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  1. #!/bin/bash
  3. # Title:
  4. # Author: Seth Wahle
  5. # Contact: Seth [at]  Twitter: @SethWahle
  6. # comments: is a template for using escape commands to modify the color of terminal outputs
  7. # it is usefull for creating scripts that are quickly and easily human readable. for deugging, etc.
  8. echo "**=====font colors======**"
  9. echo -e "\x1B[31m red \x1B[0m"
  10. echo -e "\x1B[32m green \x1B[0m"
  11. echo -e "\x1B[33m yellow \x1B[0m"
  12. echo -e "\x1B[34m dark-blue \x1B[0m"
  13. echo -e "\x1B[35m purple \x1B[0m"
  14. echo -e "\x1B[36m light-blue \x1B[0m"
  15. echo -e "\x1B[37m white \x1B[0m"
  17. echo "**=====background colors======**"
  18. echo -e "\x1B[40m black \x1B[0m"
  19. echo -e "\x1B[41m red \x1B[0m"
  20. echo -e "\x1B[42m green \x1B[0m"
  21. echo -e "\x1B[43m yellow \x1B[0m"
  22. echo -e "\x1B[44m dark-blue \x1B[0m"
  23. echo -e "\x1B[45m purple \x1B[0m"
  24. echo -e "\x1B[46m light-blue \x1B[0m"
  25. echo -e "\x1B[47m white \x1B[0m"
  27. echo "**===== readable mixes =====**"
  28. echo -e "\x1B[31m \x1B[47m red on whte \x1B[0m"
  29. echo -e "\x1B[35m \x1B[46m purple on blue \x1B[0m"
  30. echo -e "\x1B[33m \x1B[45m yellow on purple \x1B[0m"
  31. echo -e "\x1B[32m \x1B[44m green on dark-blue \x1B[0m"
  32. echo -e "\x1B[0;30m \x1B[43m black on yellow \x1B[0m"
  33. echo -e "\x1B[31m \x1B[42m red on green \x1B[0m"
  34. echo -e "\x1B[37m \x1B[41m white on red \x1B[0m"
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