Inheritor Effect (NMP)

Oct 3rd, 2018
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  1. >Twilight Sparkle approaches the stage to the podium to address a crowd of scholars and scientists.
  2. >The crowd taps their hooves for the Princess before she starts to speak.
  3. >"Fillies and gentlecolts," Twilight addresses the crowd, "Thank you for attending this assembly."
  4. >Twilight waits to speak again as another round of applause erupts from the audience.
  5. >"As you all know, Princess Cadence's Husbando Initiative is approaching it's eighth year of operation."
  6. >Twilight presses a button and an image of humans are projected onto a screen behind her.
  7. >"More than sevens years success, matching the lonely mares of Equestria with a species just as starved for love known as 'Humans'. Since their introduction, there have many questions on their ability to affect the nation's growth. Are they able to reproduce with mares? Two years later we received an answer."
  8. >Twilight clicks the button again to reveal a minty colored Unicorn and her human together.
  9. >In their grasp, they both holding a Unicorn filly together, winning a few "Aws" from the audience.
  10. >"The baby is a pony in every sense of the word. She resembles her mother, she's able to utilize magic through her horn, and by her fifth year, received her cutie mark."
  11. >Twilight goes on to the next screen to show a collection of photos of more mare, Human couples and their daughter.
  12. >"There were many more births the following year, and even more questions in regards of how their births came to be? It wasn't helped when the first male baby was born."
  13. >Another click shows a picture of a tired Twilight and her Human coddling their baby.
  14. >The baby is a human male, his mane sharing the same color palette as his mother.
  15. >Twilight looks at the picture much longer than the rest, her eyes starting to water as she stares.
  17. >"Anyway," she sniffs, "A realization was made after this event. An offspring may share both physical traits from their parents, but the species it will become will be determined if they share the same gender as their mother or father. There is no new mixed species as traditional scientists used to believe in. The offspring will either grow up into a mare or a Human male.
  18. >The audience looks on in aw and hang on to each word coming from Twilight's mouth.
  19. >"As of yet, this pattern has remained consistent throughout the years. I believe it is time name this phenomenon. If the offspring's species is determined if shares the same gender of its parents, then this process should be dubbed the 'Inheritor Effect'."
  20. >Many in audience nod their heads in agreement and applause once more.
  21. >"Thank you so much for your time and attention." Twilight bows.
  22. >She walks off the stage and prepares for a trip home.
  23. >With her part done she hopes to get home early before Anonymous and their son, Incognito, starts to miss her.
  25. >Twilight rides in a chariot being pulled by a pair of Pegasi guards.
  26. >As the ride progresses she looks over her notebook.
  27. >They’re filled to the brim with notes and photos of foals born from couples formed by the Initiative.
  28. >Measurements, body type, mane color, any features inherited by their mother and father.
  29. >It’s all recorded in her notebook, with the approval of the their parents of course.
  30. >One of her latest entries is one on her own son.
  31. >Like all the other pages, it notes all the physical descriptions and the discrepancies when compared with past subjects.
  32. >The Lavender eyes her writings.
  33. >It’s impassioned and detached, like many other of her scientific writings in the past.
  34. >Yet, she still feels her stomach sink as she reads.
  35. >”Incognito is your son, Twilight,” She chides herself.
  36. >”Something wrong, Princess?” One of the guards asks her.
  37. >”It’s nothing” Twilight reassures them.
  38. >As the time passes, she can finally see Ponyville.
  39. >The outskirts is filled with construction sites for new homes.
  40. >It looks like it’s late in the afternoon, as Twilight can see Ponies and Humans walking streets.
  41. >To Twilight, she always seems to count more heads than before.
  42. >On her descent, Twilight can spy a Unicorn waiting at her crystal castle.
  43. >wrapped in his velvet coat and wearing a dour face that could be seen from any distance, Chancellor Neighsay is the first to greet her.
  44. >”Princess Twilight Sparkle.” he bows.
  45. >Twilight returns the greeting with a smile.
  46. >”Chancellor Neighsay. What brings you here?”
  47. >”A surprise inspection to the school. It would’ve been a perfect evaluation if its principal were here.
  48. >”Oh yes,” Twilight’s ears drooped down.
  49. >There was a bit of silence before, Neighsay speaks up again.
  50. >”So you were speaking at a conference?”
  52. >”Wha-uh… How did you know?”
  53. >”I enjoy reading research articles in my leisure. There always seem to be more papers on the subject of Man and Mare, some citing your works. No surprise that I hear you’re giving talks from several academic circles.”
  54. >Neighsay calms the mood by with a small smile that cracks through his stone face.
  55. >”An interesting topic,” Neighsay states, “Would it be too much, for me to enter your home and discuss this?”
  56. >Twilight takes another look at the chancellor.
  57. >She can see several gray streaks in his mane and beard and his piercing gaze seemed to have softened over the years.
  58. >The accident with Cozy Glow sure had changed him, even if he still acts like it never happened.
  59. >”I’d be glad to have you,” Twilight rings, “I’m sure Anon wouldn’t mind having you over.”
  60. >The two of them walk to the castle’s and enters inside.
  61. >The doors ache as it swings open, signalling their arrival.
  62. >”Hello?” Twilight calls out, “I’m home!”
  63. >As the two of them ascend the steps to the rest of the castle, they could hear a cry ring out.
  64. >Twilight hops into the air and takes flight to follow the sound.
  65. >Through the long halls she enters through her bedroom to see her son with a purple dragon easily standing taller than her.
  66. >”Anon, you back? Spike asks, “I just changed Incognito’s diaper. It’s a stinker, but he’s still...Twilight?”
  68. >”Spike!” Twilight shouts before rushing in to hug him.
  69. >Spike is returns the affection.
  70. >There’s a wrapped diaper in one of his claws and it succeeded in matching the dragon’s description, But Twilight didn’t mind.
  71. >She then heads to her son and levitates him to her forehooves, a warm peck on his delicate forehead.
  72. >As if aware of his mother’s presence, Incognito raises his tiny hands to cling to Twilight’s fur as his mewling dies down.
  73. >Twilight’s ears twitch as she can hear a set of legs approach.
  74. >”I got the milk, Spike.” Anon announces.
  75. >He pauses at the sight of his mare, before a grin appears on his face and rushes over to hug them both.
  77. >Anon plants a kiss on Twilight’s cheek.
  78. >”How was the conference?”
  79. >Twilight responds to the kiss by nuzzling against his neck.
  80. >”It was nice, but I just couldn’t wait to get back here.”
  81. >”I’m not intruding, am I?” Neighsay asks as he enters through the door.
  82. >”Chancellor?” Anon and Spike exclaim.
  83. >”Mr. Anonymous, Mr. Spike.” Neighsay greets them, “I initially thought the two of were accompanying Twilight.”
  84. >Neighsay steps forward to observe Incognito and takes mental notes.
  85. >He eyes the baby boy’s soft features and a smooth skin naked of any fur just like his father.
  86. >Human fingers and toes, albeit small.
  87. >No horn growing from his heavy head that rests against Twilight nor any wings that could be seen under his small clothes.
  88. >Incognito meets every physical property of a Human, it’s only the baby’s violet eyes and mane can Neighsay know that he’s Twilight’s son.
  89. >The baby stares back at the Unicorn, his innocent yet curious gaze causing Neighsay’s furrowed brows to relax.
  90. >”I never could imagine that a colt giving you so much trouble.”
  91. >Anon chuckles, “Yeah, Spike is much more used to this kind of thing than I am, and my dear Twilight just seems to have natural touch. Would you like to stay with us? Have some tea?”
  92. >”Of course.”
  93. >Everyone moves to the library while Spike flies to the kitchens to fetch a pot of tea.
  94. >Just as everyone takes their seat in three armchairs gathered atop a rug, Spike returns with a steaming pot of tea and three cups.
  95. >After serving everyone their cup of tea, Spike takes Incognito into his claws and rests on the rug to coddle and cast funny faces at him.
  96. >Incognito smiles at him, while he wraps his fingers around a single digit of the dragon’s claws.
  97. >Everyone stares at the dragon and baby, happily taking sips of their hot tea as they enjoy the tranquil scene.
  99. >”So, Chancellor,” Twilight calls, “You said you were interested in my works.”
  100. >”Right, of course,” Neighsay agrees, “Your works are of much interest to many in the kingdom, and to many more in the future.”
  101. >Twilight starts to blush. “Oh, it’s nothing much, and Cadence helped me with gathering the data.”
  102. >”Perhaps it isn’t much to you, but it does highlight a growing change within Equestria.”
  103. >Neighsay takes a hearty sip of his tea before continuing again.
  104. >”I was adamantly against the…”Husbando” Initiative. Importing aliens from another plane of existence for the sake of love sounded too dangerous with many variables for failure. I hope you don’t take offense to this Anonymous.” Neighsay says apologetically.
  105. >Anon waves him off.
  106. >”You don’t have to worry about it, I understand. Adapting to a new world, learning Pony customs, it wasn’t easy. Wouldn’t even call myself a saint. More of a mess really.”
  107. >Anon puts a hand over twilight’s hoof and stokes it with his thumb.
  108. >”But there’s one special somepony that helped me become a better man. For that, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give to her or our son.”
  109. >Twilight smiles, her heart beats out from Anon’s touch and his words.
  110. >”Don’t forget about me!” Spike rings out still playing with Incognito.
  111. >”I was just about to get to you, Spike.” Anon chuckles, “Like I would forget about Twilight’s number one assistant.”
  112. >”And wingman.”
  113. >”Oh Spike.” Twilight groans.
  114. >”wingmen, yes” Neighsay nods, “I am not without flaws myself, Anonymous. I’ve made a few mistakes that Twilight can inform you on.”
  115. >Neighsay levitates the teapot towards him for another serving of tea.
  116. >”Again I must admit, that I mistake your kind, Anonymous. Economic growth, New innovations, and a higher pool of recruits for the Equestrian Guard. Any accidents involving Humans have been in the defense of their mares. Now they’re helping in creating another generation.”
  118. >Neighsay takes another sips.
  119. >He takes much longer to savor the chamomile tea before he speaks again.
  120. >”No doubt there will be little to no trouble with the next generation of fillies. What really concerns most of Equestria is your son, Incognito.”
  121. >”I wouldn’t be surprised,” Twilight acknowledged.
  122. >”A human baby born from an Alicorn, a prince by birthright. Has there been any magical surges so far?”
  123. >Anon’s mouth pops open. “Surges like Flurry Heart and that accident on her crystalling?”
  124. >“Yes, indeed.”
  125. >”No, thankfully not.” Anon sighs, “I can’t even imagine how that would work.”
  126. >”Well magic exists in all creatures living in the world, Anonymous.” Neighsay informs the human. “You do not need to be born a Unicorn to have an inherent connection to magic. I’m not sure of your kind, but it should be possible for your son as well other fillies descended from humans.”
  127. >”So if my son can inherit magic, are there other traits Incognito could inherit?”
  128. >”As Twilight’s husband, I thought you could come up with several ideas yourself?” Neighsay lectures Anon.
  129. >He stops himself when he sees Anon taken aback and Twilight’s pupils shrinking.
  130. >”I-I’m sorry,” Neighsay apologizes, “It’s not my place to make judgments.”
  131. >Anon throws up his hands.
  132. >”No it’s okay!” Anon tries to reassure him, “I’m not an expert on this. I’d welcome any advice.”
  133. >”If you need any help, then I know several private tutors that would be honored to educate the Prince and instill Equestrian values.”
  134. >”Thank you for the offer, Chancellor.” Twilight nods, “We’ll be sure to keep that in mind.”
  135. >Neighsay levitates away his cup of tea.
  136. >”Well with that behind us, perhaps it’s time that I depart.”
  137. >”Uh Chancellor,” Anon interrupts, “Before you leave, would you like to hold our son?”
  139. >Neighsay is about to decline the offer.
  140. >He doesn’t need to see anything else, much less hold the baby, but a “yes” passes through his lips for Anon to hear.
  141. >Before Neighsay could rescind his answer, Anon already heaves himself from his chair and is heading towards Spike to retrieve Incognito.
  142. >The Human approaches with his child and offers him to Neighsay’s hooves.
  143. >”Remember to keep his head up while holding him,” Anon whispers.
  144. >The Chancellor fumbles in his chair as he tries to achieve to optimal position to hold the baby, But Anon is there to help.
  145. >Once secure, Incognito is brought into the grasp of his light gray hooves.
  146. >The baby rests in Neighsay’s forelegs.
  147. >Incognito is nothing but a warm, miniature human wrapped in blankets and clothes yet it feels like the Chancellor is holding a chunk of Equestria.
  148. >Neighsay stares into the young human’s eyes as it stares back at him.
  149. >He then sees the baby’s arms reach out to him.
  150. >Neighsay’s stoney face lightens up, his eyes lighten up with curiosity to see what the Prince would do next.
  151. >A small tug on his beard pulls him back into reality and looks down to see the Incognito smiling at him with a toothless grin that pierces through his stone skin.
  152. >Neighsay forms a small smile as a quiet chuckle escapes him.
  153. >”He’s only just a colt” he sighs.
  154. >With that done, Neighsay departs the castle.
  155. >”If you require my assistance, You need only to send a letter.”
  156. >”Thank you, Chancellor!” thanks, Anon as he waves goodbye.
  157. >”Remember, that it’s only for your benefit, but for all of Equestria. Best of luck to you two!”
  159. >Free of any company, Spike, Anonymous, and Twilight prepare to make dinner.
  160. >A hot dish of fettuccine alfredo served alongside with baked brussel sprouts.
  161. >Everyone digs into their food while at taking breaks to insure that Incognito is fed with a bottle of milk.
  162. >After cleaning the dishes and giving their son a warm bath, the family rest on their bed.
  163. >Twilight brings out a book to read to her son.
  164. >”Green Leaf: The Studious Caterpillar”, a classic.
  165. >She could remember the times her mother would read her the story when she was a filly.
  166. >Now it’s her turn.
  167. >she snuggles with her two favorite humans and reads it out loud for them to here.
  168. >”There was once a tiny caterpillar named Green Leaf, and he lived in a massive tree called Everpine.”
  169. >Twilight speaks softly like her mother, but on occasion she tries to voice out the characters on the book.
  170. >She acts timid and sounds nasally when she voices the young Green Leaf, hoity and upright for the arrogant Slugworth, Calm and steadfast when portraying the regal moth, Queen Secropia, And proud and boisterous, when emulating the terrifying dragon, Ignatius.
  171. >Incognito could hear his mother’s voice, even if he can’t yet understand her words, Twilight’s happy to know he hangs on to every word she says
  172. >”And while Green Leaf was unable to save Everpine, He was able to save the leaves of knowledge, to save the memory of his home for future bugs to read. The end.”
  173. >Anon and Incognito sleep soundly in bed.
  174. >Smiling, she levitates her son to his cradle and kissed him on the cheek.
  175. >”Goodnight my sweet prince,” she whispers.
  176. >She finally rests on her bed, happy for another night with her family.
  177. >However she can’t seem to close her eyes.
  178. >That chat with Neighsay revealed several issues Twilight didn’t wish to yet confront.
  179. >Her son is the first human born in Equestria, and he’s prince.
  180. >But is it right to call him entirely human without question?
  182. >Twilight prods Anonymous with her hoof.
  183. >”Anon,” she quietly calls, “Anon.”
  184. >”Wh-what?” Anon groans, “Did I fall asleep again?”
  185. >”Well, you did. Yeah. But-”
  186. >”Well, I can’t help it.” Anon smiles, “I do a better job with voices.”
  187. >”Anon!”
  188. >Anonymous quietly laughs as Twilight frowns and playfully beats her hoof against his chest.
  189. >”It’s not about that!” she pouts, “I’m concerned about our son.”
  190. >”Yeah? What about it?”
  191. >”He’s a prince and a human.”
  192. >”I know” Anon agrees, “Neighsay really was keen to emphasize, but we got nothing to worry about. He’s willing help. Let’s not forget Shining and Cadence. They’re doing a great job with Flurry, and they’re someone I would call if there’s a hole in the castle.
  193. >”But he’s one of kind. Even if there were more human babies born in the future, None of them are born from an Alicorn.”
  194. >“Ooh. I think I’m starting to get the picture.”
  195. >”It’s what scares me most. What kind of traits could he inherit from me besides my mane color and my eyes? Magic?” Twilight makes a long pause before sighing, “Not aging? Will he grow up me for it? I want for Incognito to have a normal life, but I feel like it I already robbed him of it.
  196. >Now that’s a topic hardly broached.
  197. >It’s not something Twilight liked to bring up.
  198. >Anon could remember having such a discussion long ago when he proposed to Twilight.
  199. >The human wraps an arm around Twilight, to bring her closer to him.
  201. >”Twilight, you shouldn’t bear the blame alone. I knew what I would be getting into when I fell in love with you. Don’t think that I would forget what having baby with you would mean. You’re not alone, Twilight. You have me, Spike, your friends, Glimmer, and the Princesses. You gave me love that I didn’t deserve, and I want to share that with our son. Doesn’t matter the circumstances of his birth, he’ll always be our son, and I hope he’ll be there for you when I’m gone. If what you fear comes true and I’m not there for him, tell him I’m sorry and That I love him.”
  202. >“Anon.” Twilight starts to sniff.
  203. >The Alicorn wraps her hooves around the human.
  204. >She doesn’t say anything.
  205. >She only wants to feel the warm, strong, body she knows will one day wither and grow cold like stone.
  206. >Anon returns the embrace and enjoys every second because there will be time when Twilight’s bed will suddenly feel cold and larger.
  207. >Anon breaks the silence as he whispers into Twilight’s ears.
  208. >”I’ll understand if you move on when I’m gone.”
  209. >”What!”
  210. >Twilight’s head jumps up to look at Anon as if he just bad mouthed Celestia.
  211. >”I would never do that!” she hissed.
  212. >Anon flashes a devilish grin at Twilight.
  213. >”Well that’s good.” he nods, “I was gonna ruin you for other guys anyway.”
  214. >Anon grasps Twilight’s flank and dragged her to him even closer than before.
  215. >”Anon! Twilight squeaks, “Incognito is asleep!”
  216. >Crimson overtakes the Alicorn’s face as Anon cuts her off with a passionate kiss.
  217. >Everything just seemed to melt away at Anon’s touch.
  218. >Twilight’s furnace burns bright and hot obscuring everything around her except for her husband.
  219. >”Well we better be quiet then.” he finishes
  220. >Twilight’s breath is already ragged.
  221. >She nods her head, just before she pounces on Anon for another kiss.
  222. >”I love you.” she moans before continuing.
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