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  1. Guest_SieraLopez has joined the chat
  2. 0MeekMill0 has joined the chat
  3. Guest_SieraLopez: hiii ntmu
  4. HannahRosalynn: hey :D ntmu 2
  5. HannahRosalynn: im gonna change to my lazy fit haha dont mind me
  6. 0MeekMill0: bk
  7. Guest_SieraLopez: k
  8. 0MeekMill0: z
  9. Guest_SieraLopez: wb
  10. 0MeekMill0: lol
  11. 0MeekMill0: thx
  12. HannahRosalynn: weba
  13. 0MeekMill0: thx
  14. 0MeekMill0: bae Ham
  15. 0MeekMill0: Ham SieraLopez
  16. Guest_SieraLopez: ham??
  17. 0MeekMill0: @Siera*
  18. HannahRosalynn: hey pez
  19. HannahRosalynn: that is her nickname now
  20. 0MeekMill0: yea
  21. Guest_SieraLopez: love it
  22. 0MeekMill0: lol
  23. HannahRosalynn: haha same
  24. HannahRosalynn: its cute
  25. Guest_SieraLopez: sooo hows everyone doing?
  26. 0MeekMill0: jus fuckin en hoes
  27. 0MeekMill0: :/
  28. HannahRosalynn: bored haha hru
  29. 0MeekMill0: nun ne;w
  30. Guest_SieraLopez: im good
  31. 0MeekMill0: jk
  32. 0MeekMill0: lol
  33. 0MeekMill0: z
  34. HannahRosalynn: your such a dick< lol
  35. Guest_SieraLopez: lol
  36. Guest_SieraLopez: soo this girl named roxii told me something
  37. Guest_SieraLopez: about you saying to he i love you or something
  38. Guest_SieraLopez: Quan i dont give af if it was a prank or not wtf r u saying i love you to another girl
  39. HannahRosalynn: oh btw like 10 mins ago rocks texted me and told me to tell you she is mad at you rn
  40. HannahRosalynn: o.o should i go.... it was partially my fault though
  41. 0MeekMill0: -_-
  42. Guest_SieraLopez: yoo im llike really mad rn
  43. 0MeekMill0: really...
  44. Guest_SieraLopez: why tf r u saying i love you to another girl
  45. 0MeekMill0: (PRANK) ANNNDDDD HANNAH told ME
  46. 0MeekMill0: TOO DO IT
  47. 0MeekMill0: amma go
  48. HannahRosalynn: i did tell him too, but dont be mad at me :x
  49. 0MeekMill0: yall fuckin me up rn
  50. Guest_SieraLopez: babe i should be the one fucking leaving cuz idgaf if it was a fucking prank or not
  51. 0MeekMill0: omg ...
  52. Guest_SieraLopez: if you in a relationship why tf r u saying shit like that to other people
  53. 0MeekMill0: every1 was TAKEN in the fuckin room
  54. HannahRosalynn: that is true
  55. HannahRosalynn: im taken btw dw >
  56. 0MeekMill0: its a fuckin prank on my BEST friend
  57. 0MeekMill0: maannnn fuck it
  58. 0MeekMill0: am out
  59. 0MeekMill0 has left their session. This session will automatically close in 2 minutes unless you load one of your own rooms
  60. HannahRosalynn: oh shit
  61. Guest_SieraLopez: haha
  62. HannahRosalynn: should we tell him now?
  63. Guest_SieraLopez: omg
  64. HannahRosalynn: hes madddd
  65. Guest_SieraLopez: yes i dont want him mad at me
  66. HannahRosalynn: i think we got him lmaooo
  67. HannahRosalynn: he went offline
  68. Guest_SieraLopez: im text him
  69. HannahRosalynn: ok
  70. HannahRosalynn: tell him to come back haha
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