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  5. jplagunes:
  6. 10gamerguy: What's with the weird formatting?
  7. Ibis: [He is dead now.]
  8. SerialRedditorKiller: The answer...well, I'll tell you who was close. commotio_cordis.
  9. OpsFavoriteCereal: who
  10. Bøjangles: read through the comments...
  11. 10gamerguy: Wait, who? I don't remember that guy being here... *rifles through comments*
  12. OpsFavoriteCereal: ... The zipcode guy
  13. OpsFavoriteCereal: and also this
  14. OpsFavoriteCereal:
  15. Bøjangles: the latitude and longitude post?
  16. Ibis: Lat on Long as well as Zip code
  17. OpsFavoriteCereal: Yeah
  18. 10gamerguy: It's the Lat/Long guy
  19. Bøjangles: yeah
  20. OpsFavoriteCereal: also
  21. 10gamerguy: Libya?
  22. Ibis: Op's in Libya or Cedarville
  23. Ibis: Or...
  24. SecularQuasar: You should tell us the answer, or give us a general area, or it's no fun.
  25. Hishou joined the chat 10 minutes ago
  26. SerialRedditorKiller: Or, there is still more thinking involved.
  27. Ibis: Stop editing your posts....
  28. nemontemi: I think commotio_cordis screwed up the lat/long though
  29. Ibis: It's hard to keep up...
  30. Ibis: ...please.
  31. nemontemi:
  32. SerialRedditorKiller: Why give the answer? The fun is in solving it yourself. Could the dead man be in some location? Could the code be the long/lat stats?
  33. OpsFavoriteCereal: ,....
  34. OpsFavoriteCereal: You aint hiding the body?
  35. missesnesbit: my brain is just going to explode.
  36. Ibis: But why would we care about the location?
  37. Ibis: No one's just going to show up and be all like, "Hey, yea, don't kill him."
  38. SecularQuasar: Unless your code is actually the lat/long coords, telling us that commo was close tells us almost nothing at all.
  39. 10gamerguy: Well the coordinates were in the middle of a desert. Where a body would decay quickly.
  40. OpsFavoriteCereal: Somebody, call the lybian cops
  41. SerialRedditorKiller: nemontemi seemed to be on to something.
  42. SerialRedditorKiller: And I promised to release him if I was given the code, Ibis.
  43. OpsFavoriteCereal: Op, i have a series of questions
  44. OpsFavoriteCereal: Do you kill redditors, Are you a male or a woman?
  45. Ibis: AMA
  46. OpsFavoriteCereal: Or is your name simply SerialRedditorKiller because you are a Serial killer that reddits?
  47. 10gamerguy: Algeria?
  48. nemontemi: commotio_ had the wrong coords, I think. I think they're actually 27º 48' 1" 6º10'13", which is in the middle of Algeria
  49. SerialRedditorKiller: WE HAVE A WINNER!
  50. OpsFavoriteCereal: WHAT
  51. Hishou joined the chat 5 minutes ago
  52. OpsFavoriteCereal: SCREAMS
  53. Ibis: Finally
  54. OpsFavoriteCereal: SCERAMS screams screams woah
  55. 10gamerguy: Also desert. Prime place to hide a body.
  56. OpsFavoriteCereal: that was the code!??- AGH im done
  57. Bøjangles: too bad dude man is dead lol
  58. OpsFavoriteCereal: CALL THE COPS GUYS
  59. OpsFavoriteCereal: CALL THE COPS
  60. OpsFavoriteCereal: CALL THE ARMY
  61. Ibis: Maybe he's...still...breathing​?
  62. OpsFavoriteCereal: CALL THE GREEN BERRETS
  63. Ibis: No?
  64. OpsFavoriteCereal: CALL THE SEALS
  67. nemontemi: 15 minutes too late! well, on the bright side, we know the answer now? o_O
  68. OpsFavoriteCereal: serial
  69. Ibis: Gooooo Nemo!
  70. OpsFavoriteCereal: can we do an AMA?
  71. SecularQuasar: I still don't get it. What is the relevance of that?
  72. OpsFavoriteCereal: Oh shit.
  73. OpsFavoriteCereal: what if we use google earth
  74. OpsFavoriteCereal: WILL WE SEE THE BODY D:
  75. missesnesbit: Nah
  76. missesnesbit: just desert.
  77. OpsFavoriteCereal: curiosity got me
  78. SecularQuasar: Google Earth is months and months out of date
  79. OpsFavoriteCereal: will post pics
  80. missesnesbit: I tried zooming in all the way with aforementioned coordinates.
  81. missesnesbit: that too.
  82. 10gamerguy: So he's in the middle of the Algerian desert. He had to take some sort of vehicle there, which he must be taking back.
  83. OpsFavoriteCereal: Boo
  84. 10gamerguy: But how does he get internet connection out there?
  85. missesnesbit: How does he get an internet signal out there? O.o
  86. OpsFavoriteCereal: probably USB internet thingies
  87. missesnesbit: pics or it didnt happen. ._.
  88. SecularQuasar: Do the coordinates actually mean anything? Or are you just tossing random shit out there and being like, yo dawg, this is a code?
  89. Ibis: op's probably smirking his little face off.
  90. Ibis: Or...her.
  91. OpsFavoriteCereal: OP
  92. 10gamerguy: Hey, in the new edit on the new post, he doesn't say the guy is dead.
  93. OpsFavoriteCereal: TELL US
  95. OpsFavoriteCereal: WOMAN OR MAN
  96. SerialRedditorKiller: Good bye. I'll see you all soon. I look forward to our next encounter.
  97. OpsFavoriteCereal: SIEGE RAM OR CASTLE GATE
  98. missesnesbit: This is just getting dumb. ._.
  99. missesnesbit: MAKE UP YOUR MIND, OP.
  100. Bøjangles: Goodbye*
  101. SecularQuasar: I hope it's more "Cordial",
  102. bored2death97: he's gone
  103. Bøjangles: hes already gone
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