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  1. Aug 18 16:38:35 <projectshifter>        i didn't realize investments were really going on with btc until the other day
  2. Aug 18 16:38:41 <EmanuelDeOrtego>       EskimoBob: So are mining turds good for anything?
  3. Aug 18 16:39:29 <projectshifter>        we're in the process of working on some deals with a couple investors who are wanting to get in, we were debating at looking at some different options, was curious if there were businesses successfully doing it with btc and what the appeal actually was
  4. Aug 18 16:39:32 <assbot>        [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 43096 @ 0.00037 = 15.9455 BTC [+]
  5. Aug 18 16:40:25 <mircea_popescu>        well, mpex is valued at ~400k btc atm on the market.
  6. Aug 18 16:40:26 <EskimoBob>     projectshifter: they have BTC but you need USD?
  7. Aug 18 16:40:39 <mircea_popescu>        that'd be a few millions, and as far as i know the highest market cap in bitcoin.
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