[ Beta English Softsubs only(?) ] Sakurada Reset Zenpen

Nov 25th, 2017
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  1. Note: There probably won't be a final version of the main film since there are English subtitles from Thailand's Boomerang. You can buy the digital medias here:
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  4. But we plan to work on the extras only available in the Japanese deluxe edition once we acquire them.
  6. [ Beta English Softsubs - Sakurada Reset Zenpen / Sakurada Reset First Part / Sagrada Reset 1 ]
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  14. Pretty much caved in and started translated this film. I'm not really that familiar with the title but I heard good things about the anime adaptation of the light novel. It's time traveling and other supernatural psychics involved so it's relatively in the area of my interest.
  16. I was expecting it to be more action packed given it's about a town full of people with supernatural abilities, but I was wrong. It's melodramatic. I checked and the director was Yoshihiro Fukagawa. No wonder it's full of feels LOL This the 3rd film along with Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora Live Action movie and Kami-sama no Karute 2, I've translated from him which are also feel movies.
  18. And ugh. What a cliffhanger ending. Should I start with translating Kouhen already? Ugh. But I still need to work on Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo ~after~ chapter 2 first (along with real life priorities).
  20. You can check out the anime adaptation of the title from Madman Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, Anime Strike, (Amazon's on demand anime subscription service), and MVM Films. Be sure to support also the light novels and manga by buying them.
  22. Kindly take note that this is a beta version softsub & made for people who can't wait. It is not translation checked, edited nor quality checked other than me, Ais, the translator. There might be errors in translations, grammar, among others. As indicated in the subs themselves, if you found error(s), please email us ( the time stamp(s) of the line(s), and how to improve that line(s) so that we can correct them. There will be a final corrected version in due time and will be released and announced at our site -
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