Sweetieslut - Party Child (Unfinished)

Nov 27th, 2014
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  4. "Twilight help me"
  5. >The pink pony ran to the Princess of friendship, her breathing heavy
  6. >"Pinkie I told you magic can not help you lose those pounds. You really need to start taking care of yourself. Sweets can be a nice treat but you can..."
  7. >Pinkie taps her hoof as Twilight finishes her speech.
  8. "No Twilight it isn't that"
  9. >She holds her stomach in pain.
  10. "In fact I haven't eaten much and what I do eat"
  11. >Turning green she runs to a nearby bush and hurls.
  12. "See, I think I have food poisioning"
  13. >"Any other symptoms"
  14. >Twilight takes her back to the castle and examines her.
  15. "Well I have been really hot, and then cold. I am unable to control my emotions and everyone says I have a glow, but I am not a glowbug.. Oh my goodness I must have ate a firefly. I didn't even know"
  16. >Twilight laughs.
  17. >"No Pinkie it's nothing like that... May I ask when the last time"
  18. >She coughs trying to think of the word.
  19. >"When did you entertain a stallion last"
  20. "Oh that's easy I did Button's birthday party this morning"
  21. >"No Pinky when did you entertain, you know in a private party kind of way"
  22. >Pinkie gasps.
  23. "Twi I know you are my friend but a Mare never talks about how she and a big guy Have been seeing each other for the last two months."
  24. >She covers her mouth.
  25. "Twi you can't tell anyone ok"
  26. >"Well I won't but your belly will soon enough, you seem to be creating a baby in there"
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