KH2FM Randomizer Info

Apr 28th, 2020
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  1. Welcome to hopefully the new KH2FM Randomizer layout with the Garden of Assemblage World Map Mod I've been working on for a few months! What the Garden of Assemblage World Map does is that it takes Garden of Assemblage and restructures it to where each entrance takes you to a different world.
  3. Xemnas -> The World That Never Was
  4. Xigbar -> The Land of Dragons
  5. Xaldin -> Beast's Castle
  6. Vexen -> Halloween Town
  7. Lexaeus -> Agrabah
  8. Zexion -> Olympus Coliseum
  9. Saix -> Pride Lands
  10. Axel -> Twilight Town
  11. Demyx -> Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden
  12. Luxord -> Port Royal
  13. Marluxia -> Disney Castle/Timeless River
  14. Larxene -> Atlantica
  15. Roxas -> Simulated Twilight Town (Same world as Twilight Town, but is considered a "different" Twilight Town created by DiZ.)
  16. Entrance -> 100 Acre Wood (Book is permanently removed from Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden.)
  17. Exit -> Space Paranoids (Computer Reaction Command is permanently disabled except for a cutscene.)
  19. To beat the game, you will need to find Proof of Connection, Proof of Nonexistence, and Proof of Peace to get Gold Crown. The Reaction Command at the door in Altar of Naught to enter Final Battles has been removed until you have Gold Crown.
  21. Hollow Bastion and Space Paranoids has been restructured a bit to prevent any backtracking between those two worlds, while Simulated Twilight Town is fully explorable after defeating Axel II.
  23. Since the Data Organization XIII fights have been replaced with worlds, they are now hidden somewhere within the world their respective portals take you after finishing the last visit. Most of the Absent Silhouettes have also been relocated as well and their Data version will be available to fight right after defeating their Absent Silhouette version by re-entering their portal.
  25. Some quality of life stuff have been added as well: 1st part of the Pete fight in Olympus Coliseum is skipped, finishing Hollow Bastion 1st Visit takes you to the end of 2nd Visit for another Item, forced visit to 100 Acre Wood is skipped, having to go get Merlin before entering Timeless River is skipped, forced Light Cycle is skipped, and Dragon Xemnas is skipped going straight from Armor Xemnas 1 to Armor Xemnas 2.
  27. The Items that I'm currently starting with are 9 party member weapons, Tournament Poster, Poster, and Letter. They are used to open up the next visits for each world except for 100 Acre Wood and Atlantica. Tournament Poster, Poster, Letter, and Way to the Dawn are currently placeholders for Crystal Orb, Ice Cream, Picture, and Membership Card for now until logic gets built so that those 4 Items won't get locked behind themselves and potentially softlocking you. The following checks are removed/forced to junk: Setzer, Hades Paradox Cup, Mushroom XIII, and Level 53 -> 99. Promise Charm is also added into the pool, which can be used as a alternate way to enter Final Battles after finding all 3 Proofs for Gold Crown
  29. For the Randomizer portion, I'm using the Randomizer program that was made by Bizkit047, which was made before I considered making the Garden of Assemblage World Map Mod. It prevents bricking/softlocks by avoiding to place stuff like Torn Pages, Thunder, Magnet, and Drive Forms in places that require them like 100 Acre Wood - Starry Hill and Lingering Will (normally opens after finishing all worlds and beating the game). Critical Mode has also been taken into account in the logic as well since you start with 7 abilities.
  31. As for what is randomized, the stat increases that you get when you level up have been randomized although you will get the same number of stat increases since the game can only show 2 stats or 1 stat & 1 item, Donald and Goofy's abilities have been randomized among themselves since the only way to give their abilities to them is from their own Bonus Levels and Weapon Abilities. There's also a option if you want to add in Ultima Weapon to the pool as well. You can also prevent Forms/Torn Pages/Thunder/Magnet from being obtainable higher than LV36 so that you don't have to grind to a high level. The last option is to prevent progression rewards in Simulated Twilight Town and Pride Land chests, which I always keep disabled due to the Garden of Assemblage Mod.
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