Pedophile DOX

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  1. Dox of pspcow/silisx
  4. Dropped by @xxIZxx
  7. Reason: pedophile, manipulator
  8. Name: Lucciano Rebaza
  9. Address: 3055 S Nellis Blvd apt. 2016 Las Vegas, NV 89121-7705 (lives with father)
  10. Phone number: (702)619-4849
  11. Father’s name: Alfredo Rebaza
  12. Father’s phone number: (702)691-9975
  13. Occupation: mall security
  14. Twitter: @iamsilisx
  15. Birthday: July 13, 1994 (age 23)
  16. —————————————————————————————————————-
  17. Background: uses excuse of being dumped by his 5th grade crush to justify him dating a 15 yo girl. He is now in a relationship with a 16 yo boy (this can be found on his twitter bio, the kid’s @ is @ollivurr on instagram). He manipulates children into dating him and then controls what they do online and who they talk to. Many people from the poppy server on discord can give accounts of times pspcow was acting this way. The witnesses’ twitter @s are @prayforpoppy, @SkylarLErnest, and @spacexoprincess. The pedophile claims to have left the poppy server but that is highly unlikely due to the amount of alt accounts he makes. He admits to making discord alts and harassing the 15 yo girl in screenshots. Contact @xxIZxx on twitter to see the screenshots.
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