Trapwire Team: Dan Botsch, Michael Maness, Michael K. Chang

Aug 11th, 2012
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  1. **Trapwire Team: Dan Botsch (Robert Daniel Botsch), Michael Maness (Michael Thomas Maness), Michael K. Chang, Paul Chadha, John J. Reis (John Jack Reis), Daniel V. Johnson, Stephen B Coffman, Ted Crocker**
  3. )(
  5. Information about TrapWire, a terrifying new government surveillance program that's in the works
  9. Background
  10. "TrapWire Inc. was founded in 2004 to design, build and deploy counterterrorism technologies and services for the protection of critical infrastructure and personnel. The genesis of our company started with a project initiated in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks. The objective of that project was to develop a capability that would prevent such attacks from occurring in the future. This project evolved into our flagship product, TrapWire, and its related methodologies and supporting capabilities.
  12. As with all of our products and services, the TrapWire system encapsulates the expertise of professionals in the areas of counterterrorism, surveillance, surveillance detection, and intelligence operations and analysis. Prior to joining TrapWire, many of our employees were directly involved in the U.S. government’s war on terrorism as intelligence officers and members of the US Armed Forces and Secret Service. Our professionals have led successful intelligence operations against terrorist organizations and fought on battlefields across the globe. We view TrapWire as a continuation of our prior service, and as an opportunity to take a proactive stance against terrorism by helping law enforcement and private security agencies identify and disrupt attack planning processes, apprehend perpetrators, and prevent attacks." -
  14. Products
  15. Integration
  16. "The TrapWire system can be integrated with and can utilize most existing surveillance technologies (such as pan-tilt-zoom [PTZ] cameras) to capture photographic or video evidence of suspicious activity.
  17. Additionally, SAR data captured in the TrapWire system can be easily transferred to other systems as needed via a standardized XML data file export. This is particularly helpful for Law Enforcement agencies who wish to upload their SAR data to the Information Sharing Environment (ISE), as well as eGuardian. TrapWire allows agencies to output records in the NIEM-compliant SAR-IEPD format. " -
  19. Countries using products
  21. Reports
  23. "NSA datamining pushes tech envelope" 2005
  26. Tech & Business Partners
  28. People Responsible
  29. Board Members
  31. Dan Botsch, President
  33. As President and one of the founders of the company, Mr. Botsch oversees all aspects of the organization.
  34. Prior to joining TrapWire, Dan served 11 years as an Intelligence Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, focusing on Russian and Eastern European affairs. He also has experience in corporate security, having served as the Deputy Director of a Business Intelligence Group that monitored political, economic, security and market dynamics for a Global 100 energy company. Dan holds an MBA from the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business; a Masters degree in International Affairs from Boston University; and a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Political Science from Bates College.
  37. Michael Maness, Director of Business Development
  39. As Senior Director, Mr. Maness is currently responsible for the Business Development activities of TrapWire. During the formation of the company he made important contributions to the development of the TrapWire Critical Infrastructure system rules engine and its unique, structured reporting formats. Additionally, he contributed to the design and development of some of our training programs, and provides counterterrorism and surveillance expertise in support of TrapWire system deployments.
  40. Mike joined TrapWire following 20 years of service with the Central Intelligence Agency, where he directed counterterrorism and security operations in the Middle-East, the Balkans and Europe. As a senior operations officer and field operations manager, he was instrumental in combating Al-Qaeda's operational units in the immediate wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. He has also been recognized by the CIA for his work in Bosnia and Kosovo during the crises there. Fluent in several languages, Mike is a graduate of Texas State University where he was awarded degrees in International Relations and Foreign Languages.
  43. Michael K. Chang, Director of Operations
  45. As Director of Operations, Mr. Chang is responsible for all TrapWire training programs and TrapWire system deployments. Prior to joining TrapWire in 2005, Mike served 12 years with the Central Intelligence Agency as a counterterrorism operations officer and security officer. He designed and implemented numerous, multifaceted counterterrorism operations and training programs and worked closely with various military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies across the globe.
  47. He also served as an Assistant Team Leader and Special Agent on the personal security detail of the Director and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. Mike has served as a senior instructor for various field training programs, including Counterterrorism Operations, Protective Operations, and Surveillance Detection. He is also a CIA certified firearms and weapons instructor. He has an M.A. in Forensic Science from George Washington University and a B.S. in Administration of Justice from Pennsylvania State University.
  50. Paul Chadha""", Director of Information Technology
  52. As Director of Information Technology, Mr. Chadha manages TrapWire's corporate-wide technology infrastructure, including the operation and maintenance of TrapWire Data Centers worldwide. Paul is responsible for ensuring information security and high system availability to meet the demanding requirements of our government and private sector clients. Paul is also responsible for managing the software development of the TrapWire suite of products, ongoing Client Support Services, and technical integration efforts for TrapWire system deployments.
  54. Paul has more than a decade of experience in the Information Technology arena and has led numerous efforts to overhaul corporate networks in need of tighter security and added reliability. Paul currently holds the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) certifications.
  57. John J. Reis,President of Abraxas Applications, Inc./TrapWire
  59. John J. Reis serves as the President of Abraxas Applications, Inc., and oversees the organizational development of it and the market introduction of TrapWire, a critical infrastructure protection software application.
  61. Mr. Reis served as the President and Chief Executive Officer at Halifax Corporation in Alexandria, Va. Prior to joining Halifax, he served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of NumereX Corporation in Atlanta.
  63. He has more than 30 years of senior executive level experience in the communications and information technology marketplace. During his career as a Principle of multiple organizations, he has overseen the financing, product development, sales and marketing, acquisitions and divestitures of the now successful ventures.
  65. He served as the President of i2, Inc. Mr. Reis served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NFR Security, Inc.
  67. He serves as a Member of Advisory Board at IxReveal, Inc. He is uniquely qualified to navigate the territory where law enforcement, intelligence, and commerce intersect, guiding companies toward enterprise solutions that are easily integrated into a larger security plan.
  69. Mr. Reis holds a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Physics from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. BusinessWeek
  72. Daniel V. Johnson, Director - TrapWire
  74. Phone(320) 202-0881 3900 Plymouth Blvd Minneapolis, MN 55446 Cell: 651-245-9962 (as of 2007)
  75. Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Director TrapWire, Inc. (previously dba Abraxas Applications) 2007 – 2011 (4 years)
  77. As the Director, Dan is accountable for business and market development, P&L, executive recruitment, and subject matter expertise for a start up technology and services company.
  78. In his role at TrapWire, Dan consults to law enforcement and corporate security executives nationally on technology tools, tradecraft, and training in support of critical infrastructure protection, corporate security, community engagement, and information sharing and analysis. Dan has a proven track record of working effectively with law enforcement and senior corporate security executives to enable an enhanced security enterprise across industry (aviation, transportation, hospitality, gaming, banking/finance, icons, commercial real estate, entertainment, stadiums/arenas, government facilities, military installations, and more).
  80. Senior Lead, Law/Justice/Homeland Security Deloitte Consulting, LLP Privately Held; 10,001+ employees; Management Consulting industry 2005 – 2007 (2 years) Washington D.C. Metro Area The world's largest management consulting firm specializing in the areas of human capital, strategy & operations, and technology. As an executive with Deloitte Consulting, Dan led a team of consultants responsible for law enforcement stakeholder development, usability and user feedback requirements in support of a $100 million dollar contract with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the National Data Exchange (N-DEx) information-sharing environment. Dan also served as a consultant and strategic relationship manager to other federal, state and local law enforcement and homeland security agencies.
  81. Executive Director of Homeland Security State of Minnesota Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Government Administration industry 2003 – 2005 (2 years) St. Paul Key executive liaison to the federal Department of Homeland Security; responsible for state agency coordination of homeland security initiatives, programs, policy; grants administration; public-private partnerships and information sharing; community outreach, engagement and awareness; advisory member to National Governors Association (DC).
  83. Senior Police Captain, Interim Acting Chief of Police City of Burnsville 1989 – 2004 (15 years) Minnesota Exercised command of sworn and non-sworn personnel; directed and evaluated department recruitment, selection, retention, training and disciplinary functions; budget development/forecasting; grants management; advisory member to the Congressional bi-partisan Law Enforcement Caucus
  84. Education: FBI National Academy University of Minnesota-Duluth Hamline University Work History: President Nexus Advantage, LLC December 2005 – Present (6 years 9 months) [ Peoples Liberation Front (AnonPaste)
  87. Stephen B Coffman
  89. Title: Senior Software Architect at TrapWire, Inc. Location: Washington D.C. Metro Area Industry: Computer Software Education: Claremont Graduate University, Chapman University
  90. Linked-In
  91. "Stephen Coffman's Summary
  92. Extensive experience with software development, processes, and technology vision for large-scale software applications.
  93. - Strong skills in both software development and applied math
  94. - Successful at building consensus and commitment
  95. - Career highlights include inventions in software / algorithms, award for innovation, four U.S. Patents
  96. Specialties
  98. Software Architecture/Design • Application Framework Design • Integrated Systems • Agile Software Development • Applied Math • Algorithm Development • Physics Simulation
  100. C++ • C# • JavaScript • jQuery • .NET • ASP.NET MVC • WCF • WPF • Silverlight • Windows • Native Mobile Apps Stephen Coffman's Experience Senior Software Architect TrapWire Inc
  102. Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Computer Software industry
  104. March 2010 – Present (2 years 6 months)
  106. CODING: Design and develop the flagship client and server software • Service-oriented architecture host system (WCF, NHibernate, SQL Server) • Web app (ASP.NET MVC, C#, JavaScript, jQuery)
  108. ALGORITHMS: Develop pattern-matching and data-mining algorithms • Detect patterns of behaviors and activities • Identify patterns not readily visible to analysts
  110. PROCESS: Use agile methodology for software development • Iterations with kick-off’s, design and development, end-of-iteration reviews and retrospectives • Development process includes story board, pair programming, TDD, continuous integration
  112. VISION: Provide guidance and vision for both client and server systems • Define the software technology vision • Incrementally improve existing systems to prepare them for future products • Add back-end support for mobile applications • Provide guidance for mobile application development
  113. Interact with partners and technology providers that integrate with our products. Stephen Coffman's Education Claremont Graduate University M.S., Applied Math
  115. 1989 – 1991
  116. Emphasis on numerical methods, algorithms, graphics, pseudo-random sequences, and splines. Chapman University, B.S., Business Administration
  118. 1982 – 1987
  119. Specialization in Management Science. Emphasis on mathematics and computer programming."
  122. Ted Crocker, Software Engineer, TrapWire Inc.
  124. Class of 2008, Gettysberg College, Computer Science
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