Sunday Night Community Chatroom 12/06/2015

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  1. (18:06:34) MerryBossClaus: Well, I think 5 minutes will be enough. Any objections? Anyone interested in an extension?
  2. (18:07:57) MerryBossClaus: ....Come on now folks, I'm sure all of us here are able to voice an opinion, right? Don't worry, I don't bite!
  3. (18:10:25) MusicalReindeer: ... Perhaps we can invest in an advertisement to get more traffic
  4. (18:10:32) SantaBoyX7: Mind If I share first
  5. (18:10:33) MerryBossClaus: Heyo, Toby! Seems to be the season, eh?
  6. (18:11:09) TisTheSeasonJoey: Yep, all those chestnuts and open fires and idea sharing an the rest.
  7. (18:11:25) MerryBossClaus: Go ahead, just keep in mind this isn't a development meeting.
  8. (18:12:05) MerryBossClaus: @MB
  9. (18:13:17) MerryBossClaus: Okay, quick survey, everyone who's actually present, please say "Aye."
  10. (18:13:30) SantaBoyX7: Aye
  11. (18:13:35) MusicalReindeer: Aye
  12. (18:13:57) KingDedede: Aye, but I gotta go in a few minutes
  13. (18:14:37) SantaBoyX7: My idea is
  14. (18:14:44) SantaBoyX7: To have a new plot
  15. (18:14:59) SantaBoyX7: A very simple one that could be explained on the front forums page
  16. (18:15:11) ThatOneFrostMan: Oh yeah, the SNC is happening. >.>
  17. (18:15:28) TisTheSeasonJoey: Aye
  18. (18:15:29) MerryBossClaus tapes Ender to a seat
  19. (18:15:30) SantaBoyX7: The main plot would be this
  20. (18:15:57) SantaBoyX7: Dr.Wily is trying to make something called devil masters
  21. (18:16:23) SantaBoyX7: They are the physical form of Pure evil energy taking the form of robot masters
  22. (18:16:55) SantaBoyX7: When the first attack of the first devil machine comes it goes down to the rain of Mettools
  23. (18:17:16) SantaBoyX7: Mega Man and Company are suprised about this attack and want to investigate
  24. (18:17:42) SantaBoyX7: then they see the news where Dr.Wily is attacking the city with clone versions of the MM1 robot masters
  25. (18:18:01) SantaBoyX7: Mega Man is sent out to dest
  26. (18:18:04) SantaBoyX7: err
  27. (18:18:13) SantaBoyX7: Eliminate the Devil masters
  28. (18:18:19) SantaBoyX7: and save the world
  29. (18:18:21) MerryBossClaus: Well, let me be frank, discussion on plot has been encouraged to be shoved to a side a bit, but I doubt Adrian wants to move away from the original plan of the Galactic Counsel. However, I do agree the huge essay that we have currently could use a shorter premise paragraph, so that new players aren't overwhelmed.
  30. (18:18:44) ThatOneFrostMan: ..wait, why wouldn't Light send Mega and the other MM1/MM9 bots immediately?
  31. (18:18:44) SantaBoyX7: However Dr.wily is just trying to destroy the rouge Devil Masters
  32. (18:19:06) SantaBoyX7: and Dr.Cossack is just doing the same as Mega Man
  33. (18:19:25) MerryBossClaus: After all, players who are used to the short-and-sweet story of the NES games should have their own simple story to go off of.
  34. (18:19:29) SantaBoyX7: @Ender since they are more powerful clones they could obliterate the originals
  35. (18:20:07) SantaBoyX7: My replacement idea would be to include two webcomic refrences
  36. (18:20:08) ThatOneFrostMan: But you never said Light knew how powerful they are..
  37. (18:20:20) SantaBoyX7: MegaBoy & Bt as an alt
  38. (18:20:29) ThatOneFrostMan: And brb.
  39. (18:20:35) SantaBoyX7: and Cutman having pun attack
  40. (18:20:42) SantaBoyX7: THOSE ARE MY DEMANDS
  41. (18:21:16) MusicalReindeer: I always thought that since MMRPG loves its Battle Network crossovers, Alpha.EXE would soon find out the internet based Prototype exists, and in a fit of jealousy, would corrupt it
  42. (18:21:47) MusicalReindeer: Or atleast that's my spin of the story
  43. (18:22:12) MerryBossClaus: ....And let's keep in mind, we should be focusing on the matter more pressing at the moment; the lack of activity on the other parts of the Community/Chat. Adrian isn't able to work on Prototype, so we can't focus on something that won't be changed, as far as my knowledge, until a period of time.
  44. (18:23:39) MerryBossClaus: I do want to say, what we're doing with the Forum games has shown to be astounding with encouraging activity and showing we have users willing to support. Now we have to learn how to do more activity in more places.
  45. (18:24:05) MusicalReindeer: We could always buy an ad, I've seen spaces for only a few hundred dollars
  46. (18:24:22) SantaBoyX7: I WANT PUN ATTACK
  47. (18:24:24) MerryBossClaus: And the willing donor for that would be...?
  48. (18:24:29) SantaBoyX7: OR ELSEZ
  49. (18:24:42) MerryBossClaus: Not to mention the legality of the situation.
  50. (18:25:10) MerryBossClaus: However, just because ads are out of the option doesn't mean you can't spread the word.
  51. (18:25:23) SantaBoyX7: I will unleash this
  52. (18:26:20) MusicalReindeer: That's true, but I can't think of any other Wikis we could Add MMRPG to
  53. (18:26:32) MerryBossClaus: We've expanded our site through multiple other uses, from sharing it on other local Mega fansites and a host of wiki-pages, and those tend to be effective.
  54. (18:26:45) TisTheSeasonJoey: Well, on the lines of advertising the Prototype, has anyone had success talking to friends or posting on different websites?
  55. (18:27:51) MerryBossClaus: I know we've gotten a nice share of users from the Cut-stuff forums and the Sprite's Inc forums.
  56. (18:28:31) MusicalReindeer: We also have a portion of users from Fantendo
  57. (18:28:57) SantaBoyX7: Maybe we should actually make an RPG
  58. (18:28:59) MerryBossClaus: That we do.
  59. (18:29:39) SantaBoyX7: Downloadable
  60. (18:29:41) MerryBossClaus: We....Already did...
  61. (18:29:43) SantaBoyX7: Flash
  62. (18:29:46) SantaBoyX7: RPG Maker
  63. (18:30:27) SantaBoyX7: Oh yeah
  64. (18:30:29) TisTheSeasonJoey: That kinda goes against the spirit of the community and the Prototype itself.
  65. (18:30:31) SantaBoyX7: SSN is making that
  66. (18:30:39) SantaBoyX7: oh speaking of
  67. (18:30:47) SantaBoyX7: Boss
  68. (18:30:58) SantaBoyX7: I think we might need a new battle sprite for SSN's game
  69. (18:30:59) MusicalReindeer: Besides MMRPG, we have SSN and Mikey's projects
  70. (18:32:58) MerryBossClaus: There's nobody able to program it either, unless someone wants to program their own mini-version.
  71. (18:33:47) MerryBossClaus: Oh, and as far as my limited knowledge on the situation is, I know SSN is currently taking a hiatus on his project.
  72. (18:33:50) SantaBoyX7: I'm going to coding club soon
  73. (18:34:45) MerryBossClaus: Even then, I do want to put our focus on improving the Community and Chat. Coding isn't an option.
  74. (18:35:01) SantaBoyX7: Understood
  75. (18:35:03) TinyTailsMK4: Completely forgot about this...though I don't have anything to share, other than that there really isn't much that can be done aside trying to stay active on the forums...
  76. (18:36:02) MerryBossClaus: Now, it seems our Community is benefiting well from our forum games, but it's really only the games causing the activity.
  77. (18:36:59) TinyTailsMK4: Also, I will say that I'm one from the Cutstuff forums...I probably would not have heard of this game otherwise unless I decided to search for "Mega Man RPG" on Youtube.
  78. (18:37:12) SantaBoyX7: Understood
  79. (18:37:21) MerryBossClaus: News and Development aren't sections we can currently fix, but in any case, we should really be doing whatever we can with the Roleplay and General sections.
  80. (18:37:26) SantaBoyX7: Anyone want to go next
  81. (18:37:58) MerryBossClaus: It's more of an open discussion than an idea-sharing thing right now with our Community SNCs.
  82. (18:38:30) MusicalReindeer: I've been thinking of making a Wiki for the Prototype, with pages for the Robots, fields, etc. And we could advertise their
  83. (18:38:41) MusicalReindeer: *there
  84. (18:39:01) MerryBossClaus: Now then, does anyone have any ideas revolving around what we can do to bring similar activity into the Chat?
  85. (18:39:33) TinyTailsMK4: I don't think the game is big enough to warrant its own Wiki, really.
  86. (18:39:40) MerryBossClaus: Well, I'm not against the idea. You don't think the Database is a viable option for that so far?
  87. (18:40:38) MerryBossClaus: I've seen smaller games get their own Wikis, so I don't believe we're completely out of the fight.
  88. (18:41:28) MusicalReindeer: We already have two pages on different wikis, but we don't go into great detail on how each Robot Master works, where that can only be done in a wiki
  89. (18:41:41) MerryBossClaus: I just don't want users going around and making their own pages, however. If a wiki is considered, it has to be serious.
  90. (18:41:58) MerryBossClaus: *Making their own pages about themselves
  91. (18:44:28) MerryBossClaus: Does anyone else have their objections? Anything, really.
  92. (18:46:43) MerryBossClaus: Anyone have any thoughts then? SNC thrives on participation, and if no one participates, then there's no SNC.
  93. (18:48:11) MerryBossClaus: See, this is an example of the problem with Chat. It's always been relatively void in here since the lack of updates.
  94. (18:48:48) MerryBossClaus: Whatever the case, we need to introduce something to bring back Chat activity. SNC just isn't cutting it anymore.
  95. (18:52:23) MerryBossClaus: ...And yet nobody has any sort of opinion on that either? Not even an "I agree"?
  96. (18:53:13) MerryBossClaus: Agree, disagree, whatever you think; SNC is all about open discussion. But there's no discussion if there's just one guy trying to hold it up.
  97. (18:55:55) TisTheSeasonJoey: Sorry, doing dishes.
  98. (18:56:21) MerryBossClaus: Ah, don't worry about it, you don't seem to be the only person doing dishes :P
  99. (18:56:55) TisTheSeasonJoey: Yeah, I guess. Scrolling through the points now.
  100. (18:58:53) MerryBossClaus: Say, is anyone aware of the Hunger Games Simulator?
  101. (18:59:27) TisTheSeasonJoey: I remember when Mikey was doing something with that.
  102. (19:01:21) MerryBossClaus: Might be fun to create our own forum game with that, granted with a lot more planning into it. Maybe with some fun characterized commentary from the organizer as well, and some changed lingo to move away from the whole negative connotations the Hunger Games brings with it.
  103. (19:02:48) MerryBossClaus: .....Of course, if there's anyone who wants to shoot the idea down, then by all means, anyone feel free to do so. That's sorta the fun of SNC, isn't it?
  104. (19:04:08) TisTheSeasonJoey: How large of a scope are we talking here? Something with a few characters that would last a few days? Something over the course of two weeks?
  105. (19:04:47) MerryBossClaus: Nothing major, but a little higher in scope in what we were originally doing.
  106. (19:06:46) MerryBossClaus: And the character commentators, I remember that stemming from Sprite's Inc did and was something along the lines of robots commentating on the actions taking place. Might be fun getting a commentator duo of something like Blizzard Man and Strike Man.
  107. (19:08:39) MerryBossClaus: I'm also interested in starting up a series of contests of sorts. Would anyone be against that?
  108. (19:08:45) TisTheSeasonJoey: That sounds interesting, but how would we handle the time management? It seems like three things happen to forum games on this website.
  109. (19:09:11) TisTheSeasonJoey: 1. There is no limit, so the event ends quickly and everyone is burnt out and bored of it.
  110. (19:09:13) MusicalReindeer: Is this still going on?
  111. (19:09:19) MerryBossClaus: That it is.
  112. (19:09:31) TisTheSeasonJoey: 2. Everything is spaced out too far, making people lose interest.
  113. (19:10:02) TisTheSeasonJoey: 3. We get lucky and it is spaced short enough to keep interest, but long enough to keep it from growing stale.
  114. (19:10:32) TisTheSeasonJoey: Those 1st and 2nd category games never last too long here....
  115. (19:10:40) KingDedede: Im back On.
  116. (19:11:00) Brimscrooge: W0t
  117. (19:11:28) MerryBossClaus: I'll admit, a running trend with the lucky threads, they all seem to tend from the same source of they can be participated with on the spot. There's no complicated answer or decision-making, you can just put something up quickly and for fun, with really absolutely no major effort.
  118. (19:12:10) Brimscrooge: So what was everyone talking about while my timezone decided to make it impossible for me to come on for the chatlog earlier?
  119. (19:12:32) TisTheSeasonJoey: Just the usual community life giving ideas.
  120. (19:12:36) MerryBossClaus: How to bring further participation onto the Community, as well as bringing some of that into the Chat as well.
  121. (19:12:54) Brimscrooge: Oh, alright then
  122. (19:12:55) SantaBoyX7: Oh
  123. (19:12:57) SantaBoyX7: Back
  124. (19:13:35) Rhythm_BCA: if i may...
  125. (19:13:38) MerryBossClaus: I also do want to finally bring some form of contests to the Community as well.
  126. (19:13:45) Brimscrooge: Rhythm's speaking.
  127. (19:13:47) MerryBossClaus: Go ahead.
  128. (19:14:01) Rhythm_BCA: from what i've seen, the forum games seem to be working as well as can be expected
  129. (19:14:13) Rhythm_BCA: posts are up, people are participating, it's creating dialogue, etc etc
  130. (19:14:18) MerryBossClaus: That they are.
  131. (19:14:21) Brimscrooge: Mafia doesn't really seem that good, however.
  132. (19:14:26) Rhythm_BCA: but the obvious concerns is that it can become stale VERY fast
  133. (19:14:33) Brimscrooge: On the first game only 6 / 7 people participated.
  134. (19:14:46) Brimscrooge: ...or is that something good?
  135. (19:14:49) Rhythm_BCA: like, i'm noticing the hurt/heal might be getting boring as it's gotten stagnant with things. might need to drop a -5 bomb soon
  136. (19:14:52) MerryBossClaus: Don't forget the roster was limited with that in the first place.
  137. (19:14:55) KingDedede: Hm.
  138. (19:15:09) KingDedede: ...Oh, I gotta check to see if anyone else Has submitted.
  139. (19:15:16) Rhythm_BCA: some of the other ones like the corrupt a wish is more who wants to have fun with it. haven't checked on it recently
  140. (19:15:18) Brimscrooge: If there were actually more people in the community I'd host a full fleged-out mafia game.
  141. (19:15:23) Rhythm_BCA: was it doing well?
  142. (19:15:26) MerryBossClaus: Recently broke 100 comments.
  143. (19:15:52) Brimscrooge: The roleplays seem a little dead, as well.
  144. (19:16:09) Rhythm_BCA: RPs always die
  145. (19:16:16) Brimscrooge: Lol
  146. (19:16:28) Rhythm_BCA: very rarely do they strive on and even then it takes a LOT of effort by those participating and willing to participate
  147. (19:16:44) MerryBossClaus: In that case, we should try to bring back the Roleplays a bit too. Something along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons though, something to get involved with, not just screwing up posting MLG memes.
  148. (19:16:44) Brimscrooge: Boss, you were thinking of some Hunger Games Simulator?
  149. (19:16:49) Rhythm_BCA: Chat seems to be fine as it's growing more beyond "HEY ONLY TALK ABOUT MMRPG HERE!!!"
  150. (19:16:59) Brimscrooge: I took the time to read your "Great wall of China" above
  151. (19:17:32) Rhythm_BCA: and people need to be aware that they can come in here, interact with others who have played the game, but feel free to talk about whatever they wish in here, barring the obvious restrictions that are no-nos for obvious reasons
  152. (19:17:46) Brimscrooge: Yep.
  153. (19:17:53) MerryBossClaus: I agree.
  154. (19:18:05) TisTheSeasonJoey: That would be ideal, but it is somewhat hindered by the age gaps here.
  155. (19:18:07) Rhythm_BCA: for example, on Deadchat on inc, we talk about video games, sports (when i'm on), daily happenings, ongoing projects, sprites, art, the world,
  156. (19:18:09) Brimscrooge: If there's some place in the home page for the chat rules, they should say "Btw, don't just talk about MMRPG."
  157. (19:18:40) Brimscrooge: Joey, then how old are you?
  158. (19:19:19) Rhythm_BCA: it's a "chat" room, and not hindered by the site its attached to
  159. (19:19:35) Rhythm_BCA: and i feel this chat has evolved past what it once was
  160. (19:19:51) Rhythm_BCA: felt like walking on eggshells about what was allowed and if it were the appropriate Channel and whatnot
  161. (19:20:04) Brimscrooge: The first day I was here the only thing I was trying to talk about was "How on earth do I defeat Rhythm"
  162. (19:20:12) Rhythm_BCA: say screw it, someone wants to discuss an ongoing RP in public, let them. it might insight people to join
  163. (19:20:21) MerryBossClaus: Yes, indeed. Chat's not a totalitarian system, it's a place for open-discussion.
  164. (19:20:33) Rhythm_BCA: griping about someone hurting you in hurt/heal? amass a posse to exact your awesome revenge
  165. (19:21:07) Brimscrooge: In that case if Boss joins the next Hurt-and-Heal we will make a rebellion to eliminate him.
  166. (19:21:14) Rhythm_BCA: exactly
  167. (19:21:37) MerryBossClaus: Bring it on, I'm just about ready for whatever army you bring B)
  168. (19:22:05) Brimscrooge: inb4 "I have an army of alts"
  169. (19:22:05) TisTheSeasonJoey: Including a cuukie crusher?
  170. (19:22:06) Rhythm_BCA: it's just making people aware that the community itself is evolving beyond the game it's build around
  171. (19:22:21) Rhythm_BCA: the RPG will always be there and when the time comes, it will update and the focus will shift to that again
  172. (19:22:40) Rhythm_BCA: but if the community is solely focused on the game itself, it will become a wasteland and desolate
  173. (19:22:59) Rhythm_BCA: (there's one game's forum i'm a member of and there is hardly any activity)
  174. (19:23:39) MerryBossClaus: In that case, I see every reason for us to go ahead and evolve a bit, move out from the usual topics.
  175. (19:24:50) Brimscrooge: Define "evolve"
  176. (19:24:58) Rhythm_BCA: like i said, open up a bit with your fellow members
  177. (19:25:26) Rhythm_BCA: talk about your life, school, work, what you're doing for the weekend, what games you're playing or hope to get for the holidays
  178. (19:25:33) Rhythm_BCA: show pics of your amiibos :)
  179. (19:25:54) Brimscrooge: Amiibos? I ain't got any
  180. (19:26:11) MerryBossClaus: Me neither, but yeah, I get the point.
  181. (19:26:24) TisTheSeasonJoey: Wait, you guys have an Invisible Man amiibo?!?
  182. (19:26:44) Rhythm_BCA: i could show you all my new shelves :|
  183. (19:27:12) Brimscrooge: Joey, you ain't gonna make a stand-up-comedian by yourself
  184. (19:27:19) MerryBossClaus: Yeah, my uncle works at Nintendo, he gets me all the limited amiibos. You know, no big deal.
  185. (19:29:56) Brimscrooge: I SMELL YOUR LIES
  186. (19:30:04) Brimscrooge: jk
  187. (19:30:21) MerryBossClaus is defeated
  188. (19:30:27) KingDedede: ...
  189. (19:30:37) Brimscrooge: Meta the ellipsis god arrives.
  190. (19:30:46) KingDedede: Ive been here.
  191. (19:30:55) MerryBossClaus: Anyway, are there any other points we'd like to make?
  192. (19:31:02) Rhythm_BCA: so it's growing. it's a slow road but it's getting there
  193. (19:31:02) Brimscrooge: IK, but weren't you afk for a while?
  194. (19:31:41) Rhythm_BCA: but it's hard to find good enough ideas that work that stimulate people coming back for more than the RPG
  195. (19:32:00) Rhythm_BCA: and aren't designed to pull people away or think about elsewhere
  196. (19:32:33) MerryBossClaus: Trial and error and just knowing what people would want is about the only reasonable guide to go off of.
  197. (19:32:47) Rhythm_BCA: pretty much
  198. (19:36:00) MerryBossClaus: Say, why is it that it's always the end of a SNC that suddenly becomes active?
  199. (19:36:12) Brimscrooge: This is the end of a SNC?
  200. (19:36:14) TisTheSeasonJoey: People end up coming in late?
  201. (19:36:33) MerryBossClaus: Alright, excuse me. *The later half of a SNC
  202. (19:37:02) MerryBossClaus: Even then though, we started off with 6. We're only +1 now.
  203. (19:37:04) Brimscrooge: Wait, where do the majority of the people in the chat live right now
  204. (19:37:04) Rhythm_BCA: i was watching a *EXPLETIVE CENSORED DUE TO RANDOM CENSORSHIP RULES* game
  205. (19:37:23) Rhythm_BCA: blech
  206. (19:39:50) Rhythm_BCA: :P
  207. (19:40:58) MerryBossClaus: Hmm, situations like this tend to be why I'm worried on loosening up our banned topics for discussion. Too much possibility for error.
  208. (19:41:10) Rhythm_BCA: i don't care yeesh
  209. (19:41:15) Rhythm_BCA: see how hyper sensitive people are?
  210. (19:41:30) MerryBossClaus: I know, I know, but not everybody is a Rhythm.
  211. (19:41:40) Brimscrooge: "Everyone's a Rhythm!"
  212. (19:41:45) Rhythm_BCA: they should be
  213. (19:41:47) Brimscrooge: Now to find a image to photoshop
  214. (19:42:45) MerryBossClaus: Perhaps one day.
  215. (19:43:19) Brimscrooge: Now where can I find Rhythm's sprites inc avatar
  216. (19:43:20) MerryBossClaus: You know, with the whole contest thing, that might be fun. A whole contest about photoshopping and seeing what hilarious results could be made.
  217. (19:43:24) Brimscrooge: I don't see his darn posts
  218. (19:43:42) MerryBossClaus: I think it's on the front page, last I checked :P
  219. (19:43:55) Brimscrooge: Oh.
  220. (19:44:01) Brimscrooge: I instantly scrolled down lol
  221. (19:44:52) MerryBossClaus: Ah, don't worry, it was hiding in plain sight after all :D
  222. (19:45:26) Brimscrooge: Now with the mindset of "Everybody is a Rhythm"
  223. (19:45:40) Brimscrooge: A contest dedicated to photoshopping Rhythm into things?
  224. (19:46:33) MerryBossClaus: It's a hell of an idea, I'll give it that.
  225. (19:46:50) Brimscrooge: Let's see if anyone else approves
  226. (19:46:54) Rhythm_BCA: see that could just be an overall Photoshop/Edit contest
  227. (19:47:42) KingDedede: I'd say a drawing Contest.
  228. (19:48:11) MerryBossClaus: If MMRPG shows to prove we've got a couple artists laying about, then yeah, I'd see it coming into fruition.
  229. (19:48:58) Brimscrooge: So far, looking at the "Sketch-a-Robot" there's Musical and Toby
  230. (19:49:10) KingDedede: If I felt like practicing My drawing more, I could become a Pretty decent Paper artist. I dont have a Drawing tablet, Nor A Tablet hat could have an App for It.
  231. (19:49:19) KingDedede: I mean actual Drawing, Not Pixel art.
  232. (19:49:30) Brimscrooge: I can draw, but none of them involve entire humanoid bodies.
  233. (19:49:39) KingDedede: ...Then Again, stuff'd Have to be changed some.
  234. (19:49:46) Brimscrooge: Mostly I try to draw weapons. (I'm not part of the black market, alright?)
  235. (19:49:56) KingDedede: Well, I can draw some.
  236. But not really Much.
  237. (19:50:08) MerryBossClaus: I do really want to bring this up with the other moderators not present(in other words, Doc), and I really want to see this become a thing, mark my words.
  238. (19:50:18) Brimscrooge: Otherwise I only like drawing doodles and memes.
  239. (19:50:38) KingDedede: Ive tried drawing a couple of things.
  240. (19:51:13) KingDedede: On friday I tried to draw random Enemies, Which might become a Thing for me.
  241. Other than that, I *TRY* to draw furries Occasionally.
  242. (19:51:16) KingDedede: ...But eh.
  243. (19:51:27) Brimscrooge: Once I tried to draw a Met in a Tank wearing a camo hat.
  244. (19:51:33) Brimscrooge: I failed, don't ask me how.
  245. (19:51:51) KingDedede: I'd Say that If we had a Drawing contest thing, We'd have to choose what to draw, And what to Do it on.
  246. (19:52:01) KingDedede: (IE: Paper, Medibang Paint, Paint Tool sai)
  247. (19:52:42) Brimscrooge: Maybe the drawing contest wouldn't just be limited to ONE drawing tool / program
  248. (19:53:00) MerryBossClaus: Course not.
  249. (19:53:02) KingDedede: ^
  250. (19:53:07) KingDedede: Agreed.
  251. (19:53:17) Brimscrooge: Yeeep.
  252. (19:53:47) Brimscrooge: Which Robot Master in the Classic series is the hardest to draw?
  253. (19:53:50) MerryBossClaus: That being said, would we expect someone to have an unfair advantage if they're using something superior and hold them to a higher standard?
  254. (19:54:27) KingDedede: Maybe.
  255. (19:54:39) Brimscrooge: I don't see how and ms paint are necessarily an "Unfair advantage".
  256. (19:54:41) KingDedede: I might have a Slight advantage, but not really.
  257. (19:55:01) MerryBossClaus: Me neither, but it's important I bring up the point anyway.
  258. (19:55:04) KingDedede: ...@Brim Sai and Medibang Paint'd Be the better ones.
  259. (19:55:18) KingDedede: (Paint tool Sai and Medibang Paint)
  260. (19:55:22) Brimscrooge: Aallright.
  261. (19:55:52) MerryBossClaus: Anyway, should we call this meeting adjourned?
  262. (19:56:11) KingDedede: Hmm, I guess.
  263. (19:56:13) Brimscrooge: Okay
  264. (19:56:21) MerryBossClaus: Are we sure?
  265. (19:56:51) Brimscrooge: Yep.
  266. (19:56:52) TisTheSeasonJoey: But are we SURE we're sure?
  267. (19:56:53) Brimscrooge: For now.
  268. (19:57:03) Brimscrooge: Well, this is Part 1 of the meeting.
  269. (19:57:06) Brimscrooge: So there can be a Part 2
  270. (19:57:15) KingDedede: Ummmmmm
  271. (19:57:31) KingDedede: Part 2--- Nex week?
  272. (19:57:33) KingDedede: *Next
  273. (19:57:39) MerryBossClaus: Meeting adjourned means meeting adjourned, hope to see everyone next week.
  274. (19:57:44) Brimscrooge: Alright
  275. (19:58:11) MerryBossClaus: Sorry about the confusion, I suppose I haven't been exactly clear with the whole development/community meeting standards.
  276. (19:58:23) MerryBossClaus: Anyway, without further adieu....
  277. (19:58:29) MerryBossClaus slams his gavel
  278. (19:58:32) MerryBossClaus: Meeting adjourned.
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