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  1. The production has a grandeur that far outweighs the provincial feel of the performance, this is mainly down to Enoch zu Guttenberg, who not only conducts the opera, but who also conceived the idea behind the concept as well as directing the whole production. Indeed the KlangVerwaltung Orchestra was formed from surrounding professional orchestras to bring Enoch zu Guttenberg’s ideas to fruition, the result being a wonderful orchestral sound. This is backed up by the splendid singing of the Neubeuern Choral Society, founded once again by Enoch zu Guttenberg to further the musical life of the area, and although more amateur in status, they have a professional sound and have appeared on a number of recordings.
  2. The soloists might not be household names, well at least not to me, but they all give spirited and enjoyable performances, with Antje Bitterlich bringing off the Queen of the Night’s famous aria with aplomb, whilst Jochen Kupfer brings just the right amount of humour to his performance, and Martin Petzold in full military uniform pirouetting around the stage in the guise of Monostatos/Otto Fürst Bismark is a sight to behold. There is also a telling involvement of three soloists from the Tölzer Knabenchors, indeed all the soloists add significantly to this very fine production.
  3. As already stated this is a clever and colourful production, which is well performed, whist the costumes are a mix of nineteenth and eighteenth century and fully appropriate, it is well recorded with the audio and visual aspects of the production being very good indeed. The additional text might put some people off, but this does not interfere with the opera itself as it only occurs during natural breaks in the opera. An enjoyable production, one that tries to place the opera in a particular historical period, and achieves its goal, a very entertaining romp.
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