(WIP) Diapernomicon Chapter 2 (DL, Messing)

May 28th, 2014
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  1. **********
  2. Warning, this story contains diapers, messing and wetting.
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  5. In this alternate version of Derpinomicon, there will be no mind regression, drooling or Baby talk and some descriptions have been changed.
  7. 5/28 This chapter is still WIP, there are a few things I still want to go back in change and it probably needs a good proofread.
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  11. Diapernomicon
  13. Chapter 2
  15. “The great and powerful Trixie, has reduced the conceited and foolish twi-fart sphincter to a diaper filling foal!” Trixie brags to herself, and the now powerless Twilight. She was delighted to see her foe reduced to a messy diaper wearing mare. Thanks to the Diapernomicon, she was able to finally to conquer the very pony that made her magic show a source of mockery and ridicule. “And now for my next trick Triblort Stinker.” Trixie said with delight.
  17. She began levitating Twilight, who was still left shocked by accident, into a magically enlarge foal bouncer, and secured her in tightly. “Hope you like being trapped in that jumper and messy diaper Twilight. Because you are staying in those for a long, long time. I sure hope you are ready for a good bouncing in that filthy diaper of yours.” She paused for a moment to admire her handy work, “And now, play time begins!” Trixie exclaims with a shit-eating grin, as she starts rapidly bouncing Twilight in her prison, with her telekinetic magic.
  18. The mess inside Twilight’s diaper starts to mush all over her rear, “S-stop I told you won,” Twilight said with her face bright red. Twilight’s facial expressions is that of pure embarrassment, “Can’t we just talk for a moment? This is so gross, why are you still doing this to me? I never had anything against you.” Trixie stared daggers in Twilight’s eyes.
  20. Trixie levitated the Diaperinomicon in front of Twilight, and replied with abhorrence in her voice: “You, you brought this on yourself Twilight! I just wanted to entertain stupid plebeians with my magic. But, you had to come along and turn innocent Trixie into a laughing stock.” Twilight began to plead again, “Trixie, I am really sorry for what happened that night. I just wanted to protect Ponyville, I didn’t want to hurt your reputation. I-I can relate to how you are feeling right now, not to long ago I abused magic because I was desperate and I ended up cursing the majority of Ponyville only to have my mentor intervene and berate me”
  22. Trixie was left shaking with anger, and was utterly unsatisfied with Twilight. This resulted in her trudging back and forth, in the process taking her eyes off of Twilight. Once again she began another tiride “And yet in the end Princess Celestia forgave you because she thinks you can ultimately do no wrong. You always had it easy in Celestia’s precious magic school. You always were Celestia’s pet, and I think it’s time you get punished for that.”
  24. Realizing that words alone won’t get Trixie to reconsider her actions, she comes up with a different plan. Even with her reduced magic ability, she could use Trixie’s own dark tome against her if she used it as a catalyst. Using Trixie’s inattention to her advantage. Twilight, levitate the book, and and in desperation quickly finds a spell that could grant her freedom.
  26. “How come a silly and ugly mare like you gets to be Celestia’s protege Twiturd? I busted my rear end for years and in the end I got nothing. I’m really going to enjoy you fill your diaper with horse apples like a foal in front of Celestia and all your obnoxious friends… It must really stink to go from positively having everything a mare could possible want in her life to begging to me for mercy over what you des-” Suddenly a green burst of magic blasts right from Twilight’s horn directly into Trixie abdomen.
  28. A *PLOORP* sound echoed through the wagon, and Trixie chuckles as a rancid smell filled the air, “Ha! You poop more than an Ursa major Twiturd. That ought to teach you for messing with with books you can’t even begin to comprehend.”
  30. “I didn’t do that Trixie; you did.” Twilight says
  32. “Trixie thinks Twilight is confused. I would never mess herself like a foal, such as you.” Still inquisitive of Twilight’s statement, Trixie looks back at her hind quarters only to find that she is now wearing a very messy mare sized foal diaper herself the words “The Great and Obnoxious Stinker” printed on the diaper’s front tape. In shock Trixie exclaimed, “How!? My curse took just all of your unicorn magic away. "
  34. “You did Trixie, but I was able to use that book’s inherited magic to cast that spell”
  35. “The day is still mine, Twilight. You may have rendered me incontinent, but I still have my magic and I am still in control here.” Trixie says
  37. Figuring she was done with the bouncer for now, she unfastens Twilight from the bouncer and lifts her with her Telekinesis “You won’t get your way Trixie” Twilight says as she lifts her out of her bouncer and levitates her to the ground. Trixie scowls, as she notices the state of Twilight’s diaper. The diaper is sagging half way down her back-legs the back side of her diaper is having a hazel color and bumpy texture. “My what a messy little Foal you are.” Trixie teases. Despite her current condition, Trixie continued berating Twilight. “I thought giving you a nice ride in that bouncer would have calmed you down, but it seems like poor Twilight is all grumpy” Trixie responded with vindictive in her voice.
  39. Trixie’s horn glows red instantly a red sphere constructed around Twilight “That should keep you out of trouble” Trixie said, the angry mare then proceeded to get changed. Trixie lies on her back, and uses her magic to levitate a spare adult diaper, foal powder and some foal wipes. In the process of lying on her back, she squishes the mess further into her coat, causing Twilight to laugh with glee. After dealing with the mess, and an excited Twilight, Trixie manages to wipe her messy rear clean, she actually enjoyed the relaxing feel of the damp wipes on her backside as she finished wiping herself clean. She then slid a new diaper underneath her butt, and began to liberal sprinkle foal powder all over her diapered area. Next she tightly fastened the diaper securely around her ass. Finally, she lifted her very used diaper with her magic and brought it outside to the awaiting garbage can sitting nearby her wagon.
  41. Upon re-entering her wagon, Trixie sniffed the air, and noticed the penetrating smell in the wagon decreased, but still lingered. With her own mess cleaned up the only remaining source was Twilight. “Your change can wait for now Sparkle, perhaps sitting in your own horse apples will teach you some respect for your mistress.”
  43. Looking down at herself and Twilight, Trixie knew that as long as she was under the effects of the Diapernomicon she needed to get more supplies. Embarrassed by her foalish attire, Trixie placed her magician’s cloak over the diaper. “At least the Great and Intelligent Trixie has the common decency to cover herself, unlike a certain smelly foal.”
  45. Unbeknownst to her, the magic of the Diapernomican immediately took effect, and makes it so the diaper grows until her cloak became useless for hiding her diaper. Looking down at the now over inflated diaper, Trixie takes off her cloak before the diaper became too large. Twilight noticing Trixie’s giant diaper gives Trixie, “About that, the curse I used in that book of your won’t let you cover up your diaper without side effects.”
  47. Agitated Trixie inspects the diaper, she notices that over the tape the phrase, “The Great and Obnoxious Stinker” was written, a testament to her current state. Trixie sighed, knowing full well that any diaper she wore would be enhanced much like her current one. Worrying about what to do Trixie started to feel relaxed, and a warm feeling filled her diaper. Looking down she realized she had slightly wet herself. “Whaaat! The Significant and Alluring Trixie just wet herself?”
  49. She looked back at Twilight, preparing another jeer. “Go ahead and laugh all you want Twilight Sprinklepants, I will be the one with the last laugh!” Trixie shouted out loud with ridicule in her tone. She turned to Twilight expecting laugher, but all she saw was an adult mare with a sad and defeated stare.
  51. Her insecurities settled, Trixie decided she needed to go out, regardless of her childish garb. Trixie fastens her saddle bag around her back and begins her journey to the Pharmacy. While exiting the wagon, her big diapered butt became wedged in the doorway. She began to struggle in an attempt to get free, crinkling the entire time. After a few seconds Trixie managed to free herself. Using her magic she brought her hat over, placed it on, and walked off towards the pharmacy for more diapers.
  53. **********
  55. Thankfully for Trixie it was starting to get late; most ponies would be at home at this hour preparing dinner. She still had to be on guard, one slip up and she would once again become the laughing-stock of Ponyville and would put her revenge scheme in jeopardy. Sneaking around to her destination like a bandit, she reached the Ponyville pharmacy.
  56. The pharmacy was mostly lifeless, glancing inside, Trixie noticed a brown earth pony supervising the store. She recalled this pony from the days she used to perform her magic shows at Ponyville. The Colt used to work at the Ponyville gift shop, and was known to be a bit of a recluse and an outsider. All she had to do was buy her supplies, return to her wagon, and no pony will be any the wiser.
  58. Regrettably, entering the Pharmacy was met with great failure. As Trixie, yet again, found out the hard way that her puffy diaper made passing through the doors a difficult task. “The great and powerful Trixie does not trust doors!” Trixie said, as she flailed her front hooves frantically.
  59. As hard as she tried, she could not remove her padded rump from the store’s door. Seeing this the nerdy sales clerk’s eyes instantly went wide as he became aware of Trixie’s situation. “Ah, Madam, it seems like your giant diaper is stuck in the door, don’t worry, I know just the solution to your problems!” the awkward clerk says with glee completely unperturbed by the situation.
  61. “This day as he walked towards Trixie. The clerk then grabbed a nearby broom, and started to prod at Trixie’s diaper.
  63. “Trixie does not approve of being treated like a pinata! Stop that this instant!” Trixie demanded with exasperation in her voice.
  65. “Would you prefer I go get help than my lady?” the clerk responds.
  67. “Um, Trixie takes it back, just get me out of this door!“ The clerk happily nods his head, and pushes a step stool next to Trixie.
  69. The clerk then bites down hard on the broom, and climbs up the step stool, “Bbwace urself naw dis’ll be ogre inna jiffy” he says with difficulty as he starts to lay the smack down on Trixie’s diapered posterior. *WHACK* *WHACK*
  71. “Aaaaaaarrrgh, Trixie will not be defeated by a broom!” Trixie cried out. Ignoring Trixie, the clerk raised his broom far up in the air, and slammed it into her enormous diapered rear with all his strength. The impact produced a heavy *whump* sound, and Trixie plummets right into the store’s carpet. Unfortunately for Trixie, the sheer impact of her crash, puts her bladder into a frenzy. This caused a loud muffled hiss sound to come directly from her diaper. Her already balloon like diaper started to swell up, and expand even further. The front of her once white diaper turned into an embarrassing bright yellow.
  73. “Well… At least it wasn’t number two,” the clerk deadpans, again, completely unfazed by Trixie’s antics.
  75. And with that, Trixie trotted off to pick up her foalish supplies. The first item she needed to buy were diapers. Now browsing the adult diaper alley for a good pack of diapers, Trixie affixed her gaze on an odd brand of adult diapers she never seen before; a diaper brand that featured this cross-eyed Pegasus with a blonde maned, gray coat who had a aloof smile on it’s package. Intrigued with her findings, Trixie picked up a pack, and moved on to her next items.
  77. Stumbling around the store a bit, Trixie also purchased some spare foal powder, foal wipes, air freshener, a pacifier, an adult sized foal bottle, and a foul night-light for Twilight. As Trixie began to go through the aisles, she was heavily hampered by her giant diaper. Her large diaper, and waddling movement caused her to knock over various items on the shelves, leaving a mess for the workers to clean up. As Trixie went to pick up the last of the items, she ran into a mare and her filly looking for some items. The filly seeing Trixie’s condition began to laugh at the diapered mare. Trixie began to retaliate, “You dare laugh at the magnificent and infallible Trixie. Trixie will have you kn-” Trixie was cut short by a growing pain in her abdomen. Not wanting to waste any more time, and anxious to resume her plan, she scampered over to the store’s counter.
  79. “Did you find all your Adult Foals supplies ma’am?” the nerdy sales clerk asks.
  81. “Yes… Please just make this quick, Trixie has important business to attend to.” Trixie begs
  83. “No problem madam, let’s see what you got her a pack of diapers for “special” Mares, an adult sized foal bottle for fun times and some other things! Is that it my lady?”
  85. “Yes.” Trixie quietly responds almost tearing up.
  87. “That will be 30 bits. You know, I haven’t got your name yet? I would have you know I for one am TOTALLY into this adult foal thing. We should totally hook up sometime, we can have LOADS of fun together!” the sales clerk says with a wink. Instead of answering, Trixie just throws the 30 bits she owes directly at the dorky clerk and completes checking out.
  89. Securing her purchases in her saddlebag, Trixie attempted to brave the door. For the third time that evening, Trixie’s diaper became lodged in the door’s frame. “Again? Don’t you learn miss? Don’t you worry, I’m a lot stronger than I look,” the nerdy sales clerk then jumped into action, and rushed directly into her wet diaper with a shit-eating grin on his face. Trixie found herself in yet another familiar situation, as she was catapulted out the door, and left flat on her face.
  91. “If you ever change your mind, you know where to find me my lady!”
  93. **********
  95. “H-h-heeey! you'sa *hick*, yus you's, da diaper wearing Mare that wet herself like'sa foal. I bet you really know how to have a good time. Whatcha say you be my drinking buddy for the night? *hick* It will be a blast!” The town drunk slurred to Trixie she passed by.
  97. “Look pleb, as much as the great and padded Trixie would like a drink now, she does not have time to deal with the town's drunk.” the magic mare said with self-assurance.
  99. ”Don’t *hick* bee shilly, I'ma as'h shober as ya gonna get *hick*. y-yoous gotz dat diaper thingie ons, sho youse can’sbe *hick* drinkin’ like’sa chhamp. Comes oon an *hick* j-join Berry for some goodz t-times. *the The first’st roundz alls on meee.” Berry Punch said as she stumbled onto Trixie and put her front hooves on her soaked diaper for support, giving the blue mare a warm sensation.
  101. “Look, I appreciate the offer, but I got… a, -um…. Foal to take care of back home.” Trixie said repulsed with the intoxicated Mare; she could smell the alcohol on her breath.
  103. “Ha-ha *nicka, look'sa likes thes foal gonna be da one taking care of you'se.” Berry Punch said out loud as she sloshes her saliva all over Trixie's face.
  105. “What? Great and powerful Trixie is perfectly able to take care of herself.” Trixie said with disgust as she backed away from Berry Punch
  107. “Oh'sa yea, *hick* weeell why dids'ya poops yeer'self like one? Seem’sa like the only thing great and powerful about you, is your great and powerful messes.” Berry Punch says while clumsily fanning her front hoof by her face.
  109. Instantly, Trixie eyes go wide and her mouth drops. Shifting herself to look at the state of her diaper, she instantly notices a huge lump bulging out of the diaper and causing it to sag far down to the ground.
  111. “Sheeesh lay-dee, did'joo hide'a skunk in dat big'ol die-pers of urs? Cuz, it'a sure does smellz like ett. PEE-YEW!” Berry Punch says, right before she starts laughing hysterically at her own joke.
  113. Trixie, absolutely mortified by her situation, pulls out a smoke bomb from her saddlebag and instantly throws it in front of her. The smoke bomb instantly produces green smoke and Trixie instantly runs for the hills, unfortunately, the smoke's gas is short lived and her cover was blown, worse yet, she took a nasty spill while trying to waddle away in her infantile garbs and tumbled directly on her rear spreading muck all over every crevice of her behind, unfazed by her blunder, she picks herself up and continue to waddle far away from the intoxicated Mare.
  114. “Dangit's, there'sh goe'sa nother drinkin' buddy, *hick* I-I all-ways though' her act stunk'd *hick*, but that was'sa jus' redic-u-lustshe.... yea know look'sa *hick* like she used that diaper so much, that green smoke is coming froms *hick* itz. Kinda reminds me of that one night I got so drunk my friend put me in a *hick* diaper and I *hick* totally pooped it.” Berry Punch says to herself as Trixie quickly gaits herself back to her wagon shamefully in her very used and mushy diaper.
  116. *********
  118. Entering the wagon, Trixie finds herself yet again outwitted by her arch nemesis. As she uncomfortably stands there with her messy behind once again caught in the door, she is greeted by yet another rival.
  120. “Trixie, can you please let me out now? I won’t try anything I promise.” Twilight says.
  122. “I would if I could, but it appears Trixie’s behind is stuck again in the door” Trixie said
  124. “Magic, just use your magic to get out! Just please hurry!” exclaims Twilight.
  126. Twilight, then shuts her eyes and she starts to grunt as she pushes yet another massive load into her diaper *PHHHLOOOOORP*.
  128. “Ugh, defeating an Ursa Major was nothing compared to this. Really Twilight? Messy again!?"
  130. “Magic, of course!” the arrogant unicorn shouts in epiphany. Trixie’s horn starts to glow as she uses her telekinesis to give a buttocks a mighty push, regrettably for her, she forgot about her embarrassing little accident, and although she is successful in pushing out of the door, her actions resulted in a large amount of brown pulp spreading all over her sensitive little butt cheeks. To her surprise, she finds the feeling pleasurable and finds herself smirking over the experience, Twilight, watching her like a hawk finds herself greatly confused by this.
  132. “Trixie, can you please let me out of this now?!” Twilight begs.
  134. “Only if you refer to mistress Trixie as ‘The Great Empress Trixie’“.
  136. “Yes, Great Empress Trixie” Twilight says in defeat.
  138. “Very well, the generous and caring will dispel the barrier and give you a new diaper after she is done changing herself” Trixie says
  140. Trixie plops her heavily used and ginormous diaper on the ground, producing a loud *SQUISH* sound. Focused on her task at hand, Trixie begins the ardous process of changing her colossal and very ripe diaper. Luckily, she has magic on her side and the process isn’t too bad. She un-tapes the diaper and get’s right down to business; she thoroughly wipes her behind with some cold and moist foal wipes. The coldness of the wipes sends a pleasant shiver down Trixie’s spine and she finds herself grinning like an idiot once again. Like an expert, she discards the dirty diaper in the garbage and slides a new diaper on her behind, which like the last magically gets altered to Trixie due to the Diapernomicon’s magic. She then starts to carelessly spread foal powder all over her nether regions and then carefully tapes the new diaper around her waist.
  142. “Trixie, feels like a new Mare. Now for you Twilight!” Trixie says as she levitates Twilight out of her magical prison and safely onto the ground. Levitating a diaper out of her saddlebag she effortlessly wraps it around Twilight’s used diaper and tapes it and sprays some air freshener.
  144. “There, that should keep you good for at least another hour. Perhaps if you are well behaved, I will give you a proper change before bedtime.” Trixie says with some vindictiveness in her voice. “Mistress Trixie, has some nice surprises in store for you tomorrow!”
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