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  1. # Overview
  2. I want to build an app called NomNoms. The concept is basically: Yelp, but for individual menu items instead of the restaurant itself.  It will be a way for users to search for, for example, best burgers/tacos/falafels, etc, in their vicinity.
  4. ## MVP
  5. As a demo product, the vision will be scaled back significantly.
  6. - A user can register for an account and become an authenticated user
  7. - An authenticated user can rate  and add description for individual food items that they have tried.
  8.   - The rated item will be associated with their account
  9.   - The user will have the option to let their rating/description be private or public
  10.   - The app will likely limit food items to a few categories in its initial implementation (ie, burgers, tacos, pizza, falafels)
  11.   - Users are presented a list of nearby restaurants or they may search for restaurants, and they will associate their food item with that restaurant
  12. - A non-authenticated user can peruse the public reviews and sort by lowest/highest/newest reviews
  14. ## Stretch Goals
  15. - Users can save items from the public list that they would like to try
  16. - More categories for food items, perhaps beverage items (cocktails, cappucinos, etc)
  17. - Responsive map, sort by "nearest to me", maybe city-based versions ie nyc.nomnoms
  19. ## Tech Stack
  20. - React front-end
  21. - Node/Express back-end
  22. - PostgreSQL database
  23. - Zomato public API will provide the resource of restaurants
  27. ## Ramblings and Considerations
  28. - Unfortunately most versions of or or similar seem to be taken
  29. - Instead of stars or likes, users will give items "noms", and they can "nom-inate" new items
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