Ocellos Dei-A Jumpchain Project

Oct 31st, 2015
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  1. Ocellos Dei-A Jumpchain Project
  3. "Seconds march into the past
  4. Moments pass and just like that
  5. They're gone
  7. The river always finds the sea
  8. So helplessly like you find me
  9. We are paper boats floating on a stream
  10. And it would seem
  11. We'll never be apart
  13. I will always find you
  14. Like it's written in the stars
  15. You can run but you can't hide
  16. Try"
  18. Red, Transistor
  20. The exact capabilities of Observers in Blazblue is ill-defined, and varies between individuals. At its most basic level, it seems to be the capacity to enforce existence entities, individuals or events in a state of quantum uncertainty. It appears that there are different tiers of strength for Observers, with the immortal vampire Rachel Alucard apparently being vastly better at Observation than, for example, Celica. However, unlike the conventional establishment of quantum mechanics it appears more esoteric applications are available, ranging from forcing quantum ghosts to exist to creating quasi-imaginary worlds from subconscious desire to the operation of infrastructure maintaining reality-which itself does so through an extremely advanced form of Observation, by manipulating something referred to as Phenomenon Intervention. Further complicating the issue is that there appears to be a means of artificially enhancing powers of Observation through either seithr enhancement or cybernetic surgery.
  22. At this point it is unclear exactly how to improve Observer proficiency "naturally" due to the EXTREMELY SMALL control group of Observers being limited to OP pls nerf plot devices, quest giver NPCs and one kawaii waifu character beyond taking Folded One Thousand Times from Obsidian Trilogy or Soft Cap from Elona and spending long hours staring at tachyons, quarks and other subatomic particles all day long. This will probably cause the Observer's companions to consider them silly at best, and deranged at worst.
  24. It is equally unclear whether powers of Observation would exist meaningfully after leaving the jump considering that the Boundary will not exist in other worlds. Though it is known Mage from Blazblue draws seithr directly from the Boundary it is unlikely to be an unlimited supply in meaningful terms. To that end, this goal of this project is to maximise the utility of Observation by acquiring and modifying resources from other realities.
  28. -Conjoined Conjures, Cardcaptor Sakura: HSDW, Fate/Extra+Mage, Blazblue
  29. --Thousand Master, Negima
  30. --Glory to Me/Path of the Gods (Jubileus), Percy Jackson
  31. --Spellmaker/Alter of Spellmaking, Elder Scrolls+Eye of Magnus/Staff of Magnus, Skyrim
  32. --Magic Circles, Mayou Hero and Demon King
  33. --Magic Circles, Tales of Symphonia
  34. --Natural Mage, Avernum
  35. ---Magic Monocle, Bayonetta; used to seal Loptr's soul within oneself
  36. --Soft Cap/Magical Body, Elona
  37. --Angel Slayer, Valkyrie Profile
  38. --Corrupting Corruption that Corrupts, Obsidian Trilogy
  39. --Archmage/Rune Master, Master of Magic
  40. --High Bucket Capacity/High Pool Capacity, Slayers
  41. --Better Red Than Dead, Dragon Age: Inquisition
  42. --Anartist, SCP
  43. --Elven Enchantment, LOTR
  44. --Soul Source, Dresden Files
  45. --Stacked, Lone Wolf
  46. --Themed Powers, Skullgirls
  47. --Theme/Arcane, Smite
  48. --Exploitation Now!, Generic Virtual World
  49. --The Noble Eightfold Path, Lord of Light
  50. --Cross to Bear, Assassin's Creed
  52. Initially, we will require a focus for temporal observation. A suitablbly potent set may be found in Bayonetta: The Eyes of the World, an undefined metaphysical construct created by the God of Chaos in order to gift humanity with free will, capable of raising one half of the god's soul back to its original tier of power in an equally unclear mechanism that implies the actualisation of perceived alternate timelines given the game's title refers to the Bayoverse as a universe created by perception. While this phenomena is entirely distinct from Phenomena Intervention, it is hypothesised its similarity permits it to act as a "lever" for enhancing Observation.
  54. For simplicity's sake, this interaction between magical systems shall be referred to as the Cursed Fireball Principle: Imagine a wizard able to cast both D&D magic and Dresden Files magic casts Fireball, and follows it up by casting an Entropomantic evocation thruogh the fireball. The probability magick plays haywire with enemies' defences, making it easier for the fireball to burn obstacles and opponents.
  56. The biggest problem here is that Loki, the more powerful half of Aesir, is capable of literally erasing anything in the Bayoverse. Including the Eyes. He does this effortlessly in canon, and his other innate ability the Sovereign Power is necessary to freely command the Eyes. Therefore it seems the only feasible opportunity to obtain the Eyes of the World is in Percy Jackson, by purchasing them as artifacts from the Bayoverse pantheon. It is unclear whether the Eyes obtained this way will be noticeably weaker than the original Eyes given that Aesir is comparable to a primordial entity on par with Nyx, and in turn Loptr and Loki may be seen as comparable analogues to the Titans born from Uranus and Gaia's union.
  58. Assuming the Eyes are weaker than in canon, there are a number of procedures to be undertaken in order to address this-and also to hopefully proof them against banishment by Aesir should Aesir be encountered post-Spark or during a drawback. Firstly, using Soulfire and Angel Slayer one may endeavor to corrupt the Eyes into anti-divine artifacts. A second form of enhancement may be achieved by CAREFULLY creating a Thaumiel-class SCP to improve the eyes e.g. writing a memetic piece of reality alteration programming and using it to overwrite the Eyes; needless to say, considerable time and effort will be needed. Thirdly, with prolonged study the Eye of Magnus obtained from Skyrim may be partially reverse engineered through a series of enchantments to enhance the overall capabilities of the eyes; as the Eye represnts a massive magical energy field, the Staff of Magnus will be used to manipulate and harness this energy safely. Fourthly, in tandem with various magical enhancements listed herein the technique inherent in Elven Enchantment may grant the Eyes the quality of pseudo-silmaril by refining them with an appropriate magical catalyst e.g. the soul of Loptr, which was implicitly unable to be destroyed by Loki given he did not act to wipe him out at the end of Bayonetta 2 when he attempted to escape for time (admittedly the exact nature of this procedure may be more similar to the One Ring's manufacture but we digress) in order to sublimate his limited Eye manipulation and temporal manifestation/prophetic abilities into the Eyes.
  60. Several forms of enhancement are based on inherent qualities rather than manual adjustment. Themed Powers and Theming should align the Eyes with our purposes more closely than with Aesir's original function. Cross to Bear should hopefully avert the worst of any chaotic influences inherent within them while Exploitation Now! should enhance the Eyes' ability to exploit space-time fluctuations. The various magic boosters should hopefully enhance at least the Right Eye's functions given Lumen Sage magic is implied to be capable of interacting with the eye since the Eye was passed through the Lumen Sages' clan for generations, and the Left Eye is inferred to be able to be manipulatable by a scion of Jubileus given Balder attempted to use both eyes to revive her.
  62. Stacked and Fulmigati's magnum opus will be harnessed to buffer the power of the Eyes against entities, obstacles or phenomena with inherent resistance against reality warping via the Thrown Rock Hypothesis: Just as a rock telkinetically world at Asuna's head would bypass her Twilight Imperium ability, so to should, in theory, the stacking of multiple forms of phenomena in a single ability bypass resistance by encompassing means of assault which may not be covered under a specific immunity.
  64. Most crucially of all, the conjoining of Mage prowess and High Speed Divine Words is vital in modifying the Eyes into a form of Age of the Gods-tier Mystic Eyes capable of interacting with seithr and other concepts native to the Blazblue reality. This mystic construct should hopefully enhance the Eyes of the World to the level of granting a degree of fundamental perception of Azure (described below) which will act as a suitable starting point for the next set of modifications.
  66. -Observer/Mage, Blazblue
  67. -Path to Victory, Worm
  68. -All-Seeing Eye/Absolute Void Eye/Absorbtion Eye/Identification Eye, Mushoku Tensei
  69. -Mystic Eyes of Distortion/Mystic Eyes of Life Perception/Precognition, Kara no Kyoukai
  70. -Mystic Eyes of Imaginary Numbers/Mystic Eyes of Nothingness, Fate/Extra
  71. --Folded 1000 Times, Obsidian Trilogy
  72. -All-Seeing Eye/Inner Universe, MGNQ
  73. -The End of a Dream, Through The Looking Glass
  74. -Extranormal Senses, Evangelion
  75. -Window to the Past, Jurassic Park+Real Eater, Medaka Box
  76. -The Sight, Dresden Files
  77. -Jagen Eye, Yu Yu Hakusho
  78. -Scarlet Destiny/Lunar Dial, Touhou
  79. -Geass: Precognition, Code Geass
  80. -Perception Sign "Precognition", Strike Witches
  81. -Counter-Rush, Golden SUn
  82. -Precognition, Farscape
  83. -The Opera House, Battlestar Galactica
  84. -Read Ahead/Pencil Whip/Bookmark, Lone Wolf
  85. -Tears/Prophecy, Bioshock Infinite
  86. -Melodic Expectation/Mother's Lullabye, Aquaria
  87. -Thu'um/Dovahkiin, Skyrim
  88. -Witchcraft: Time/Space Shenanigans, Narnia
  89. -Paradox Scope/Eyes of the Goddess, FF13-2
  91. Under normal circumstances, it appears that becoming the Eye of the Azure is only a circumstantial title acquired via breaking a continuum loop by the Sankinshin, described further below. It is known that a key aspect of the Power of the Eye is the ability to Observe what can normally not be Observed, and to that end the bulk of these precognition/perception perks aims to simulate that aspect by enabling supernatural degrees of perception without an external benefactor.
  93. A few of these deserve special mention: Inner Universe and The End of a Dream may or may not be able to enhance positive actualisations/delete negative ones by interfering with one's Observation ability to maintain a quantum state given that their state is maintained by proper visualisation of a subject. Read Ahead and Bookmark are useful in order to determine optimal conditions for which to use the Eyes, and in particular the ability to take unlimited mental actions is vital in controlling such an unpredictable power. While jump fiat prevents Tears and Prophecy from being widened a la Elizabeth it may still be useful to Observe potential futures in order to gain a better idea of what can be more easliy brought into being. The implications of completing the Dovahkiin scenario in Skyrim may provide a measure of protection against adverse temporal fluctuations or enhance one's own temporal alterations although it is unclear if Tonal Architecture can be harnessed without risking the destruction of reality itself. Last but not least, by dilligently improving Mystic Eyes of Nothingness and Imaginary Numbers one's innate capacity to manipulate "that which exists, but not on the physical plane" and "that which does not exist but materalises" which in tandem with the various Demon Eye powers may provide a means of finer control over Phenomenon Intervention.
  95. -
  96. -
  97. -
  99. However, while at this point the Eyes have been endowed with elements emulating, channelling and refining the Boundary's power, the true potential of Observation has yet to be plumbed. Before the next phase can procede, the following perks are vital to consolidate a working knowledge of quantum movement in order to properly study Observations without error, and as insurance against accidental temporal suicide by science.
  101. -Karmatron Dynamics, GUNNM
  102. -Chaos Theory Mastery, Jurassic Park
  103. -The Science of Evolution, EVO
  104. -Cause and Effect, The Matrix
  105. -Quantum Computing, Code Lyoko
  106. -Knowledge Drain/Composition Analysis, FF14
  107. -Monk of History, Discworld
  108. -No Fate But What We Make, Terminator
  109. -Forgot My Glasses, Drakengard
  110. -Mask of Time, Bionicle (to summon duplicates to Observe oneself)
  113. -Accelerated Arcanum, Neopets
  114. -Thought Acceleration/Memory Partition, Tsukihime
  115. -Archmage/Runemaster, Master of Magic
  116. -Archive, Fairy Tail
  117. -Path to Victory, Worm
  118. -Full Circle, Dragon Age Inquisition
  119. -Enlightenment, Assassin's Creed
  120. -Students of Baldesion, FF14
  121. -Strong Spark/Controlled Sparking, Girl Genius
  122. -Technobabbel Fish/Overcoming Sample Bias/The Maddest Science Yet, Tenchi Muyo
  123. -The Laws Are Mine, Van Helsing
  124. -Newton Is Rolling In His Grave, Johnny Test
  125. -Gift of Chao, Mahou Sensei Negima
  126. -Pre-Fall Science, Commoragh
  127. -Brilliant Inventor, Adventure TIme
  128. -Knowledge is Numbers/Similar Subsystems, Generic Virtual World
  129. -They're gonna have to invent a new type of Nobel Prize to give us!, Portal
  130. -Calamitytech, Bastion
  131. -Hard Science/Formal Training/Doubled Growth Rate/Malleable Reality, Raildex
  132. -Synthetic Duplication, FF13-2
  133. --Research Notes/Necromancy, Geneforge
  134. --Conjoined Conjures: Geneforge magic+Mage, Blazblue+Magitek Mastery, FF6
  135. --Mage, Blazblue
  136. --Quantum Mind, Supreme Commander
  137. --Flask Plan, Medaka Box
  138. --Sufficiently Advanced/Anartist, SCP
  139. --Aspect/Attribute: Stasis, Lord of Light
  140. -Wizard, Discworld
  141. --HYDRA Blueprints, MCU
  142. ---Sohon, Posleen Wars+SCP 914's Blueprints, SCP
  143. --Quantum Computing, Code Lyoko
  144. --Conjoined Conjures: Wizard, Discworld+Mage, Blazblue
  145. --Reality Hacker, Webmage
  146. --Material Hybridisation, FF14: Phase-Iron Armour Plating, Light of Terra+Octiron, Discworld
  147. -Tech Tree, Civilisation
  148. -Audio Daddy-o, Steven Universe
  149. -Rocket Scientist, Futurama
  150. --Sufficiently Analysed Magic: Antimatter, FF8
  151. -Putting It All Together, Tales of Vesparia
  152. -Chosen of Death, Lord of Light
  153. -Mad Researcher, FF8
  154. -Dysfunction Junction, SCP
  155. -The Sherlock Scan/Cruel Genius, Sherlock Holmes
  156. -The Enrichment Center regrets to inform you that this next test is impossible, Portal
  157. -Genius, DC
  158. -Brains, Marvel
  159. -Master Builder, Transformers
  160. -Follow The Instructions/Master Builder, LEGO
  162. The next phase of unlocking Observation's potential is contingent on replicating an advanced technomagical processing unit known as the Takamagahara System: An artificial trio of Observers capable of creating indefinite time loops and subtle manipulation of the timeline in order to achieve an end. The exact details of their creation unclear, but given they were apparently based on research from a Boundaery Interface Prime Field Device's transformation into the Eye of the Azure it can be inferred that they are a more advanced from of the technology used to create the BIPFD.
  164. To that end, the first component we require is the Strange Notes from Geneforge, to have a starting point in gaining a better idea of how Nu-13 and other similar beings were brought into existence. The various research/general intellect perks listed herein will be used to study this procedure. Once a sufficient understanding of the process has been obtained, Synthesis will be utilised to produce clones based on our human genetic template; prowess as a Mage appears to be hereditary in Blazblue, and so it stands to reason that one's capabiltiy as an Observer can be duplicated in an individual with a connection to the Boundary; failing that, an optical cybernetic implant may be required to remotely Observe phenomena through the clones' eyes. The clones' processing ability will be maximised by linking them into a hivemind similar to the Misaka Network and directed by a control system based on Multi-Skill. It is probably at some point cybernetic augmentation will be involved given Nu/Mu's appearance, and as such more open-ended enhancements (Esper powers such as Precognition augmented by a cybernetic lattice similar to or Abnormalities geared towards perception or mental processing) will be equipped with the aim of maximising perceptive capacity.
  166. It is unclear precisely what sort of infrastructure is required for the Takamagahara System to function. To that end, an advanced magitech computational system based on Discworld's Hex but adapted to higher tier science instead of ritualism as a computational interface will be constructed through a synthesis of Discworld and Blazblue magic. In tandem with Quantum Computing and Enlightenment, Reality Hacker should give this system sufficient conceptual processing power to achieve once-and-future programing on a quantum scale considering that Hex's "circuits" included bees and ants in order to calculate, quantify and condense via Knowledge Drain information from the past and future of a reality. The hardware for this system will be an ocitron-durasteel alloy to protect it from hijacking from a non-native magic system. It is notable that Hex itself was capable of nigh-omniscience of a multiverse created from splitting the thaum despite a vastly inferior material composition, albeit one "subordinate" to the Discworld's metaphysical laws, and answering metaphysical questions about discwide paradigm shifts while in a glitch; further details can be found within The Science of Discworld and the Hogfather. One notable component will be a recreation of SCP 914 using Posleen Wars' nanotech to enable Very Fine refinement of internal magitech circuitry, maximising potential processing power-and potentially leading to refinement beyond Very Fine if this manifests as nanite-scale SCP 914 iterations which can go on to refine each other. Karmatron Dynamics will be crucial in ensuring this does not go horribly wrong. Antimatter paramagic will be used as an energy source for this computational system, and be vital for the final component to this project. FInally, studies of the Moon Cell, Bastion and the Endless' femoteotech will be used to distribute a diffuse quantum computing network based on Ichor Omega spread throughout our world-body, vastly increasing computing power.
  168. In short, this setup is designed to result in a biomechanical Idea Engine an order of magnitude more powerful than any canon Idea Engine, perhaps raising it to the level of a Legacy Weapon, in order to cast billions-if not trillions of scrying spells to analyse all timelines of a reality and have them selectively Observed by an arbitrary number of cloned Observers. In tandem with the improved Eyes of the World developed in the first phase of this project, one's ability to manage Phenomena Intervention is vastly increased.
  170. -
  171. -
  172. -
  173. --
  174. ---
  176. However, this is not the final form of Observation's true potential. To reach that level, we must devise a way to emulate the Sankishin.
  178. -Pool of Visions, Legend of Spyro
  180. -True Librarian/Wizard, Discworld+Outer Library, Mayou Hero and Demon King
  181. -Song Science/Hardened Cosmosphere/TOWER CONNECT/Creative Composition, Ar Tonelico
  182. -Universal Reactor, Storm Hawks: Positive Energy=>Azure
  183. -Equivalent Exchange/Industrialcraft/Universal Electricity/Atomic Science/Applied Energistics, Minecraft
  184. -T3 Mass & Energy, Supreme Commander
  185. -Conjoined Conjures: Archive, Forgotten Realms+The One Power, Wheel of Time
  186. -Advanced Formulae/Simplified Formulae, FMA
  187. -Fulmigati's Magnum Opus, Van Helsing
  188. -Trade Secrets, FF7
  189. -Elemental Weave, FF14
  190. -Artificer, Tsukihime
  191. --Material Hybridisation, FF14
  192. -Architect's Eye, Legend of Spyro
  193. -Built to Last, Assassin's Creed
  194. -Magitech, Banjo Kazooie
  195. -Time Gate [Experimental], FF13-2
  196. -Mystic Eyes of Imaginary Numbers/HSDW, Fate/Extra
  197. -Sufficiently Analysed Magic: Antimatter, FF8
  198. -Antimatter Manipulation Principle, FF13
  199. -Antimatter Temporal Principle/Antimatter Genesis Principle, FF13-3
  200. -The Mixing Cauldron/Melting Pot/Core Reactor/Eternity Flame/Goldberg Formula/Rainbow Fragment/Daisy Chain/Perpetual Motion Cauldron/The Vortex/Infinite Alchemy, the Complete Volumes, Atelier Arland
  201. -Material Hybridisation/Materia Adaptation/Elemental Weave/Magitech Augmentation Theories 14th Edition/Ruins of the Last Age/Sons of Saint Coinach/Teachings of Amon/Circle of Knowing, FF14
  202. -Psychonautics/Psycho-Science, Psychonauts
  203. --Temple of Thought, Binbougami-ga: Mantra, Asura's Wrath OR Soul Source, Dresden Files+Azure, Blazblue
  204. -Remember That Time You blew Up A Sun?, Stargate
  205. -I don't want to miss a thing, SOMA
  206. -Cross To Bear, Assassin's Creed
  207. -Pool of Visions, Legend of Spyro
  208. -Hollow, Changeling
  209. -Magitech Mastery, FF6: Oneiromancy, Changeling
  210. --Oneiromancy, Changeling
  211. --Dreamweaver, Dragon Age: Inquisition
  212. --Dream Demon, Gravity Falls
  214. Unfortunately, Blazblue was a fairly early jump so for the purposes of this experiment there is no meaningful data on the Sankishin beyond Blazblue games and wikis. At any rate their exact origin is highly unclear apart from the fact that a) two of them appear to be biomechanical augmentations while the third seems to be some sort of hardlight defence mechanism , b) the Amaterasu unit's Observations constitute the known reality Blazblue is set in and c) the Senkishin are located at the center of the Boundary. It would be unlikely to aid meaningfully at any rate-as mentioned before, one of the biggest hurdles to this project is the lack of a Boundary in future jumps. As we already have a computational mainframe capble of once-and-future programming, this step is best accomplished by creating an unlimited supply of Azure which can be used to empower multiversal scale Observations.
  216. The crux of this system will require an Embryo: A crystallisation of Azure (Blazblue's native life energy, found in vast quantities within the Boundary) created from the sacrifice of ten thousand lives. Because that sacrifice is cost prohibitive and liable to attract unwanted attention in worlds with afterlives it is instead recommended to use Temple of Thought to render the crystallisation of thousands of years' humanely harvested mantra OR Soulfire if one has sufficient spiritual material to equal ten thousand mortal lives instead as a catalyst for creating an Embryo, which notably posess advanced powers of Phenomena Intervention. In fact, an optimal result would be the mass production of Embryos if one is using one's own supply of souls as a fuel source. Once more, Synthetic Duplication with a magitech base should prove vital in supplying these entities after sufficient study.
  218. THe main infrastructure of this system will consist of a megastructure composed from the same alloy used to create the magitech commputational unit described above, which will be housed within it and used to regulate it as well in a configuration similar to the Large Hadron Collider. The center of this infrastructure will be a hybridised magical energy reactor combining Universal Reactor technology with an alchemic apparatus reverse engineered from all cauldron enhancements listed above via HYDRA Blueprints, various magitech perks and the scientific base listed above. This cauldron will also be modified to be capable enhancing Oneiromantic actions via magitek. The chamber containing this cauldron shall be constructed with all the alchemic traditions listed herein and be equipped with a network of matter-energy transfer devices dedicated to ensuring no trace of the energy generated within is released as excess while aiding in its production. Using HYDRA Blueprints, a modification of the Time Gate technology will be build into the chamber and rigged up with the computational component of this project to enhance cross-temporal analysis or trans-temporal Observation for the inhabitants within.
  220. Beneath the mega-cauldron, a secondary sealed container must be constructed. Material Hybridisation shall be used to imbue it with the property of Imaginary Numbers, creating a vast storage space.. Within this container, a Sa'angreal integrated into several universal reactors modified by the conjoined magic above will be used to /carefully/ open a planar gate to the Positive Energy Plane within the artifacts themselves. The reactors will then convert the trickle of life energy into Azure, which will be stored within the bounded field in the container below the cauldron.
  222. In theory, this supply of Azure should be sufficient to empower large scale, precise Phenomenon Interventions. However, sometimes the personal touch is needed.
  224. When the bearer of the Eyes uses this setup, they open a chute leading from the container into the cauldron, allowing it to fill with Azure. As this relatively small concentration of Azure fills the hollow, they take with them a sample of the Pool of Visions' water and some Glamour from their Hollow. Pouring these fluids into the mixture and activating the cauldron, the Elemental Weave technique will be used to meld Azure with the Glamour and water, and during the mixing process the user should endeavor to clear their mind.
  226. Once the fluids have melded as one, the user should activate all Observers and Embryos in the reactor to Observe as they use the Eyes to craft a vision of any point in space-time as a reference for Phenomena Intervention. By shaping their own dreams out of the light from which the world sprung and recording them upon a transcendental computer system, the user may thus rewrite reality via asserting a new quantum state retroactively upon the material world like a 3-d printer reproducing a solid object.
  228. -
  229. --
  230. ---
  231. -
  232. -
  234. One of the chief applications of this project will be its Conjoin Conjuration with FF14's Black Magic (for infusing the App Master/Reality Hacker spellcodes with our will), HSDW (to enable integration of Imaginary Numbers into the conceptual hardware) and Magi magic (Equipped with the Master Magician, Magoi Manipulation, Magical Aptitude and High Capacity perks so as to generate and channel Rukh infused with these arcane calculations) such that infinite calculations may be computed when inputted onto a megascale photonic crystal mainframe. Furthermore, Fulmigati's Magnum Opus and Stacked will be used to inscribe Taoist Alchemy and the Correspondance into the calculations
  236. Notes:
  237. -If it's not clear yet: The quote of the day isn't a love ballad in this context.
  238. -It is currently unknown if Embryos can be imbued with different forms of spiritual energy (Fortune Energy, Chakra, Eradia etc (under no circumstances is Pure Evil to be used as a component) in order to achieve an unknown effects, but if the Red Queen's predictions are correct, [DATA EXPUNGED] may be possible should a [REDACTED] come into contact with one, although all things considered it would probably result in a fragile reality susceptible to ZK-Class reality failure without continued maintenance.
  239. -A key aspect of this project is predicated on the assumption that Conjoined Conjures is unable to alter Mage with a form of spatial magic or science such that a mortal connected with the heart of the Boundary is possible due to jump fiat. Were it possible, then the last legs of the project would be as simple as constructing the Universe Portal from Gravity Falls as an Artificial Causality Engine before imbuing it with magitek capabilities for DnD magic such that a portal can be created through it to direct the Boundary's energy into the Eye of Harmony.
  240. -By using the Masks of Mohtrek and Vali in conjunction with this project and by conjoining Matoa magic with Discworld magic-specifically, the raw power of Sourcery, [DATA EXPUNGED] to infinity and beyond
  241. -Acquisition and analysis of the Datasphere from 8-Bit Theater's 612 dimensional matrix on top of actualisation techniques such as Inner Universe could allow this project to [DATA EXPUNGED] although it is likely the extrauniversal component of our journey remains problematic, as do threats that do not exist in the conventional sense of reality
  242. -Once the infrastructure has been constructed, the most difficult part of this project is creating anew the Embryos and Observers required for this project.
  243. -Acquisition of This isn’t a gift, prophecy is a curse from Night Angel may have drastically broaded the breadth, scope and implication of this project due to the capacity for viewing /all/ potential timelines
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