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Mar 27th, 2017
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  1. We are a linux shop that recently merged/acquired a shop that's mostly Windows. Total of maybe 10 server's, some with services on bare metal, some running ProxMox providing mostly webhosting services. All services include email, web hosting, dns, dhcp, radius, ntp, tftp, configuration-managment, monitoring, etc.
  3. Anyway, I've listened to enough BSDNOW that I'm starting to think a move to a BSD-based shop would be a good option.
  5. HOWEVER, there is a push by the consultant that supported the the acquired shop running Windows for VMWare due to it's prevalence (in the industry/everywhere. You can't get fired for recommending IBM/no VMWare...).
  7. From what I believe I heard, bhyve and jails could do work equivalent to VMWare for our needs? We run some services on bare metal for what we believe to be a performance benefit, we can continue that way, or if bhyve and jails enhance our security profile, we would move that way. Please comment?
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