[ Beta English Softsubs ] Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish)

Jul 10th, 2015
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  1. [ Kuragehime / Princess Jellyfish Live Action Movie - Beta version English softsubs ]
  3. Finally! After pre-timing and translating by ear! After painfully understanding and doing cross reference research on all the nerdiness of each member of the Sisterhood! Besides that the cast, especially Mayaya, always eats up what they are saying! Here it is - finally - the beta version softsubs of Kuragehime / Princess Jellyfish Live Action Movie!
  5. As this is still a beta version, kindly help us decide for the final version subtitle translations of some prominent terms used in the title, by answering two of the polls below (in the section "Translation choices and thoughts?"). Thank you. Download the beta version softsubs at any of the following:
  7. MediaFire -
  8. SubScene -
  9. OpenSubtitles -
  11. If you find our releases useful, kindly consider donating - | |
  13. Kindly remember that this is a beta version softsub & made for people who can't wait. There might be errors in translation, grammar, typo, among others. They are only first pass translation and most likely have errors as this time, this is mostly translated by ear. If you found error(s), please email us ( the time stamp of the line(s), and how to improve that line(s). Thanks! There will be a final corrected version.
  15. You can get the raws at Nyaa, Doramax265, AsiaFull, AsiaTorrents/Avistaz, Ganool, Light-Of-Angels or PlotBoxes.
  17. tl;dr notes below:
  18. -------------------------------------
  19. ==Translation choices and thoughts?==
  20. -------------------------------------
  21. Compared to my earlier years, I try to achieve a more liberal translation where new viewers won't feel out of place. Though in this particular adaptation, I checked most of the translations of other adaptations - the manga scanlations, official anime release of Funimation, the fansubbed version, and the official English subtitles of this movie available only in international film festivals or channels like Channel Red and not available in digital media.
  23. I'm still deciding what should be the final translation of the following. If it's alright, kindly choose what translation you prefer:
  24. > Poll for "oshare ningen" - - Meiana & I had been talking about how this should be translated. The manga scanlation translated it literally as "stylish person/people". The official dubs made the adjective "stylish" into a noun. "hipster" was used by umee fansubs. "fab person/people" was used in the official theater release of this movie. Meiana and I decided to use "fashionista" here.
  25. > Poll for "Amars" VS "Sisterhood" VS "Nuns" - - The manga and official subs of the theater release of the movie used "Amars" (though there is a note in parenthesis saying "Nun"). The official anime dub and umee fansubs used "Sisterhood". I honestly prefer "Sisterhood", but the movie itself had captions on it saying "Amars" in romanizations, so I'm not sure what should be used for the final version.
  27. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. ==Final version release plans & recruitment of staff for the extras==
  29. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. The final version will be released in FHD, HD and FWVGA versions, along with quite a lot of extras. Here is a list of the extras that will be included in the final release:
  32. > Extras DVD2 - includes behind the scenes, deleted scenes, premiere night interview and events interview
  33. > Booklet scanlations - more or less focusing on the comics of Akiko Higashimura about her reactions of the movie
  34. > Sekai no Owari songs - Mermaid Rhapsody live performance and album talk at CDTV, Starlight Parade from Arena Tour 2013
  36. If you are interested in helping above, especially in pre-timing the extras DVD and cleaning & typesetting the booklet, kindly email us at
  38. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. ==Other works to check out related to the title - Kuragehime manga and anime==
  40. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  41. > Anime - The official Funimation release is actually very good and I have considered quite a lot of the translation used in the anime when I was translating this movie. Buy it here -
  42. > Manga - Currently, the manga is on hiatus sadly, even though what has been happening so far is exciting as most of the main characters are in Singapore. Also, the movie version got past the anime version already and has scenes that are only based from the manga. Get the scanlations from the wonderful people of Hachimitsu Scans -
  44. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. ==Other works to check out related to the title - Music - SekaOwa==
  46. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. Besides hyadain doing a darn good job for making the background music, there were three songs from Sekai no Owari that was used in the movie, "Mermaid Rhapsody", "Starlight Parade" and "Fushichou". From someone who already have these albums, even prior to translating the movie, I highly recommend the albums where the songs used in the movie are included.
  49. > Sekai no Owari "Tree" album - Buy it here -
  50. > Sekai no Owari "Entertainment" album - Buy it here -
  52. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  53. ==Other works to check out related to the title - Other titles of the cast I recommend (& pimp)==
  54. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55. > Hot Road - Tsukimi (Nounen Rena) & Mayaya (Ohta Rina) - see how both actresses have totally different roles in this movie, especially Mayaya haha - beta version softsubs here -
  56. > Kamisama no Karute 2 - Banba (Ikewaki Chizuru) - Ikewaki Chizuru is a veteran actress and I probably would also flip like Higashimura Akiko-sensei if I found out that Banba will be portrayed by her haha Also check out her different role here - beta version sofsubs here (final version out soon as it's already in QC) -
  58. > Amachan - Tsukimi (Nounen Rena) and Secretary Koibuchi (Hiraizumi Sei) - Nounen's role in this NHK morning drama is known to be her breakthrough role, as this asadora is very big hit. It's also my personal favourite. You can get the fansubs here -
  59. > Patlabor - Mayaya (Ohta Rina) - I just love her kickass role in this action JDrama mech series. You should also check it out. Go get the series from The Skaro Hunting Society -
  60. > Summer Snow - Banba (Ikewaki Chizuru) - this is probably the very first JDrama I saw of Ikewaki Chizuru, which I watched more than a decade ago. Besides that JTV, the group that subbed the JDrama, is now defunct, not to mention the JDrama is quite dated now, I still regard it as one of the best classic JDramas I've watched so far. If your eyes aren't tearjerky at the last episode - you have soul cancer. It's available at AsiaTorrents / Avistaz as I just checked.
  61. > Zettai Kareshi - Hanamori (Hayami Mokomichi) - Love his role as the love android, 01 / Tenjo Night in the JDrama adaptation (with quite a LOT of liberal changes) of Watase Yuu's manga. Go get it at
  62. > Gokusen 2 - Hanamori (Hayami Mokomichi) - It's Gokusen! Enough said. Go get it at
  64. --------------------------------------------------
  65. Beta version softsubs date of release : 2015-07-11
  66. --------------------------------------------------
  68. In other news, regarding the final version softsubs of other released beta versions, here will be more or less the release order:
  69. 1> Kamisama no Karute 2 - now in QC for the final version
  70. 2> Hot Road - done with ending song karaoke, 2nd pass translation + typesets needed.
  71. 3> Little Forest: Summer & Autumn - haven't touched yet since beta version release. mook extras still needed to be translated / cleaned (thanks again laika!)
  72. 4> Silver Spoon - because the extras are still on pre-translation timing stage, this will be a bit more delayed
  73. 5> Fatal Frame - again, because extras are still on pre-translation timing stage, this will also be a bit more delayed
  75. Thanks for being patient with us :) Kindly email us at if you found any errors by indicating the timestamp(s) of the line(s) and how to improve the line(s). Thanks!
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