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  1. I'm gonna say now that honestly, this is a straight up nerf to defy. Its weird and insanely clunky. Its poor base duration of only 25 seconds means that you 100% have to mod for duration if you want to use it, but when you mod for duration you are in that animation that means you aren't playing the game at all for even longer. Yeah you can activate again to get out of that animation early, but you are playing the guessing game whether you've got max armour or not because theres 0 visual indicator of how much either damage or armour you have stored up from your time in that ability, so there is absolutely no way you can make a decision on when to deactive without purely guessing. Then you have the fact that enemies routinely ignore you when you cast 3. I mean just compare this to Atlas who can trivially keep up his armour buff from rubble without a clunky animation or even modding or chroma who doesn't get like 1500 flat armour, he gets 1000% plus armour that can be refreshed at any stage. When you look at the raw numbers, 1500 armour sounds nice, so does the 68% increase in effective hitpoints that you will end up with when running a double guardian and umbral build and having your 3 up. But when you look at the fact he is supposed to be a melee tank, the clunkiness of the ability due to the animation, the frankly low duration with no ability to refresh and the lack of scaling when compared to other similar armour based tanks around him, means that honestly, this ability really just falls very flat.
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