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  1. Merr - Worship, beauty, ?
  2. Race: Seakin
  3. Crashed badly in the First Fall despite the survival of his patron race (probably because they stopped worshipping gods. Which Y'know is understandable). Died or was killed or ollied outie
  5. Catcher - Blades, Maps(?), Mastery
  6. Race: Catchers
  7. A younger god who butts heads with Egal. A surviving member into the bureaucracy.
  9. Egal - Freedom, Peace, Flow
  10. Race: Vissel
  11. Pretentious god who got in a dumb argument with Catcher, had an Act-off, and messed up the ecosystem enough to cause the First Fall. They settled their differences and cooperate happily enough in the New Age
  13. Solbruin - Victory, Darkness, Barriers
  14. Race: Monsters (the Twelve Savage Beasts - Nyxic Masses, Shoalstorm)
  15. Populated the world with various monsters to give the mortals something to triumph over. Made some of them in collaboration with the other Four. Has unswerving loyalty to Law due to shenanigans in past lives.
  17. Law - Order, ?, Organisation
  18. Race: The poise
  19. Head of the Bureaucracy. Very powerful but sits on most of his acts in the modern age, so younger gods fucking up is undone without too much issue.
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