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  1.     Many Americans believe that we should get rid of the one dollar bill and replace it with coins. This has been proven successful in many other countries, and we are slacking by not doing the same. On the other hand, many say the one dollar bill is convenient and a symbol of America. If we remove it, we're removing a large part of America, and jobs. In my opinion, we need to get rid of the one dollar bill, and I'll tell you why.
  2.     The one dollar bill costs our government $200 million dollars every year to print 4 billion $1 dollar bills. We have $1.5 billion dollars worth of one dollar coins sitting in vaults that aren't being used. This is a huge waste, and if we used the coins in vaults, we wouldn't need to make any one dollar coins for a while. The paper that is used to make one dollar bills wears down very easily, and taking in to count how much we use one dollar bills everyday, 15 million pounds of that worn down paper is being dumped every year. The coins wouldn't wear down, and they can be easily counted and used. In my opinion, this makes a lot more sense then printing tons of easily breakable paper every year.
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