Pooh Honey

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >Day at Waspys house and you’re Anon
  2. “So ummm, what can I get you?”
  3. >”Some honey will do fine”
  4. >you popped in unannounced and now Waspy is trying his best to be a good host
  5. >it’s cute really, in a peculiar way as in the sort of cuteness feelings you should only have towards females but oh well, c’est la vie
  6. “Woah!”
  7. >speaking of the lil’ devil, he just tripped
  8. >he’s got honey all over himself and you can’t help but to laugh a bit at how miserable he looks
  9. “Not funny Anon, it is going to take forever to wash this off of me”
  10. >you feel a bit sorry for Waspy, and then you get an idea
  11. >”How about I give you a hand?”
  12. >Waspy seems surprised at your offer first, but then seems to ponder it for a while
  13. “Yeah, that could work, you’ve got hands and you can help me get cleaned up much faster”
  14. >you get up and walk to the bathroom with Waspy, who is trying his best to not get the honey everywhere
  15. >you shake your head at how much he is covered in the stuff as Waspy puts the water on
  16. >”So, I guess I’ll get undressed now”
  17. “Yeah, y-you do that”
  18. >that was weird, maybe Waspy is a bit shy?”
  19. >you take off your clothes swiftly and with style as Waspy climbs to the tub and you follow
  20. >wow, this tub is a bit of a tight fit for the two of you
  21. “Anon...I just realized that you would not have had to get into the tub with me, only help me wash”
  22. >...
  23. >”Yeah, you’re right. Sorry about that, I was not really focusing. Ah well, now that I am in the tub may as well have a bath too”
  24. >you start to run your hands around Waspys body to get body wet
  25. >Waspy seems a bit uncomfortable about your touch and blushes a bit, but you play it off as simple nervousness due to sharing a bath with you for the first time
  26. >that is, until you spy his member starting leave its sheath
  27. >you pause
  28. >Waspy seems to not have noticed you noticing his reaction yet
  29. >you start to feel a bit playful and naughty and crank up the lewdness in washing him, caressing his body rather arousingly now
  30. >Waspy tries to shift his body to hide his growing erection
  31. >you get a sudden urge to grab his cock, just to see his reaction of course, nothing else in there, really
  32. >Waspy lets out a gasp of surprise and turns to stare at you
  33. >his member is warm, very warm, and pulsating
  34. >you move your hand a bit
  35. >Waspys hooves almost give out from under him as he moans
  36. >you let go of his member
  37. “awww~”
  38. >what
  39. >”Waspy, you... do you want me to continue?”
  40. “Y-yes please...”
  41. >there is something in the way Waspy is looking at you and in his voice
  42. >need, desperation, want and lust
  43. >you are not sure why, but you grasp the cock again and start to jack it off
  44. >it feels sort of pleasant in your hand you guess...
  45. >and jacking it off is starting to make you feel rather aroused as well
  46. “Oh don’t stop...”
  47. >Waspy fidgets and grunts as his cock twitches with his testicles
  48. >and your penis decides it is time for full homosex and assumes direct control
  49. >you move Waspy to rest against your chest as you keep jacking him off, your own erect member rubbing against him
  50. >Waspys own hoof makes contact with your own member as he starts to jack you off
  51. >it feels like heaven, Waspys warm body grinding against you, his hoof working on your meat, his meat in your hand as you work it without mercy...
  52. >Waspy is doing such a good job you decide to give him a little reward and gently nibble on his neck while caressing his chest and tummy with your free hand
  53. “Ah~”
  54. >you gently plant kisses on his neck and that seems to be the final straw
  55. >Waspy gets up and turns around
  56. >you can see the level of arousal and need on his face now as he breathes heavily
  57. >Waspy shakily positions himself over your lap and pushes his gates against your tip
  58. >your member slides easily inside Waspy as he braces himself against you and takes all of you in
  59. >you almost cum right there and then as you feel a lot of things on your member
  60. >Waspy pulls up and then rams himself down, splashing some of the water onto the bathroom floor
  61. >his cock twitches and you can see beads of precum coming out of it as Waspy pulls back up again and then comes down, making his dick twitch and ooze out some precum
  62. >”Oh god Waspy that feels amazing”
  63. >Waspy puts some more motion onto his hips now as he keeps hopping up and down on your shaft
  64. “Does that f-feel better Anon~?”
  65. >you nod, unable to say anything
  66. >Waspy is really riding you rough now, splashing water everywhere
  67. >you grasp his cock again and start to jerk it off
  68. “Ah Anon I can’t hold it i-“
  69. >you do not care and quicken your pace
  70. >with one final ram Waspy suddenly jerks up and off of your cock as he cums all over your face and chest
  71. >you can see his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he shakes on top of your lap, enjoying his orgasm
  72. >you lick some of the semen on your lips
  73. >it makes you feel so dirty in a good way, having Waspys seed on your face
  74. >as Waspy watches you scoop some off of your face with your fingers and lick them clean
  75. >”Delicious~ Now finish me off~”
  76. >Waspy hops back on your wild ride and starts to grind his hips hungrily against your loins
  77. “I want to feel your seed in me Anon. I want you to fill me up”
  78. >the panting, the need in his voice, that look on his face like he has totally given in to lust, you are close now
  79. “Please Anon give it to me! Please! Please!”
  80. >that sends you over the edge and you grasp Waspy by his hips and keep him down as you pump your seed deep into him, shot after shot
  81. >after your mindblankening orgasm you are about to pull out until Waspy stops you
  82. “No, let’s stay like this for a while longer. I want us to be connected...”
  83. >you answer by hugging Waspy close against you, his semi-flaccid wet penis pushing against you as the two of you share body heat before washing up
  84. >...
  85. >...
  86. >some time has passed now, the two of you are just making your way back from your little fun time in the bathroom, not to mention the cuddles afterwards when you helped each other wash up
  87. >not to mention Waspy telling you he had always had feelings for you
  88. >and you’re pretty sure you too have feelings for him too
  89. “What the...”
  90. >you catch up to Waspy who went beforehand towards the kitchen as you got dressed up
  91. >”What the hell?”
  92. >Waspys house is a mess and the front door is open
  93. “Anon, come quick!”
  94. >Waspy, his sound came from the kitchen
  95. >you rush to the kitchen since you do not want anything to happen to your Waspy
  96. “Anon all the honey is gone!”
  97. >you take a look around the kitchen and spot some prints
  98. >”Look Waspy”
  99. “You think we should follow them?”
  100. >you nod
  101. >...
  102. >...
  103. >eating sounds, behind a bush
  104. >you and Waspy decided to track the intruder that stole all the honey and now the two of you are currently in a dense forest
  105. >you nod to Waspy and he nods back to you
  106. >damn your husbando is looking cool now
  107. >the two of you jump out to see the robber
  108. >but what you see makes you freeze up
  109. >How? What?
  110. “Hehehe, so you found me, damn you mu tummy I told you we would get into trouble for stealing all this honey”
  111. >Winnie the motherfucking Pooh is sitting on his fat yellow ass, eating the honey
  112. “Anon, what is this creature?”
  113. >”Y-you’re Winnie the Pooh right?”
  114. >Winnie gives you a look
  115. “Oh, so you know me kid? Whoope-fucking doo, fuck off if you know what’s best for you”
  116. >Waspy seems pissed at this as your mind blows itself
  117. >”Pooh, why are you talking like that?”
  118. >Pooh puts the jar of Honey he has down onto the ground and gets up
  119. “Trust me kid, all you ever saw and knew of me is just sugarcoated children’s fairy tale. I’m a mean fucker hooked on honey and I have killed men and children much more ballsy than you for the good stuff so walk off.”
  120. >Winnie pulls out a large bowie knife
  121. “Anon look out!”
  122. >Waspy rushes Pooh and dodges his stab as you stare in horror
  123. “Take this you thief!”
  124. >Waspy punches Pooh on the abdomen and then elbows the back of Poohs head, sending him stumbling towards you while yelling furiously
  125. “You fucking asshole!”
  126. >you need to do your part in this
  127. >you dodge a swing of Poohs knife and grab his arm and try to throw him over your shoulder
  128. >instead, there is a loud sound of fabric tearing and the only thing that flies over your shoulder is Poohs whole arm and some stuffing
  129. >the three of you stare it in shock until Pooh starts to scream in pain
  131. >Pooh swings the knife furiously at you but you stop him and push your hand in from the opening where Poohs arm used to be connected to his body
  132. >and you start to tear out his stuffing as he screams like a pig being slaughtered
  133. >the knife falls from his hand as his body goes limp but you keep pulling stuff out
  134. >and then you rip Poohs head clean off of his body and drop it to the ground
  135. >”We’re safe now Waspy”
  136. “Waspy is just holding his mouth and looking sick and shocked
  137. >you grab what’s left of the honey and start walking
  138. >”Let’s go home Waspy”
  139. >Waspy follows you home
  140. >from that day on you were the man of the relationship and Waspy was the girl
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