Ice Creamed (One Shot)

Jun 10th, 2013
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  1. >Day Ice Creamed in Equestria
  2. >Be Anonymous
  3. >You instantly regret leaving your house today and, if you didn't desperately need tomatoes, you want nothing more than to be relaxing in your air conditioned home
  4. >Sweat pours down your body under your elegant suit in the sweltering heat as you trek towards the market square
  5. >As you walk, you spy a familiar pink pony
  6. >To your amazement, she isn't bouncing around like a wayward beach ball today
  7. >You wave and call out to her against your better judgment
  8. "Pinkie, hey! How are you?"
  9. >The little mare looks up to you with droopy eyes
  10. >Her matted mane sticks wetly to one side of her face as a hairline smile splits her muzzle
  11. >"Oh, hey, Anon... good to see you! I'm good, just a little hot... heh."
  12. >Pinkie Pie looks genuinely tired from the heat and it makes you feel like you need to do something for her
  13. "So, um... you want to go get some ice cream? I'm heading into town anyways."
  14. >Her ears ping about for the moment and her smile intensifies
  15. >"Oh, ice cream would be perfect today!"
  16. >Her smile wanes slight as she presses her hooves around her body as if searching for something
  17. >"Oh... but, I forgot my wallet at home..."
  18. "Don't worry, I'll treat."
  19. >You wonder for the moment why Pinkie checked herself for pockets
  20. >The thought passes quickly enough as the heat beats down on the two of you
  21. >You continue down the path until the market comes into view
  22. >The shop owners all lazing about in their stalls, clinging to any shade their stands can afford
  23. >You spot a unicorn who looks a bit cooler and much happier than the others
  24. >He wears a white cap with a tidy apron and a double-scooped ice cream cone shows proudly on his rump
  25. >As you approach, he tips his hat to you and bears a toothy grin
  26. >"Salutations, Ms. Pie and Mr. Anonymous! What brings you to my humble stall today, hmm?"
  27. >"Oh, oh, Anon, can I get a Double Fudgy Fudgesicle? Ooh, or maybe a Buzzing Blueberry Blast! No, wait! A sundae! Ah~! Too many choices!"
  28. >Pinkie holds her head for the moment and her eyes spin around in a daze
  29. >You press a finger to the top of Pinkie's head
  30. >She looks up at you and you smile back to her
  31. "How about a nice bowl with two scoops? You can't go wrong with two scoops."
  32. >She nods quickly
  33. >"You're right! Two scoops has never let me down before! I'll take two scoops, one Double Fudgy Fudgesicle -and- one Buzzing Blueberry Blast, please!"
  34. >Pinkie seems to have a bit more spring in her step now
  35. >You turn to the shopkeeper quickly
  36. "I'll take a bowl as well, two scoops of vanilla, if you'd please?"
  37. >The ice cream pony continues to glare with his unwavering smile as he digs into the frozen buckets
  38. >He passes you the two bowls with a spoon in each and nods happily
  39. >"There you are. That will be exactly twenty-seven bits."
  40. >You grimace quickly at the number
  41. >It would make sense that ice cream could sky rocket in price during a heat wave
  42. >You blame laissez-faire and the damnable need for ice cream at least twice a week
  43. >Pinkie stares up at you with eyes as wide as the bowl in your hand
  44. >"Oh, thank you so much, Anon! You're the best human I know!"
  45. >You laugh quickly
  46. "I'm the only human you know."
  47. >"And that's what makes you my special human friend!"
  48. >You chuckle at her silliness and find a somewhat shaded spot to sit beneath a tree
  49. >Pinkie Pie quickly takes her bowl and cradles it with care
  50. >She lifts her spoon delicately and takes a small sample
  51. >Her eyes light up and her tongue runs the edges of her lips
  52. >A satisfied coo slips from Pinkie's mouth before she buries her face in bowl
  53. >You have taken two spoonfuls before Pinkie looks up to you
  54. >Her furry nose and chin are coated in a mix of blues and browns as she stares happily into your eyes
  55. >"Ah~, that hit the spot! Nothing like two scoops..."
  56. >Her tongue quickly darts over her fuzzy face as she cleans herself of any residual ice cream
  57. >You smile and hold a spoonful of ice cream to your lips
  58. >"Hey, Anon? What does yours taste like?"
  59. >You hold the cool treat close to your lips and feel the chill rise up your nose
  60. "Well, it's kind of plain, but I like it all the same. Want a bit?"
  61. >She nods her head quickly and smiles
  62. >The interesting thing about Pinkie Pie is that she never seemed to mind eating off the same plate as you
  63. >You dip the spoon into her mouth and watch as it curves gracefully around the metal head
  64. >Her tongue runs across the underside slowly as she saviors the creamy white dessert
  65. >You withdraw your spoon slowly from her lips as her eyes roll with frozen bliss
  66. >"Oh, Anon... that's such a good flavor..."
  67. "Yes, I think so too. Sometimes, the simple things are the best."
  68. >She nods and looks at you with a short grin
  69. >"Um, you think... maybe, I could have another taste?"
  70. >You find yourself slightly smirking at her request
  71. >Without hesitation, you take another spoonful and feed your pink friend
  72. >She holds the spoon in her mouth a little tighter this time and makes a little slurping sound
  73. >You watch her throat flex lewdly as she takes in your sweet treat
  74. >"Ohh~ yeah, that's the spot..."
  75. >You look at her with a curious grin before taking of a scoop more of your ice cream
  76. >You bring a small mound of vanilla to your lips and pop it in your mouth
  77. >The spoon feels incredibly hot since Pinkie's used it
  78. >You quickly take in another few spoonfuls and let the coolness settle in your belly
  79. "Ah, feels better already, yeah?"
  80. >Pinkie doesn't respond to you
  81. >Her eyes are transfixed on your spoon and bowl
  82. >She looks as if she has something to ask, but you don't press her for the question
  83. >You lift a big lump of delicious vanilla up to you lips and close your eyes
  84. >The spoon enters your mouth, but it feels surprisingly warm and empty
  85. >You open your eyes and check out your spoon to see that it is cleaned
  86. >A quick coo of delight from your friend catches your attention
  87. "Did you just snatch a bite of my ice cream?"
  88. >Pinkie looks at you with alert eyes and shakes her head from side to side as a hoof covers her mouth
  89. >You watch her closely as you take a spoonful to your lips and push it into your mouth
  90. >Her eyes shine with need as she watches you eat the next bite
  91. >Another bite and her hoof lowers to one side
  92. >Another bite has Pinkie breathing visibly harder
  93. >Your bowl is now half full as you raise a third spoonful up
  94. >You place the spoon over your tongue and close your lips
  95. >Before you can react, Pinkie is upon you
  96. >Her hooves press into your shoulders and you feel her mouth on your own
  97. >Her tongue invades your space and swipes the melting ice cream away
  98. >Breaking her "kiss", Pinkie sighs and shivers
  99. >"It's so good, Anon. I need this so bad..."
  100. >She looks at you with hungry eyes and you shy away with your bowl
  101. "I'd like to eat my ice cream, thank you..."
  102. >You really want this ice cream, but you aren't certain if Pinkie wants its more
  103. >"Just one more scoop! Please?!"
  104. >You lift a spoonful and eat it quickly
  105. >Pinkie looks at you in frustration and lungs for your bowl
  106. >You pull it back only to have Pinkie pin you at the waist
  107. >As you struggle, a lump of ice cream tips from the bowl
  108. >It speeds towards the ground as a pink blur appears under it
  109. >Pinkie's mouth opens wide and catches the stray ice cream blob
  110. >You manage to get to your feet and attempt to shovel it in
  111. >Pinkie climbs up your back and struggles to match your reach
  112. "Pinkie Pie, this is my ice cream!"
  113. >"You still have so much! Just a little won't hurt!"
  114. >A curvy tail suddenly blinds you as Pinkie slyly snatches another bite
  115. "Hey! That's not fair!"
  116. >"All is fair in love and ice cream!"
  117. >You wrestle Pinkie's tail while keeping the bowl a safe distance away
  118. >With an unnatural dexterity, Pinkie maneuvers around your body and knocks you onto your butt
  119. >The bowl of ice cream slips from your hand as Pinkie buries her muzzle into it
  120. >You take advantage of the distracted thief and pin her on her back
  121. >Her cheeks bulge with ice cream as you turn the tables with your own skilled tongue
  122. >Her mouth yields easily as you slide past her teeth and reclaim a good mouthful of ice cream
  123. >You both swallow in time to deny the other taking anymore
  124. >Pinkie presses her face into yours once more as she cleans the edges of your mouth and the recesses of your teeth
  125. >A sudden sharp gasp and loud whinny catch your attention
  126. >Pinkie and you separate with a loud popping sound as you wipe your ice cream and salivia coated mouth on one sleeve
  127. >Standing above you is Applejack
  128. >Her ears are pinned back and she has a scowl plastered to her face
  129. >"What're ya'll doin' to Pinkie?!"
  130. "Nothing! I wanted a little ice cream and..."
  131. >You are cut off as Applejack knocks you over
  132. "No, you don't understand! She was trying to steal my vanilla cream..."
  133. >You are tossed again
  134. "Wait! That came out wrong again!"
  135. >"Looky here, mister Ah-Know-Pinkie-Can't-Handle-Her-Ice-Cream! If'n you ever try to get her alone with frozen desserts again, ya'll be answer to -me-, got it?!"
  136. >Applejack snorts in your face and narrows her green eyes
  137. >You nod slowly with a bit of fright on your face
  138. >Pinkie finally stands up after a moment longer and looks at Applejack and you
  139. >"Oh, gosh... I'm so sorry! I... I must have gotten a little loopy again, hah. Don't be mad, Applejack, Anon didn't know and I... well, I didn't tell him."
  140. >Pinkie twiddles her hooves nervously and turns her face away
  141. >"You're not -mad- at me, are you, Anon?"
  142. >You shake your head as Applejack backs up
  143. >She snorts once more at you before breaking eye contact and turns to Pinkie Pie
  144. >"Come on, Sugarcube. Lets get you home a'fore you... well, you know."
  145. >"Oh, yeah, like that time at Twilight's birthday. I said I was sorry though... who knew it would stain?"
  146. >Applejack shakes her head and she leads Pinkie onward
  147. >You lay on your back in the shade for a moment with an empty bowl in your hand and the taste of sugary mare spit in your mouth
  148. >It was an alright afternoon
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