Filling Out Her Attire (DL, Messing)

May 20th, 2014
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  2. I did not write this story, I only co-authored it and posted it here with permission. The author is Detrail, you can follow him here:
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  5. Warning: Nightmare fuel parody fic. Story contains diapers and it's usage both ways (messing (contained) and wetting). Turn back now if any of those subjects offends you.
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  8. Filling Out Her Attire
  10. Rarity sat alone in her room, eyeing a bottle of green liquid she had obtained earlier that day from a trip to Zecoras. Looking the fluid over, Rarity began to recount the instructions that went along with it. All she had to do was drink it, the larger the drink, the bigger the effect. And as long as she was careful, the effects were all temporary. Recently a new fashion craze was taking over Equestria, Adult Foal Wear. Walking over to her newest clothing line, she began to contemplate what she should do. Having just completed her newest Adult Foal clothing line to be presented at Canterlot, she remembered the reviews she had read. “The only way to make proper adult foal wear, is to actually have first hoof experience using it.” Saying this aloud, Rarity strengthened her resolve to accomplish this seemingly impossible task herself.
  12. Sadly Rarity was left with a problem, no matter how hard she tried she could not voluntarily use her own diapers to test the durability of her Adult Foal clothing. Not wanting to use the fluid, she decided she would give it one more shot. She carefully walked over to her new clothing line, and grabbed a spare pink onesie. She then proceeded to grab one of the diapers she had made for the client. Collecting some foal powder, and some wipes she set out to do the deed. She opened the diaper up, positioning herself correctly. With her magic, she used some diaper pins to fasten the diaper securely around her waist. As she did this, she recounted the difficulty she had when she first tried to put one to the ensure the fit was correct. Getting up she levitated the onesie over her head, placed on her body, and securely fastened it at the crotch over the diaper.
  14. Getting up she admired her handy work, in her mind it was truly magnificent. Then embroidery in golden thread, the texture of the fabric, and the way it accentuated her custom diapers. “You know, it is too bad I am not into this whole adult foal fashion. Because it looks simply marvelous on me.” The white mare said out loud to no pony, as she posed in the mirror. “Okay, now Rarity you need to concentrate. Juuust neeeed to let it gooo~.” The mare lurched, straining to use her giant foalish diaper. After about 30 minutes of looking constipated Rarity gave up, realizing she could never willingly make her diaper wet or messy.
  16. Looking back at the bottle filled with green fluid, she decided to just give up and drink the strange concoction. Rarity began to waddle over to the bottle, now realizing the thickness her diaper. Upon reaching her dresser, she used her magic to levitate the bottle to her mouth. and took a sip. Setting the bottle back on the counter, she waited for a few minutes. She started waddling around her room, waiting for the effect to begin. From the corner of her eye she spied one of the fashion magazine. She began to remember the magazine critiquing some of her favorite designers critically.
  18. “What if I can’t do it? What if they hate my work? I-I will be the laughing stock of all of Canterlot!” Instantly something inside Rarity snapped. She sloppily galloped back to the table, using her magic once again picked up the bottle, and took a huge swig. By the time she put the bottle back down, half of the potion was gone. “Ugh! Why won’t it work!” As if by pure irony, at that moment Rarity began to feel strange all over.
  20. “Ah!” The mare exclaimed clutching her stomach. ‘Yes… it is f-finally working… C-Canterlot here I cooom-!” The pressure began to rise rapidly. No matter how hard Rarity’s body resisted it couldn’t hold out much longer. “Ahhhh…” she let out a sigh of relief, as her bladder released soaking her diaper. Soon the warmth began to spread, warming her diaper. Rarity felt at peace, “Well that wasn’t so bad, it was actually quite ni-” Rarity was cut off, as the pressure returned ten-fold this time. The pain caused her front legs to buckle, while her hind legs remained standing. She clutched her stomach as she began to strain.
  22. “Oh Sweet CELESTIA!!!” She screamed as she began to let go, in the sodden and clammy diaper. Her tail lifted, as a hot mass began to form in her diaper, and a loud plop sound echoed in the room. “Oh! This is sooo icky! This is most horrifying experience ever!” She strained a she continued to release more. “There is disgusting goo all over my bum!” The pressure kept coming as she continued to release wave after wave into her diaper. Soon the diaper began to bulge, and started to push outward. As she looked back, she could see the diaper now had a rich brown and yellow color.
  24. Just as it began, the pressure subsided. Panting, Rarity got back up on her front legs trying to avoid spreading the mess. Breathing a sigh of relief, she knew she had to run to the bathroom quickly. She began to race towards the door. Sadly, she forgot to account for the added weight in her diaper. In an instant she misstepped, and fell flat on her face. The action caused her bowels to reopen, much to her horror, as she began to let go more and more into the diaper. Her only saving grace was the quality of the fabric she used in the diaper. As her diaper continued to bulge out, a piercing tearing noise filled her ears. As looked down she saw her worst fears come to life. The onesie she had designed was tearing at the seams, unable to cope with what was exiting the mare’s rear.
  26. Soon, she began to call out for help. “Please! Is anypony there!” She continued to cry, as her diaper continued to grow in size. This went on for several minutes until she finally felt her insides were empty. She remained there, her face flat on the ground, her hind legs shaking, barely standing. After a few minutes she was relieved to find it was over. Then a smell hit her nose, “Oh Celestia, what is that ghastly smell!” Rarity’s curiosity got the best of her, and she peeked at her padded rear only to see that her diaper was sagging halfway to the ground. She scrambled to put her hoof over her nose to stop the smell. In the process, her hind legs finally gave out under her and she sat into the muck filled diaper. A large squish emanated, as she began to whine. “This is the worse thing ever! There is muck all over my hind quarters!”
  28. After laying there for more than a half hour the mare decided she couldn’t stand it anymore. She began to crawl towards her changing supplies. She knew full well the hazards and unpredictability of drinking that much of Zecora’s potion. Not wanting to risk anything, she grabbed one of her diapers along the way. Finally reaching her supplies, she began the laborious task of changing herself.
  30. After what felt like a hellish eternity, Rarity had managed to change into a new diaper. Looking over the used diaper Rarity began the task of throwing it away. With enough effort, she managed to get it tossed into a garbage bag, and wrapped up never to be seen again. Tired, Rarity returned to her table. Even with the use of her magic, the overall process left her drained. Looking back at the destroyed onesie she began to take notes. “Okay, first I need to improve its construction so it won’t tear so easily. Next I need to work on reducing the odor produced by my diapers.”
  32. While writing, she began to thinking over the stressful day she had. “Well that was rather stressful, and the most repulsive experience anypony will ever have.” She paused for a second. “I guess even if that was the most horrifying thing I have ever had to sit in, it wasn’t all bad. After that experience no designer can rival what I know about Adult Foal Wear!” Rarity seemed rather proud of how well she would do in Canterlot, with her newfound knowledge.
  34. Finishing up her notes, and putting that episode behind her Rarity noticed she had slightly wet her diaper. ‘Well, at least this is only temporary. But I am quite parched.” Looking over, Rarity saw a bottle half filled with liquid. In her extremely thirsty state, she drank the contents in one gulp. After a few seconds the folly of her action began to grip her.
  36. Dropping the bottle she fell into a daze as she remembered Zecora’s words from that morning. “Drinking the bottle whole you must never, lest you wish the effects last forever.” She dropped the bottle as the same pressure began to build once more, giving only enough time to mutter, “Oh sweet Celestia.”
  38. ***
  40. A few months had passed since Rarity had made what she believed was the worst decision of her life, and her career could never have been better. She soon became the talk of all of Equestria. No one was sure how she was so good at creating her elaborate, yet functional clothing lines. Ever since that day she had taken to model her own work, wearing wherever she went. Little did everypony know the reason behind her clothing’s perfection was her own little problem.
  42. Night fell on another busy day of interviews, fashion shows, and all around having fun with her friends. Rarity returned to her room tired. She used her magic to remove her most recent Adult Foal creation, a sleeper to keep her warm in the fall weather. As the sleeper came off her diaper bulged out. Now used to the content squishy feeling on her rear, Rarity got into bed. “Well Rarity, all in all that sleeper worked out rather well. That really was a most enjoyable accident.”
  44. With a smile on her face, the mare closed her eyes. She quickly fell into the embrace of sleep. Unaware of the world around her, Rarity’ face contorted. She began to strain a her tail moved upwards. She soon began to push several large loads into her diaper forcing her leg apart. The look on her face was replaced with one of relief, as the mare continued to dream of what her bright diapered future had in store for her.
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