#AntiCanadaDay Lazors go Pew Pew Pew

Jul 1st, 2015
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  2. Greetings Citizens of Canada, peoples and Anons of the world. We are #OpCyberPrivacy and this is #AntiCanadaDay.
  4. On this day we protest against the passing of C-51 and it's royal assent to law. We protest against the systemic invasion of privacy by government and corperate entities around the world. We stand ardent in our defiance to all those who would take away our rights and freedoms. Today we #TakeBackCanada. It's our party, and we'll pwn if we want to.
  6. At 12 noon ET / 09:00 PT #AntiCanadaDay kicks off, Go out into the world and hand out fliers, engage the public, speak truth to power. Words offer the means to meaning and for those that would listen the anounciation of truth. We encourage disobedience.
  8. Take your stand IRL or in Cyberspace. No effort is wasted on this day of days. Our voices will be heard to spite their efforts to silence our dissent. For we are the people and these governments work for us! Today, we remind them of that fact.
  10. All Canadian government web assests are fair game. Lazors free on all federal, provincial and municpal services. We will be posting a target list shortly before kick off. #AntiCanadaDay is an all day affair. To be ceased at 00:01 hours July 2nd.
  12. BYOL/BYOB There will be a small after party on IRC. Yes you are invited. #OpCyberPrivacy because what's #AntiCanadaDay without a party?
  14. We are Anonymous
  15. We are Legion
  16. United by One
  17. Divided by Zero
  18. To the government of Canada
  19. U mad yet bro?
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