Suomus Misfits Squadron, vol 3 p 43-50

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  1. When Tomoko awoke suddenly from her sleep, Haruka was sleeping with her mouth wide open. Tomoko held her head, and shook it with a yawn.
  2. “Ah, last night too…”
  3. Tomoko buried her face into the pillow. She wasn’t a lesbian.
  4. If that’s the case, then why can’t I resist?
  5. “Why? Just, why? Why?”
  6. As she muttered silently, Katharine, who was sleeping in a bed nearby, woke up groggily.
  7. “Good morning. Tomoko…, yaaaaaaawn, I’m sleepy.”
  8. “Hey, you look like you didn’t sleep at all.”
  9. Katharine said with a surprised look.
  10. “I’m wonder whose fault it was that you didn’t sleep”
  11. Tomoko flushed red.
  12. “Hm? Flying Officer Elma, what’s going on?” Katharine looked at the bed next to her. Inside it, Flying Officer Elma was trembling.
  13. “Did you catch a cold?”
  14. As Katharine asked her, Flying Officer Elma started muttering incoherently.
  15. “…Ah, that. That voice was…, that voice came from Flying Officer Tomoko’s mouth…iyaaaaaa! Scary! Scaryy!”
  16. Elma put the blanket over her head, and started to cower, still trembling.
  17. “What? What what? Flying Officer Elma! What are you talking about?”
  18. As Tomoko forcibly drew closer, Flying Officer Elma started shaking again.
  19. “Flying Officer Tomoko is a beast…”
  20. “Huh? Beast? What are you talking about, Flying Officer Elma!”
  21. “It’s because Flying Officer Tomoko can make beastlike sounds…”
  22. The back of Tomoko’s head flushed.
  23. “Tha, That is, that…”
  24. Ursula woke up.
  25. “Did you hear it too Ursula? Tomoko’s beast sounds.”
  26. “Don’t call me a beast! Don’t call me a beast!”
  27. Ursula shook her head. She showed Katharine a cork she had pulled out from her ears.
  28. “This girl’s smart! She used an earplug!”
  29. Out of embarrassment, Tomoko fell flat against the bed.
  30. “I’m! Not that! I’m definitely not that kind of girl! I’m much calmer! I’m a female warrior ( of Fuso”
  31. “Mhhhh~m”
  32. Haruka stretched out and woke up. Next to her, Tomoko struggled as she embraced her shoulders, whispering into her ear.
  33. “It’s as if you were like a lion last night…”
  34. Tomoko felt an explosion in her upper body, throwing herself away from Haruka’s body. As her nosebleed flowed, Haruka stood up, and with an innocent look, embraced Tomoko’s shoulders once more.
  35. “Ehehe. Everything is alright. Flying Officer Tomoko has become my number one idol. To this extent, you see, I’ve taken that into consideration. How should I put it, you didn’t really put your hips into it? Speaking of hips, last night’s Flying Officer Tomoko’s…”
  36. Tomoko spun round and hit Haruka straight in the stomach. She sighed, this was ill-fitting for a maiden, and Haruka collapsed onto the floor. Tomoko grabbed Haruka’s ankles, and fastened her to the bed.
  37. “What are you doing-?”
  38. “From now, you’ll sleep tied up.”
  39. “Why-?”
  40. “You don’t want to die, do you?”
  41. Tomoko frightfully thrust her sword in front of Haruka.
  42. “Of course. I don’t want to die. By the way, speaking of which, last night Flying Officer Tomoko said ‘die’…, what did you mean?”
  43. Tomoko was prepared to use her sword, raising it above her head, and Haruka stopped breathing. All the squadron members worked to restrain Tomoko’s body.
  44. “Don’t be hasty! Tomoko!”
  45. “C-calm down!”
  46. “Fllyyyyyyyyinnnggg Offficcerrrr Tomoko! I don’t want to be one of the people you’ve slain in battle…”
  47. “Please! If you kill her then I’ll die too!”
  48. Tomoko struggled violently.
  51. “I wonder, why…, why can’t I resist…”
  52. It was breakfast time, and with her head flat against the table, Tomoko was mumbling incoherently. Katharine and Flying Officer Elma were listening to Tomoko’s complaints. Beurling had taken her breakfast and gone somewhere; Ursula was reading a book as she always was. Haruka was in the barracks, having passed out. So that the striker units could be maintained, there would be no sortie today.
  53. With a nod of the head, Katharine said, “It’s easy. From now, it’s easy, there’s no problem. In other words, Tomoko likes girls!”
  54. In surprise, Flying Officer Elma’s body shook. She cowered her head.
  55. “I-I’m not tasty……, so please don’t eat me….”
  56. “It’s alright! Tomoko has an interest in this sort of thing.”
  57. “That’s wrong! I don’t like girls!”
  58. Tomoko said with a look of resignation.
  59. “Your heart may be saying that, but your body is saying something different! It seems like you’ve hit puberty!”
  60. “That’s not the reason!”
  61. Katharine put both of her hands on Tomoko’s shoulders, she said in a loud voice.
  62. “Should I say, your heart can’t understand your own feelings-“
  63. T-That…, Tomoko’s knees hit the floor. Yet again, Tomoko began to mumble.
  64. “C-Could it be that , I wonder…If I do an analysis of the circumstances up until last night, Haruka had entered unexpectedly. Into my bed. Of course I’d counter attack. With all the strength of the Squadron, it’s easy to get rid of the enemy. But…, no matter how many times I get rid of her, like the Neuroi, she invades. First, was when she got to my breasts. Her fingers, they moved in a way I couldn’t believe…That’s when I noticed, my face became pure white. I thought that it would be good if she would apply that skill to battle…Anyway, I really couldn’t resist, so what Katharine said, I wonder if I like girls…, I don’t really know myself…”
  65. Tomoko continued to whisper something like a prayer.
  66. As Flying Officer Elma watched Tomoko, she grabbed her hand.
  67. “I-It’s alright Flying Officer Tomoko! Even though Flying Officer Tomoko is a pervert who likes girls, I approve of you as a Squadron Commander. It’s because, it’s a separate preference from your job!”
  68. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”
  69. As if she couldn’t stand something anymore, Tomoko shook her head.
  70. “Is that so? Am I really like that? Ah, if I try thinking about it, when I was in Fuso, it was only girls that came to see me! ‘Oneesama, Oneesama’ they would say, even though I didn’t exactly have a feeling for it, was that really the case? Even though those girls just had puppy love! But, if it had been men, it would have been completely different! No, from the bottom of my heart, are my feelings being manipulated? Is my heart manipulating them? Which is it?”
  71. When she stood up, Tomoko grabbed Katharine’s collar.
  72. “Please say it! Hey! The strong point of your people is your liberal thinking! So please analyse me!”
  73. “No matter which one I say, I already had a chance to answer. Yet, in reality, your heart has a problem. Which one you really are, I don’t know either. So, Tomoko…”
  74. “What! Answer me clearly! Which one! Am I a lesbian! Or am I normal!”
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