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  1. Passive - (note: manaless and uses health costs instead)
  2. Hungering beast - Gains hp and ap for every unit killed. Gets physically bigger increasing damage hitboxes.
  4. Conjured Glaive - When below a health threshold weapon breaks. Affects abilities and raises attack speed. Summons glaive back at a different, higher threshold. (say it breaks at 40% it will come back at 50%)
  6. Q - Low Blow - Sweeps glaive in a circle dealing % missing health damage and slowing, without glaive hit box is shortened and turned into a cone but deals more damage. Auto attacking reduces cooldown, increased against champions.
  8. W - Imbued Armor - Passive: Gain a shield from killing minions, caps at X. Active: Gain damage reduction for X seconds and heal when it expires, heal increases for damage taken. Without glaive, no damage reduction is granted but healing is increased.
  10. E - Death from above - Jump to area and knock up nearby enemies, glaive fires a shockwave that slows. Without glaive just knocks up.
  12. R - I will find you and kill you - Channel and and go towards health threshold (cannot move). Once at threshold you can target a champion to dash to, continuing channeling increases range. Has a global sound indicator. Can channel up to global range (eventually) and after dashing deal damage and knock up champion. Hits minions, champions, and monsters along the way shoving them aside.
  14. Lore - (Noxian?) Jealous asshole envied vastaya. Tried to become a vastaya but fricked up and is now a very power hungry monster fella that doesn’t remember who he was. Becomes more insane as time goes on.
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