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  1. Focus Update - Mar 21th - QLPP12 Beta 10b
  2. SITE NEWS | Mar 5, 2012 | SyncError
  3. QUAKE LIVE's biggest update yet, Premium Pak 12, is now online. This update brings five new gametypes for our Pro Start-a-Match players, led by a first for id and the QUAKE series, the capture and defend teamplay of Domination. This is accompanied by a brand new Start a Match interface, built from the ground up to offer players the most in-depth match customization options out of any other shooter out there. With over 200 customization settings, our Pro players can get down to individual weapon tweaks. Rounding out this package are three new arenas including the popular Camper Crossings, and two arenas from the Xbox 360 version, Quake Arena Arcade.
  5. New Gametypes
  6. Domination
  7. A first for the QUAKE series, Domination is a team-based gamemode centered around a series of command points which your team must attack and hold to score points. Similar to Clan Arena, players spawn with all weapons, and all pickups have been removed from the level. Regenerating health and armor has been enabled to allow players a chance to return to full strength after combat.
  8. Attack & Defend
  9. This Capture the Flag variant features teams alternating between offensive and defensive roles, with one life to live, and all weapons. Teams can score points by grabbing the flag from the base, capturing the flag, or killing the enemy team. Be careful, though, if you kill the team before anyone touches the flag, you'll lose out on an extra point. Play as a team, assault the enemy base, and maneuver your way out with flag in hand.
  10. Red Rover
  11. FIXME
  12. 1-Flag CTF
  13. FIXME
  14. Harvester
  15. FIXME
  16. Start a Match 2.0
  17. FIXME. Over 200 configurable server options, including:
  18. Customizable Weapons: Disable spawning, adjust damage, reload times, and more for every weapon.
  19. Customizable Physics: Air Control, Air Accel, Ramp Jumping, Ground Accel, Ground Friction, and more.
  20. Gametype modifiers: Quad Hog, Drop Damaged Health, Vampiric Damage, Regenative Health, Infinite Ammo, Weapon Switch Speed, Weapon Stay, Allow Self-Kills, Spawn Protection, and more.
  22. Premium Arenas Added
  23. Similar to our last update, the three new arenas will be available FREE for all players, for the first week, after which they will return to Premium status. Everyone is invited to hop on and check out the new content!
  24. Camper Crossings (CTF/A&D/1-Flag/Harvester/Domination):
  25. FIXME
  26. Jumpwerkz (CTF/A&D/1-Flag/Harvester/Domination):
  27. FIXME
  28. Cliffside (FFA/Domination):
  29. FIXME
  30. Space Camp (FFA/CA):
  31. FIXME Bonus Map from April Fool's 2011
  32. Premium Awards Added
  33. Coming soon
  35. Premium Scoreboards Added
  36. In addition to the brand new Clan Arena Premium scoreboard, we've also updated the CTF scoreboards to show kills and deaths. Premium scoreboard support has been added to Dominatoin, Attack & Defend, One Flag CTF, and Harvester
  38. PQL Updates
  39. PQL is now ranked.
  40. Fix for some pmove related code that would result in the game feeling "laggy" and weapon switch bugs when callvoting to and from PQL.
  41. Walk Friction lowered from 8 to 7 to improve circle jumping.
  43. Game Updates
  44. New Point of Interest (POI) system. This is an enhanced version of the original Team Locators, extended to show gametype objectives, and your team's flag carrier in flag-based game modes. POIs are also more visible when players are at a distance, no longer disappearing or shrinking.
  45. Added 'Flag Style' for premium users to choose between the default cloth flag and the new holographic flag in CTF based gametypes. (CTF, 1FCTF, A&D).
  46. Added handicap displays on the scoreboard on all scoreboards (except Premium Duel).
  47. Added cg_drawRewardsRow.
  48. Changed the ready up behavior at the end of matches such that you can only move from 'not ready' to 'ready' once. You may no longer toggle back and forth. (This was leading to userinfo flooding).
  49. Changed the 'Auto Join Team' behavior such that it will now randomly choose a team if both teams are tied and have the same number of players (instead of always choosing blue).
  50. Changed Clan Arena damage scoring such that overkill damage no longer counts toward total damage dealt or score.
  51. Changed the in-game options menu to reflect the correct default FOV value of 100.
  52. Resolved an issue where cylinder collisions were miscalculated.
  53. Reduced cases where clients would drop due to "CL_GetServerCommand: a reliable command was cycled out"
  54. Resolved one condition that caused the " dropped for flooding" error between matches.
  55. Resolved an issue where the Duel Premium Scoreboard would appear to change the ready status of the wrong player.
  56. Resolved an issue where third person was incorrectly enabled in online matches.
  57. Resolved an issue that could result in a players ready up status not toggling between ready/not ready when it should have.
  58. Resolved an issue where players would get stuck on terrain while using Flight.
  59. Resolved an issue where bots were improperly using the func_bobbing on Beyond Reality.
  60. Resolved an issue where players could use dropflag, droppowerup, and dropweapon during a pause or timeout.
  61. Resolved an issue where players would gain score from dealing damage to corpses in CA based gametypes (CA, RR, A&D).
  62. Enabled Team Force Balance by default on public, off on Start a Match.
  63. Disabled teleport sound effect and shader effect when players are sitting at the post-game scoreboard.
  64. Renamed the 'Doubler' rune to 'Damage' rune to better reflect the 1.5x damage multiplier.
  65. Removed the bonus starting armor from pre-game warmup. A player will now spawn with the same amount of armor that they will spawn with during the match.
  66. Removed team switch protection when changing to specator.
  67. Removed deprecated '/team scoreboard' command.
  68. Resolved an issue allowing flags to be touchable after the timelimit but before the end-game scoreboard appears.
  69. Resolved an issue that allowed teamscores and personal scores to incrementing if a 'score' is made after the timelimit but before the end-game scoreboard appears.
  70. Resolved improper player model orientation and scaling of the winning player on the Duel Premium Scoreboard.
  71. Resolved an issue that prevented damage dealt in instagib from being tracked. It is now tracked in-game and will show on the web.
  72. Resolved an issue that caused visual jitters when using cl_timenudge and cl_autoTimeNudge while spectating.
  73. Resolved a shader sort issue that caused blue teleportals to draw on top of other surfaces.
  75. Plugin Updates
  76. Resolved an issue where Mac (and potentially some Linux configurations) users would constantly reconnect to the Friends network.
  78. Maps Updated
  79. FIXME Numerous changes, will note later. Bloodrun has a new (experimental) spawn layout. Provide feedback to determine if we wish to tweak it or revert it.
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