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Angular Generator OoTRandomizer Design

dragonbane Jun 4th, 2019 (edited) 30 Never
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  1. -express generator route checks if the request is a master version. If so retrieve pre-built settings object for that version and send it to pug as well as the master version (if latestDev pull version from version.py). Pug adds code to copy it to window.generatorSettingsMap (as early as possible in the file) if present. Otherwise pug doesn't create this variable. Pug saves version to window.pythonSourceVersion and creates switch in window.pythonSourceIsMasterVersion
  2. -Pug loads angular dependencies from a subfolder for the requested master version and includes the angular html object at the appropriate point in the page. If latest dev is requested, load the dependencies from the latestDev folder that a cronjob updates weekly by pulling the latest angular source from the GitHub repo and compiles it once. Also pull python source, as well as settings.json, settings_mapping.json and combine them using the settings.js module from the Github repo from the electron folder. Save result in a new json inside the latestDev folder
  4. -Send version tag from window.pythonSourceVersion to server on generation. If it is a recognized master version use the appropriate python source and tag it in the DB. If it is a dev version, use the latest python source for generation from the latestDev folder and save the dev version as is with the DB entry
  5. -seed_page.pug checks in express route if version of the DB entry is a master version. If so use the appropriate seed_page made for that built. If it is a dev version, load a stripped down seed_page.pug made for dev versions which displays the dev version used, doesn't show a settings section (simply offer the files for download) and the patcher
  6. -whenever a change to the patcher is required (aka the patch format is changed), create a new version of it and tag it with "minimumRequiredSource" and load it whenever the master or dev version exceeds/matches this version
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