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  2. Scouting: The lurers have custom bot scripts made up that connect to their discord servers, the bots will hop around every GE world scouting for high value items such as, Tbows, Scythes and Elys.
  3. If the bot sees a player with any of these items it will relay the information back to the discord stating the Players name, world, total wealth.
  6. The approach: Most lurers buy insane accounts such as max cape / max infernal cape accounts. These accounts can cost thousands but it's an investment lurers make as they know they will be able to
  7. convince more people with these accounts. Once the bot has scouted a potential victim the lurer will approach the victim and just act friendly. Every lurer has a different approach most offer to help with something
  8. others give a small amount of cash to befriend you. Eventually after talking for a while they will tell you about how they made money anti-scamming telegrab scammers.
  9. They will tell you that these guys drop items outside of a pvp bank and they want you to telegrab with all your wealth. They tell you about how if you telegrab the items it sucks you out of the bank.
  10. They sometimes refer to the red portal cash behind the tree lure where people would telegrab and get pulled into the wildy. This is what they want you to believe is the scam.
  11. After some time they will "Decoy" you. A decoy is a set up scenario where the victim will get the chance to help out the lurer and anti-scam the telegrab scammers. They will tell you that they have one trying them
  12. and they will ask you to come help loot the items for a 50/50 split. This part of the lure you will actually make some money, it's to make you believe in the scam and think you can actually make money.
  13. They will get you to loot the items the scammer is dropping, this is a set up scenario the "telegrab scammer" will be unaware that you're underneath and drop a small valued item. When the small value item gets looted
  14. the "telegrab scammer" notices you under him and moves away before dropping a high priced item but will pick it back up straight away. This is all apart of the script, as the victim fails to pick the big ticket item up
  15. as they looted "too fast" the lurer will guilt trip the victim into now also search for these "telegrab" scammers. They will tell them to hop around busy worlds in the ge and bait them.
  17. Sometimes at this point the lurer will ask for you discord, and they will call you raging at you for looting too fast and insist that you help them find the telegrab scammers.
  19. So now the victim will out of guilt or greed hop around busy worlds with their wealth and after a few minutes just by luck! a telegrab scammer will approach them. They follow the same proceedors as before,
  20. make you skull, brew you down, take you to the pvp world bank. They will ask to see your items as you need to have your items to telegrab of course! they will have an assistant trading you asking to see the items.
  21. Whilst in trade, the main scammer will be animation stalling and holding a stall with the book. Now when the victim is out of the trade screen they will see the scammer in the bank but really he is outside the bank
  22. but the book stalls the animation and holds him in the bank. So now the scammer will ask you to trade for the telegrab runes. Once you trade you get thrown out of the bank, instantly being piled by killers.
  23. As you've been brewed down and on a high risk world, there is nothing you can do all of your items are gone.
  25. Now this lure has been going of for some time and animation stalls have become somewhat known, so if the victim knows about the animation stall the lurers have one more trick up their sleeve.
  26. They will be wearing an outfit along with a sceptre and they will now tell you to wear the same outfit as them for the video. They will trade you robes and a pharaoh's sceptre.
  27. This is their last attempt as the sceptre is left click teleport to pyramid plunder. Not many people know this so will accidently left click the sceptre thinking its weild as they see the scammer
  28. wearing it. If they left click, they will be sent to pyramid plunder which is not a safezone and multi.
  30. There has always been a luring community in this game for many years, a lot of people have made a lot of money in this community, some well over $250-$300k. To this day this lure is still luring well over 5-10b a day.
  31. There have been a lot of attempts to expose this lure, there are huge egos in this community and everyone is always trying to be top dog.
  33. This video will be the biggest luring expose video thats ever been released. With the right footage and the right evidence this will really create awareness for the community.
  36. Many lurers have also wondered why Jagex have never patched the book. Jagex has patched many of the stall items in the past, but they have never patched the one ingredient that is always needed for stalls and that is the book.
  37. Many lurers believe that it is down to the book mechanics being way to hard to change and would need a whole re work.
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