Rin Character Sheet

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  1. Name: Rin
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Dragon
  4. Class: Outlaw (Dark Knight)
  5. Talent 1: Menacing Presence - Gain +2 to intimidation.
  6. Talent 2: Slice and Dice - Gain an extra attack roll with skills (This includes dual wields double attack, making it triple)
  7. Hit/Wounds: 7/5
  8. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  10. Skills:
  11.   (Racial) Dragon Flight: With or without wings, you are able to fly and hover while carrying heavy loads. Dragons can remain airborne indefinitely.
  13. Chromatic Scales (Lightning): instant automatic; 3 times per combat ; At character creation choose an element type, such as fire,  ice or lightning; when you use this ability the negative effects of the chosen element do not affect you. Successful attacks still deal damage as normal but the elemental effect you choose has no effect on you (i.e not helpless for a turn when hit by lightning) This also allows you attempt feats most other races can’t. (e.g. swimming in lava with fireproof scales)
  15.   (Bonus Racial) Dragon Greed: once per turn, instant automatic; Eating a gem or a valuable object made out of noble metals decreases the recharge of your next action by one. You begin each session with three snacks’ worth of gems, gold etc. You can gain additional gems as loot.
  17.   (Free Multiclass) Weapon Flurry: passive; Can use the Cleave skill with a Dual weapon, or the Dual Wielding skill with a Great weapon
  19.   (Class) Martial Defender: passive; You take +2 hits before going helpless (if you had 5, you now have 7, etc), and Slam crits on 8+
  21.   (Class) Rupture: recharge 1, weapon; Cut a target and leave them bleeding. For the next two turns they take 1 more hit of damage from all weapon attacks.
  23.   (Class) Stealth: Fade from sight. Enemies cannot attack you until you reveal yourself. An attack used in stealth Autocrits.
  25. Inventory: Dread Blades (Self named dual cutlasses.) Bits of treasure and gems (Dragon Greed). Vanishing Powder (Stealth). Canteen. Spyglass. Sextant. Blood stained cloth.
  27. Traits: Teal scales with red spines tracing from the top of her head down to her back. Wears leather armor with bandoleers stashing away the small bits of treasure she has plundered for herself, which seems to fill back up whenever she leaves the sight of others. Wears an eyepatch, however she still has a functioning eye underneath.
  29. Personality: Greedy, will almost always choose profit over safety of herself and others. Acts fiercely in combat, enjoying the thrill of spilling blood. Finds entertainment in making people weaker than her scared of her, yet never to those that are weak due to illness or malnutrition. Finds it pitiful and distasteful to steal from the poor, mostly from how easy it is to do it. Has a soft spot for children.
  31. History: Rin was once a member of a Pirate Crew known as the Crimson Scales, spending her younger years sailing the sea. As she grew older while training her prowess in combat, Rin slowly became the second mate of the Crimson Scales. One day during a raid on a ship delivering quite a hefty sum of gold, Rin's ship recieved quite a few heavy (and lucky as she swears to this day) shots to the hull. Everyone who was stuck on the delivery ship was forced to surrender, including Rin's captain. Rin however, was not with the boarding party.
  33. After swimming back to the nearest island on a small remnant of the ship, Rin swore she would one day build back up a fortune, find her captain and rescue him. To this day, she still doesn't know if they kept him locked away or made him swing from the gallows.
  36. Loot from Games
  37. --------------------
  39. Angler Tooth Necklace - +1 to Intimidation.
  41. 500 Doubloons
  43. Skill: Wenches & Mead: (+2 bonus) Can use this power to steal something from an object.
  45. The Teeth of Cain: Dual; Inflict the Bleed status effect on targets, with duration lasting Roll-5 turns.
  47. Aura (No Ranks): Curse of the Bloodscales: recharge 1; [Rank 1] Rin's aura engulfs and electrifies her claws, allowing her to unleash her electrified rage to several enemies up to 7 targets.
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