The Evil Villain (unfinished) by woox

Jan 15th, 2017
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  1. The Evil villain Act 1 by woox
  3. ---
  5. An Evil villein is terrorizing the city of manehattan. She uses her evil robotic minions and other gadgets for her criminal acts. The poor ponies in manehattan didn't stand a chance.
  6. No pony ever knew her true identity. She was only known by the name of Dr.Hay. The location of her Evil base of operation was still unknown.
  7. many brave ponies tried to uncover the location of her secret base , but her Robotic army were more than enough to stop them. not even the police force got a chance.
  9. Coco pummel traveled to ponyville asking rarity and her friends for help.
  10. The mane 6 Dropped everything they were doing and reassured coco that they will look into it.
  11. they left her there in twilight's castle and traveled to manehattan for investigation.
  12. the once proud city of manehatten is now empty, most of its citizens either left or stayed at their homes. hiding and avoiding the Evil Dr's robots.
  13. The mane 6 carefully walked inside the streets, avoiding the security bots optic eyes.
  14. as they were hiding in one of the dark alleys , one of the robot spotted them.
  15. He was about to alarm the other robots of their location. but they immediately ganged up on him. the poor bot didn't stand a chance and was broken into little pieces.
  16. they climbed up one of the safety ladders and jumped inside one of the empty apartment .
  17. they took a peak from a window looking at the other robots walking to investigate that location.
  19. Few moments later service robots came in and took the broken pieces and transported it to an unknown location.
  20. TW : this is it. we finally got a lead.
  21. RD : what do you mean ?
  22. TW : If we follow one of these maintenance robots we can find the location of the base of operation.
  23. RD : what are we waiting for lets go...
  24. as rainbow dash was about to Dash off. apple jack grabbed her by her tail and pulled her back in.
  25. RD : aaww
  26. AJ : we can't just go after them like that we will attract unnecessary attention.
  27. TW : excellent point ... we need to split up into 3 groups each one follow a lead then we report back at the train station with our findings.
  28. OK! said everypony.
  30. So they split into 3 groups
  31. TW : Rarity and applejack you two follow the Robot maintenance bots.
  32. TW : Pinkie and Fluttershy you see where they are getting their Oil.
  33. TW : me and RD will try to follow those flying scout drones.
  34. And so they went ...
  36. Applejack and Rarity were tailing one of the henchman robots. he was filling crates with trash ..
  37. Rarity "are you sure he is one of the Scientist's robots ?
  38. AJ : yes
  39. Rarity : well it look like hes just cleaning the city , which is not bad.
  40. AJ well we don't all know why he is doing this and what he need from taking the garbage.
  41. they continued to follow him from a distance. he went into a back alley. they almost lost eye sight of him.
  42. AJ hurry up rarity we don't want to lose him.
  43. the robot was just finished emptying the trash box inside a garbage truck.
  44. Rarity "pant pant... See he is just taking out the trash."
  45. AJ : but where.
  46. he got inside the driver seat and started the car engine.
  47. Aj quickly dragged rarity and ran behind the truck.
  49. AJ : hop in..
  50. Rar : hop in?? oh nno nnnnonononono
  51. AJ we don't have much time the truck is about to move.
  52. Rar : I will never get near those disgusting trash...
  53. Aj pushed rarity inside. her face and her upper body were sunk deep inside the garbage. AJ jumped in as the truck start moving.
  54. Rarity pulled herself out of the trash. some dirt were still stuck in her mane and it was all messy. she spat out a dead fish that was inside her mouth.
  55. Rar : eeewwwwwwwww Damn it AppleJack
  57. in the meantime.
  58. Pinkie Pie got an idea to disguise themselves as Service robot. out of nowhere pinkie put on a costume made from cardboard. and made Fluttershy were one too.
  59. Ok I'll be the pinkie bot and you'll be the service bot..
  60. before Fluttershy protest this idea, Pinkie went toward other robots. umm.. Fluttershy looked around then hurried herself up to catch up with pinkie.
  62. they walked inside one of the robot camps.
  63. One of the security bots noticed them and intercept their path.
  64. Bot - Scanning... unknown bots detected raising the alarm.
  65. Pinkie : oh wait mr robot. I am... Just.. The .. New .. repair ... bot ... and .. this .. is (she pointed at Fluttershy)... A .. service .. bot ...
  66. Bot : Ok .. you .. may continue your directive ..
  67. the security robot walked away.
  68. Wew that was a close one right Fluttershy ?
  69. FlutterShy ... ?
  70. Pinkie panicked, she turned around to look for her. only to find her standing far away a head of the street.
  71. Fluttershy was helping a little robot that got his foot stuck in the sewer drain.
  72. "there there little guy , the service shy bot is here to help you.
  73. The robot did not speak but made bleep bloop sound for Fluttershy.
  74. the little robot then moved his arm around as it was making a squeaky rusty sound.
  75. he looked at Fluttershy and said Beep beep beep boop.
  77. "tesk tesk tesk poor little fellow. Mama bot would make it better."
  78. she looked around and saw PinkiePie holding an oil can. Fluttershy swiftly rushed toward pinkie and took the can off her. pinkie pie fell on the ground "hey I was investigating that" Fluttershy ignored her and went toward that little bot
  79. she lubed his joint. the robot then start swinging his arm back and forth. he jumped around happily.
  80. then stopped and bowed to Fluttershy. "bweep bweep"
  81. "I know little guy I was just doing my job .. now run along.."
  82. and he left
  83. Pinkie : you know these are Evil robots not your barn animals.
  84. FS : "I know but I cannot just leave helpless little guys like that.."
  85. Pinkie : they are machines. they have no feelings or emotions..
  86. FS but he thanked me and He..
  87. Pinkie interrupted her with a shhh...
  88. one of the patrol robots was walking next to them
  89. pinkie whispered " we'll talk about this later. remember we are on a mission. quick let's hide inside that van.
  90. lucky for them it was the service bot van. the blended with the other service robots as the van drove away.
  92. but they weren't as lucky as RD and twilight.
  93. while they were tailing one of the scout drones. they got ambushed by other flying bots.
  94. they dropped an energy draining net on them . they got captured and brought down to the secret base.
  96. they been put inside a holding cell. they both were unconscious.
  98. back to Rarity and AppleJack. the garbage truck stopped and unloaded the load into a conveyor belt.
  99. they both fell first and got buried under the trash. and as they were digging themselves up the conveyor belt started moving transporting them inside the factory.
  101. they entered inside a scanner area. the scanner scanned the whole trash and stopped rescanned both of them.
  102. an alarm was fired. intruder alert intruder alert.
  103. before they could act a mechanical arms grabbed both of them. and suspended them midair.
  105. AJ oh shoot
  106. Rarity ' this is all your fault.. first we got inside the horrible disgusting truck and now we got...
  107. a bright blinding light was aimed at them.
  108. before they could have reacted a screen were brought in front of them with a camera on top.
  109. the screen reveled a shadow figure of a pony sitting on a chair.
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