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  1. <align="center">
  2. <b>INFO:</b>
  3. <i>Hosted in FR
  4. FF is on</i>
  7. <b>RULES:</b>
  8. <i>1. Do not insult anyone. Be respectful to everyone.
  9. 2. No racism or derogatory language, or micspam.
  10. 3. Do not advertise.
  11. 4. Do not ask repeatedly for a rank.
  12. 5. Do not talk about anything NSFW (gore, pornography, NSFW in the form of text) on any channel isn't allowed.
  13. 6. Do not mention, and or recommend piracy or illegal activities.
  14. 7. This server is English-only. Please speak in English.</i>
  15. Have fun!
  16. </align>
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