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  1. [18:16]
  2. Greedalicious:
  3.     ok first of all, what other people say on the stream is not up to me, it was in the middle of a game and people say shit they dont mean,it happens.  Ive told raven not to rage as much and thats all i can and will do.
  4.     Second I sent a message to Scar afterward apologising and I didnt get any message back, so i figure its all good. I didnt harass him, I have nothing against scar and always thought he was 1 of the better people in the game.
  5.     Third you insulting  Raven is pointless, i understand you're watching out for your friend and im doing the same to mine. Raven said some shit when he was angry and didnt mean it.  Dont threaten me about repercussions for what someone else said.
  6.     Lastly, the little free time i have to play i spend it streaming and i have no time for drama. if anyone wants drama leave me out of it. Talk to raven if you want this to go further. trashtalking people behind their back isnt really something i do, the people i dont like, know i dont like them, im not a 16 year old gossip girl
  8. [18:18]
  9. Charlini:
  10.     Throwing the shit at your friend isnt actually smth pretty mature
  11.     just rewatch your own reactions and comments on scar lol
  13. [18:18]
  14. Greedalicious:
  15.     which i already apologised to him for
  17. [18:19]
  18. Charlini:
  19.     Raven was mainly insulting, not like you werent denying anything or acting any different lol
  20.     Yeah, as i said after doing it, just dont repeat it and take it as a threat or not if you want lol noone's 16 here
  21.     just saying that we've had problems in the past aswell
  22.     with the spanish community
  23.     and you met a hostile atmosphere later on
  24.     and ended up apologising
  25.     im not talking over raven here, the stream was yours and again, you were a lighter version but no different from what he was saying
  26.     So just don't repeat anything similar
  28. [18:20]
  29. Greedalicious:
  30.     the hostility back then was because you guys misunderstood irony
  31.     i apologised because i wanted pointless drama to end
  33. [18:21]
  34. Charlini:
  35.     Well now there's no irony, you all from yesterday's ts and specially him looked like flaming dogshit
  37. [18:21]
  38. Greedalicious:
  39.     im not against hostile atmosphere if i think its warrented
  41. [18:21]
  42. Charlini:
  43.     But quite pathetic to see such reactions, maybe you don't care about that but you definetly care about streaming and viewership
  44.     should think if people want to see that kind of trash on respected men when they hop in, specially when the new game comes and viewership increases, right?
  46. [18:23]
  47. Greedalicious:
  48.     now its starting to piss me off actually, i apologised to scar, i told raven not to rage more
  50. [18:23]
  51. Charlini:
  52.     That being said, you said you apologised, just try to make it not happen again, i'll leave it there and you definetly cannot control your friend but he should mind what he says considering what he's done so far
  54. [18:23]
  55. Greedalicious:
  56.     what else do u want
  57.     it seems like there will be drama after all
  59. [18:23]
  60. Charlini:
  61.     As i said, I didn't know you apologised to him, but literally throwing in a stone and then apologising doesnt take away that you threw it lol
  62.     i don't make big deal out of it as long as it doesnt happen again
  64. [18:24]
  65. Greedalicious:
  66.     i wouldnt say this isnt a big deal
  67.     ive been threatened with hostility and lower viewership because of what someone else said, doesnt seem fair
  69. [18:25]
  70. Charlini:
  71.     Warning that you'll be massively disliked if it happens again isnt smth happening atm, i dont like what you did, and from my perspective Raven is just in the pit already
  72.     Lol what do you expect?
  73.     Rewatch the stream
  74.     Your reaction and raven's both talkwise on any scar's action yesterday
  76. [18:26]
  77. Greedalicious:
  78.     i also got teamkilled by scar and hit in the back once, it cost me to die, shit happens
  80. [18:27]
  81. Charlini:
  82.     Ofc if you repeat it ppl will be hostile, it looked awful lol, just telling you to not repeat it, and raven should just not talk to him further or any similar shit on stream again because he was insulting like a lil girl being nothing lol
  84. [18:27]
  85. Greedalicious:
  86.     i make a comment about that and then its over, which he would do aswell
  88. [18:28]
  89. Charlini:
  90.     And lower viewership is natural, if you guys act like dickheads again we'll just not watch you, and the community isnt very big specially to avoid those views, same could be applied to anyone who doesnt like these type of comments
  91.     Dude are you srsly comparing with an accidental tk lol
  92.     Ofc, its over you apologised and it wont happen again, thats all that needs to happen actually
  94. [18:28]
  95. Greedalicious:
  96.     i cant promise i wont shout out something in the heat of the moment again
  98. [18:29]
  99. Charlini:
  100.     There's lines and you know that
  102. [18:29]
  103. Greedalicious:
  104.     which i crossed and i apologised
  105.     raven crossed lines and its up to him to apologise or not
  107. [18:29]
  108. Charlini:
  109.     not the same to say what is this guy doing or why he's behaving like that, than to have specially raven's words which were really out of line
  111. [18:30]
  112. Greedalicious:
  113.     i wont force him to do so, he has his opinions and its up to him to do whatever he thinks is needed
  115. [18:30]
  116. Charlini:
  117.     Just tell him privately next time to shut his mouth, if he says it and you actually agree or talk on a lower tone(without insulting) over the same topic you're also on the same bag
  118.     you understand that, otherwise you wouldnt have apologised
  120. [18:30]
  121. Greedalicious:
  122.     if that means we have issues then i guess we have issues xD i believe in people having their own opinions and they have the right to speak them
  124. [18:31]
  125. Charlini:
  126.     Nothing else to be done greed lmao
  127.     I dont have any issue but as i said, if its repeated again dont get surprised
  128.     im telling this to you, i may and others may have their own opinion over Raven
  129.     and act in the ways they prefer
  131. [18:31]
  132. Greedalicious:
  133.     which they are completely free to have
  135. [18:31]
  136. Charlini:
  137.     Exactly
  139. [18:31]
  140. Greedalicious:
  141.     i have opinions on everyone in this game xD
  142.     many are negative
  143.     if i dont like someone i will tell them
  144.     if i didnt like them before but my opinion changed i will say that too
  145.     i like scar
  146.     ive always liked scar
  148. [18:32]
  149. Charlini:
  150.     Like everyone does? doesnt specificly mean you must go and trashtalk it openly on stream
  152. [18:32]
  153. Greedalicious:
  154.     i always stream when i play, its a way to get people involved in the game
  155.     which the game desperately needs
  157. [18:33]
  158. Charlini:
  159.     Raven clearly does not, yesterday it didnt look like you liked him much honestly
  160.     I dont think there's a point in whatever we're arguing atm, we both agree on it i feel, as i said didnt even know u apologised when i threw in the text this morning, but again, my main point, dont repeat it if you dont wanna be hated by part of the community, there's many people that dislike to watch those situations
  162. [18:34]
  163. Greedalicious:
  164.     if raven doesnt raven doesnt xD i will probably shit talk some people, im open about my opinion on people like kani
  165.     kani knows this xD
  166.     i will call kani a cunt on stream
  168. [18:35]
  169. Charlini:
  170.     Ill be more specific to what i meant
  171.     I dont care if youre streaming
  172.     and you call someone whoever knows that is
  173.     anything
  174.     but dont do it with respected well known people who have actually done nothing negative to you
  176. [18:36]
  177. Greedalicious:
  178.     i have no intention of doing that
  180. [18:36]
  181. Charlini:
  182.     Good, lets leave it there then
  184. [18:36]
  185. Greedalicious:
  186.     i had no intention the first time
  187.     which is why i said sorry to scar
  188.     but everyone makes mistakes
  190. [18:37]
  191. Charlini:
  192.     Fine, again idk what scar thinks over you now or that Raven guy, same way raven has his own opinions i got mine over you and him and scar has his own
  194. [18:37]
  195. Greedalicious:
  196.     i dont know either, scar never messaged me back
  198. [18:37]
  199. Charlini:
  200.     he's probably pissed? haha
  201.     i mean just check forums, people is aware
  202.     you posted about some stream and the first answer back is related with that
  204. [18:37]
  205. Greedalicious:
  206.     thers a fucking forum post about this? haha
  207.     wtf is this reddit?
  209. [18:38]
  210. Charlini:
  211.     No? Its a small community?
  212.     where everyone almost knows eachother?
  214. [18:38]
  215. Greedalicious:
  216.     then i guess im done for xD
  218. [18:39]
  219. Charlini:
  220.     obviously not, but people dislike it, as i said if you do it again, people would dislike you, probs not watch the stream and definetly hate raven
  221.     and take it as a threat you want, i speak as what i'd do, but there's many people who dont like these behaviours and would do the same, so its not really a threat lol
  222.     more like natural reactions
  224. [18:41]
  225. Greedalicious:
  226.     its fine
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