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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. SundayChowder: fukc you azi youi cans j7usdt jicmy nmvucking cock yoiu fuckjing nigger auj havenjgkwea nh=ahte you
  4. SundayChowder: hey nigger
  5. SundayChowder: word on the street is azir's a fag
  6. SundayChowder: i just realized your mom couldnt breathe for the past 2 hours
  7. SundayChowder: i heard that azir has tiny peeepee
  8. SundayChowder: nice ult nerd
  9. SundayChowder: idk but how old is your mom?
  10. SundayChowder: her tits look brand new
  11. SundayChowder: LOL
  12. SundayChowder: says the fucking virgin noob
  13. SundayChowder: "naw not really
  14. SundayChowder: fucking nerd lmfao
  15. SundayChowder: suck my ass just like your mom
  16. SundayChowder: idc im talking about thrusting my cock so far down your moms mouth that she throws up the cum i forced her to swallow
  17. SundayChowder: NIGGEr
  18. SundayChowder: lol your name is darkwhales
  19. SundayChowder: t
  20. SundayChowder: thats what your mom looks like
  21. SundayChowder: JAJAHJAHAHHA
  22. SundayChowder: soi funnmy nigger
  23. SundayChowder: he banged yoiur mom toooooo hard
  24. SundayChowder: your mom had a day banned from my dick bc she loved it so muhc
  25. SundayChowder: lol im just carrying my team so fucking hrad like damn
  26. SundayChowder: idk what esle to do
  27. SundayChowder: my team is so bad i cant even carry any harder
  28. SundayChowder: noobs
  29. SundayChowder: wow had to get 3 people to kill mne
  30. SundayChowder: of course
  31. SundayChowder: 1v1 me
  32. SundayChowder: anyoen
  33. SundayChowder: illl own you likje i own your mom
  34. SundayChowder: tbh abilities are for niggers
  35. SundayChowder: it was fun with your mom
  36. SundayChowder: you are so scared to talk to me
  37. SundayChowder: just say something to me
  38. SundayChowder: are you in love with vayne or something?
  39. SundayChowder: why
  40. SundayChowder: because we didnt share your mom with him?
  41. Game 2
  42. Pre-Game
  43. SundayChowder: shoombagala
  44. SundayChowder: i dare you to type in chat
  45. SundayChowder: if you dont type im leaving
  46. In-Game
  47. SundayChowder: HAHAHAH SO FUCKINJG EZ
  48. SundayChowder: lol ez
  49. SundayChowder: NOOB LMFAO XD
  50. SundayChowder: 6 meters inside your mom pussy LOL XD LMFAO NOOB
  51. SundayChowder: WHAT? YOU MAD BRO?
  52. SundayChowder: sorry i meant football fields
  53. SundayChowder: report me for being so fucking good
  54. SundayChowder: ezezezezezezezeze
  55. SundayChowder: stupid fuckingngigger sucjk a a fucknig occkc ui fucking you stupid fjewicign ckuitija nger
  56. SundayChowder: you really want to lose to the best teemo player in the world?
  57. SundayChowder: soudns about righjt
  58. SundayChowder: especially from a noob like your team and you
  59. SundayChowder: hey garen
  60. SundayChowder: you are a noob
  61. SundayChowder: LOL XD
  62. SundayChowder: lmfao
  63. SundayChowder: rammus i have to say
  64. SundayChowder: such noob
  65. SundayChowder: garen
  66. SundayChowder: dont talk back to me
  67. SundayChowder: or i will beat your ass with my wooden spoon of a cock
  68. SundayChowder: i will kill your mom. (in real life)
  69. SundayChowder: L
  70. SundayChowder: O
  71. SundayChowder: L
  72. SundayChowder: N
  73. SundayChowder: O
  74. SundayChowder: o
  75. SundayChowder: B
  76. SundayChowder: sup boys
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