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Jun 12th, 2017
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  1. ok so the point of this post (edditing will be done eventually) is to provide you withdecent and accurate information on transgenders more will be added to this as time goes on
  2. my goal with this is to provide better understanding to what trans ppl go threw
  3. certain places such as life site news (reffered to from here on out as lsn)
  4. are trying to convince ppl with false evidence and research about a false harm in kids who are transitioning to take neccesary steps needed to transition however time and time again scientists doctors and therapist have proven that rejecting these steps and trying to say its wrong and force them to live by there biology does so much harm to transgender children many of these kids develop many issues several commit suicide but almost all of them abandon there parents 1 way or another as soon as there out of the house
  5. but i would like to point out lsn may have a leegitimate fear cause yes not all trans kids are actually trans this action or want to transition are more often based on singular interests meaning tho your identity matches biology you have a strong interest in doing things wearing things ect that society has deemed to be for the opposite sex but there identity being unclear or clouded they feel it easier to transition for these likes but various factors do tend to make these ppl think the transition was a bad idea later on and for them it might be so the question is how do you tell whos right to transition and whos not?
  6. well it comes down to 3 key areas
  7. 1 is therapy therapists can help assure its the right choice but they can make mistakes
  8. 2 watching there traits this is the biggest aspect to good parrenting dont use traits to automaticly decide for them they still need to decide
  9. 3 education teaching kids about gender diversity and the fact that you can like anything w/o it effecting your identity for example a guy can love the feel and look of wearing a dress but still identify as a guy
  10. lsn thinks that we should not let any kid take the steps to transition but what that does to transgenders is strips them of there real childhood and causes many issues for transgenders
  11. as for medical use a lgbt friendly doctor and therapist to decide whats good for them and whether its reversible blockers are generally reversible
  12. lsn may say otherwise but there studies show no physical proof and most there posts are based on sole opinions and not real research
  13. in matter of fact after talking to lsn i found out there researchers only ever talk to the fake transgenders the 1's who falsely transition and admitted refusal to interview actual transitioned transgenders whicvh right there is enough to say that lsn has a closed minded look at this
  14. lsn acts as if there research is better then everyone elses despite having a sht ton of researches to disprove all of these but then again thats common for fake news sites to them it doesnt matter how much evidence is against them they refuse to step out of there closed mindessness and step into reality
  15. below are several links i pieced together some are not remotely relevant at all they are all trans related but some i just thought were cool responses and others are real stories
  16. i dont expect you lsn nuts to understand this fully i mean you never were 1 to accept the truth your vastly outnumbered i just hope you understand this soon before more ppl get hurt
  18. this link has great and correct science however the statistics and some terminology is false but thats normal cause those have been changing
  30. best response
  32. dysphoria
  34. things about trans
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