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Let's Play SONIC

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  1. Let's play SONIC
  2. Written by Gatlingpea12
  3. Original Author: JC-the-Hyena
  4. So, I'm a fan of the video game series, "Sonic the Hedgehog", a game about a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog who runs really fast. I do own a good chunk of Sonic games, but I wouldn't call myself a fanboy. I also had a YouTube Channel, which I did let's plays on. I didn't have too many subscribers, and I wasn't the funniest youtuber either. The reason I mention these two attributes about me, is because a few days ago, right after I edited my latest let's play, I remembered that I had to check the mail.
  5. When opened my mailbox up, there was the usual newspapers and junk mail, but then there was also a 700 megabyte storage cd, with nothing written on the top of it. I looked at it a bit and said, "Well, it must be another request for a let's play. Well, CD's have kind of died by now, but okay." I loaded the disk into my disk drive, and found one single program: an executable named "SONIC."
  7. I ran the executable, and the title screen of Sonic the hedgehog 1 for the Sega Genesis appeared with its jingle. "I really don't see why I couldn't just download an emulator, and get the Sonic 1 rom." Suddenly, for one frame, the screen looked questionable. Then it cut to the Sonic 3 save select screen, but the clouds were all dark red and some wind-ish theme was playing backwards.
  8.  "This looks like a scary game....Okay, time to start recording!" I quit the executable using the task manager. I got my recording software and hardware all set up, then I gave my good old intro: "Hey what's up guys? Uh, I'm playing some kind of scary game I guess, I don't know. But it's called SONIC in all caps for some odd reason. This let's play will be totally blind so let's see what we got here." I then started up the game again. I waited through the title screen and got to the save select screen. But it was actually a character select screen. "Alright, so I gotta pick someone. There's Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman. Oh, wait, I guess I can only pick Tails right now."
  10. I pressed Enter, then the game paused for a second, before the Kefka laugh played. "Someone's played too much Final Fantasy 3," I said as the creen went black for a bit, then the stage title showed up, saying "Hill act 1." "Hill act 1, huh? Well, from the terrain here, there ain't no hills! Ha! Major oversight from he creator of the game!" The flat terrain looked a lot like Green hill zone. A reversed theme played, which sounded threatening. I walked right for a while before seeing some dead squirrels,  rabbits, and penguins alike. The graphic mutilation looked extremely accurate to the game. "Oh eww! Dead animals! I guess Eggman decided to kill the animals directly instead of stuffing them in robots."
  12. Suddenly, I saw Sonic there, with the his eyes closed. "Oh hey, there's Sonic," I said. Tails pointed at Sonic, as if saying the same thing. Tails slowly walked towards him, with white noise letting louder and louder. "OW! Keep it down please!" Then, for a split second, Sonic opened his eyes, and they were black with red pupils. Then the screen went to black, and the white noise stopped. "Okay thank you." It stayed that way, until text faded in, saying, "Hello, do you want to play with me?" Then, a demonic Sonic the hedgehog read that text aloud. As the demonic Sonic read the text, I laughed out loud. The voice-over was so rediculous and slow, that when it ended, I mocked it. Yet a part of me was a bit scared, as the voice-over was a bit creepy.
  14. The next stage title showed up. "Hide and seek." "Oh I love this game!" I exclamed sarcastically. Some creepy ambient music was playing in the background, and I was in a flat terrain, looking similar to Angel Island act 2 from Sonic 3. I walked to the right for a bit when suddenly, The Sonic with black eyes and red pupils was popping up all over the screen, with his arms and legs spread out, and a smug look. Next thing I know, I'm running from that same Sonic, who is flying towards me. The drowning music from Sonic 1 and 2 played as he reached ever closer to me. "Oh god, memories of labyrinth zone..." Right as I said that, Sonic touched Tails, but Sonic dissapeared and Tails was just standing there, crying. "That's no good." I said, referencing The adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, a TV show based on THE REAL Sonic the hedgehog.
  16. Just then, the evil Sonic reappeared in front of tails, getting ready to pounce, while Tails looked at sonic with unamusement. "Tails does not approve, haha." Sonic then said, "I will eat...your...heart!" Then Sonic clawed tails, with game accurate blood gushing out of Tails. Right after that, the screen went black, and a EAR-PIERCING bit-crushed scream played. "OW OH MY GOD! That hurts my ears!" The Kefka laughed played again, and text appeared, saying "You're too slow, wanna try again?" Then the demonic Sonic read that text aloud. This made me so mad, because it brought back memories of when me and my friend would play Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He would always pick Sonic, and I'd pick Meta knight. "Oh.... my, GOD!" I exclamed aloud.
  18. This time, I picked Knuckles because Tails was dead. "Alright, go Knuckles! Beat the crap out of him!" The screen froze again, and the Kefka laugh played again. Then, the stage title came up. "You can't run." The environment was, yet again, flat, but this time it was like Scrap brain zone, with those same dark red clouds from the character select screen "Watch me, SONIC! Ha!" The music playing was the Giygas fight theme from Earthbound. "Oh wow, how uncreative." I said aloud. I ran to the right, then static came up a few times. "COME AT ME BRO!" I yelled. Then static came up one more time, and the floor was covered in Mortal Kombat blood splatters. "Oooh, blood." Then, Sonic showed up in front of Knuckles. Statc went for a while more. "Will you cut it out with the static? GOD!" Then large text showed up saying FOUnd yOu. The demonic Sonic read that aloud. "Oh, we're still playing Hide and Seek?!" I exclamed. Then, annoying screeches played, and it went back to the stage.
  20. I ran towards Sonic, who was right in front of me. "Get over here!" I said. He then teleported back behind me. I turned around and tried to get him again, but then he teleported AGAIN. I repeated this process untill Knuckles got tired, and started crying. "No pain no gain, son!" I yelled. Then Sonic said "You will die in my hands..." He then clawed Knuckles, with, again, game accurate blood gushing out of Knuckles, and The screen went black again, this time with a more maculine scream. "God dangit, I couldn't get Sonic." Then text popped up, saying, "So many souls to play with, so little time, wouldn't you agree?" The demonic Sonic read that aloud too. "Uh, no Sonic, I'm not the devil."
  22. Then, it was only Dr. Eggman left. "Alright, let's do this Eggman!" I pressed Enter one last time, and the Kefka laugh played once more. "Okay, this is getting repetative." The reverse theme from hill act 1 was reverted back to normal, and it sounded a bit somber, as opposed to before. The stage title theme was "..." "Oh wow, the game just gave up?" But then Eggman appeared in a long hallway. I walked forward a bit, then saw a staircase going downwards. I went down that staircase for a good long while. "Is this the staircase to hell?" I said. I finally made it to the bottom, and the pallet changed color. "Huh. Impressive." I walked for a bit again, and saw ANOTHER staircase. "Oh come on!!!" I shouted out loud.
  24.  I went down the staircase again, and when I got to the bottom, the pallet changed again, this time to a darker color. At the same time, the Kefka laugh played again. "Okay, I get it, you're evil." I walked for a bit again, before Sonic appeared in front of Eggman. Then static appeared again for a WHILE. "Wow. Is that it?" Then, a face appeared. It was the Sonic that had been killing Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman. A close-up of his face. It looked sort of like the were-hog from Sonic Unleashed. "Brush your teeth, dude." Then static went, and then the face turned red, with a demonic Kefka laugh, and the words "I AM GOD" Appeared on top of the screen. "No you're not! God's graceful." LOUD static then played for a bit more. "Okay, this is annoying!" Then the screen went blank again.
  25.  Then, text appeared, saying "Ready for round 2, Nathan?" "It knows my name? Oh my god guys...." Then a game over screen appeared, with a huge ring with angel wings, the evil sonic, and tails in panic. The Sonic CD USA game over theme played in reverse. "Okay, so I guess that was Sonic. In, all caps. Well, thanks for watching!" And just like that, I edited the video, and uploaded it to YouTube. One thing I should point out, the questionable title screen from earlier got a chance to be fully viewed while editing. The water turned red, Sonic turned into the evil Sonic, the sky was dark, and the copyright Sega 1991 was changed to Sega 666. "Rediculous," I thought.
  27.  The next day, I checked my video, and I got a BUNCH of requests to do some kind of secret ending for the game. See, I had to do all these cryptic things where in each stage, I had to go forward a bit, and then go back. I set up my recording software, and played the game again, this time, getting each and every secret.
  29.  I walked with tails until I saw the dead animals. I then went back, and the screen went static. Then, I was transported to a world that looked a it like lava reef zone, and the screen was overlapped with transparent static. I walked right, and then went to the Sonic with his eyes closed. I touched him, and then the static appeared again. Text appeared, saying "The fires await", which the demonic sonic DIDN'T read aloud, thank god. The normal stage appeared once more, and I walked back again, When I found a gray ring. When I collected it, the demonic Sonic said "DIE...." "Wow, Sonic. You've really out-done yourself." I said. I then noticed that my ring count, which was previously 0, was now -1. I did the rest of Tails' part, and then went on to Knuckles.
  31.  I walked straight back, and noticed a pit. I jumoed down that pit, and the game glitched out. "Woah, that was unexpected!" I giggled a bit, both in fear and in amusement. Then there was text, saying "Don't like playing by the rules?" I then went to a land that looked like an LSD trip times 2. The stage title was "FFFFFF." "Woah, am I high?" I said, talking from knuckles point of view. Text scrolled as I walked by, saying "You're fun to play with, Nathan....But this is my world....Won't be long now.....Soon, Nathan will join us.....Nathan, are you listening?" I began to get a little bit concerned. "Uh... yeah? I guess?" Then, HUGE red text scrolls, saying "YOU'RE NEXT" right before static cuts the LSD world off. Then the regular stage came back, and I went back to get my gray ring. Again, when I collected it, it said "DIE...." "I get it Sonic. I don't want to play this game any more." My ring count became -2. I did the rest of Knuckle's section, then moved on to Eggman.
  33. "I have to do this, for you guys." I said, tiredly. I walked with Eggman until I reached the tip of the first staircase. Then I ran back, and static played AGAIN. "OH LORD! Stop with the freaking static!" I was then transported to some green world. I walked to the right for a bit, and then the green world turned black and red, while the demonic Sonic said "I will rip your flesh from your body..." "Oh my god! That's disturbing!" I walked to the right for a bit longer, and then text appeared, saying "Why do you keep fighting, Nathan? My game has only begun..." "Yeah, well, I don't like your game, Sonic!" I exclamed. I ran to the end of the world, and then got transported back to the normal stage. Behind me was the gray ring. I collected it, and, one last time, Sonic said "DIE...." My ring count was now -3. "This is getting boring." I said. I did the rest of Eggman's stage, went through the I AM GOD face again, and then got to the game over screen. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked. But then the game over screen cut to a disturbing message:
  35. "There is a way to release ourselves. A spell to obtain our sould once more. But we must speak it - but when we speak, no sound. We are all deaf. So failure is inevitable. And I regret ever entering my eternal bet with the devil inside of me. Immortality vs. soul snatcher. Gary Crook vs. Jake Shanley. Ambition is overrated."
  37. This was dark, and I got a bit scared. "Okay... uh, that's creepy." Then it cut to a static stage where I was Sonic. The REAL Sonic. "Oh yes! I knew that wasn't actually Sonic!" I walked around a bit, then a skull face faded in and zoomed in, before fading out. "Oh, god!" I shouted. More faces did the same process. "Guys, I'm getting goosebumps right now." I said. Text appeared, saying "You've had a chance to comply, now you've gone too far." I pushed forward. More text, and it said "Can you hear them? They're trying to tell you something." Still pushing forward, I said "What???" Text said "Playing with them was such fun....almost as much as you, Nathan." "Who's them???" I said. Just then, the background changed to a red trippy illusion. "Woah..." I said. Text then said "There was Gary....and Jake.... and Kyle.....and Alice.....and so many many more....." "Well, at least I know who you're reffering to now." I said relucantly. The text then said "It's time your soul joined theirs, Nathan...." Just then, a bloody evil Sonic face faded in and zoomed in on its teeth. I jumped at this. "NOOO!" I said. Then the image cut to the whole image zoomed out. But it was all red, and you could barely make out the outline. Then there was Japanese text. "Oh lord....I think that was the end. So guys, that was Sonic, I hope you enjoyed my reactions, and I will see you later!
  39. After this, I got paranoid each night for 6 weeks straight, got nightmares about that...thing, and lost a lot of sleep. I kind of got over it, but I still have a hint of that paranoia. I feel like if someone tells me about this game again, I just might go insane. Whatever you do, please don't mention that executable sonic game. Let's refer to it as "Sonic.exe."
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