to be delayed."
  376. Mi: "Wha, wait...!"
  377. [telepathy end]
  378. A: "Sorry to keep you waiting."
  379. S: (She's coming!)
  380. A: "... I'll tell you this beforehand."
  381. "To try and damage a precious living artpiece..."
  382. "Put Alina in a real bad mood...!"
  384. A: "Come on, come on!"
  385. S: "Ugh...!"
  386. "Hah!!"
  387. A; "Ow."
  388. (Such an unwavered will to kill...!)
  389. (I kinda want to see... what doppel she'd give birth to, but)
  390. (I want to end this real soon.)
  391. (So...)
  392. S: ...
  393. A: "Bye bye!"
  394. S: (I can't be defeated here...!)
  395. (Tsubaki's fire magic... I'll borrow it.)
  396. "Youen."
  397. A: (... She disappeared?)
  398. S: "... Oukahh!!!"
  399. Mi: [telepathy] "Alina, jump!"
  400. A: ...!
  401. S: "She dodged it...?"
  402. (I've used up too much magic...)
  403. (I can't use any more on one person...)
  404. [telepathy]
  405. Mi: "Alina, are you all right...?"
  406. A: "Honestly, if I was hit it would have been game over."
  407. "Mifuyu, how'd you know without looking?"
  408. Mi: "... Her presence disappeared"
  409. "so I thought she was going to go for your blind spot like when she fought me."
  410. "Anyways... please let me out."
  411. "The view inside is so stimulating that it's making me want to commit suicide."
  412. A: "Th, that's just you losing earthly senses[? 地球的ロス(Earth-ly loss)]. Give me a sec...!"
  413. [telepathy end]
  414. A: "Mifuyu..."
  415. "If you get hurt by this, I won't forgive you."
  416. Mi: ...
  417. "... Suzune-san."
  418. "Now the scale has tipped in our favor."
  419. "At this point, the best you could do is taking one of us down with you."
  420. "... Am I wrong?"
  421. S: "You are correct. Anymore fighting is pointless."
  422. "It's over for today."
  423. "Youen."
  424. BF: "She's gone..."
  425. Mi: "... I don't believe she's given up on killing magical girls."
  426. "She probably still plans to lurk within Kamihama."
  427. "She seems to be driven by an urge incomprehensable to me."
  428. "Do you have any ideas, Alina?"
  429. A: "Alina didn't get it either, but"
  430. "that pure bloodlust in the end... It made me excited...!"
  432. S: (Kamihama-shi... With all these magical girls gathering)
  433. (there seem to be formidable foes here.)
  434. (I must be careful when going on my next 'hunt'...)
  435. !?
  436. (A new barrier nearby...?)
  437. "Tsubaki..."
  438. "Please watch over me."
  439. [chime]
  441. "Even in this city, the cycle continues..."
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