MagiReco Yusa Hazuki story translation

Jul 22nd, 2018
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  1. Yusa Hazuki
  3. 1: Troubled Conference
  4. in a restaurant
  5. Hazuki: "Welllll then, it seems everyone's here... So let's start!"
  7. 1.1
  8. [in a restaurant]
  9. *At a certain place in Kamihama on a certain date*
  10. *In a certain family restaurant...*
  11. *The first meeting*
  12. [we see Hazuki and Ayame]
  13. Hazuki: "We also come here to eat occasionally..."
  14. "Everything on the menu's good, right?"
  15. Ayame: "I like the doria!"
  16. Kako: "They also have a lot of different desserts!"
  17. Meiyui: "Really?"
  18. Akira: "Here, I like their parfaits."
  19. Nanaka: "..."
  20. Konoha: "..."
  21. Hazuki: "You know that pancake I had before?
  22. "Umm... which was it..."
  23. Ayame: "This one! Here!"
  24. Kako: "Wow, it looks delicious!"
  25. Akira: "It really does! It's so light and fluffy looking!
  26. Meiyui: "You seem to know a lot, Akira. Do you come here often?"
  27. Akira: "Eh!? Ah... actually, I do..."
  28. Nanaka: "Everyone!"
  29. Hazuki: "Oops!"
  30. Akira: "Ah..."
  31. Kako: "Sorry..."
  32. Meiyui: "We chatted a bit too much, huh."
  33. Ayame: "Hmm, what should I have?"
  34. Konoha: "..."
  35. Nanaka: "Today we are all gathered here to meet..."
  36. "Right, Hazuki-san?"
  37. Hazuki: "Yes, yes. We went off topic all of a sudden."
  38. Nanaka: "Then, Hazuki-san."
  39. "Since you proposed this meeting, please give an explanation..."
  40. Hazuki: "Understood! The reason I had you all come here, right?"
  41. "That is..."
  43. 1.2
  44. Hazuki: "Umm, the reason I had you all gather here is..."
  45. "About witches."
  46. Meiyui: "Witches..."
  47. Akira: "Witches... What about them?"
  48. Hazuki: "Recently, we came across each other in a witch barrier, right?"
  49. Akira: "Ah, that... Indeed we did..."
  50. Hazuki: "That time, we got there first, right?"
  51. Meiyui: "..."
  52. Kako: "Meiyui-san... your stare is scaring me!"
  53. Meiyui: "We were the ones who got there first."
  54. "And then we were passed by you, who came from behind and took it out..."
  55. "But I won't complain about that."
  56. Hazuki: "...But you're knitting your brow even more..."
  57. Meiyui: "That's not true!"
  58. Akira: (Meiyui is feeling really frustrated, huh...)
  59. Nanaka: "Basically, this is about how we should deal with the situation..."
  60. "Who gets to fight in the case that we are both aiming for the same prey..."
  61. "And who has the right to the grief seed after defeating the witch..."
  62. "And how to decide that. Is that right, Konoha-san?"
  63. Konoha: "Yes."
  64. "We didn't come here with this proposal..."
  65. "To pointlessly cause friction."
  66. Hazuki: "Yes! So basically, I'd like to discuss this and come to a decision!"
  67. "Is this okay with everyone?"
  68. Nanaka: "I have no objections."
  69. Konoha: "Likewise..."
  70. Ayame: "Me too!"
  71. Kako: "Of course!"
  72. Akira: "Yes, I agree!"
  73. Meiyui: "Not a problem."
  74. Hazuki: "Alright! Then, let's start. Umm, first..."
  75. Meiyui: "I have a proposal."
  76. Hazuki: "Oh, so suddenly..."
  77. Meiyui: "The answer is simple."
  78. Hazuki: "Oh? Then, let's hear it!"
  79. Meiyui: "It is..."
  80. "'First-come first-served'."
  82. 1.3
  83. Meiyui: "It is..."
  84. "'First-come first-served'."
  85. Akira: "Huh?"
  86. Hazuki: "Then there's no change?"
  87. Meiyui: "Basically, I acknowledge that before, you defeated the witch first."
  88. "In this world, competition is unavoidable."
  89. "I think the same is true in the world of magical girls."
  90. "Hunting prey... It's the same as trying to survive!"
  91. "If so, then first come first served is a simple and fair rule."
  92. Kako: "B-but, it needs to be some way that both sides can agree on..."
  93. Meiyui: "I agree on it."
  94. Nanaka: "Hehe"
  95. "I think that Meiyui-san's proposal has some merit."
  96. Kako: "Y-you too, Nanaka-san?"
  97. Meiyui: "So, whoever the witch appears before gets to go first."
  98. "Anyone coming later doesn't interfere. That'll be fine."
  99. Hazuki: "I-I see... Well, that's certainly one possibility!"
  100. "It's just..."
  101. Meiyui: "What is it?"
  102. Hazuki: "I was thinking, someone has to decide who came first."
  103. Meiyui: "Decide? Well..."
  104. "Everyone will decide for themselves."
  105. Hazuki: "Mmm... Then in the end, it's just whoever claims it wins?"
  106. "That just seems like it'll cause lots of disputes, you know?"
  107. Meiyui: "But even so!"
  108. Hazuki: "Ayame, what do you think?"
  109. Ayame: "If Hazuki says there's going to be disputes, then there's going to be disputes!"
  110. Meiyui: "Wait! I..."
  111. Ayame: "In times like these, we need to do that!"
  112. Kako: "Ayame-chan, do you have an idea?"
  113. Ayame: "Yes, I do! Leave it to me! This is what I think would be best!"
  114. Kako: "What is it!?"
  115. Ayame: "It's called 'Why not leave it to rock-paper-scissors?'!"
  116. Kako: "Rock-paper-scissors!?"
  117. Akira: "!"
  118. (I-it's normal!)
  119. Meiyui: "That's not something you should hype up like that."
  120. Konoha: "But, it is a simple way to resolve disputes."
  121. "Great idea, Ayame!"
  122. Ayame: "Heheh~!"
  123. Kako: "Ayame-chan got doted on by Konoha-san just as usual..."
  124. Akira: (O-overprotective!)
  125. Meiyui: "In the first place!"
  126. Akira: "Woah! Why so loud!?"
  127. (Ah, this is the pattern where Meiyui raises the heat...)
  128. Meiyui: "There's no time to play rock-paper-scissors on the battlefield!"
  129. Hazuki: "Ah, then why don't we try it now?"
  130. Meiyui: "Huh? What do you mean?"
  131. Hazuki: "Let's simulate it, and measure how long it takes..."
  132. "Let's have a little rock-paper-scissors tournament!"
  133. [battle]
  134. Hazuki: "Alright! Then in the finals, these two will fight it out!"
  135. "Ayame VS Meiyui!"
  136. Ayame: "Alright!"
  137. Meiyui: "Why did this happen..."
  138. Konoha: "Ayame... Good luck."
  139. Ayame: "Leave it to me!"
  140. Nanaka: "Meiyui-san, this is the finals."
  141. Akira: (Somehow, Nanaka-san is really into it?)
  142. Kako: "G-Good luck, both of you!"
  143. Hazuki: "Then, let's go!"
  144. "Rock..."
  145. Ayame: "Paper!"
  146. Meiyui: "Jiǎn dāo, shí tou!" [Chinese version of RPS chant]
  147. Hazuki: "Shoot!"
  148. Akira: "Ah!"
  149. Konoha: "Ayame used rock..."
  150. Kako: "Meiyui-san used... scissors!"
  151. Ayame: "Mehehe!"
  152. Meiyui: "!?"
  153. Hazuki: "It's decided! The winner is..."
  154. Meiyui: "Wait."
  155. [there's a flash]
  156. Meiyui: "Hah!"
  157. Ayame: "Nnngh!?"
  158. Kako: "Meiyui-san caught Ayame-san's rock with her scissors!?"
  159. Meiyui: "Twin Jewel Hidden Fist..."
  160. "Scissor Reversal! HAAAAH!"
  161. Ayame: "WHAAAA!"
  162. Akira: "Using just her fingers, she changed her opponent's rock into paper!?"
  163. Meiyui: "This is my win..."
  164. Ayame: "N-no it isn't!"
  165. Konoha: "That was Ayame's victory!"
  166. Meiyui: "You can never know the victor until the end!"
  167. Akira: "Meiyui, that wasn't really..."
  168. Nanaka: "Scissors win against paper... That's indisputable."
  169. Kako: "Nanaka-san!"
  170. Ayame: "NGAH! That doesn't count!"
  171. Akira: "Your no-count doesn't count!"
  172. Hazuki (offscreen): "Alright, STOP!
  173. Ayame: "Hazuki!"
  174. [she goes offscreen]
  175. Meiyui: "..."
  176. Hazuki: "Everyone, we're causing trouble for the other guests, so to start..."
  177. Konoha: "..."
  178. "Let's all settle down."
  179. Akira: "Meiyui..."
  180. Meiyui: "I got it."
  181. [screen wipe]
  182. Ayame: "Nnnngh!"
  183. Kako: "Ayame-chan!
  184. Ayame: "...Jeez..."
  185. Hazuki: "Alright, it seems everyone's settled down now."
  186. "So now, let's end things for today."
  187. Akira: "Huh!?"
  188. Hazuki: "Things got a bit heated, so we should start over..."
  189. "Everyone, make sure to think about today's topic at home."
  190. "We'll meet again some other time! ...Okay, Nanaka-san?"
  191. Nanaka: "I do not mind. How about it, everyone?"
  192. Akira: "I'm fine with that..."
  193. Kako: "M-me too!"
  194. Meiyui: "I don't like it... Next time we'll settle this!"
  195. Hazuki: "Alright, then we'll be going! Come on, let's go, Ayame!"
  196. Ayame: "groan..."
  197. Konoha: "I'll buy you ice cream later."
  198. [they leave one by one]
  199. Nanaka: "..."
  200. "Once more, that was quite..."
  201. Hazuki (aloud): "Tokiwa Nanaka, huh... She's quite pretty, and has a rather stubborn feel to her..."
  203. 2: Joint Operation!
  204. in a restaurant
  205. Hazuki: "Last time was all craaazy, so this time I want to deal with it cleanly!"
  207. 2.1
  208. [in a restaurant]
  209. *At a certain place in Kamihama on a certain date*
  210. *In a certain family restaurant...*
  211. *The second meeting*
  212. Hazuki: "Then, I'll order first."
  213. Ayame: "Kako, what are you gonna have?"
  214. Kako: "I'll, uh, have this matcha ice cream!"
  215. Ayame: "I'll have doria!"
  216. Konoha: "You'll spoil your appetite for dinner. Have something lighter like ice cream."
  217. Ayame: "Ehhh... Then, vanilla ice cream!"
  218. Konoha: "I'll have coffee then."
  219. Akira: "I think I'll have milk tea, with ice."
  220. Meiyui: "Hot oolong tea."
  221. Nanaka: "I was curious about this before, but what is this drink bar?"
  222. Akira: "...Huh? You don't know, Nanaka?
  223. Nanaka: "I don't."
  224. "Last time was my first time at a family restaurant."
  225. Hazuki: "Huh? Really..."
  226. Meiyui: "An odd thing to be ignorant of."
  227. Nanaka: "Is that so?"
  228. Akira: "Then if I were to explain, there there's a whole bunch of drinks, right?"
  229. Nanaka: "...A place with a lot of cups?"
  230. Akira: "Yes, yes! Basically, that's a bar."
  231. "And the system is that you can drink as much as you want of those drinks."
  232. Nanaka: "Oh my! You can drink as much as you'd like?"
  233. Akira: "Yes! That's a drink bar!"
  234. Nanaka: "They say don't knock it until you've tried it... so I'll try this drink bar!"
  235. Hazuki: "Then, we'd like to have what we just discussed."
  236. "...Then, as a continuation of last time..."
  237. Meiyui: "If that's the case, I'll say it once again..."
  238. "I want first-come first-served."
  239. Akira: "Meiyui..."
  240. Hazuki: "So you haven't changed your mind."
  241. Meiyui: "I don't change."
  242. Hazuki: "Any other opinions?"
  243. Ayame: "Rock-paper-scissors! We still haven't finished our match!"
  244. Kako: "Ayame-chan, that's not the point..."
  245. Ayame: "What is the point?"
  246. Kako: "We're not trying to figure out who's the strongest at rock-paper-scissors..."
  247. Ayame: "...We weren't?"
  248. Akira: "That's right... We were trying to decide what to do if we encountered each other while fighting a witch."
  249. Ayame: "B-but, it should definitely be rock-paper-scissors!"
  250. Konoha: "..."
  251. Nanaka: "..."
  252. Hazuki: "Ah..."
  253. "In that case, how about this?"
  254. Meiyui: "What?"
  255. Hazuki: "The separate groups meet before a witch."
  256. "And then..."
  258. 2.2
  259. Hazuki: "The separate groups meet before a witch."
  260. "And then..."
  261. Akira: "And then?"
  262. Hazuki: "Everyone who participated in the fight gets the rights to the grief seed!"
  263. Kako: "Everyone?"
  264. Meiyui: "So you're saying that basically, if someone wants to fight, then let them?"
  265. Hazuki: "Exactly."
  266. Meiyui: "Wait just a minute!"
  267. "How is that different from first-come first-served!?"
  268. Hazuki: "I already said that first-come first-served will lead to arguments, right?"
  269. "So, in this case, instead of having people being first or last..."
  270. "Anyone who expends magic gets a proportional right to the grief seed!"
  271. Meiyui: "Mm..."
  272. Hazuki: "Of course, there might be discussion on who worked hardest and stuff..."
  273. "But at the very least you'll recover a little magic."
  274. "Also, I think you'll be able to tell who participated in the fight."
  275. "I think it's a cleaner solution than first-come first-served."
  276. Meiyui: "But..."
  277. Hazuki: "Do you really think it's better that whoever comes first gets to monopolize the rewards?"
  278. Meiyui: "You misunderstand. That's not what I was thinking."
  279. Hazuki: "Or would you actually be fine with rock-paper-scissors?"
  280. Ayame: "Really!?"
  281. Meiyui: "No."
  282. Akira: (So sudden, without hesitation...)
  283. Meiyui: "But..."
  284. "Well, alright. I would be fine with that..."
  285. "Nanaka, what do you think?"
  286. Nanaka: "Even a small change, if made carelessly, can have a big impact."
  287. "I agree with Hazuki-san's opinion."
  288. Akira: "Me too! If you fight, you get your fair share. I completely understand!"
  289. Kako: "I agree too!"
  290. Hazuki: "Konoha?"
  291. Konoha: "From the beginning, I have had no intention of causing disputes."
  292. "I agree with Hazuki's proposal."
  293. Ayame: "So basically, you just have to fight? Simple! I'm okay with it too!"
  294. Hazuki: "Alright! Then, we have our answer!"
  295. "Everyone who joins the battle shares the rights to the grief seed..."
  296. "With that said, let's go!"
  297. Nanaka: "Splendid."
  298. Konoha: "Likewise."
  299. Hazuki: "...However..."
  300. "I have another suggestion..."
  302. 2.3
  303. Hazuki: "I have another suggestion..."
  304. Nanaka: "Another one?"
  305. Hazuki: "Yes..."
  306. "Umm, based on this time's agreement, I'd like to gather data."
  307. "Well, something like a quick test."
  308. Meiyui: "How will you gather data?"
  309. Hazuki: "We'll look for witches together, and then, defeat them together."
  310. Nanaka: "So, basically..."
  311. Hazuki: "It'll be something like a joint operation. Like making sweets together!"
  312. Akira: "No, that's totally different!"
  313. Hazuki: "What do you think?"
  314. Nanaka: "Konoha-san, what do you think of this proposal?"
  315. Konoha: "..."
  316. "I think it's good to demonstrate with actions instead of just words."
  317. "How about you, Ayame?"
  318. Ayame: "I think it's fine! It'll be lively and fun!"
  319. Nanaka: "I agree as well."
  320. Akira: "I have no objections, either."
  321. Kako: "Yes!"
  322. Meiyui: "...It's no different from what we agreed on."
  323. Hazuki: "Alright!"
  324. "Then, to start, how to search..."
  325. Nanaka: "We're already discussing that?"
  326. "You're looking ahead pretty far."
  327. Hazuki: "Ah, just a bad habit of mine..."
  328. Ayame: "Ah, Hazuki does that now and then."
  329. waitress: "Excuse me, here is your matcha ice cream..."
  330. Kako: "Ah, over here!"
  331. Hazuki: "Yep! For now let's just take a breather."
  332. Nanaka: "..."
  333. "Why certainly."
  334. [battle]
  335. Hazuki: "So is everyone okay with these groups for searching for witches?"
  336. [we see Kako and Ayame]
  337. Kako: "I'm with Ayame-chan, right?"
  338. Ayame: "I'm with Kako!"
  339. [we see Hazuki, Akira, and Meiyui]
  340. Hazuki: "And I'll be with Akira-san and Meiyui-san."
  341. Akira: "Got it!"
  342. Meiyui: "Understood."
  343. [finally Konoha and Nanaka]
  344. Nanaka: "Is it okay for Konoha-san and me to be just standing by?"
  345. Konoha: "..."
  346. Hazuki: "If something happens, we'll have you come and help."
  347. "Then, it's decided! I look forward to working with you again tomorrow!"
  348. Nanaka: "The same goes as well for me."
  349. Hazuki: "So then, we'll leave first."
  350. "I have to go shopping for dinner."
  351. Konoha: "Right."
  352. Ayame: "Ooo! Dinner! Dinner!"
  353. Nanaka: "I see."
  354. Hazuki: "Then, see you!"
  355. Konoha: "Excuse me."
  356. Ayame: "See ya! Bye-bye, Kako!"
  357. Kako: "Yeah, see you!"
  358. Akira: "Bye!"
  359. Meiyui: "Zàijiàn..."
  360. Nanaka: "Yes, see you..."
  361. "..."
  362. "...Well, what do you think, everyone?"
  363. "What do I think? About them?"
  364. Meiyui: "I can't read Shizumi Konoha. Mikuri Ayame is exactly as you see her."
  365. "However, I feel like Yusa Hazuki is very deft at everything."
  366. Akira: "That's right. Yeah, certainly."
  367. "The first time we met, everything moved efficiently."
  368. Kako: "Also, Hazuki-san is really kind!"
  369. Nanaka: "Yes..."
  370. "..."
  371. Kako: "..."
  372. Meiyui: "..."
  373. Akira: "..."
  374. "By the way..."
  375. Nanaka: "What is it?"
  376. Akira: "Are we... not going to leave?"
  377. Nanaka: "Leave? Ah, that's right!"
  378. "Everyone, you are now free to leave as you will."
  379. "However..."
  380. "I haven't yet gone to the bar..."
  381. Hazuki (aloud): "We've finally figured things out. Now then, let's get started..."
  383. 3: Their Respective Gazes
  384. in a restaurant
  385. Hazuki: "This time I was the one called out... hmm... I wonder what we're going to talk about..."
  387. 3.1
  388. [in a restaurant]
  389. *At a certain place in Kamihama on a certain date*
  390. *In a certain family restaurant...*
  391. *The third meeting*
  392. *...However, those attending were...*
  393. [we see Nanaka, and Hazuki shows up]
  394. Hazuki: "Ahh, sorry I'm late!"
  395. Nanaka: "No, I'm the one who called you so suddenly..."
  396. Hazuki: "Sorry for having you waiting though."
  397. Nanaka: "Pay it no mind."
  398. "I have become proficient with the drink bar!"
  399. Hazuki: "The drink bar... Seems fun, somehow."
  400. Nanaka: "Yes! It really is!"
  401. "I came to realize..."
  402. "The possibilities of a drink bar!"
  403. Hazuki: "Possibilities?"
  404. Nanaka: "Drink bars are magnificent!"
  405. "You can imbibe all the beverages you like..."
  406. "In short, you can create any mixtures that you like!"
  407. Hazuki: "Ah... h-huh..."
  408. (I see, this too is a fresh new discovery for her...)
  409. Nanaka: "And so, I tested this..."
  410. "Green tea coffee cola!"
  411. Hazuki: "G-green tea!? Does that taste good?"
  412. Nanaka: "It did not taste good in the slightest!"
  413. Hazuki: "...Of course not..."
  414. Nanaka: "But, I was able to experience this for myself."
  415. "Without an opportunity like this, I don't think I would have the chance to try it."
  416. Hazuki: "I-I see now..."
  417. Nanaka: "That's how it is. Gaining new experiences."
  418. "That's right. Regarding new experiences, the same was true of last time."
  419. Hazuki: "Last time..."
  420. Nanaka: "Yes, when we fought the witch last time."
  421. "We were fighting alongside."
  422. Hazuki: "So what was your new experience there?"
  423. Nanaka: "What I experienced was..."
  424. "Your modus operandi..."
  426. 3.2
  427. Nanaka: "What I experienced was..."
  428. "Your modus operandi..."
  429. Hazuki: "Our... modus operandi?"
  430. "Oh jeez, it sounds bad when you put it like that."
  431. Nanaka: "Oh, excuse me!"
  432. "Let's put it as your skill... Your strength!"
  433. Hazuki: "Ah! Now that's a better way to put it."
  434. Nanaka: "It really is! My apologies."
  435. "However, I was surprised."
  436. "Kako-san and Ayame-san found the witch labyrinth and we convened..."
  437. "As soon as the witch was found, we attacked..."
  438. Hazuki: "Yeahh, it really went well!"
  439. Nanaka: "That's right."
  440. "However, the three of you had outstanding teamwork."
  441. Hazuki: "Huh? No, it's nothing special..."
  442. Nanaka: "No, it really was."
  443. "Previously, when you managed to defeat a witch before us..."
  444. "Because we were held up by familiars, I was unable to witness it..."
  445. "But this time I was able to see it clearly."
  446. "Akira-san, Kako-san, and Meiyui-san were all surprised."
  447. "Of course, I was as well."
  448. Hazuki: "Well, it's always been just the three of us up until now, so..."
  449. Nanaka: "And so you safely acquired the grief seed..."
  450. Hazuki: "We settled that cleanly, right?"
  451. Nanaka: "Anyway, we were all deeply impressed."
  452. "For me in particular..."
  453. "By your modus operandi..."
  454. Hazuki: "Hey, you said it again!"
  455. Nanaka: "Actually, I do think that this is the correct way to put it."
  456. Hazuki: "Huh?"
  457. Nanaka: "Your... modus operandi."
  459. 3.3
  460. Nanaka: "Anyway, we were all deeply impressed."
  461. "For me in particular..."
  462. "By your modus operandi..."
  463. Hazuki: "Hey, you said it again!"
  464. Nanaka: "Actually, I do think that this is the correct way to put it."
  465. Hazuki: "Huh?"
  466. Nanaka: "Your... modus operandi."
  467. Hazuki: "..."
  468. "Uhh..."
  469. "What exactly do you mean?"
  470. Nanaka: "This time, everything developed precisely as you anticipated..."
  471. "Is that not the case?"
  472. Hazuki: "As I... anticipated?"
  473. Nanaka: "Our first meeting here..."
  474. "When you saw how stubborn Meiyui-san was being, you provoked Ayame-san..."
  475. [flashback]
  476. Hazuki: "Ayame, what do you think?"
  477. Ayame: "If Hazuki says there's going to be disputes, then there's going to be disputes!"
  478. [back to the present]
  479. Nanaka: "From there, the winds changed and the conversation veered off course..."
  480. [flashback]
  481. Hazuki: "Let's simulate it, and measure how long it takes..."
  482. "Let's have a little rock-paper-scissors tournament!"
  483. [back to present]
  484. Nanaka: "You were the one who guided us along this flow, right, Hazuki-san?"
  485. Hazuki: "No, that wasn't..."
  486. Nanaka: "Once the flow was upset, you reset everything..."
  487. "Now that I think about it, it feels like this happened to me the first time we met..."
  488. Hazuki: "Did it?"
  489. Nanaka: "Once this slowly growing truth was planted in us..."
  490. "Once more, you presented a new proposal..."
  491. [flashback]
  492. Hazuki: "The separate groups meet before a witch."
  493. "And then..."
  494. Akira: "And then?"
  495. Hazuki: "Everyone who participated in the fight gets the rights to the grief seed!"
  496. Kako: "Everyone?"
  497. Meiyui: "So you're saying that basically, if someone wants to fight, then let them?"
  498. Hazuki: "Exactly."
  499. [back to present]
  500. Nanaka: "This is what you wanted from the start..."
  501. Hazuki: "..."
  502. Nanaka: "Why did you have to lure us into doing it like this?"
  503. "This is what I came here today to ask you..."
  504. Hazuki: "..."
  505. Nanaka: "Could you please explain the reason?"
  506. Hazuki: "..."
  507. Nanaka: "What do you think?"
  508. Hazuki: "..."
  509. "That's..."
  510. [battle]
  511. Hazuki: "..."
  512. "That's..."
  513. "Because I didn't lure anyone into anything!"
  514. Nanaka: "..."
  515. "I see..."
  516. Hazuki: "However..."
  517. Nanaka: "However?"
  518. Hazuki: "Konoha... has a fairly introverted personality..."
  519. "She's not very social... though she's gotten better than she was before..."
  520. "And so, this was a chance to get her to open her heart a little..."
  521. Nanaka: "And that was?"
  522. Hazuki: "Fighting together with a group more than just the three of us. It was her first time."
  523. "After the second time we met, she was grumbling quite a bit."
  524. "'We're fine with just the three of us,' or 'Can we cancel it?'"
  525. Nanaka: "Oh my..."
  526. Hazuki: "But after we fought the witch together, Konoha has changed a little..."
  527. "Talking about stuff with you guys, and fighting alongside one another..."
  528. "How do I put it..."
  529. "I think she was enjoying that a little."
  530. Nanaka: "Enjoying it, huh..."
  531. Hazuki: "Konoha isn't the kind to really show her emotions..."
  532. "But somehow, I could sense that she was having fun."
  533. Nanaka: "..."
  534. Hazuki: "For us, having connections with other Kamihama magical girls is a plus..."
  535. "That's how I think."
  536. "So, it turned out alright in the end!"
  537. "That's all I was thinking of."
  538. Nanaka: "I see!"
  539. "Then, that's great! I'd be glad to keep working with you!"
  540. Hazuki: "Likewise, the same for me!"
  541. Nanaka: "Yes! Ehehe..."
  542. Hazuki: "Ahaha!"
  543. (...Although she's laughing like this, you can see in her eyes that she's not actually smiling...)
  544. [fade to gray]
  545. Hazuki: *Tokiwa Nanaka is a shrewd individual, after all...*
  546. *However, she's also very fascinating!*
  547. *I'll continue to make contact with other magical girls.*
  548. *This is enough for today's meeting...*
  549. <The above is an excerpt from Yusa Hazuki's notebook.>
  550. Hazuki (aloud): "Well, we beat the witch in the end, so hopefully we can all agree that that was okay."
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