17/03/2016 - KTOS

Mar 17th, 2016
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  1. 17/03/2016 - KTOS Patch
  3. The following bugs have been corrected.
  5. 1. 제작/젬 강화/카드 합성 중 조인트 패널티에 맞으면 움직일 수 없는 현상이 수정됩니다.
  6. 2. 제작/젬 강화/카드 합성 중 공격받으면 다음에 제작/젬 강화/카드 합성을 할 수 없는 현상이 수정됩니다.
  7. 3. 다단 숲 미니맵에서 카롤리스 샘터로 가는 워프 이름이 임포라잔 폭포로 보이는 현상이 수정됩니다.
  8. 4. 캐릭터가 상점을 열었을 때와 거래 중 또는 카드 대전 중에 인벤토리에 있는 아이템 잠금을 사용할 수 없도록 수정됩니다.
  9. 5. Fixed the scenario where during Card wars, matching cards would disappear.
  10. 6. Fixed the problem in the Royal Mausoleum Constructor's Chapel where it was not possible to move to the other side of the Main Hall part of the map.
  11. 7. After repairing equipment, items wouldn't change back to their original colour.
  12. 8. Bracelets/Necklace durability not being reduced upon dying has been fixed.
  13. 9. Fixed a problem where Roasted Gems Protection effect would disappear after a player died while in possession of gems.
  14. 10. The Adventure Journal would not immediately Update after receiving card rewards.
  15. 11. Swordsmans re-using buffs whilst at the buff limit caused other effects to become erased.
  16. 12. Fixed a problem where Canon type weapons couldn't receive the effects of item awakening.
  17. 13. Fixed the problem where the Male Dragoon costume caused equipped armband costumes to become hidden when worn.
  18. 14. Fixed a problem where reflected damage was being halved.
  19. 15. The scenario where trading during item production was possible has been corrected.
  20. 16. Party options were modifiable by other users in the party.
  21. 17. Burning effect lasting indefinitely during a friendly duel has been fixed.
  22. 18. During a card-battle selling your card caused the card to vanish from the slot.
  23. 19. Fletcher's Arrow Crafting items were able to be crafted without consuming the material catalysts.
  24. 20. Server name & Guild Name will be correctly displayed inside Cross-Server instances.
  25. 21. Instances will now prevent rival guild battles occurring within instance, Rival guilds will no longer be able to attack each other whilst inside an instance dungeon.
  26. 22. Crops in the Guild Hideout disappearing immediately has been corrected.
  27. 23. The scenario when harvesting Jonazole/Rosemary/Lavender told you 'you should not harvest' has been fixed.
  28. 24. Being able to swap to a weapon with 0 durability has been corrected.
  29. 25. Shortcut window popping up underneath the Token window has been fixed.
  30. 26. Some production items appearing in English has been corrected.
  31. 27. When using [Dust Devil] and equipped with the [Long Shaggy] Hairstyle, The hair visually appearing broken has been corrected.
  32. 28. Corrections in the [Adventure Journal / Item Production] UI have taken place where Daggers and Muskets were written in English.
  33. 29. It was possible to register different items for catalysts & consume no materials as a result when crafting via Fletcher's Arrow Craft.
  34. 30. Fixed the problem when trying to produce more than 3 items via crafting at a time caused the item production to stop.
  35. 31. Adventure Journal [Wendigo Escapee] Rewards not being given out, has been fixed.
  36. 32. Adventure Journal [Wendigo Escapee] having unusual properties have been corrected.
  37. 33. The Recipe/Available to craft pop-up window appearing when you gain excess materials has been corrected.
  40. Some updates have been applied to the game.
  42. 1. Vera Cost/Igti Coast [Kill Monster Count] and [100% Map Exploration] rewards have been added.
  43. 2. A new location, [Vera Coast] Area has been added, new quests are also available.
  44. 3. A new location, [Igti Coast] Area has been added.
  45. - Quests for this map will not be added in the future.
  47. 4. Information in the Adventure Journal will change as follows:
  48. - Additional Monster Information
  49. : Chromadog/Blue Stoulet/Vubbe Shaman
  50. - Image Details
  51. : 하얀 세콰이야 / Vubbe Shaman / Chromadog / Brown Terra Imp/ Blue Vubbe Archer/ Black Banshee /검은 늙은케파/푸른 묘지골렘
  52. - Property Changes
  53. : Candle Spider
  55. 5.[Druid] Carnivory: Duration Attribute has been added.
  56. - Pre-requisites: Druid Circle 1
  57. - Max Level : 5
  58. - Adds SP Cost +7
  60. 6. 일부 지역에서 드랍으로 얻을 수 있는 캐논류 제작서 5종이 추가됩니다.
  61. 7.Party information tooltip has been added to the party UI. When Mousing over a party member, their class information will be displayed.
  62. 8. Tool-tip additional update for the Token buff to include the line ' Maximum receivable buffs increased '
  63. 9. A Rotation feature will be available inside the TP Store's Preview Window
  64. 10. In the TP Shop new 'Archer/Priest' Circle 3 Costumes will be available in the store.
  65. - These are only available to purchase for circle 3 Archers / Priests
  66. (TN: The in-game Shop UI & This notice currently conflict whether there is a circle restriction. This information may change )
  68. 11. Tokens will be change so that you can stack token buffs.
  69. - Even if you are under the effects of a token buff already, you'll be able to use another token.
  70. - The Time Remaining period & Transaction limits will be able to stack, however the other features will not. ( EXP, Movespeed Etc.)
  71. - There currently is no limit for how many tokens you can stack.
  72. - An extra confirmation window will warn you and request confirmation on whether or not you want to use another token.
  74. Some skills have received changes / fixes.
  76. 1. Peltasta
  77. - Shield Lob: The skill not counting the increased AOE Attack ratio from equipment has been fixed.
  78. 2. Archer
  79. - Oblique Shot: Damage not being reduced whilst using a Crossbow will be corrected.
  80. 3. Fletcher
  81. - BroadHead: The bleeding effect being applied differently when used with a crossbow has been fixed.
  82. 4. Paladin
  83. - Resist Elements: This skills effects now also apply to flying type monsters.
  84. 5. Pardoner
  85. - Discerning Evil: The duration extension on the debuff has been changed so that it doesn't extend the 'Discerning Evil' debuff itself.
  87. 6. Plague Doctor
  88. - Pandemic: Fixed the problem where under certain circumstances spreading the skill caused the debuff timer to become infinite.
  90. 7. Bokor
  91. - Fixed the problem where zombies would disappear faster when out of combat.
  93. Some quests have been changed.
  95. 1. [Purifying Doll (1)] The Reaction rate of the Magical Doll that follows you will be increased.
  96. 2. [Private matter] 퀘스트 아이템인 냉기 수정을 몬스터에게 사용 시 효과 저항이 떠도 "몬스터가 얼어붙었습니다." 라는 메시지가 출력되는 현상이 수정됩니다.
  97. 3. [Adapting to Circumstances (4)] After transforming into the quest monster, When using the Scroll, the problem where the player cannot move after use has been fixed.
  98. 4. [Grave's Owner] After the quest, the player will be directed to a different location.
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  102. Translation By Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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