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  1. Reborn Server Information
  3. Welcome to the Reborn SCP Server.
  5. Rules:
  6. [1] Racism or Harassment is illegal, and will not be permitted.
  7. [2] No spawn killing. Friendly Fire is disabled.
  8. [3] Standing in an unkillable area is not permitted.
  9. [4] Camping or other behaviors that stop rounds from ending are not permitted.
  10. [5] Cheating / Exploiting will cause a network-wide ban.
  11. [6] Teaming is not permitted, except in the following instances:
  12. -Class D & Scientist
  13. -Class D & Chaos
  14. -Class D & MTF (Assuming that the Class D does not have a weapon)
  15. -Scientist & MTF
  16. -Scientist & Chaos (Assuming that the Scientist does not have a weapon)
  17. -SCP & Chaos
  19. More servers than the standard servers (S, M, L, XL) may be added as required.
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